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Spartan Wrestling Continues to Train Hard  
Caleb Noffsinger
Staff Writer

The wrestling team at Manchester has had a hard season. With only one overall win, things could be better. However, they are far from being a weak team. They are dedicated to their group and continue to train to be the best. With wrestlers scoring personal wins here and there, they are proving that they are not out of the ring yet.

The team has been training extremely hard since Oct. 10, and have been in competition since Nov. 1. They train every day and lift in the mornings 2–3 times a week. The only day they a break is on Sunday. “They are working really extremely hard and becoming not only a stronger team physically, but also becoming closer as a team,” said Assistant Coach Jordan Knudsen. He also commented that their intense training comes from his and Coach Burlingame’s ‘Game Plan,’ where they expect the team to grow progressively stronger through the years in hopes of achieving great things in coming seasons. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t plan on going out flat this year. Their goal is to hit nationals hard and pose as a real threat. Their hopes for this year may not be outrageous, yet they are spirited enough to keep pushing strong.

The roster is 15 athletes strong. Wresting members range through all of the weight classes, giving a wide berth of knowledge and strengths, making the team both diverse and dynamic. Each one has held up to his capabilities and trained as hard as the coaches required. They did not stop training in January, and insisted on keeping wresting present in their already busy schedules, keeping their determination and spirits high despite their losses earlier in the season.

Moreover, the wrestlers are showing growth by their records, proving that they are growing stronger. Their most recent matches are proof of that. The team mates had commented about how they had been keeping their spirits high and continually training to push for better results. The life of a wrestler is not easy, having to work out to become stronger, while managing their weight so they fall in to a specific weight category that they feel secure in. The team is not resting and intend to turn their record around as much as they can this season, then plan and train so next year they can come back with a vengeance.



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