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VIA Addresses Students' Money and Future
Kate Rosenbaum
Staff Writer

President Jo Young Switzer presented her annual VIA “Your Money and Your Future” on Feb. 12. Professor Judd Case introduced the convocation for Switzer, saying, “She is committed to you [the students] every day.”  He noted that she knows the power of listening and is able to “understand communication from the dish room to the classroom to the boardroom.” 

President Switzer then began her speech by stating the importance of having ability and conviction.  She gave examples of faculty, staff and students on campus and their dedication to this topic.  One example related to the students who recently made a trip to Nicaragua and their services provided while there. “Nicaragua was a life changing experience,” said Megan Batten, a senior Biology-Chemistry major. “While there we engaged in a new culture and learned from medical professionals.” 

Switzer went on to state that many people who exhibit ability and conviction are able to “observe their own values while respecting other people.”  She later went on to say, “I think different people with ability and conviction handle money with intentionality.” 

Her advice to students at the VIA about handling money in a smart fashion consisted of spending less than you earn, asking oneself if a car is necessary, and paying off credit cards each month.  She gave techniques and skills that can be used in order to avoid conflicts with these issues and why it is important for them to be monitored. 

Another one of Switzer’s suggestions included enrolling in Manchester’s Financial Responsibility class.  “As an accounting major, it is information I already knew, based on my major, but I think it would be very beneficial for those who are not Accounting or Business majors because they are able to learn information from outside of their majors,” said Lauren Gazdick, a senior accounting major.

The company SALT, which helps students learn how to make informed decisions about money and be prepared for real-world finances, was also represented during the Cordier Auditorium gathering.  Registering for and completing SALT courses can qualify Manchester students to win prizes.   If 75% of students sign up for SALT there will be an array of prizes ranging from a suite at a Tincaps game, various $50 gift cards, goodie baskets to halls and dorms, or even a free taxi ride to Ft. Wayne.  The first drawing will take place on March 8th in the Union.   Afterwards, if 75% of students complete a SALT course there will be a second prize drawing on April 5th in the Union. 

Jack Gochenaur, vice president and chief financial officer, spoke after Switzer about SALT.  He stated that job, internship and scholarship information was available through the SALT website, www.saltmoney.org, including specific information about the area in which one resides.   Sherri Shockey, director of Student Financial Services, spoke also about SALT.  Shockey informed the crowd that the website can import student loans with step-by-step directions.  She said that the VIA presenters are “very passionate about this opportunity.” 

President Switzer closed the VIA stating that students should take advantage of the tools offered through the SALT program.   



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