318 students earn spot on spring 2014 Dean’s List

A total of 318 Manchester University undergraduate students earned their way to a spot on the spring 2014 Dean’s List.

Honorees are majoring in subjects ranging from accounting, art, psychology and biology-chemistry to peace studies, computer science, English and physics. They hail from as close as Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan and from as far as Arizona, Washington, Vietnam and Uganda.

The scholars earned a 3.5 GPA or higher while enrolled in at least 12 credit hours last spring.

For information about the more than 60 areas of undergraduate study at Manchester University in northern Indiana visit www.manchester.edu.

Spring 2014 Dean's List

Student Class Major Hometown
Meaghan Adams Sophomore Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Tyler Adams First-year Mathematics Kokomo, Ind.
Travis Adkins Senior Psychology Peru, Ind.
Caitlyn Ailor Junior Biology-Chemistry Ossian, Ind.
Briley Albertson Senior Psychology/Sociology Ridgeville, Ind.
Cole Allison Junior History Lafayette, Ind.
Lucas Al-Zoughbi First-year Peace Studies South Bend, Ind.
Kalie Ammons Sophomore English Roann, Ind.
Breegan Andersen Senior Environmental Studies/ Biology Quincy, Ind.
Emily Anderson First-year Accounting Ann Arbor, Mich.
Grant Anglemyer Junior Management/ Marketing Osceola, Ind.
Shereen Antony First-year Marketing Mishawaka, Ind.
Joshua Archer Senior Religion South Bend, Ind.
Hillary Armstrong Senior Accounting/ Management Wheatfield, Ind.
DaiJah Asumang Sophomore Accounting North Manchester, Ind.
Riley Bannon Junior Business Warsaw, Ind.
Emily Barrand Sophomore English Fort Wayne, Ind.
Scott Barry Senior Accounting/Finance Warsaw, Ind.
Amanda Basham Sophomore Biology   Fishers, Ind.
Gabrielle Bassett First-year Social Work Muncie, Ind.
Lisa Baugh Sophomore Biology-Chemistry Troy, Ala.
Peter Bauson Junior Environmental Studies/ Biology Kokomo, Ind.
Alaina Beckner First-year Communication Studies Columbia City, Ind.
Alivia Benbow Junior Psychology Middletown, Ind.
Matthew Bennett Sophomore History Wanatah, Ind.
Kaley Bickel Senior Elementary Education Bremen, Ind.
Jeremy Bolinger Junior Pre-Pharmacy Churubusco, Ind.
Kyle Boone Senior Environmental Studies Biology North Manchester, Ind.
Jessica Bostic Junior Psychology Walkerton
Kaile Branch Senior Social Work Peru, Ind.
ShaNell Brazo Senior History/French Claypool, Ind.
Kelley Brenneman Senior History Fort Wayne, Ind.
Connor Bresnahan First-year Exercise Science & Fitness Portage, Mich.
Adriana Brown First-year Adapted Physical Education Columbia City, Ind.
Shawna Brown Senior Social Work Fowler, Ind.
Dennis Brumfield First-year Athletic Training Columbus, Ind.
Dylan Burns Sophomore Biology-Chemistry Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Jake Burns Sophomore Political Science Laporte, Ind.
Sara Bush Senior Art Westfield, Ind.
Sarah Carman Senior English Liberty, Ind.
Katelyn Carothers Senior Biology-Chemistry Glendale, Ariz.
Kyle Carothers Junior Chemistry Glendale, Ariz. 
Kari Carpenter First-year Athletic Training Hartford City, Ind.
Veronica Caudill Sophomore Social Work/Psychology Silver Lake, Ind.
Devin Christianson Sophomore History South Bend, Ind.
Zackary Clark Sophomore Management North Liberty, Ind.
Carly Clock Senior Elementary Education Hartford City, Ind.
Kari Cottingim Junior English Eaton, Ohio
Samuel Cox First-year Computer Science Huntington, Ind.
Dylan Crosley Junior Sport Management Lapel, Ind.
Sara Cruz Junior Accounting Fort Wayne, Ind.
Eric Cupp Sophomore Biology-Chemistry Lafayette, Ind.
Clayton Curtis Sophomore Chemistry Westfield, Ind.
Kyla Daniels Junior Social Work/Political Science Indianapolis, Ind.
Thomas Dean Sophomore Mathematics Bremen, Ind.
Heather DeLorenzo Sophomore Biology   Winamac, Ind.
Brian DeMario Senior Accounting Lowell, Ind.
Hannah Deubner First-year Elementary Education Vandalia, Mich.
