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Accession #Convocation List of Recordings
TopicConvocation List 1968 - 2008: Recordings
TitleConvocation Tape Listing
LocationCDs in Convocation CD Media Cabinet. Wave Sound files on Archives' Network [W:].
CitationConvocation Tape Listing, Convocation List of Recordings, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessFor educational purposes only. Not for print or reproduction. Researchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceCollection of the Archives
Scope and Content
1King, Dr. Martin Luther---2/1/1968 
2---Martin Luther King Memorial4/11/1968 
3Young, Rev. Andrew J.---5/10/1971 
4Rokeach, Dr. MiltonBeliefs, Attitudes and Values10/4/1971 
5May, Dr. Rollo---1/15/1973 
6Broderick, Dr. CalfredAmerican Courtship9/17/1973 
7Broderick, Dr. CalfredGrowing up Heterosexual9/17/1973 
8Glasser, Dr. Wm.Focus on Education1/7/1974 
9Deloria, Mr. Vine, Jr.---3/19/1974 
10Galloway, Dr. CharlesNon0verbal communication9/12/1974 
11Satir, Dr. VirginiaConjoint Family Therapy1/15/1975 
12Haas, KarlAdventures in Good Music2/10/1975 
13Kirkpatrick, Frederick D.Everybody's Got a Right to Live3/10/1975 
14Lafayette, Dr.P&P in the Struggle for Sco. Justice3/13/1975 
15Deer, Ms. AdaOnce We Were No People3/17/1975 
16O'Nell, Dr. CarlDreams, Culture & the Individual4/14/1975 
17Stassen, Dr. GlenEthics After the Fall9/8/1975 
18Sharp, Dr. GeneFocus on Issues for Social Change10/2/1975 
19Pinkard, Mr. Fred300 Years of Black History11/17/1975 
20Kliman, AnnCoping with Crisis1/14/1976 
20AGordon, Dr. SolComing to terms with your own sexuality2/26/1976 
21Thomas, Dr. ArthurFuture Shock from a Black Perspective3/4/1976 
22McAlister & BerriganProphecy is Life3/11/1976 
23McAlister & BerriganProphecy is Life3/11/1976 
24West, Dr. PhillipThe Future of Sino-American Relations4/26/1976 
25Perkins, Reb. Mr. JohnGoing Through Samaria9/13/1976 
26Friedman, Staton T.Flying Saucers Are Real9/18/1976 
27Cotton, ElizabethSpirituals/Folksongs/Blues10/4/1976 
28Collins, SheilaA New Heaven & a New Earth10/21/1976 
29Terkel, StudsThe Kermit Eby Memorial Lecture11/15/1976 
30Aronson, Joe & PennyJewish Values In Song12/2/1976 
31Oates, Dr. WayneSigns of a Healthy Religion1/24/1977 
32Haskins, JamesDiary of a Harlem Schoolteacher2/10/1977 
33Lens, Mr. SidneyThe Day Before Doomsday3/3/1977 
34Lens, Mr. SidneyThe Day Before Doomsday3/3/1977 
35Johansen, Dr. RobertA Cappella Choir3/21/1977 
36Powers, Dr. CharlesThe Role of Multi-Natl. Corp. in the Future4/25/1977 
37Broderick, Dr. CalfredManaging Psychic Space9/18/1977 
38Detrick, Ralph & MaryAnd God created Us-Male & Female9/26/1977 
39Novak, Dr. MichaelThe Hon Livingston Mock Memorial Lecture3/28/1977 
40Howe, Dr. ReuelLive All Your Life10/10/1977 
41Neville, Dr. RobertBody and Mind10/17/1977 
42Fuller, Mr. MillardRich Again11/14/1977 
43Wolf, Rev. John---12/5/1977 
44Imara, Dr.Growing, Dying, and Being Born1/16/1978 
45Smith Dr. ThadIs Mother Hubbard's Cupboard Bare:                The Crisis of Global Res. 2/6/1978 
47Mohr, Mrs. LouisFree To Be Me2/27/1978 
48Caldwell, Dr. CarlFaculty Series4/3/1978 
49Hatfield, Senator Mark---4/19/1978 
50Helman, PresidentOpening Convocation9/7/1978 
51Porter, Dr. GarethU.S. Encounter With Viet Nam9/18/1978 
52Greenwood, RichardDisarmament & Conversion10/16/1978 
53Chisholm, Shirley---10/27/1978 
54Jackson, ColinThe World in Crisis: A View From London11/20/1978 
55Luce, DonThe Global Struggle for Human Rights11/20/1978 
56Hartman, KenLife Planning and Career Decisions2/5/1979 
57Chenault, MyronClose Encounters of the Educational Kind2/12/1979 
58Firebaugh, Dr. MorrisNuclear Discussion3/26/1979 
59A---Nuclear Discussion--Panel Discussion3/26/1979 
59BSeelman/WeaverNuclear Discussion Workshop #13/26/1979 
59CSeelman/WeaverNuclear Discussion Workshop #23/26/1979 
59DLens/WilkensonNuclear Discussion Workshop #33/26/1979 
59ELens/WilkensonNuclear Discussion Workshop #43/26/1979 
60Johnson, Dr. KathrynSex Roles4/9/1979 
61Hayes, Larry Mass Media--Values for Deciding Issues4/23/1979 
62Wolkoff, Dr. ReginaHistory of Sexuality9/17/1979 
63Howard, TedWho Should Play God9/24/1979 
64Forney, Dr. RobertSubstance Abuse10/1/1979 
