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Accession #MC2004/450
TopicHolsinger, Clyde: Photographs, 1940's, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1955, 1960's, 1961, 1970's, 1970,
KeywordsFaculty Staff Photographs, Music, Choir, A Cappella, Humanities Division, Performances,
TitleClyde Holsinger Photograph Collection
Size101 photographs
LocationPhotograph Box 194
CitationClyde Holsinger Photograph Collection, MC2004/450, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceM. Holsinger
Scope and ContentScrapbook containing photos of choirs and other college scenes during Clyde Holsinger's time as director.  Also contains a newspaper article from September 1946 announcing Holsinger's hiring at the college.
12x3Holsinger portrait, labeled 1955
22x3Holsinger portrait, labeled 1961
32x3Holsinger portrait, labeled 1970
45x7A Cappella Choir, dated 1946-47
55x7"Messiah" 1946-47
65x7"The Creation" 1946-47
75x7A Cappella Choir, dated 1947-48
85x7"Messiah" 1947-48
95x7"The Seasons" 1947-48
108x10A Cappella Choir, dated 1948-49
115x7Women's Glee Club 1948-49
125x7"Messiah" 1948-49
138x10A Cappella Choir 1950-51
145x7Braham's "Requiem" 1950-51
158x10A Cappella Choir 1951-52
168x10A Cappella Choir 1952-53
178x10A Cappella Choir 1953-54
185x7"Elijah" 1953-54
195x7"Messiah" 1954-55
208x10A Cappella Choir 1954-55
215x7A Cappella Choir 1955-56
225x7Choral Union 1955-56
238x10Commencement 1955-56
245x7A Cappella Choir 1956-57
255x7"Messiah" 1956-57
265x7A Cappella Choir 1957-58
275x7A Cappella Choir 1958-59
288x10"Messiah" 1958-59
298x10A Cappella Choir 1959-60
308x10"Amahl" 1959-60
315x7A Cappella Choir 1960-61
325x7A Cappella Choir 1961-62
335x7A Cappella Choir 1962-63
345x7"Elijah" 1962-63
355x7A Cappella Choir 1963-64
365x7A Cappella Choir 1963-64
373.5x10Manchester Choral Groups, Ft. Wayne Philharmonic 1963-64
383.5x10"Messiah" 1963-64
395x7A Cappella choir 1964-65
405x7Combined Christmas Concert 1964-65
418x10A Cappella Choir 1965-66
428x10"What Is Man" 1965-66
435x7A Cappella Choir 1966-67
448x10"Messiah" 1967-68
45-465x7A Cappella Choir 1968-69
478x10Combined Christmas Concert 1968-69
482x4A Cappella Choir 1969-70 (photo from newspaper)
495x7Chapel Choir 1969-70
50-515x7A Cappella Choir 1970-71
525x7"Messiah" 1970-71
533x7A Cappella Choir 1972-73
545x7A Cappella Officers 1973-74
555x7A Cappella Choir 1973-74
56-575x7A Cappella Choir 1974-75
585x7A Cappella Officers 1974-75
595x7A Cappella Pop Group 1974-75
605x7A Cappella Officers 1974-75
618x10"Messiah" rehearsal 1974-75
628x10Otho Winger Memorial Building
638x10A Cappella Choir 1958-59
642.5x4Administration Building, dated 10 May 1947.  Taken by Wilson Jones.
655x7Labeled 1948-49.  Men's choir.
665x7A Cappella Choir 1948-49
675x7Choir and instrumentalists seated on stage in gymnasium/auditorium
685x7Women's Glee Club 1948-49
695x7Choir and instrumentalists seated on stage in auditorium/gymnasium.  Labeled 1948-49
705x7"The Seasons" 1948
715x7Women's choir and director.  Labeled 1946-47
725x7Choir on stage.  Labeled 1946-47
735x7Women's choir gathered around piano. Labeled 1948-49
745x7Robed choir.  Labeled 1948-49
755x7Choir and instrumentalists on stage. Labeled "Messiah" 1946-47.
765x7Men's choir.
77-785x7Participants in musical on stage.
805x7Man giving award to another man.
815x7Portrait of student, signed by student
825x7Clyde Holsinger directing a choir rehearsal
885x7A Cappella Choir 1964
895x7People in musical on stage
903x5Clyde Holsinger getting on bus behind Administration Building.
91-923x5Werking Studio proofs of portraits of Holsinger, 1961
933x6A Cappella Choir
945x7A Cappella Choir 1955-56
955x7A Cappella Choir 1961
963x7A Cappella Choir 1963
973x7A Cappella Choir 1965
985x7A Cappella Choir 1966
995x7A Cappella Choir 1971
1005x7Choir with director and pianist
1015x7Choir.  Labeled:  "Seasons" July 1940.  M.C. Summer School Chorus.  Clyde Holsinger, tenor soloist.
Date of AccessionUnknown
Bio History Note

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Large Faculty/Staff Photo Boxes: McAmus Photograph of Clyde Holsinger directing orchestra with voice instructor, Carol McAmis singing. Student playing violin is Robert Stauffer Curry and student playing viola is Deanna Brown. Circa 1975.

Archivist Note

Date of Accession: Unknown.

Description prepared 28 April 2004 by Sara L. Smith


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