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Manchester University Archives & Peace Studies Church of the Brethren Collection

Buildings List

OL=Oak Leaves (MC student newspaper)

Building & location

Year Built

Year razed/ changed

Dedication Information

Origin of Building Name

Bumgerdner Hall (east end of what is now Administration Bldg)


1920--incorporated into Ad Building


Boarding House (Old Dorm) (corner of College and Bond)


19??--became part of Ikenberry and Winger houses


Bible School Building (west end of what is now Administration Bldg--also called Chapel Building)


1920--incorporated into Ad Building


Oakwood Hall


1916--addition, 1926--addition, 1964-65--renovation, 1993--razed

25 May 1927, College Chapel, address by Mrs. Grace Overton of Chicago (OL 28 May 1927 p.3) Ladies' Home until 1927.  The name Oakwood was suggested by the women who lived there in 1926-27, and announced during the dedication of the addition in May 1927. 

Ikenberry Hall


1949-50--remodeled, 1961--remodeled, 1992--razed

  Young Men's Home (also Blokewood after 1927) until 1957 when it was named for L.D. Ikenberry (OL 4 April 1957 p.1). Name recommended by special committee (Orel Little, Russell Bollinger, Clyde Holsinger, Gertrude Wiebe, Edith Dresher, Robert Beery, and Richard Bigler) and approved by Board of Trustees.



1929--remodeled into Biology Building, 1963--razed




1939--remodeled, 1959--remodeled, 1967--razed


Powerhouse 2




Science Hall


1926--remodeled to library, 1967--remodeled to Communications Center



College Apartments, South (502 College Ave)




College Apartments, North (1104 Home Ave)



Mission Chapel/West End Chapel 1919 razed 2 February 1919 (Aurora 1920 p.65)  

College Hospital (507 Miami St)


Became Health Center, Home Management House, AAFRO House--then sold


Administration Building


1964--renovation of chapel into office space and Wampler Auditorium


Goshorn Chemistry/Clark Computer Center


1960--remodeled for physical education (until 1982), 1984--remodeled to Clark Computer Center

Clark:  20 October 1984, address by President A. Blair Helman (Dedication program)

Goshorn:  Named for Goshorn family of Ladoga, Indiana, whose donations made the building possible (OL 24 March 1960 p.3).

Clark: Named for John G. and Ruth Hunn Clark, whose donation made the project possible (plaque).



1937--addition of women's gym, 2000-razed


Calvin Ulrey Hall


199?--remodeled to include campus store, various offices, and storage; 2002--remodeled

13 February 1949 (Dedication program) Named for Calvin and Miriam Ulrey, who at that time were the "greatest single benefactors" of the College.

Otho Winger Memorial Building


remodeled in 2004

30 April-1 May 1953, various locations, address by C.N. Ellis, Juniata College (Dedication program) 

Named for Otho Winger, longtime president, who conceived the idea of an arts building before his retirement.

Paint and Chemical Storage




East Hall (west)


1963--addition of eastern portion

23 March 1957, East Hall recreation room, address by President A. Blair Helman (OL 14 March 1957 p.1) Name recommended by special committee (Orel Little, Russell Bollinger, Clyde Holsinger, Gertrude Wiebe, Edith Dresher, Robert Beery, and Richard Bigler) and approved by Board of Trustees.

President's Home (714 N. Bond St)


Sold when Tall Oaks was built


Holl-Kintner Hall of Science



26 March 1960, gymnasium/auditorium, address by Dr. Manning M. Pattillo, Lilly Endowment (Dedication program)

8 October 1965 (MC2002/2p)

The name Hall of Science was recommended by the naming committee (Orville Noffsinger, Blair Helman, Earl Garver, Robert Stauffer, and C. Ray Keim) in 1959 and used until 1965.  At that time, the building was renamed in honor of Dr. Carl Holl and Dr. Edward Kintner, longtime professors in Manchester's science department.

