Way to go!

Congratulations to these lucky winners of the second and final prize drawing, awarded April 5 for student participation in Manchester’s SALT challenge.

Margo Hess
Reid Kennison
Matthew Mest
Maranda Rude
Brandon Hiatt
Jordan Redding
Carrie Clymer
Megan Hammel
Zack Boger
Emilie Hunt
Amber Resor
Gabrielle McAfee
Audrey Deitrich
Samantha Thumpston
Daniel Barr
Shayla Shirk
Tarek Al-Zoughbi

Kirsten Willibey
Rachael Larson
Rebekah Scoles
Megan Birky
Clayton Curtis
Abbey Mault
Ashley Piatt
Ashley Roth
Mitchell Overmyer
Dylan Ford
Kelsey Knuth
Abdikadir Moburuk
Wesley Heath
Steven Otis
Tanner Martin
Miranda Piercy

Enjoy your prizes! There are no more drawings planned, but it’s not too late to reap the real rewards that SALTmoney.org can provide you in helping you take charge of your finances.

Thanks to all students for their participation!

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