Cassandra Dibley First-year Undeclared Elkhart, Ind.
Dana Dillon Junior Biology-Chemistry Crete, Ill.
Michael Dixon Sophomore English Fort Wayne, Ind.
Kirby Dopkowski Senior English/Lang Arts Education Waynetown, Ind.
Jamie Dowdy Sophomore Sociology/Peace Studies Hebron, Ind.
Grant Ebert First-year Music Education Peru, Ind.
Mitchell Eby Junior Accounting Goshen, Ind.
Emily Ehlerding Senior Chemistry/ Physics Decatur, Ind.
Andrew Ellam Junior Communication Studies Granger, Ind.
Benjamin Ellam Senior Accounting/ Management Granger, Ind.
Heather Elson Senior English Indianapolis, Ind.
Lacy Emery Junior Political Science Huntington, Ind.
Melissa Erickson Junior Biology-Chemistry Goshen, Ind.
Jasmine Espino-Muniz Senior Elementary Education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Emma Fedorcak Sophomore Management Fort Wayne, Ind.
Lauren Feigel Junior Social Work Fort Wayne, Ind.
Nathan Feitshans Senior Elementary Education Arcanum, Ohio
Jeffrey Fenimore Senior Biology-Chemistry Elkhart, Ind.
Hannah Field Junior Accounting Fort Wayne, Ind.
Kelsie Fieler Senior Accounting Cincinnati, Ohio
Chelsie Fisher Sophomore Educational Studies Columbia City, Ind.
David Fisher Junior Social Work North Manchester, Ind.
Kathleen Fitzgerald Sophomore Spanish/Social Work Indianapolis, Ind.
Andrew Flenar Senior Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Chelsea Fox Senior Elementary Education Rochester, Ind.
Lindsey Franks Senior Communication Studies Warsaw, Ind.
Nathan Frantz Senior Peace Studies/ Mathematics/Chemistry Fleming, Colo.
Denisha Frazier Sophomore Educational Studies Crawfordsville, Ind.
Nathaniel Frost Sophomore Accounting/Finance Wauseon, Ohio
Martin Garcia Chavez Junior Chemistry La Porte, Ind.
Megan Garner Junior Medical Technology Plainfield, Ind.
Michael Gazdick Sophomore Marketing South Bend, Ind.
Courtney Gick Sophomore Pre-Pharmacy Huntington, Ind.
Kara Gilley Senior Sport Management Plymouth, Ind.
Chad Gindelberger Sophomore Accounting Osceola, Ind.
Tyler Gipson First-year Accounting Rushville, Ind.
Hannah Glenn Sophomore Psychology Indianapolis, Ind.
Kailah Glock Sophomore Psychology Brazil, Ind.
Cody Goble Senior English Saint Marys, Ohio
Emily Goins Senior Psychology/Social Work Madison, Ind.
Kelsey Gower Senior Communication Studies Columbus, Ind.
Larraine Graham First-year Social Work Fort Wayne, Ind.
Emily Grant Sophomore Marketing North Manchester, Ind.
Erica Graphman Junior English Pittsboro, Ind.
Victor Grimes Junior Criminal Justice Sturgis, Mich.
Felicia Grossman Senior Management/Marketing Goshen, Ind.
Alexander Gudeman First-year Engineering Science Rochester, Ind.
Brandon Haines Senior Social Work Bourbon, Ind.
Xunantunich Haley Senior English Shoreline, Wash.
Ashley Hammond Sophomore Pre-Pharmacy Osgood, Ind.
Zachary Hansen Junior Exercise Science & Fitness North Muskegon, Mich.
Laycee Harmon Senior Biology   Fort Wayne, Ind.
Allison Harper Senior Biology-Chemistry Granger, Ind.
Logan Haston Junior Spanish Avon, Ind.
Micah Hauschild Senior Elementary Education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Nathan Hawkins First-year Accounting Elkhart, Ind.
Ryan Hawkins Sophomore Accounting/Finance La Porte, Ind.
Shelby Hawkins First-year Undeclared Wabash, Ind.
Patrick Hazelton Senior Elementary Education Ligonier, Ind.
Katelyn Heath Sophomore Accounting/Finance Warsaw, Ind.
Allison Henn First-year Biology-Chemistry Huntington, Ind.
Jessica Henson Junior Elementary Education Bedford, Ind.
Alexander Herber Senior Accounting Roanoke, Ind.
Jessica Hernandez Senior Psychology Monroeville, Ind.
Matthew Hicks First-year Physics Greenwood, Ind.