65Fuller, BarbHealing the Wounds of the Vietnam War10/22/1979 
66Larson, BruceTo Live is to Risk11/12/1979 
67Schweiker, Rabbi PeterThe Jew In America11/26/1979 
68Kidwell, Dr. ClaraScience & Ethno-Science12/3/1979 
69Knechel, BobChristmas Convocation12/10/1979 
70AHelman, PresidentOpening Convocation2/4/1980 
70BKaplow, HerbABC News Correspondent2/8/1980 
71Strasman, GavrielThe Middle East Situation: Current Reflect2/18/1980 
72Keen, Mr. SamSpirituality & Sexuality2/21/1980 
73---For Wayne Philharmonic Brass Quintet2/25/1980 
74McManus, BishopTransition Within Catholicism3/3/1980 
75Kirkpatrick, DowLatin American Contribution to North American Faith3/31/1980 
76Gordon, Dr. Sol---4/21/1980 
77---Discussion Day4/24/1980 
78Tucker, Dr. JerryFaculty Series4/28/1980 
79Nelson, Dr. John OliverThe Role of the Church in the '80s5/14/1980 
80Helman, PresidentOpening Convocation9/3/1980 
81AAdams, Dr. WalterInflation, Recession, and All That Stuff9/11/1980 
81B---Experiencing Diversity of Values and Involvements9/15/1980 
82Butterbauh, Mr. EdMono, Stereo, or Live9/25/1980 
83Durnbaugh, Dr. DonConfessions of a Searcher9/29/1980 
84West, M.S.One Woman's Journey into the Legal Profession10/2/1980 
85Mollenkott, Dr. VirginiaSexuality & the Formation of Family10/6/1980 
86Anderson, Mr. WaldieVoice Recital10/20/1980 
87Wallis, Jim -- SojournersDisciplining the Faith--Response11/10/1980 
88ASibley, Dr.Current Interpretation of Freedom: Political Freedom11/12/1980 
88BSibley, Dr.Current Interpretation of Freedom: Political Freedom11/17/1980 
89Nyman, Dr. MelvinFaculty Series12/1/1980 
90Knechel, BobChristmas Convocation12/8/1980 
91Levy, Michael2500 Years of Solar Architecture and Technology2/2/1981 
92ASchomer, Dr. Howard---2/9/1981 
92BSchomer, Dr. Howard---2/9/1981 
94Helman, President---2/16/1981 
95ABoulding, Dr. Kenneth---3/16/1991 
95BBoulding, Dr. Kenneth---3/16/1991 
96---Community Council Speeches3/19/1981 
97AKuhn, MaggieGrowing Old in America3/23/1981 
97BKuhn, MaggieTalkback Session3/23/1981 
99Evans, Robert Mayer---4/15/1981 
102Helman, PresidentOpening Convocation9/2/1981 
103Helman, PresidentFocus on China, Part One9/7/1981 
105Baird, Dr. J. ArthurBible in this Electric Age9/21/1981 
106Driftwood, Jimmy---9/28/1981 
107Escott, StanClarifying Values in a College Community10/5/1981 
110A---Discussion Day #110/20/1981 
110B---Discussion Day #210/20/1981 
112Tucker, LemReconciliation & justice in the Church11/16/1981 
113Raimondi, Father Cosmos---11/30/1981 
114Knechel, Robert W., Jr.Christmas Convocation12/7/1981 
115Helman, PresidentOpening Convocation2/8/1982 
116Carter, Mr. JaredWork, for the Night is Coming2/15/1982 
117AAngelou, MayoAnd Still I Rise (Morning)2/18/1982 
117BAngelou, MayoAnd Still I Rise (Evening)2/18/1982 
119Stevens, Leigh Howard---3/1/1982 
120Dushkin, Dr. RonaldFully Healthy/Fully Active3/8/1982 
121---Community Council Election3/11/1982 
123Bielasiak, Dr. JackPoland In Crisis3/29/1982 
124Viehweg, StephenSenior Series4/5/1982 
125Murray, AndrewGive Peace a Chance4/19/1982 
126Luce, DonVietnam & Kampucheo: War Goes On4/26/1982 
127Tom Ewing/ Dawn BathrickMemorial Service4/28/1982 
128Teegarden, MattSenior Series5/3/1982 
129Statler, AmySenior Series5/10/1982 
130Helman, PresidentOpening Convocation9/1/1982 
131Barlette, Dr.---9/6/1982 
133Keller, LisaSenior Series9/20/1982 
134Brown, Dr. DaleWho Are These Brethren10/4/1982 
135Tanimato, Rev. KivoshiA Message of Warning & Hope10/11/1982 
137Barr, JohnOrgan Recital11/8/1982 
139---A Dramatic Reading: The Gospel According to St. John11/18/1982 
140Clarke, JamesSenior Series11/19/1982 
141Knechel, Robert W., Jr.Christmas Convocation12/6/1982 
142Moscowitz, RaymondA Tiny Flame for World Peace1/31/1983 
143McFadden, Dr. WilburThe Last Epidemic2/7/1983 
144AAFRO ClubReader's Theatre Presentation2/14/1983 
145Pettit, Dr. RobertThe Golden Age of Radio2/21/1983 
146ADeIrio, Dr. JudyWomen and the New Rights2/28/1983 
146BJones, Dr. Sam, Jr.---3/14/1983 
147ACrovello, Dr. TheoComputer Technology and                                            the Teaching of Values3/17/1983 
147BJewette, Dr.Super-Heroism & the Bible:                                  From Paul to Batman4/11/1983 
