Name: Alivia
Hometown: Middletown, IN
Major: Biology-Chemistry
Grad Year: 2015

Why attend MU: I grew up in a small town and went to a small high school so when I visited Manchester I felt so at home. It's such a comforting feeling.

Favorite thing: Going to high school at a very small school made me feel like I had better connections with my teachers. Here, at Manchester, I love that all of my professors not only know me by name, but they also learn a lot about me as a person and show that they truly care about my education. Having a connection like this with my professors makes me personally feel more comfortable around them and more willing to ask them for help when I'm really struggling. You couldn't get this at a larger college.

Never expected: Last year I volunteered for Outreach to Teach. We spent all day at an elementary school painting and fixing up the school. The majority of volunteers who go are Elementary majors so it made me feel honored to be able to help out. It was such an amazing opportunity.

I found: At Manchester University, I found Courage. Moving an hour and a half away from home, not knowing a single person here when I moved, having to live with someone I didn't know, having to attend classes alone that I knew nothing about, etc. had me scared to death. But it made me realize that I had to build up my courage. I began to not get homesick, I started being okay with living with a stranger, and was alright with not knowing anyone at first because of the friends I made so very soon. We were all in the same boat together so we were able to push each other and support each other. So, I guess you could say that I actually found Courage through true friendship.