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Where nothing is
strictly academic.

A good career begins long before your first day on the job. In fact, it starts with identifying your passion and finding the tools and teaching to pursue it relentlessly.

Success Center
The Manchester Success Center
is an on-campus resource open
to all students. It’s staffed by tutors
and equipped with every tool
you need to crack that equation
or nail your report.

Career Services
The Office of Career Services exists
for one purpose only: to match your
passions to your pursuits. They'll
help you apply your strengths to
every task, and even help you line
up a job.

Triple Guarantee
The Triple Guarantee is proof positive
of Manchester’s commitment to your
success. It’s a promise of financial aid
for full-time students, a degree in four
years and a job or grad school within
six months of graduation.

Fast Forward
Want to get out into the world
faster and save a year’s worth of
tuition, fees and living expenses?
You can earn a four-year degree in
three years through Manchester’s
Fast Forward program.

We commit so many resources to your success while you’re at
Manchester, because the truest measure of success is what
happens after you leave. And based on the 96.3 percent of our
2011 graduates who are employed, pursuing a graduate degree or
in full-time voluntary service, there’s plenty of success to measure.

Let's roll.
For the final project in Learning
Through Movement, education
majors design a series of field-day
activities for K–5 students. It’s a
hands-on approach to real-world
teaching. It’s also kind of a blast.