148Helman, PresidentOpening Convocation8/31/1983 
149Barber, Dr. JohnCommunity and Conflict9/5/1983 
150Klein, Gerda WeissmanThe Holocaust & Renewal9/12/1983 
151Bernstein, Prof. Thomas P.Marxism in China9/29/1983 
152Bredow, Dr. W.A European View on the Current Debates in International Politics10/3/1983 
153Arlinghaus, Dr. Ed.The Future of Health Care in America10/3/1983 
155Hasse, Dr. JohnBack Home Again in Indiana10/24/1983 
157McCracken, Dr. PaulEconomics and Public Policy11/7/1983 
158Reid, Dr. Sl.Faith & Courage in a Post-Industrial World11/14/1983 
159Halasz, MarySenior Series11/21/1983 
160Keller, DeeFaculty Series11/28/1983 
161McElwee, TimChristmas Convocation--Advent Celebration12/5/1983 
162Helman, PresidentOpening Convocation1/30/1984 
163Thomas, Mr. JohnOlympic Harmony2/6/1984 
164Caldwell, Dr. CarlFaculty Series2/20/1984 
165Morrison, Rev. Eleanor S.Sexuality, Faith, Values2/27/1984 
166Sharp, Dr. GeneGandhi's Challenge to Modern Politics3/5/1984 
167Richards, Dr. HowardNonviolent Economics3/12/1984 
168Bennett, Mr. LeroneSenior Editor of "Ebony" magazine3/26/1984 
169Stapleton, Dr. The Myths of Technology; Historical Perspectives4/9/1984 
170ABrown, Dr. Robert McAfeeBut What About the Russian4/30/1984 
170BHelman, PresidentOpening Convocation9/5/1984 
171Haffner, TerryMore than Show & Tell9/10/1984 
173Asher, Dr. H.The Mass Media & the Presidential Selection Process9/17/1984 
175Neff, Dr. R. Commemorating the Death of Christ10/1/1984 
176Dilling, Yvonne---10/8/1984 
177Bowman, ClaySenior Series10/15/1984 
178---The Fountain Square Fools10/22/1984 
179BCA StudentsHow to See Purpose & Get an Education Too10/29/1984 
180Gerzon, MarkNeither Warrior nor Pacifist11/5/1984 
181May, M.Christian Unity: Women, Men, and the Bible11/12/1984 
182Harroff, F. Experiment in Lab. Des Her Pro. Dr. Wuerli11/19/1984 
183Keller, JohnSenior Series11/26/1984 
184Baboel, Dr. CharlesThe Journalist as S.P. Perspectives on the P. & S.11/26/1984 
185McElwee, TimChristmas Convocation12/10/1984 
186Helman, PresidentOpening Convocation1/28/1985 
187Wu, WenzhongA Perspective on Life Within New China2/4/1985 
188Rankoe, ThandieApartheid & the U.S. Role in South Africa2/11/1985 
189Gumbleto, B.The Challenge of Peace for Today's College Student2/25/1985 
190Yoder, Ms. JuneFriendship in a "Throw-Away Society"3/4/1985 
191Deavel, Dr. Gary A Birthday Bouquet for Sebastian3/25/1985 
192Harley, BrianSenior Series4/1/1985 
193Love, B. The Impact of Race & gender on Corporate Culture4/15/1985 
194Jendrejczyk, MikeThe Struggle for Human Rights in the 1980's4/22/1985 
195King, Mr. JeffreySenior Series4/29/1985 
196Helman, PresidentOpening Convocation--97th Aca. Yr.9/4/1985 
197Film & Panel DiscussionAn Acquired Taste9/9/1985 
198Nash, DianeModern Implications for Nonviolence9/16/1985 
199Merdock, DeroyA Young Citizen's Role in America9/23/1985 
200Harvey, Dr. ThomSome Notions about Creating Change9/30/1985 
201Doring, Herron RolfOn The Enjoyment of Opera--A View from Germany10/7/1985 
202Hall, DougStewardship: An Old Word, A New Challenge10/14/1985 
203Boothby, Rev. DavidTo Feed or Not to Feed the Hungry10/21/1985 
204Miller, Ed. Faculty Series-- "Donde No Hay Doctor"11/18/1985 
206McElwee, TimChristmas Convocation12/9/1985 
207Helman, PresidentOpening Convocation2/3/1986 
208Tripp, AlanSenior Series2/10/1986 
209---AAFRO Club Reader's Theater2/24/1986 
210Sider, RonWould Jesus Kill Communists to Defend Democracy3/3/1986 
211A---Discussion Day #1: Bread & Life--Film3/10/1986 
211BCollins, Dr. JosephDiscussion Day #23/11/1986 
211C---Discussion Day #3 Workshop3/10/1986 
212Planer, John & JaninaFaculty Series3/14/1986 
213Bishop, BeckySenior Series3/21/1986 
214Stein, Rabbi J. A. Is Anti Semitism Dead4/28/1986 
215Jameson, Dr. Piecing Us Together: A Fem. Vision of Human Rights5/5/1986 
217Jontz/ButcherCongressional Debate9/8/1986 
218Jenkinson, Dr. Ed. The Students Right to Know9/15/1986 
219---Little Miami Theater Works9/22/1986 
220Grout, Rev. PaulNow My Eyes Sees Thee9/29/1986 
221Friman, AlicePoet10/6/1986 
222Chesebro, Scott & Teichert, Lucille---10/13/1986 
223Amerizov, Mr. Alexander---10/27/1986 
224Hart, Dr. B.Has There Been a Conservative Revolution11/3/1986 
