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Accession #MC2004/454-457
TopicStudent, Faculty, Staff and Buildings: Photographs of Mount Morris and Manchester College,
TitlePhotograph Collection - Manchester College and Mount Morris College
LocationMedium Sized Box on Photograph Shelves
CitationPhotograph Collection - Manchester College and Mount Morris College , MC2004/454-457, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceUnknown, in Archives prior to April 2006.
Scope and Content

MC2004/454, MC2004/455, MC2004/455, MC2004/456 and MC2004/457

Photos 1 - 72 : Manchester College Photographs.

Photos 72 - 105: Identification of Locations and Buildings (72 - 77 are missing).

Photos 106 - 189: Portraits and Uknown Affiliations.

Photos 191 - 229: Mount Morris College Photographs.


Foodservice: showing pictures of Mrs. Pottenger (whose twin also worked in Foodservice, or on campus?) and Mrs. Bollinger.  This picture was moved to the Faculty/Staff Large Photograph Boxes on (IS) Shelf #7: Foodservice.


Photographs corresponding with golden-colored sheet:

1. Howard Book, Gwendolyn Studebaker Miller, Wayne Miller.

2. Old observatory in background

5. 1938/1939 Aurora - Waynd Stricket, Bob Curless?

7. Howard Book, R. Gingher, Howenstine.

8. Administration Building, post-1921, in background.

9. William Eberly (seated) Bob Johansen (standing), Loraine Slifer and Bentley Peters.  1958 written on verso.

10. Luke Hunt, Henry Campbell.  Administration Building post-1921, in background.

13. baby.

15. Fountain, post-1924, in background.

16. Fountain, post-1924, in background.

17. Miriam Ulrey and Alice Doner.  T.K.A. is written on podium.

18. H. F. Richards and Arlo Gump (speaking?). T.K.A. is written on podium.

19. H. F. Richards.  T.K.A. is written on podium.

20. M.C. 1924 is written on back.

21. M.C.1924 written on back.

22. M.C.1924 written on back.

25. Oakwood in background.

26. Elsie Miller?

27. Della Lehman? and Elsie Miller?

28. Otho Winger? and Mrs. Winger? - probably.

30. Earl Garver, Paul D. Keller? (Class of 1940), Jim Garber.

31. Art Class 1943-44 written on verso.

32. E. Paul Weaver.

33. A. Blair Helman.

24. Earl Schubert, Jeff Mathes.  Photo by Hoff.

35. Administration Building - side.  Communications Building - back.

36. Anna May Ermin.  Office at Oakwood? 

37. Leroy Fish, L. D. Ikenberry on phone. G. Snyder?.

39. Administration Building and 1911 gymnasium in background.

40. 1922 Ikenberry - written on verso.

41. "Eby's Irene in center.  The OH gang that roomed at Delp's" written on verso.

43. Photo By Hoff.  Dated 29 May 1965.

44. Alice Doner. Photo by Hoff.

45. Byron Royer, Earl Garver, Moyne Landis. Photo by Hoff.

46. Manchester written on verso.

Genita Speicher. Photo by Hoff.

48. Mrs. Bollinger, Maude Wller, Dorothy Baer - Foodservice. A. Blair Helman and Pat Helman.  Perhaps a retirement celebration?

49, Paul Keller? Hazel Keller?

50. Russell Shull.

51. Vernon Stinebaugh, Dorothy Whitmore, Al Whitmore. Photo by Hoff.

52. Mrs. Schwalms and Mrs. Kintner.

53. Basketball dinner?

54. Claude and June Wolfe, Harry Weimer, Orpha Book.  Photo by Hoff.

55. Foodservice, Mrs. Pottenger (twin also worked there) and Mrs. Mae Bollinger - these photographs moved to Faculty/Staff large photograph boxes, IS Unit #7 folders in alpha order: Foodservice.

