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When you set foot here, it may feel like the first step of an important journey. Because it is.

Manchester was founded in 1889 around the belief that the sincerest act of faith is an act of service, and that it takes academic rigor and real-world experience to forge a path all your own.

And it continues today, stronger than ever. Join us on our tight-knit campus, 35 miles west of Fort Wayne, Ind., and you'll accompany some 1,300 fellow students on this journey: To learn everything you can about the world and to be a vital part of making it better for everyone. Hands on, in person and every day to come.

It all starts here.


Green all over.
Manchester's Green Campus
looks at everything with
an eye toward sustainability. With energy-efficient buildings,
smarter good services and more, a healthier planet starts here, too.