225Fuller, Mr. MillardNo More Shacks11/10/1986 
226Rogers, Drs. Kendall & Ingrid---11/17/1986 
227Allbritten, DaveSenior Series11/24/1986 
228Jarrett, JudySenior Series12/1/1986 
229McElwee, TimChristmas Convocation "Even, So, Come Lord Jesus"12/8/1986 
230Robinson, PresidentOpening Convocation2/9/1987 
231---AAFRO Club Reader's Theater2/16/1987 
232Bloomfield, Ms. C.Ralph, Ruby, Seymour and the Big Bad Wolf2/23/1987 
233Murray, AndrewNaming Reality3/2/1987 
234Leonard, James The Gorbachev Revolutions3/9/1987 
235Maguire, Dr. Daniel---3/30/1987 
236A---AIDS Convocation4/12/1987 
236B---AIDS Convocation4/12/1987 
237Klingler, Dr.Things Fall Together: A Sabbatical Journal4/13/1987 
238Shonholtz, Mr. RaymondThe Politics & Opportunities of Conflict4/20/1987 
239Yoder, SheilaSenior Series5/4/1987 
240Henney, Dr. JaneCancer: Myths & Realities5/11/1987 
240ARobinson, PresidentOpening Convocation9/2/1987 
241Campbell, Dr. MichaelA Panorama of American Music9/7/1987 
242Galston, Mr. WilliamReligion & Public Morality in the Liberal State9/14/1987 
243D'Arcy, Rev. John M. Faith in Christ in Contemporary Culture9/28/1987 
244Kintner, Rev. R.Music: Nature's Life changing Force10/5/1987 
245Arnett, Dr. RonaldFaculty Series10/12/1987 
246Kile, SteveSenior Series Convocation10/19/1987 
247Bethany Faculty & StudentsVocational Choices in Unfriendly Times11/2/1987 
248Kessler, JayTaylor University President Speaks11/9/1987 
249McGehee, RalphDeadly Deceit11/16/1987 
250Fowle, Frank F.The Iliad of Homer11/23/1987Not Taped
251Freehauf, LeonSenior Series Convocation11/30/1987Not Taped
252Swick, MarkAn Advent Celebration12/7/1987 
253Robinson, President1988 Spring Convocation Series2/8/1988 
254Parajon, GustavoCentral American Peace Plan2/15/1988 
255---Afro-American Choral Ensemble2/22/1988 
256---AAFRO Club Reader's Theater2/29/1988 
257Student SenateElection Speeches3/7/1988 
258Stoltzfus, Dr. VictorIntegrity3/14/1988 
259Henderson, HazelKeynote Address for Discussion Day3/21/1988 
260Loucks, Dr. Orie---3/22/1988 
261---Political Economy & the Future--- 
262---Education, Technology, & the Future--- 
263---Environment, Agriculture, & the Future--- 
264---Religion, Ethnics, Culture, & the Future--- 
265Bryan, NatSenior Series Convocation4/11/1988Not Taped
266---College jazz Ensemble & the Entertainers4/18/1988 
267Williams, Dr. LeonardIntelligent Person's Guide to the 1988 Election4/25/1988 
268---AIDS and the College Student5/2/1988 
269Spiker, SherriSenior Series Convocation5/9/1988 
270Pres. RobinsonOpening Convocation8/31/1988 
271---Getting out of Conflict9/5/1988Not taped
272Parrot, Dr. AndreaIntimate Relationships9/12/1988 
273---Election Issues9/19/1988 
274Krieg, PhilHow my Faith has Helped me Adapt to MS9/26/1988Lost
275Shupe, Dr. AnsonThe Legacy of the New Christian Right10/3/1988 
276NcKee, NancyWhat Kind of State10/10/1988 
277Queiro-Tahalli, Dr. IreneOur Hispanic Heritage10/17/1988 
278Stillman, CourtneySenior Series10/31/1988 
279Fort Wayne PhilharmonicWind Quintet Chamber Music11/7/1988 
280Miller, KeithAn Active Faith in a Secular World11/14/1988 
281Hawes, Dr. SDI Speaker11/21/1988 
282Lance, JaySenior Series Convocation11/28/1988 
283---Christmas Convocation12/5/1988 
284---Martin Luther King, Jr. Day1/16/1989 
285Pres. RobinsonOpening Spring Convocation2/6/1989 
286---Shakespeare's Greatest Hits2/13/1989 
287McCarthy, ColemanNonviolence Works: If we try it2/20/1989 
288---Reader's Theatre Presentation2/27/1989 
289Coffin, Dr. Wm. SloaneInaugurate Peace in 19893/6/1989 
289ACoffin, Dr. Wm. SloaneFaith Centennial Lecture3/5/1989 
290---Law and Social Change3/13/1989 
291---Student Senate Electoral Speeches4/3/1989 
292Keston, JohnExpressions of Aging---Not Taped
293Sherpa, WangdiSenior Series Convocation4/17/1989 
294Caine, Virginia An Approach to STDs4/24/1989Lost
295Prof. BaldwinIllustrations of the Manchester Story5/1/1989 
296Glassford, BarbSenior Series5/8/1989 
297Pres. RobinsonOpening Convocation8/30/1989 
298Lindeman, LesieWith Russia, From Love9/4/1989 
299---Changes in the Peoples, Republic of China9/11/1989 
300Brown, Cherie R. Welcoming Diversity in Relationships9/18/1989 
301Dr. Arnett, RonaldDean of Academic Affairs9/25/1989 
302Smith, ToddSenior Series10/2/1989 
