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Culturally Relevant Series Gains Momentum
Caleb Noffsinger
Staff Writer

When you hear about culturally relevant films, you usually don’t think about them being used in classroom settings. Yet over the past few years students have come into classrooms without knowing a specific reference the professor may make to try and further their understanding of the topic. So Professor Michael Slavkin came up with a solution that would not take the professor class time to further explain or to show the film; he decided to show a handful of films during times that many students would not be busy.

This film servies started last fall semester when Slavkin decided to show films based on famous literature that many students may not know about. This semester the films will be based on cultural relevance. According to Slavkin, director of Teacher Education and associate professor of Education, “Cultural relevance is when it speaks to aspects of humanity that crosses a wide variety of groups. The films we view hit on love, passion, freedom, and power, which all students trying to get a Liberal Arts education should know about.” The films will not only help the students catch on references made in the classroom, but also strengthen the knowledge that they may already have about a certain topic.

While this program is fairly new, it does seem to be getting a lot of attention. Each showing generates around 15 people in attendance and many new faces appear at each showing. The films vary from many different genres and eras. There are some big name movies such as “The Matrix,” and some that few may know such asFrozen River.”

The films are all chosen by a handful of professors from the FYS program who believe that the ideas in these films should be emphasized. Films are screened on Thursday nights in Room 101 in the Academic Center.



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