Giang Hoang Junior Biology-Chemistry Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Alexandra Hoffman Junior Biology-Chemistry Ashley, Ind.
Kristen Hoffman Senior Sociology Hillsboro, Kan.
Kenneth Holford First-year Biology-Chemistry Valparaiso, Ind.
Kelsey Hollowell First-year Pre-Pharmacy Huntington, Ind.
Lindsay Hostetler First-year Business Goshen, Ind.
Kari Huang Senior Accounting Elkhart, Ind.
Collin Huffine Junior Environmental Studies Richmond, Ind.
Kelly Iler Senior Music Kouts, Ind.
Kaitlin Jines Senior History Columbus, Ind.
Joscelyne Johnson Senior Accounting/Finance Nappanee, Ind.
Kourtney Johnson Senior Management Andrews, Ind.
Kody Jones Sophomore Biology-Chemistry Winona Lake, Ind.
Natalie Jones Junior Communication Studies Decatur, Ind.
Mariah Jordan First-year Exercise Science & Fitness Fort Wayne, Ind.
Sanjuana Juarez Senior Social Work Winona Lake, Ind.
Braden Julian Senior Chemistry West Lafayette, Ind.
Erika Kahlenbeck Senior Elementary Education Columbus, Ind.
Olivia Kalema First-year Accounting Kampala, Uganda
Ashley Kann Junior Business/Psychology Etna Green, Ind.
Brian Kautz Junior Physical Eduation Indianapolis, Ind.
Amanda Keating Senior Art Lafayette, Ind.
Lauren Keister Senior Elementary Education Fort Wayne, Ind.
Andrea Keller Senior Religion/Spanish Greenville, Ohio
Cole Kellogg Sophomore Sport Management/ Marketing La Porte, Ind.
Kaitlin Kemper Senior English Claypool, Ind.
Ciara Kerckhove Sophomore Spanish North Liberty, Ind.
Caitlin Kessler Senior Biology-Chemistry Kokomo, Ind.
Hailee Kimbrell Sophomore Music Indianapolis, Ind.
Mallory Kirkwood Junior Environmental Studies/ Biology Greenfield, Ind.
Tyler Klein First-year Mathematics Connersville, Ind.
Keith Kline Senior Accounting/Economics Columbia City, Ind.
Erin Knight Senior History/Religion Van Buren, Ind.
Kelsey Knuth Senior Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Ashlea Koehl Senior Psychology Fort Wayne, Ind.
Morgan Korte Junior Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Emily Kostoff Senior Biology   Ft Wayne, Ind.
Christopher Kowalski Senior Finance/Accounting Wanatah, Ind.
Ashton Krider First-year English/Lang Arts Education Bluffton, Ind.
Julia Lagenour Senior Social Work Argos, Ind.
Kyle Lahman Senior Accounting/Economics North Manchester, Ind.
Tashina Lahr Senior Environmental Studies Auburn, Ind.
Rachel Laing Sophomore English Logansport, Ind.
Ashley Landrum Senior Psychology Huntington, Ind.
Catherine Lange Senior English Ferdinand, Ind.
Yafet Leake First-year Biology-Chemistry Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Briana Leatherberry First-year Biology-Chemistry Hammond, Ind.
Lucas Lebbin Junior Biology-Chemistry South Bend, Ind.
Hilary Leeper Senior Social Work Fort Wayne, Ind.
Ryne Lehrman Senior Exercise Science & Fitness Hoagland, Ind.
Sarah Leininger Senior Biology-Chemistry/ Music /Mathematics Timberville, Va.
Jessica Lewis Senior Elementary Education Goshen, Ind.
David Lloyd Senior English Angola, Ind.
Kliricia Loc Sophomore Biology-Chemistry Kalamazoo, Mich.
Zachary Lucas First-year Biology-Chemistry Connersville, Ind.
Emily Ludwig Senior English/Lang Arts Education Rochester, Ind.
Maureen Lund Junior Exercise Science & Fitness/Athletic Training Huntington, Ind.
Abigail Lynn First-year Art North Manchester, Ind.
Alexis MacDowell Sophomore Pre-Pharmacy Hoagland, Ind.
Louise Magiera Senior Psychology Wheatfield, Ind.
Ted Maldonado Senior Psychology Portage, Ind.
Mackenzie Mance Sophomore Sport Management Walkerton, Ind.
Britney March Sophomore Environmental Studies Elyria, Ohio
Karmen Marquart Junior Mathematics Syracuse, , Ind.
Brianna Martinez Senior Sport Management/ Economics Schererville, Ind.