303---Our Hispanic Heritage10/9/1989 
304Alan Kesselheim & Marypat ZitlerA Yr. in the North-Across Canada by Canoe10/16/1989 
305Moore, DamonEducation for the Future10/30/1989 
306Neff, Dr. R. Founders Day Celebration11/6/1989 
307Ritter, Father BruceA Challenge to live out our Christian Faith11/13/1989 
308Loeb, PaulHope in Hard Times: How Individuals can make a difference in the World11/13/1989 
309Shafer, ToddSenior Series11/20/1989 
310Nehring, Roger Campus PastorAn Advent Celebration12/4/1989 
311---Martin Luther King, Jr. Day1/15/1990 
312Pres. Robinson1990 Spring Convocation Series1/19/1990 
313West, Dr. PhillipJapan and the Pacific Rim2/5/1990 
314Pajakowski, Dr. Philchange in Eastern Europe2/12/1990 
315Manchester StudentsReaders' Theatre2/19/1990 
316Barrett, Rev. LoisDoes God Love the Russians2/26/1990 
317---Student Senate Electoral Speeches3/5/1990 
318Sheehy, Dr. DennisAn Alternate Approach to Bio-Technical Solution3/12/1990 
319Gratz, Dr. ReedContemporary Jazz3/26/1990 
320Saylor, ShaneSenior Series Convocation4/2/1990 
321Weizenbaum, Dr. JosephThe Significance of Artificial Intelligence4/9/1990 
322Cline, DaveSenior Series Convocation4/23/1990 
323Prelli, Dr. LawrenceA Rhetoric of Science4/30/1990 
324Metzger, CatherinPreserving our Heritage or Tarting up the Past?5/7/1990 
325Pres. RobinsonOpening Fall Convocation8/29/1990 
326---Will Lithuania be the Next Democracy9/3/1990 
327Duane DeardorffSenior Series9/10/1990 
328Hicks, Dr. DavidTropical Forest, Biological Diversity & the Global Environment9/17/1990 
329Reiman, Dr. T. WayneTurning Education Right Side Up9/24/1990 
330Marcus, MortonIndiana Economy & Hoosier Values10/1/1990 
331Byrnes, Dr. RobertSoviet Union Today10/8/1990 
332Shrock, JanetBrethren Volunteer Service10/15/1990 
333Zagotta, AnthonyWhy Students choose the Republican Party10/29/1990 
333BEller, VernardWhat Good is Faith?11/1/1990 
334Waites, AltheaAlthea Waites in Concert11/5/1990 
335Stargardt, LaraSenior Series11/12/1990 
337Zuberbuehler, AlanEinstein on Peace: Energy & Creation11/26/1990 
338Nehring, Roger Campus PastorAn Advent Celebration12/3/1990 
339---Martin Luther King, Jr. Day1/21/1991 
340Pres. RobinsonOpening Spring Convocation1/30/1991 
341Wiess, Dr. PennyI'm not a Feminist, but…2/4/1991 
342MC Students & Faculty & StaffReaders' Theatre2/11/1991 
343Rhine, Dr. SamGene Transplantation: Genetic Engineering & the Future of Medicine2/18/1991 
344The A Cappella Choir & the Concert Band2/25/1991 
345Deavel, Dr. Gary Organ Recital3/4/1991 
346MC Students & Faculty & StaffStudent Senate Electoral Speeches3/11/1991 
347---Discussion Day3/18/1991 
348Sider, Dr. NancyTaking Another Street: Exploring Alternatives to Dead End Conflicts4/8/1991 
349Lange, KristinaSenior Series4/15/1991Lost
350Ostrowski, JimDrug Legalization Debate4/22/1991 
351Waas, Dr. DavidFaculty Series4/29/1991 
352Doudt, MattSenior Series5/6/1991 
353Pres. RobinsonOpening Fall Convocation9/4/1991 
354Benjamin, MarciaCystic Fibrosis9/9/1991 
355Switzer, EricSenior Series9/16/1991 
356Hoover, LarryAlternate Dispute Resolution9/23/1991 
357---Awareness of Gay/Lesbian People in our Society10/7/1991 
358Corona, SteveWorkplace 2001-New Face, New Challenges10/14/1991 
359Leshchke, DavidEddy Talks10/28/1991 
360Shannon, MichaelThe End, The Beginning of Life11/4/1991 
361Spephenson, BrianAttorney fr. Montgomery, Ala. Discusses his work with many on death row & the efforts make to help these individuals.11/11/1991 
362Theen, RolfUS & USSR: New Partners in Peacemaking?11/18/1991 
363Wine, MichelleSenior Series Convocation12/2/1991 
364---An Advent Celebration12/9/1991 
365Carr, HerbertMartin Luther King Jr. Convocation1/20/1992 
366Pres. RobinsonOpening Spring Convocation2/3/1992 
367MC Students & Faculty & StaffReaders' Theatre2/10/1992 
368Hooper, Jeffrey; Lucas BobMad River Theatre-Freedom Bound---No Tape
369Dunlop, Dr. StephenMental Health Association--Depression2/24/1992 
370Video on Global Issues Highlighting Need and concerns for the Coming Decades3/2/1992 
371Bowman, Dr. RobertProtecting Ourselves from the New World Order3/9/1992 
372MC Faculty & StudentsUnderstanding Human Diversity3/16/1992 
373Zimmerman, LoriSenior Series Convocation3/30/1992 
