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Where it’s all you.
Actions speak at Manchester University, and numbers do, too.
Behind every dollar, there’s incredible value (and rest assured,
there are many opportunities for financial aid). A Manchester
University degree commands the attention of graduate schools
and employers alike. They know Manchester graduates will
never brag: their work speaks for itself.

Start by stopping by.
At Manchester, we believe the best way to understand something is to see it for yourself. And yes, that applies to our campus, too.

Schedule a visit by contacting us at 800-852-3648 or

What it costs
2012–13 Tuition, Fees, and Housing

Tuition: $ 25,580
Fees: $ 896
Room: $ 5,800 (Garver Hall)
Board: $ 3,700 (Traditional meal plan)
Total Direct Costs: $ 35,976
There will also be costs associated with books, travel and other personal expenses.

How we help
Every student at Manchester University receives financial aid. In 2011–2012, the average financial aid package was $28,460. That’s money students don’t have to pay back.

Manchester invests more than $3 million in awards to each incoming class, which include academic scholarships, scholarships recognizing special abilities and need-based grants. Factor in loans and a job on or off our campus, and most Manchester graduates leave owing about $5,000 less than the average private college graduate.

The Triple Guarantee
At Manchester, success isn’t an option – it’s guaranteed. Manchester’s Triple Guarantee offers affordability, graduation and results:

1) Financial aid for all full-time students
2) Graduation within four years for all full-time students, or pay no tuition for credits  needed at Manchester to graduate in five years
3) A job or enrollment in graduate school within six months of graduation, or return for a full year tuition-free

Where to apply
You can apply after completing your junior year of high school or transfer from another college or university. We consider every aspect of your application, but we base our decision on how far you’ll go at Manchester – and beyond.

Apply online now at