56. Earl Garver.  Photo by Hoff.

57. Photo by Hoff. Dated 14 November 1961.

59. Bill Crumley (William C. Crumley) - wife is Shirley Crumley.

61. Gil Weldy.

62. Bob Weimber, Bernita Younker, Stan Bittinger.

63. Calvert Ellis (Juniata) and Florence Schwalm. Photo by Hoff.

64. Photo by Hoff.

65. Jim and Ruth Rowe's daughter - Karen Rowe. Bud Tully.

66. Nolan Walker, Virginia, Ruley Beauchamp, John Beauchamp.

67. Photo by Hoff.

68. A. Blair Helman. Photo by Hoff.

69. Galen Sargent.

70. (37, 38 Aurora) Mary Lou Runk.  Subjects seated in sponholder.

71. Florence Freed, dated 10 May 1965.


Photographs corresponding with purple-colored sheets:

72. Walnut Street Church of the Brethren.

75. Camp Lagro.

76. Elsie Miller written on verseo.

77. Postcard to Elsie Miller.

78c. Graydon Snyder (Grady Snyder) facing right - looking down - checked pants.

81. Oakwood sleeping porch?

82. Building the Pest House - written on recto.

86. Church of the Brethren, small vacation town /settlement. Brethren, Mich. (Michigan?) written on recto.

87. Center woman in 3/4 light coat is Anna Ikenberry Dunbar.  At Ease - written on recto.

88 - 89. College Apartments next to 7th Street and Wayne Street.

90. Tennis courts not on campus - may be on Orchard.

91. Petersime Chapel window?

93. Photo by Hoff.

94. Photo by Hoff.

98. Charles Morris built on East Street and moved to Norwood Dr.

99. Camp Mack - Becker Lodge - Ed Miller, R.Bollinger, Dick Harshbarger, Irma Dare, Julia Vandevort, Martina De Young, Ruth Coblentz, Carolyn Miller, Opal Stech, Dorothy Johnson, Thermal Gosnell-library.

100. Schubert House. Photo by Hoff.

101. Photo by Hoff.

102. Peabody Retirement.  may Day 1950 written on verso.

103. Annual Conference? U. of IL, Champaign.  Photo by Hoff, dated 30 June 1963.

104. Plaque on wall - Northwestern University 1851.


Photographs corresponding with blue-colored sheets:

112. Janine Beery.

113. Helping in Home Economics when Julia Vander Vart was ill, 1938.

115. Orland Laforge.

118. Neal Merritt.

119. Clyde Holsinger?, Maxine Domer, Don Royer, Paul Halladay, Vernon Stinebaugh, R. H. Miller, Jack Von Her, Nell Bendsen Von Her.

120. Marvin Shnell.  Cathy? Snell.

123. Jan Fahs?. Photo by Hoff.

126. Rev. Priser, Dayton written on back.

129. Mamie Keim and John Keim. (Mamie Smith Keim?). Just married.

131, 132, 133, 134 - Weddings and marriages.

135. Ralph Swihart? Lois Shull [Lois (Netzley) Shull and Ernie Shull.

136. Wedding and marriage.

137 Wedding and marriage - Mildred Kurtz and Royal Frantz.  Kent Kurtz best man. Galen Frantz far right. Ira and Alta Frantz.

138. Wedding/marriage at Manchester Church of the brethren.

139. Tom Martin and Rose Martin. Don Martin's children.

142. Loretta Hoff and Irvin Hoff - Lloyd Hoff's children.

148. Photo by Hoff.

155. Rufus King.

156. Bud Tully.

157. Opal Hartleroad.

158. Rolland Smith. M. R. Ziegler. Rolland Smith's father.

159. Car accident and women on stretcher.  Photo by Hoff.

161. Marvin Sherman.

163. Russell Bollinger.

164. Mrs. Bollinger and Russell Bollinger, Bill Crumley, Bertha Shull and Shirley Crumley.

166. Jan Miller? Debbie Hoffman (Paul Hoffman's daughter).

168. Joe Wagner and Fred Replogle.  Photo by Hoff.

170. Doris Howenstine, Mildren Deardorf, Millie Heisler, Dorothy Mohn, Dottier Shaffer.

175. Photo donated by Jine Felton.

176. John Puterbaugh photo.

178. Ruth Petry and Paul Burkholder, M.D.

180. Interesting equipment? Jeanine thought this might be the campus telephone switchboard but Stan Pittman didn't think it looked like an actual phone switchboard - so this is an open-ended question.