374MC StudentsStudent Senate Electoral Speeches4/6/1992 
375---The Jesters of St. Francis College4/13/1992 
376MC Student Debate TeamDoes Advertising Degrade the Quality of Life in the United States4/27/1992 
377Sam Davis, Wm. Eberly, David Eiler, Dwight Faringer & Wilson LutzRetiring Series Convocation5/4/1992 
378Hullinger, ScottSenior Series Convocation5/11/1992 
379Pres. RobinsonOpening Fall Convocation9/4/1992 
380Leonard WilliamsUnwrapping the Package Presidency: How to watch Political Commercials9/7/1992 
381Croudet, MaryAttention MC--AIDS can Effect You9/14/1992 
382Miller, LisaSenior Series Convocation9/21/1992 
383Wralstead, Georgia & Steele, RobertSexual Harassment9/28/1992 
384Feratte, DianeHave I got a Story to Tell10/5/1992 
385Willard, ShirleyTrail of Death10/12/1992 
386Traxler, LoaThe Ligancy of the Jaguars10/19/1992 
387Gandhi, ArunNonviolence or Nonexistence11/2/1992 
388BCA  30th Anniversary Celebration11/9/1992 
389Bhagat, ShantilalGod and the Big Blue Marble11/16/1992 
390Snyder, AmySenior Series Convocation11/23/1992 
391Pastor Deanna BrownAn Advent Celebration12/7/1992 
392Nicholson, Rev. MikeChallenge to Complete the Mission1/18/1993 
393Robinson, Dr. William1993 Spring Convocation2/1/1993 
394Jett, Leon Program Cordinator at the Children's Museum2/8/1993 
395Readers TheatreWhat do you know about Black History2/15/1993 
396Kilbourne, JeanThe Naked Truth: Advertising's Image of Women2/22/1993 
397Katz, JacksonFootball, Feminism, & Other Contemporary Contradictions2/23/1993 
398Baker, James K.Impact of International Completion of Indiana Industry3/1/1993 
399Peike, BillForgiveness & the Death Penalty3/8/1993 
400Jones, JeffHolding the Mirror Up to MC3/15/1993 
401IMC-Intercollegiate Ministries---3/29/1993 
402---Student Senate at MAC4/5/1993 
403Eberly, Wm. R. The Glacier Did It4/19/1993 
404Kohn, AlfieThe Case Against Competition4/26/1993 
405---An Honors Convocation5/3/1993 
406Hollinger, GregSenior Series Convocation5/10/1993 
407New Beginnings: A Farewell to the Robinson's (no credit)5/21/1993 
408---Baccalaureate (no credit)5/23/1993 
409---Commencement (no credit)5/23/1993 
410Interim Pres. Edgar ButterbaughOpening Convocation9/1/1993 
411Bowman, Dr. RobertNonpolluting Transportation: Why, When, How9/6/1993 
412Beahrs, CamiSenior Series Convocation9/13/1993 
413Chacour, EliAuthor of Blood Brothers, priest in the Mekite Church10/14/1993 
414Verdi-Fletcher, MaryCleveland Ballet's Dancing Wheels9/27/1993 
415Guerra, RosaOur Hispanic Heritage10/4/1993 
416Wallis, Jim -- Sojourners---10/11/1993 
417Russell-McCloud, PatriciaThe Global Community by the Year 200010/25/1993 
418Caskey, LoriSenior Series Convocation11/1/1993 
419Gladstone, JackBlending Music, History, & Music of Plains Indiana Culture11/8/1993 
420Waas, DavidConservatism & Liberalism: Reluctant Bedfellows11/15/1993 
421Brown, KenResponsible Conservative Debates Far Left/Liberal11/29/1993 
422Brown, Deanna Campus PastorAn Advent Celebration12/6/1993 
423Al HerringTo Celebrate the Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. 1/17/1994 
424Interim Pres. Edgar Butterbaugh1994 Spring Convocation Series2/7/1994 
425Seemi GhaziisLove of Islam2/14/1994 
426Kenin Bryant Senior Series Convocation2/21/1994 
427Readers Theatre1303 East St. What Stands at this Address2/28/1994 
428Jennifer Terry Senior Series Convocation3/7/1994 
429Religious Life CommitteePart 13/14/1994 
430Religious Life CommitteePart 23/21/1994 
431Student Senate & Manchester Activities CouncilWorking for MC Student4/11/1994 
432Earl H. HessEthic in the Marketplace4/18/1994 
433Tom Gustin Musical Heritage of Indiana4/24/1994 
434A---Honors convocation--Closing Convocation for 93-945/9/1994 
434B---Baccalaureate & Commencement5/22/1994 
435Pres. Dr. Parker G. MargenOpening Convocation8/31/1994 
436Fred SmallRopchan Peace Studies Lecture9/5/1994 
437Dr. Lawrence FreyThe Pilgrim Must Embark: living in Community9/12/1994 
438Jack Winfield RossShadow Catcher9/19/1994 
439Dr. Clyde WilcoxHitchhikers Guide to the 1994 Elections9/26/1994 
440 AMembers of Hispanic UnidosHispanic Heritage, Culture & Pride10/10/1994 
440 BPresidential Inauguration: Dr. Parker Marden10/22/1994 
