A message from President Jo Young Switzer

The Board of Trustees of Manchester College voted on Saturday, April 21, 2012 to change the name of Manchester College to Manchester University, effective July 1, 2012. (Read news release.) The change comes in the light of Manchester’s

  • growing complexity,
  • second campus in Fort Wayne,
  • academic program that includes undergraduate programs, two master’s programs and a professional doctoral program,
  • desire to increase our marketability with prospective undergraduate students.

The Board discussed this possibility at its October 2011 meeting and shared webinar conversations since then. Numerous faculty, staff, student and alumni groups also discussed the issue. The vote was not unanimous but reflected very strong support for the change. A change like this creates a mix of reactions – from excitement to disappointment. I hope that wherever you are on that continuum, you know that this is a change of name, not a change of Mission.

Manchester will continue to have

  • the same Mission,
  • the same student-focused approach to undergraduate education,
  • a similar student-focused approach in our Graduate and Pharmacy programs,
  • programs and services to help students succeed academically, and
  • faculty-student learning opportunities that help students exceed even their own expectations.

The official change date is July 1, but we will implement the change over the course of several months.


Manchester University Q&As

Manchester University Q&As

Q. Who was involved in the name change?
A. The Manchester College Board of Trustees on April 21 voted to change the institution’s name to Manchester University, effective July 1, 2012. President Switzer shared input from the President’s Cabinet, the Alumni Board of Directors, and from conversations with hundreds of alumni, faculty, staff, current students, future students, northeast Indiana community leaders and higher education mentors. The board began formally discussing a name change in October 2011, after years of informal discussion.

Q. Will Manchester’s Mission change?
A. The Mission will remain the same, and our new Pharmacy program will embrace the same Mission.

Q. Will the school colors or mascot change?
A. The black and gold colors and mascot will endure. Spartans rule!

Q. Will Manchester’s alma mater and fight song change?
A. The words to the school songs only changed a bit.  Click here to see them.


By the Kenapocomoco

Verse 1
By the Kenapocomoco, stands Manchester fair.
Home of learning, faith and service, we have studied there.

Verse 2
Through the years we will remember, keep each image clear,
Of the tow'r, the Chime, the fountain, of Manchester dear.

Manchester, Manchester loyal to you
We will ever be,
Spread to all your fame and honor, 
Cheer to victory.

Original Lyrics by Katherine Walker Beauchamp
Modified in 2010 and 2012

Hail to Thee

Manchester Spartans
Hail to thee
Hail to the black and gold
Hail to victory
Fight for her colors
Fight for honor too
Hail to Manchester 
Hail to you!

Original words and music by
Liegh B. Freed ’26

Arranged by
Florence Thompson ’28 Freed
Modified in 2012


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Q: Won’t the name change cause confusion with similarly-named institutions in the United Kingdom?
A: We have always been confused with the various schools in the U.K. that have Manchester in their names, particularly by international students. We don’t expect our new name to create any more confusion than Manchester College did.

Four schools in the U.K. and two in the United States use Manchester in their name.

Q: I graduated from Manchester College. What do I put on my resume now – Manchester College or Manchester University?
A:  Common options for listing institutions or companies that have changed names are: "Manchester University (formerly Manchester College)" or "Manchester College (currently Manchester University)." President Switzer explains resumes and diplomas >

Q. What about my Manchester license plates?
A. Order your Manchester University specialty license plates from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles at myBMV.com or any BMV license branch. Expect a two-week shipping time. The BMV no longer issues Manchester College plates.

Motorists who already have renewed through 2013 may retain their College plate through the end of the current plate cycle (2016), or update to the University design for a $10 fee by requesting a duplicate plate. The plate number will not change.

Q. How do I find out more?
A. Manchester has many, many decisions to make and even more details to work out. We will continue to post information on this site to keep you up to date. In the meantime, please e-mail university@manchester.edu if you have questions.