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Whether you’re pursuing a music
degree or simply love music, you’ll
want to catch a performance of
Manchester's A Cappella Choir (that
is, when they’re not performing at
Carnegie Hall or the Vatican).

Choosing your major matters. What you choose to do with it after Manchester matters even more. But what matters most is choosing the perfect fit for your goals, your strengths and your unique areas of interest. This is why Manchester offers individualized majors that challenge you in all the right ways, with a curriculum that you and your advisor devise together. No matter which concentration is best for you, we’ll help you explore your options. Here are some places to start.

Social Sciences
If you’re intrigued by what makes
people tick, thrive and live together,
Manchester offers majors in social
work, sociology, psychology and
political science. Each program follows
a distinct curriculum, preparing students
for graduate study, or providing greater
understanding of who we are and how
we can reach our fullest potential.
When you pursue a degree in
education studies, Manchester’s
liberal arts curriculum and rigorous
academic standards will put you to
the test. And with the fully accredited
program’s 90 percent placement rate,
you’re likely to be right back in the
classroom after graduation – teaching
the next generation of students.

To accounting firms across the
Midwest, Manchester graduates
are a prized commodity, and for
good reason. It’s a rigorous program
with a demanding workload, but
an accounting degree from
Manchester is worth every penny –
especially to companies that are
lining up to hire you.

Peace Studies
With traditions rooted in the Church of
the Brethren, Manchester is committed
to working for peace. Our pioneering
peace studies program fosters a deep
understanding of the social, political
and philosophical concepts that
drive conflict, equipping students
with the tools to resolve issues,
build bridges and wage peace.