441Marcie MollerSenior Series Convocation10/24/1994 
442Dr. Ningkun WuConvocation--International Week10/31/1994 
443Focus on Faith WeekRoad Less Travelled11/7/1994 
444Panel of Students & FacultyWhat is behind the News11/14/1994 
445Kelly HendersonSenior Series Convocation11/28/1994 
446Manchester Symphony Orch.Special Convocation Credit Messiah12/4/1994 
447Deanna BrownAdvent of Christ's Birth12/5/1994 
448Dr. J. Herman BlackM L King Convo1/6/1995 
449Pres. Marden & Jo Young SwitzerThe State of the College2/6/1995 
450MCRSLittle Red Riding Hood & the Wolf Reconciled2/13/1995 
451James MazerikSenior Series Convocation2/20/1995 
452Reader's TheaterAn enlightened development of African Am. From past to present2/27/1995 
453Captain Charles AlphinDiscussion Day3/6/1995 
454Dr. Leonard EronDiscussion Day3/7/1995 
455Heather ForestTales of Womenfolk3/13/1995 
456---People w/ Disabilities3/28/1995 
457Jacques P. CalixteSenior Series Convocation4/3/1995 
458Student Senate & the MC Activities Council4/10/1995 
459Dorothy DayHaunted by God: The Life of Dorothy Day4/24/1995 
460Dr. Virginia KellerThe Other May Day5/1/1995 
461AHonor Student Scholarship Recipients Honors Convocation  5/8/1995 
461C---Commencement  5/21/1995 
462Pres. Marden  Opening Convocation8/30/1995 
463Mark CrouchReflections on Labor Day 19959/4/1995 
464Karl GrossmanHow to Save Planet Earth9/11/1995 
465Bob LoveThe Story of Love9/18/1995 
466Dr. Helen SterkWhatever happened to the Fig Leaf9/25/1995 
467MC Hispanic & LatinaHispanic Heritage  10/2/1995 
468Steve MatuszakChanging the way we Laugh10/16/1995Blank Tape
469Giandoemenico PiccoBehind-the-scenes 50th UN Anniversary10/26/1995 
470Giandoemenico PiccoThe Role of the UN in Peacekeeping & Peace Enforcement operations: Difficulties & Prospects10/26/1995 
471Lejla KucukaliWhat the war is Bosnia has done to her life & family10/30/1995 
472Rabbi Richard SafranJewish-Christian Dialogue11/6/1995 
473English, Speech, & Drama ClassesThe World's a Stage11/13/1995 
474---Not Just for Seniors: Work/Life after MC11/27/1995 
475Campus MinistryAdvent of Christ's Birth12/4/1995 
476Rev. Anderson V. SandersDr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Convo1/15/1996 
477Pres. Marden & Jo Young SwitzerThe State of the College2/5/1996 
478Pres. Marden To Century's End2/12/1996 
479Chuck CollingHow can we Revitalize America?2/19/1996 
480Members of Black Student UnionReflection: A View of African American2/26/1996 
481MC Students & FacultyReports from Jan. Term in Central American3/4/1996 
482Robert Pettit & StudentsDisney & America Culture3/11/1996 
483Shayne Black & Jenny ClemonsSenior Series Convocation3/25/1996 
484BCA  A World of Opportunities for YOU4/1/1996 
485Elaine Eikenberry   & Chris PowerSenior Series Convocation4/15/1996 
486Dr. Agate NesauleProf of English & Women's Studies4/25/1996 
487MC Students, Faculty, & StaffMC Can Change4/29/1996 
488Outstanding SeniorsHonors Convocation5/6/1996 
490Pres. MardenOpening Convo 108th Academic Year9/4/1996 
491Stan Solomon & Dr. WaasDebate of the role of Gov. in US Society9/9/1996 
492Students of Valparaiso Univ. The Chartreuse Dress9/16/1996 
493Donna Red WingNational Field Director of GLAAD9/23/1996 
494Tricia MarkleySenior Series Convocation9/30/1996 
496Rev. Miguel T. Castro--Senior Pastor of Iglesia Bautista Emm. In El Salvador10/21/1996 
497Students & FacultyPolitical Round Table--Discussion of Elections10/21/1996 
498Eshleman/Ted SwartzThe Hilarity & Spirituality of Humor11/4/1996 
500Jennie Doubles & Cindy KoppenSenior Series Convocation11/18/1996 
501---MC & Heifer Project12/2/1996 
502Brian "Fox" EllisChristmas Tale12/9/1996 
503Robert Bedford & Isham BennettMartin & Malcolm1/20/1997 
504Pres. MardenOpening Convo: The State of the College2/10/1997 
505Melissa EverettMaking a Living While Making a Difference2/24/1997 
506AJames R.C. AdamsRunning Fence2/28/1997 
506B---Black History Month Convo3/3/1997 
507Dr. Frank HaimanThe Myth & Realities of Church-State Separation3/4/1997 
508Dr. Jean Bethke Elshtain/Laura SpellmanDemocracy at Century's End3/10/1997 
509Jackson KalanziUganda The Pearl of Africa3/17/1997 
510Dr. Jim FarloweDinosaurs From the Ground Up Footprints, Bones, & Big Dumb Birds4/3/1997 
