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Accession #MC2007/228
TopicPhotographs of Faculty, Trustees, Etc. From College Advancement, PR files,
KeywordsFaculty/Staff Photographs, President Photographs,
TitlePhotographs of Faculty, Trustees, Etc. From College Advancement, PR files
SubtitleFaculty/Staff Photographs
LocationPhotograph File Folder Section in Order of Accession Number
CitationPhotographs of Faculty, Trustees, Etc. From College Advancement, PR files, MC2007/228, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceFrom Jeri Kornegay, Public Relations, 13 December 2007.
Scope and Content

Note:  For President Emeritus, Butterbaugh, see MC2007/228 R.

Note:  For President Emeritus, Ikenberry,  see MC2007/228 BH.

1.   MC2007/228 A:  A. Blair and Patricia Helman, President Emiritus.

2.   MC2007/228 B:  Parker and Ann Marden, President Emeritus.

3.   MC2007/228 C:  William Robinson, President Emiritus.

4.   MC2007/228 D:  Vernon F. Schwalm, President  Emeritus.

5.   MC2007/228 E:  Otho WInger, President Emeritus.

6.   MC2007/228 F:  James Adams, Professor of Art.

7.   MC2007/228 G:  Max Allen, Professor Emeritus of Art.

8.   MC2007/228 H:  Ferne Strohm Baldwin, Prof. Emerita of Sociology and Social Work.

9.   MC2007/228 I:    John E. Bales, Associate Prof. Emerius of Accounting.

10. MC2007/228 J:  Stephen A. Batzka, Prof. Emerigus of Art.

11. MC2007/228 K:  John Beery, Associate Prof. Emeritus of Music.

12. MC2007/228 L:   Bishop C. James, Prof. Emeritus of History.

13. MC2007/228 M:  Charles and Dagny Boebel, Prof. Emeritus and Prof. Emerita of English.

14. MC2007/228 N:  Howard and Margaret Book, Reference Librarian Emerita.

15. MC2007/228 O:  Orpha Book, Reference Librarian Emerita.

16. MC2007/228 P:  Paul Bowman, Director of Admissions Emeritus.

17. MC2007/228 Q:  Kenneth Brown, Prof. Emeritus of Religion and Philosophy.

18. MC2007/228 R:  Edgar and Joann Butterbauagh, President Emeritus.

19. MC2007/228 S:  Roger Buzzard, Prof. Emeritus of History and Economics.

20. MC2007/228 T:  Donald L. Colburn, Prof. Emeritus of Psychology.

21. MC2007/228 U:  Rowan K. Daggett, Prof. Emerita of English.

22. MC2007/228 V:  Gary R. Deavel.

23. MC2007/228 W: Allen C. Deeter & Joan G. Deeter, Prof. Emeritus of Religion & Philosophy.

24. MC2007/228 X:  William R. Eberly, Prof. Emeritus of Biology.

25. MC2007/228 Y:   David Eiler, Prof. Emeritus of Religion and Philosophy.

26. MC2007/228 Za:  June Enoch, Associate Emerita of Education.

27. MC2007/228 Zb:  Stanley B. Escott, Vice President and Dean Emeritus of Student Development, Prof. Emeritus of Psychology.

28. MC2007/228 AA: T. Quentin Evans, Prof. Emeritus of Sociology.

29. MC2007/228 AB:  L. Dwight Farringer, Prof. Emeritus of Physics.

30.  MC2007/228 AC:  James K. Garber, Director of Development Emeritus.

31.  MC2007/228 AD:  Warren Garner, Prof. Emeritus of Education.

32.  MC2007/228 AE:  Arthur L. Gilbert, Prof. Emeritus of Accounting.

33.  MC2007/228 AF:  James L. Gratz, Associate Prof. Emeritus of Health, Physical Education and Recreation.

34.  MC2007/228 AG:  Richard Harshbarger, Prof. Emeritus of Economics.

35.  MC2007/228 AH:  Herbert M. Ingraham, Associate Prof. Emeritus of French.

36.  MC2007/228 AI:    Dorothy Johnson, Associate Prof. Emerita of Business.

37.  MC2007/228 AJ:   Paul W. Keller.

38.  MC2007/228 AK:  Robert & Dorothy Keller, Prof. Emerita and Emeritus  of Sociology and Social Work.

39.  MC2007/228 AL:  Charles D. Klingler, Prof. Emeritus of English.

40.  MC2007/228 AM:  Joyce Leckrone, Acquisitions/Circulation Librarian Emerita.

41.  MC2007/228 AN:  Wilson B. Lutz, Prof. Emeritus of Chemistry.

42.  MC2007/228 AO:  Jo Ann Martin, Prof. Emerita of English.

43.  MC2007/228 APa:  J. Allen Willmert, Librarian Emeritus.

44.  MC2007/228 APb:  Karl F. Merritt, Director Emeritus of Conference Services.

45.  MC2007/228 AQ:  Ralph McBride, Prof. Emeritus of Mathematical Sciences.

46.  MC2007/228 AR:  Dale E. McCauley, Associate Prof. Emeritus of Math & Computer Sciences.

47.  MC2007/228 AS:  Edward and Martha Miller, Prof. Emeritus of Chemistry.

48.  MC2007/228 AT:  R. Emerson Niswander, Prof. Emeritus of Biology.

49.  MC2007/228 AU:  Philip A. Orpurt, Prof. Emeritus of Biology.

50.  MC2007/228 AV:  Robert H. Paine, Registrar Emeritus.

51.  MC2007/228 AW:  Philip J. Parker, Associate Prof. Emeritus of Education.

52.  MC2007/228 AX:  Prof. German & English.

53.  MC2007/228 AY:  Thelma Rohrer.

54.  MC2007/228 AZ:  James E. Rowe, Associate Prof. Emeritus of Mathematical Sciences.

55.  MC2007/228 BA:  Jo Ann Schall, Associate Prof. Emeritus of Education & Director Emeritus of Teacher Ed.

56.  MC2007/228 BB:  Opal D. Stech, Associate Prof. Emerita of Home Economics.

57.  MC2007/228 BC:  James Streator, Prof. Emeritus of Chemistry.

58.  MC2007/228 BD:  Jean Ann Tribolet, Registrar Emerita.

59.  MC2007/228 BE:  David A. Waas, Professor Emeritus of History.

60.  MC2007/228 BF:  Neil and Abby Wollman.

61.  MC2007/228 BG:  Indiana Congresswoman Jill Long Thompson, Faculty: Kathryn Heller and Cathy Teghtmeyer.

62.  MC2007/228 BH:  Photo of L. D. Ikenberry. President Emeritus.

Date of Accession17 December 2007
Bio History NotePhotographs of faculty, trustees, etc. from College Advancement, PR files.
Archivist NoteDescription prepared 17 December 2007 by Jeanine M. Wine.

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