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Meet the 2009-2010 MC Phonathoners!

Donors answer the Manchester call

with record Phonathon gifts

They are future teachers, environmental scientists, doctors, pharmacists and politicians. Some will be accountants or business leaders; others will be psychologists, athletic trainers or fitness trainers. Some are honing their skills for careers in marketing.

All are student Phonathoners for The Manchester Fund, telling their stories about what they are learning, their dreams, their projects, their roots … their Manchester experiences.

Donors found these student stories so exciting, they lifted the 2009-2010 Phonathon to a record $215,370, significantly exceeding the goal.

How did they do it? “Good solid work by all of our callers,” says Janeen Kooi, director of The Manchester Fund.

Phonathoners (33 of them this year) call alumni in the fall and in the spring. Their work is important. In addition to connecting alumni with Manchester College today, they inspire 20 percent of the gifts to the highly important Manchester Fund that keeps the actual and inspirational lights burning brightly.

The Manchester Fund provides financial aid for students, energy, classroom technology and helps maintain the buildings and grounds, and that’s just the tip of annual operational costs that support the mission of the College.

Learn more about The Manchester Fund and the MC Phonathon.

June 2010


Row 1: Blessing, Tiffany, Jessica. Row 2: Casey, Jesse, Alissa, Kira, Anisa

Row 1: Afa, Pooja, Krista. Row 2: Alissa, Molly, Blessing, Tiffany. Row 3: Nicolas, Brandt, Kira

Row 1: Lauren, Kayla. Row 2: Morgan, Dorothy. Row 3: Christina, Emily, Brandt

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