Manchester University Pharmacy Program Mission and Goals


To improve the human condition by preparing graduates of ability and conviction to provide patient-centered care at individual, local, and global levels; and by advancing pharmacy education, service, practice, and scholarship.



1. To prepare graduates to apply principles of pharmaceutical, social, administrative, and clinical sciences and deliver patient-centered care that promotes positive health outcomes as key members of interdisciplinary health care teams.

2. To provide students, faculty, alumni, and the professional community with courses, programs, and resources that foster meaningful professional growth opportunities, intellectual curiosity, and a commitment to lifelong learning. 

3. To advance the clinical, social, basic medical, and pharmaceutical sciences through individual and collaborative research.

4. To advance pharmacy education through collaboration and innovation in teaching, assessment, research, and service.

5. To advance the profession and practice of pharmacy through innovative patient care services, advocacy, and leadership.

6. To inculcate a spirit of respect for the infinite worth of every individual.

7. To cultivate a sense of service in our graduates that fosters a selfless commitment to providing healthcare in a principled, productive, and compassionate manner across diverse groups of people.




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