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Accession #MC2004/532
TopicFunderburg Family
KeywordsFamily History, Genealogy,
TitleFunderburg Family Materials
Size1 File
LocationLarge Box 170
CitationFunderburg Family Materials, MC2004/532, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
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ProvenanceTruman Funderburgh
Scope and Content

Funderburg Family Materials from the collection of Truman Funderburgh.

1Harmon Gray
2Letters to Truman
3Loma L. Hart
4Kenneth Fogle correspondence
5William Gray Harmon
8Marjorie Nell Lauver/John Funderburg Lauver
9Frank T. Harrowing
10"from the castle" 1
11"from the castle" 2
12"from the castle" 3
13Scrapbook by Earle R. lloyd
14J. Truman Funderburgh day book
15Guy Funderburk
16Lazarus Funderburgh
17William C. Funderberg Family
18J.C. Funderburgh
19Richard G. Funderburgh
20Rosetta Funderburgh

Funderburgh miscellaneous:

Picture of Catherine Funderburgh, 8th child of Jacob and Eve Boone Funderburgh (b. July 25, 1822, d. 1913) with her son Joseph Miller and her grandson Joseph Miller...[rec'd in letter from AKF 18 June 1976].

Snapshot - Children of Jesse Funderburg: Marjorie Hite, Robert, Dorothy Grostifen, Virginia Sundell, Maurice - picture taken September 1976 in Ft. Wayne, IN.

Photo:Cousin Jesse Funderburgh.

Photo of tombstone - Christina, wife of Jacob Funderburgh and Jacob Funderburgh.

Picture of what is probably Alvin Funderburg dated November 1974 with the lineage: Walter - Daniel - Jacob - George - Cyrus - Alvin.

Copy of land purchase by Jacob Funderburgh.

Copy of Last Will and Testament of Walter Funderberg of Frederick County and Province, Maryland.

250th Anniversary brochure of Conestoga Church of the Brethren, Leola, PA.

Old photograph of Deeton Cottage taken in July, signed, "Merry Xmas, Elmer  Donald?" - house with Elmer Arnold?, Edith Funderburgh Ar.... and son, and Mrs. George K. Funderburgh.

Jacob Funderburgs book - ledger/account book beginning August 3, 1842 recording prices received for bushels of wheat, pumpkins, veal, etc. and labor.  Also settling accounts of what was owed.

George Funderburg's Book - a handwritten math notebook - rather spectacular.

Notebook - handwritten - including topics such as "The Pence Table" - examples of bills - math problems - weights and measures - liquid measures - dry measures - quite stunning.  It appears as if was to be used as a resource for the future.

Date of AccessionUnknown
Archivist Note

Date of Accession: Unknown.

Description prepared 5 May 2004 by Sara L. Smith and updated 14 January 2017 by Jeanine Wine.


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