181. Marie Lantis Holsinger and Ira Frantz.

183. David Hoff and Nancy Hoff (brother and sister) Lloyd Hoff.

185. 1940's alumni? - Marie, Catherine Pippen, Henry, Elizabeth Oberholzer (Elizabeth Weybright? Oberholzer), I. E. Oberholtzer - missionaries to China.

190. Dorothy Jones.

Photographs corresponding with pink-colored sheets:

191. Mount Morris College reunion, 1973.

192. Harvey Long. Alumni in 1967 written on verso.

194. 1917 sewing class - Miss Klapiuger. Mount Morris written on verso.

195. Philo Literary Society 1917 - Mount Morris written on verso.

196. Mt. team "Maroons" 1920-1924 written on verso.  Also, Finnifrock...Clair Miller.

199. The big four written on back.

200,  Bunch at Old Mill Stream written on back.

201. Hazel Newcomer and Fern Dornink 1916-1917 written on verso.

202. Ora M. H. 1916 (?) - written on verso.

203. Grace Glotfelty at left - written on verso.

204. Illegible writing on verso.

205. Ladies' dorm.

207. 1919 - When Manchester beat MMC BB - no wonder they laught - written on verso.

209. Clair & Erna 1919 written on verso.

201. Mabel & Blanche S --- Flue Masks- written on verso.

211. At home in Old Virginia - written on verso.

212. Elden Geyer written on verso.

213. N. W. Hoff with guitar - written on verso.

214. Out the railroad track - written on verso.

215. One of Rooming Houses friends - written on verso.

216. Sunning on "Swift Run" engagement announcement "The Ballad of the East and West" - written on verso.

219. Ferne and Florence - written on verso.

220 -221- 222- moved to MC2004/241, Photo Box 183 to be with - Ida Fields Neff Collection - Photo Box 183 - Mildre and Ida Fields - seniors - written on verso.  Ida Fields and Mildred written on verso - Mildred - written on verso.  It is not know if these pictures are from the Neff scrapbook but they look like they could have been from there.  There are some numbers written in pencil on the back of some of these pictures and it is not know if they go together or not.  Pictures with penciled numbers also remain in images listed on the pink sheet. Ida Fields Neff was a Manchester College student. She graduated in 1920.

224. Class of 1919 - written on verso.

225. Class of 1919  in front of Old Sandstone- written on verso. Old Sandstone was part of the campus of Mt. Morris College. 

226. Waterloo girls - written on verso.

227. -[ circa the 1910's] - Mount Morris about 1913 - Iowa - written on verso.

228. Mt. Morris Quartet written on verso.



Date of Accession20 July 2010
Archivist Note

These photographs were apparently in the Archives and were taken by a previous Archivies to Timbercrest Retirement Community for identification on 19 March 2004.  The photos were all numbered, and some were identified, yet when the accession number was placed on the picture, discrepancies occurred in the numbering.  Therefore, an attempt to give each photo an accession number has been given up.  These pictures will go by their original number in a range of 1 - 229.  They are divided into four groups. Original identification pages are attached.  Jeanine Wine, Archivist, was able to identify a couple more...and added her identifications to the sheets. 

Note: Photos 72 - 105: Identification of Locations and Buildings (72 - 77 are missing)

Possible identification: It was suggested by an individual that MC2004/455-2a (75a), MC2004/455 -2b (75c), MC2004/455 -2c (75b), might be photos of quonset huts that might have been used for student housing during WWII.

Description prepared 20 July 2010 by Jeanine M. Wine and updated 15 August 2014 by Jeanine Wine.


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