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Yu-Chieh Chen Yu-Chieh (Jack) Chen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (pharmacy administration and social sciences)

Dr. Yu-Chieh Chen joined the College of Pharmacy in October 2011. He is responsible for developing and teaching courses in social and administrative pharmacy and serves on various academic committees. Dr. Chen earned his Ph.D. in social and administrative pharmacy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he also gained experience in curriculum and course development.

Classes Taught at Manchester
PHRM 321 Introduction to Pharmacy II
PHRM 440 Patient Safety and Informatics
PHRM 441 Population Health Management
PHRM 540 Practice and Personnel Management

Areas of interest/Recent projects
Pharmaceutical Health Services Research, Pharmacoeconomics; Patient Reported Outcomes; Evaluating the Policy Impact on Medication Use; Health Informatics (electronic personal health record)


  • Chen, Y.C., Kreling D.H. (2013) The Effect of the Medicare Part D Benzodiazepine Exclusion on the Utilization patterns of Benzodiazepines and Substitute Medications. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy, published online ahead of print (In Press).
  • Chen, Y.C., Tarn, Y.H., Kreling, D.H. (2012) Public Views of Community Pharmacists in Taiwan. International Journal of Pharmacy Practice. 20: 203-206
  • Kreling D.H., Mott D.A., Chen Y.C. (2010) The 2009 Biennial Wisconsin Pharmacist Workforce Survey. The Journal of the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin. 13(1):30-34
  • Chen, Y.C., Kiersma, M., Abdelmageed, A. (2013) Evaluation of Student Perceptions of Standardized Patient Simulation on Patient Counseling Confidence during IPPE. AACP, Chicago, IL
  • Chen, Y.C. (2013) Educating culturally competent student pharmacists. North Indiana WalMart Manager Diversity Workshop, Fort Wayne, IN (Invited Presentation)
  • Ersin, O.Z., Brooks, T.L., Chen, Y.C., Kiersma, M.E. (2012) Pilot study on perceptions and attitudes of interprofessional health sciences students toward palliative care. American Association of College of Pharmacy, Kissimmee, FL
  • Chen, Y.C., Kreling, D.H. (2012) Devising a prescription pattern analysis method for pharmacy administrative date to examine individual drug use behaviors. AcademyHealth Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL
  • Chen, Y.C. Kreling D.H. (2012) Following Medicare Beneficiaries’ Benzodiazepine Use Patterns. American Pharmacists Association Meeting, New Orleans, LA
  • Chen, Y.C. (2012) Pharmacist Participation in the Workforce: Evidence from the National Pharmacist Workforce Survey & Wisconsin Biennial Pharmacist Survey. Manchester University College of Pharmacy, Fort Wayne, IN (Invited Presentation)
  • Chen, Y.C., Kreling D.H. (2011) Using Prescription Pathway Analyses on Administrative Data to Explore the Impact of the Medicare Part D Exclusion Policy. American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting & Exposition. Seattle, Washington. Poster Presentation

Oscar Rennebohm Distinguished Teaching Award, 2010
Clarence W. Sondern Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellow in Social & Administrative Sciences in Pharmacy, 2010

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