Patrick Maynor First-year Accounting Crawfordsville, Ind.
Diane McAfee Junior Management Fort Wayne, Ind.
Trisha McClain Senior Environmental Studies Centerville, Ohio
Ashley McClintic Senior Communication Studies Wakarusa, Ind.
Ethan McFaddin Senior Biology-Chemistry Williams, Ind.
Breanna McLane Senior Athletic Training Westville, Ind.
Kara Mendez Senior Marketing Defiance, Ohio
Audrey Messer Junior Educational Studies North Manchester, Ind.
Jacob Meyer Senior Athletic Training Highland, Ind.
Hazel Miles Junior Mathematics Plainfield, Ind.
Blake Miller Sophomore Athletic Training Grabill, Ind.
Cally Miller Sophomore Biology-Chemistry Elkhart, Ind.
Nicholas Miller Senior Management Huntington, Ind.
Peyton Miller Sophomore Elementary Education Clayton, Ohio
Stephanie Miller Senior Mathematics La Porte, Ind.
William Miller Junior Chemistry Goshen, Ind.
Matthew Milmine Senior Chemistry Highland, Ind.
Christine Minter Senior Political Science New Paris, Ind.
Alesha Mobley Junior Psychology/Social Work Payne, Ohio
Allison Moore First-year Athletic Training Richmond, Ind.
Shelby Morphew Junior Athletic Training Brownsburg, Ind.
Miranda Mozingo Sophomore Biology-Chemistry Seymour, Ind.
Dylan Murphy Junior Finance Akron, Ind.
Caleb Murray Junior Exercise Science & Fitness Veedersburg, Ind.
Katrin Muser Senior Sport Management Dettenhausen, Germany
Renee Neher Junior Accounting Lombard, Ill.
Mykayla Neilson First-year Music Education Millersburg, Ind.
Emma Nellans First-year Elementary Education Argos, Ind.
Megan Nibert Junior Sociology La Porte, Ind.
Felicia Nichols Senior Art Hudson, Ind.
Jordan Nieman Senior Sport Management Michigan City, Ind.
Elizabeth Nix Senior History/Sociology Pendleton, Ind.
Jessica Noll Junior Biology-Chemistry La Porte, Ind.
Curtis Nordmann Senior Mathematics Bourbon, Ind.
Allison O'Neill Senior English/Psychology North Manchester, Ind.
Melissa Paar Senior Environmental Studies Warsaw, Ind.
Dylan Padgett Senior Exercise Science & Fitness Kirklin, Ind.
Timothy Pariseau First-year Biology-Chemistry/ Social Work Fostoria, Ohio
Alexah Parnin-Choisne Junior English Fort Wayne, Ind.
Aakash Patel Sophomore Biology-Chemistry Columbia City, Ind.
Michael Paynter Senior Communication Studies Huntington, Ind.
Brice Peyton Junior Environmental Studies Covington, Ind.
Hannah Pfenning First-year Accounting Ligonier, Ind.
Alexander Pierce Senior History/Economics Decatur, Ind.
Miranda Piercy Senior Elementary Education Walton, Ind.
Joshua Plank Sophomore Economics Syracuse, Ind.
Kyleigh Poole Junior Social Work North Manchester, Ind.
Macie Price Senior Chemistry Kimmell, Ind.
Carson Pursifull Junior Religion Markleville, Ind.
Nicolas Quintanar Junior Physics/Mathematics Splendora, TexA
Genoveva Ramirez Sophomore French Akron, Ind.
Elisia Ray Senior Biology-Chemistry Lake Odessa, Mich.
Jacob Ray Sophomore English/ Religion Claypool, Ind.
Jordan Reinoehl Senior Educational Studies/ Sociology Mishawaka, Ind.
Kasey Reneau Sophomore Marketing Hagerstown, Ind.
Bradley Reuille First-year English Fort Wayne, Ind.
Lauren Reynolds Sophomore Political Science Marion, Ind.
Jenna Rhodes First-year Marketing Pierceton, Ind.
Laurisa Richard Sophomore Athletic Training Huntington, Ind.
Thomas Riggs Senior Elementary Education Martinsville, Ind.
Ruth Ritchey Moore First-year Elementary Education Bryan, Ohio
Holly Rittenhouse Senior Elementary Education Portland, Ind.
Katie Robinson First-year Music Education Chesterfield, Ind.
Tyler Roebuck Sophomore English Middlebury, Ind.
Katelin Rosenbaum Senior English/Lang Arts Education La Porte, Ind.
Allison Rowe Sophomore Management/Marketing La Quinta, Calif.
