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May Day mud.
Mud volleyball is just one part of Manchester’s beloved May Day weekend. Ask anybody who’s participated and they’ll tell you the memories – and the stains – last forever.
Where fun
gets serious.

Manchester University is hard work, but it’s hardly all business. From your residence hall to the Union and every place in between, you’ll have no trouble finding friends and even less trouble finding something to do.

Perform in a musical ensemble. Compete on a sports team. Explore your faith. Rock an air band contest. Or jump into a tricycle race.

The calendar is filled with so many activities sponsored by dozens of clubs, teams and student groups that your social life will take on a life of its own. And while you’re connecting with fun, friendly people, you can stay in touch with the world via campus-wide wireless internet.

Manchester University has a long tradition of nontraditional fun.

Jump in.