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International Students

Manchester University Office of Multicultural AffairsInternational Student Orientation




A program to ease an international student's transition to living and studying in the United States. International Student Orientation is provided as a supplement to the New Student Orientation, and participation in both orientation programs is required for F-1 Visa & BCA (Study Abroad) students.

Advising and Student Resources
The Director of Intercultural Services helps international students stay in compliance with current immigration, taxation, and institutional regulations while being successful students. The Director provides assistance with the USCIS paperwork, academic and personal counseling.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT): Getting an internship
> Information
> Application Checklist
> Application & Advisor Recommendation Form

Optional Practical Training (OPT): Working after completing your undergraduate degree
> Information
> Application Checklist
> Application & Contract
> Form I-765 Application for Employment Authorization (.pdf)
> Mailing Instructions (.pdf)

> STEM Extension - Application
> STEM Extension - Employer form
> Expediting Information

> Admission (I-94) Number Retrival

After you've secured your OPT placement
> Employment Report

Other Information

Registering for a card when you find a job

Needed to legally operate a motor vehicle in the U.S.

Student Organizations
There are at least forty (40) student-run organizations available at Manchester University. There are five (5) organizations that are associated with the Office of Multicultural Affairs and may be of interest to new students are:

Intercultural Center
Located at 605 E. College Ave, North Manchester, IN, the Intercultural Center serves ALL students of Manchester University by offering a space to study, exchange knowledge, relax and share time with other students of various backgrounds and interests. It also serves as a meeting place to several student organizations (Asian Awareness Association; Black Student Union; Hispanos Unidos; Manchester University International Association).

The lower level of the Center contains the Martin Luther King Jr. Great Room (lounge area) including artifacts from various countries, a kitchen, stereo, cable television and a bathroom. The upper level includes the Director of Intercultural Services' office, a small computer lab (2 computers) and the Intercultural Library (study room for small groups or individual students).

Office of Career Services Links

Job Search: Visit with Career Services with assistance in this area
Employment Visas: Need a job? There are different types of VISAs required








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