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RHA Hosts 'Late Night Lounge' at Oakwood
Heather Elson
Staff Writer

Late Night Lounge, an open mic night, was hosted by RHA in Oakwood’s lounge on Thursday, February 7, 2013. This event allowed students to showcase their talents such as singing, rapping, playing instruments, dancing and reading slam poetry to a room filled with over 70 people. 

Late Night Lounge was created to allow students to have a healthy alternative to “Thirsty Thursdays.” Also, it is RHA’s goal to provide a safe environment where students can share their talents, hang together and provide students with a variety of college experiences.

Michael Corsey, hall director of Oakwood and RHA advisor, suggested the idea to the E-Board. Xuny Haley, Vice President of RHA, thought it was a great idea and took charge of the event. She emailed students, faculty, and staff that she thought would be willing to participate in this event, such as Lexi Salcedo, junior, who read her poem, “Monster,” and Nicola Jones, secretary for RHA, who was asked to open the event.

Jones performed a rap about Professor Joe Messer. Her inspiration came from her January Session class to Australia. “We were on a trolley, and we were all messing around,” Jones said. “I was rapping about people and they were like, ‘Hey write a rap about Professor Messer.’ So I wrote a small portion of it. [However,]Chelsea D. Butler did help me spice up the lyrics a little bit.”

The MC for the night was Corsey, who led the show in style with his witty humor. He advised students to not clap, but snap for the evening; and if one enjoyed what a performer did, at any particular moment, [s]he was to yell “Go In!”

Holly Rittenhouse, who sang and played the piano to “Let It Be” by The Beatles, was a favorite among the crowd. “She is really good at playing piano and has a great voice,” said Donnie Watkins, first year. “I really enjoyed her performance.”

Another singer was Zach Pitts, who sang two a cappella songs “Forever and Ever Amen,” and “Three Wooden Crosses,” by Randy Travis. “Singing is a big hobby of mine and I love doing it,” Pitts said. Pitts performed Randy Travis’ songs because people have told him that he sounds just like Randy.

One could tell that the crowd was really getting into the performances by hearing them shout, “Go In!” “I felt the performers were really good and entertaining,” said Jessica Bostic, sophomore. “There was a wide variety of different talents.”

The success of the event has led to more planning for future Late Night Lounges. However, it will not be every Thursday, nor an open mic night. “We are going to offer a bit of variety, in the sense of video games, board games, etc.,” Corsey said. “We will have open mic hopefully three or four more times [this semester].” Also, RHA hopes to get more faculty and staff involved, collaborate with other organizations on campus such as MAC, English and communication studies departments; and hopefully move it to different residential halls.

The next Late Night Lounge will not be until April. However, RHA is collaborating with MAC to produce MU’s Got Talent on March 9. So stay tuned and keep an eye out for future flyers.

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