Petersime Chapel



27 May 1962, lawn in front of chapel, address by Ray Petersime and President A. Blair Helman (Dedication program & OL 12 April 1962 p.1)

Named for Ray Petersime and family, whose donation made the chapel possible.

Vernon F. Schwalm Hall (south)


1966--addition of northern portion

11 November 1961, remarks from Edward Burkhalter '61

1967, address by Vernon F. Schwalm (Dedication materials)

Named New Men's Residence Hall until it was named for President Emeritus Schwalm in 1967.

Stadium Shelter House




Neher Maintenance Center



23 September 1978, named during Cordier Auditorium's dedication convocation (Dedication program) Named for Oscar Warner (O.W.) Neher, longtime professor of Mt. Morris and Manchester and also superintendent of buildings and grounds at Manchester (Dedication materials).

College Union



9 October 1965 (Aurora 1966, OL 7 October 1965 p.6)  

Funderburg Library



29 October 1966, mall in front of library, address given by Guy R. Little, Emory University (Dedication program) Named for Cyrus and Emma Funderburg.

East St Apartments (1000 East St)




Earl S. Garver Hall



25 April 1970, address by Dr. Russell Bollinger (OL 6 May 1970 p.6) Originally called Northeast Hall (OL 24 September 1969 p.5).  Named for Earl S. Garver '33, alumnus, professor of economics, and dean of Manchester.  He also served in Civilian Public Service during World War II and was partially responsible for the founding of Brethren Colleges Abroad (MC2002/31).  Name was recommended by the dorm government and approved by the board of trustees (OL 6 May 1970 p.6).

Tall Oaks



  Named by Patricia Kennedy Helman, who lived there from 1970-1986.  She chose the name because of the residence's location in the college woods, surrounded by oak trees.

Charles S. Morris Observatory



12 October 1974, remarks from Dr. Malcom Hults, Dr. Dwight Farringer, and Dr. Philip Barnhart (Dedication program) Named for Professor Morris, physics professor 1926-1962 and provider of funds for facility.

Cordier Auditorium



23 September 1978, Cordier Auditorium, address by Dr. Howard E. Sollenberger, Director Emeritus of the Foreign Service Institute (Dedication program) Named for Andrew Wellington Cordier '22, alumnus, chair of the history & political science department (1927-1944), and member of the board of trustees.  Cordier helped to draft the United Nations Charter, worked for the UN (1946-1961), and served as Dean of Columbia University's School of International Affairs (1962-1972).  He also served for two years as Columbia's president (Dedication program).

AAFRO House (507 Miami Street)


Sold in 1981.

AAFRO House (East St) 1982 Became Security Department in 2003.    

Physical Education and Recreation Center (PERC)



23 October 1982, PERC, address by J. Gordon Keever, chair of Board of Trustees (Dedication program)

October 1997 

Carl W. Burt Memorial Stadium 1988   8 October 1988, PERC (Dedication brochure) Named for Carl W. Burt, football coach at Manchester 1925-1942.

A. Blair Helman Hall (corner of Wayne and College)



9 October 1993, remarks by Edgar C. Butterbaugh (Dedication program) Named for President Emeritus Helman, who served Manchester for 30 years. 

Oakwood Hall 2




Naming committee (Edgar Butterbaugh, Esther Rupel, Keith Pontius, Robert Beery, Opal Nees, David Mann) recommended Oakwood Hall (OL 6 May 1994 p.1).

Gladdys Muir Peace House and Garden 2000   14 October 2000, Peace Garden, reflections by Kenneth Brown (Dedication program) Named for Dr. Gladdys Muir, who taught for 32 years at LaVerne and was the first director of Manchester's Peace Studies Institute. 
Intercultural Center 2003   3 November 2002, Wampler Auditorium, Boniface Hardin, President of Martin University (Dedication program)  
Science Center 2004      


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