Sarah Ruff Senior Accounting Angola, Ind.
Victoria Rundquist First-year Pre-Pharmacy Fort Wayne, Ind.
Erik Russell Junior Sport Management Northwood, Ohio
Charles Scheel Sophomore Biology-Chemistry Lafayette, Ind.
Emma Scheumann Sophomore Pre-Pharmacy Hoagland, Ind.
Allison Schlatter Sophomore Pre-Pharmacy Terre Haute, Ind.
Hannah Schutter Senior Communication Studies/English Crown Point, Ind.
Derek Self Sophomore Economics North Manchester, Ind.
Katie Sewell First-year Biology-Chemistry Leroy, Ind.
Mallory Sims Senior Biology-Chemistry/ Spanish Columbia City, Ind.
Katherine Skeen Sophomore Political Science/ Economics Anderson, Ind.
Megan Smith Sophomore Athletic Training Goshen, Ind.
Taylor Smith Junior Biology-Chemistry Auburn, Ind.
Kayla Sollars Senior Communication Studies Marion, Ind.
Taylor Spangle First-year Biology-Chemistry Leesburg, Ind.
Danielle Spiess Senior Elementary Education La Porte, Ind.
Alexandria Spillman Sophomore English Albion, Ind.
Micah Spurgeon Senior Biology-Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind.
Meghan Stalbaum Senior Elementary Education Wheatfield, Ind.
Haley Steinhilber Sophomore History Hebron, Ind.
Tyler Stevenson Senior Sport Management Valparaiso, Ind.
Jaclyn Stiffler Junior Elementary Education Akron, Ind.
Elizabeth Stull Senior History North Manchester, Ind.
Matthew Suderman Senior Spanish/History Bluffton, Ohio
Robert Swaby Senior Sociology/Computer Science Vernon Hills, Ill.
Melinda Sweeten Senior Social Work Denver, Ind.
Taylor Talbott First-year Biology-Chemistry Portage, Mich.
James Tarner Sophomore Sport Management Vicksburg, Mich.
Amanda Tassler Senior Athletic Training Fort Wayne, Ind.
Kaitlyn Taylor Senior Engineering Science Middlebury, Ind.
Megan Taylor Senior Biology   Portland, Ind.
Chelsea Teddy Senior Social Work Roseburg,Ore.
Kandace Terry Sophomore Spanish Bourbon, Ind.
Brittany Thomas Junior Management/Finance Constantine, Mich.
Anthony Tolson Senior Management Claypool, Ind.
Amanda Toney Senior Athletic Training Cape Coral, Fla.
Haley Vallie-Laws Senior Social Work Bear Lake, Mich.
Brittany Vervynckt Junior Sport Management Fort Wayne, Ind.
Brooke Walker Junior History Goshen, Ind.
Stephanie Watson Senior Educational Studies Elkhart, Ind.
Gaius Webb Junior Political Science Greenwood, Ind.
Allison Weber Junior Chemistry Rossville, Ind.
Kelli Weeks Senior Social Work Terre Haute, Ind.
Emily Wells First-year Biology   Sherwood, Ohio
Evan West Junior Exercise Science & Fitness Dunkirk, Ind.
Stephanie Wheeler Sophomore Biology-Chemistry Pierceton, Ind.
Bailey Whitton Sophomore Accounting La Fontaine, Ind.
Eric Wietholter First-year Accounting Zionsville, Ind.
Kyle Williams Senior Biology-Chemistry Roanoke, Ind.
Kirsten Willibey Senior Accounting Angola, Ind.
Emily Willmann Junior Biology-Chemistry Montpelier, Ind.
David Wilson Senior Exercise Science & Fitness La Porte, Ind.
Raymond Wilson Senior Athletic Training Greentown, Ind.
Tyler Wolpert Senior Accounting/Finance Garrett, Ind.
Blake Woodward Sophomore Art Hebron, Ind.
Riley Worl First-year Pre-Pharmacy Russiaville, Ind.
Molly Wright Senior Elementary Education Akron, Ind.
Marcus Wyatt Senior Mathematics/Computer Science College Corner, Ohio
Loughlin Wylie Senior Chemistry/Mathematics Eden Prairie, Minn.
Brennan Yoder Junior Finance Muncie, Ind.
Caitlin Yoder Senior Accounting Goshen, Ind.
Brittany Youmans Senior Social Work Huntington, Ind.
Loic Samuel Youth Junior Communication Studies/ French Atlanta, Ga.
Gabriel Zimmerly Senior Peace Studies/ Psychology Shipshewana, Ind.

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