511Denise CarrickSenior Series Convocation4/7/1997 
512Dr. Kevin RaedekerMeet Henry David Thoreau4/14/1997 
513John Ebersole, Ray Calencout, Gilbert Weldy, & Larry GaraPeace Week--Why We Chose4/21/1997 
514Pres. MardenCelebration of Responsible Philanthropy5/5/1997 
515Honors ConvocationOutstanding Seniors5/12/1997 
518Pres. MardenOpening Convo 109th Academic Year9/3/1997 
519---The Mock Trial Experience9/8/1997 
520Thelma RohrerChicago Architecture9/15/1997 
521---Summer Humanities Institute Of Chicago9/22/1997 
522Timothy Jay, PhD.Cursing in America9/29/1997 
523---Special Homecoming in PERC10/6/1997No Tape
524Hank FickenColumbus10/13/1997No Tape
525Wendi FoxAlcohol Insanity Tour10/17/1997No Tape
526Sr. Jean Alice McGoffFocus on Faith11/3/1997 
527Mark PotluckAging is not a Laughing Mater11/10/1997 
528James W. LewenLies My Teacher Told Me11/17/1997 
529Kraig Kenning & Co.Jazz Musician from Chicago12/7/1997 
530---Advent Convocation12/8/1997 
531---Martin Luther King, Jr. Convo1/19/1998No Tape
532Pres. Parker MardenThe State of the College2/9/1998 
533Melissa Culber & Samantha BradfieldSenior Series Convocation2/16/1998 
534Reader's TheaterAfrican American History2/23/1998 
535---Documentary: The Burning Times3/2/1998 
536---Scholar Sponsored by MC Music Dept. 3/9/1998 
537Dr. Irwin HymanIs Spanking a Child, Child Abuse3/16/1998 
538ADr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Convocation3/30/1998 
538BPresentation of FOR's Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award to Dr. Ken Brown3/31/1998 
538CRev. Dr. Gary SimpsonChapel: Service of Commitment4/1/1998 
539International StudentsJourneys in American & Beyond4/6/1998 
540Synergy from Others: Cultural Diveristy on Campus4/20/1998 
541---Documentary Day--Students' Choice4/27/1998No Tape
542Pres. Parker MardenCelebration of Responsible Philanthropy5/4/1998 
543---Honors Convocation5/11/1998 
546Pres. MardenOpening Convocation 111 Academic Year9/2/1998 
547Neil LaButeWriter-Direction Winner of the 1997 Sundance Film Fest9/7/1998 
548---Student Involvement at Leadership Opportunities9/14/1998 
549Jow WienbergSexual Assault9/21/1998 
550Ched MeyersSpeaker, Singer, & Highly Acclaimed Author9/28/1998 
551A Celebration of 50 yrs of Peace Studies at Manchester College 10/5/1998 
552Dr. Flora Williamswww.4succes10/12/1998 
553Janice Hoffman-Marsha LinkCareer paths are not carved in stone10/28/1998 
554Dr. Sayyid M. SyeedEncounters with Islam11/2/1998 
555Dr. Mel WhiteAuthor-Stranger at the Gate11/16/1998 
556Carter WoldHealing the Hurt of Discrimination11/30/1998 
557---Advent Convocation12/7/1998 
558Dr. Susan GubarWomen Artist & Contemporary Race charge1/21/1999 
559Pres. Parker MardenOpening Convocation State of the College2/8/1999 
560Gestic TheaterStrange Like Me2/15/1999 
561Glynn HinesBlack Student Union2/22/1999 
562Deanna LatsonWorkshop Nutrition3/1/1999 
563Discussion Day PreviewCensorship3/8/1999 
564Pres. Marden & Tim EcElweeThe Spirit of Philanthropy3/15/1999 
565---Study Abroad: It's Within your Sphere3/22/1999 
566Pres. Marden & Mighty Senior PlayerNot Plastics, It's Gerontology4/12/1999 
567---We Are Building Bridges to a Better World4/19/1999No Tape
568Dr. Marva DawnHow do we Best Love your Homosexual Friends5/3/1999No Tape
569Outstanding SeniorsHonors Convocation5/10/1999 
572Dr. Parker MardenOpening 111th Convocation9/1/1999 
573Dr. Robin BlakeLiving in Love with Yourself9/6/1999 
574Bobby Lewis & GroupJazz Concert9/13/1999 
575---Diversity at MC9/20/1999 
576Dr. Kevin BargeCommunication Constructs Healthy Communities9/27/1999 
577Wes RupelFrom Manchester to Microsoft10/11/1999 
578Panel of GuestsCareers-Seeking More Than Money10/25/1999 
579MC FacultyReflection of a Century Past11/1/1999 
580Ed Loring & Murphy DavisFaith Based Activism11/9/1999 
581Hubie AshcraftTips, Tricks, & Traps of Financial Management11/15/1999 
582Jennie WongOut of Our Minds & Into Words11/29/1999 
583---Advent Convocation12/6/1999 
584Pres. Parker MardenState of the College2/7/2000 
585Lois KieffaberAre We Alone2/14/2000 
586Black Student UnionThings Black: How Black is You2/21/2000 
587Paterson-JensenCentury Ahead2/28/2000 
588Beverly OttFrom Ind to the World: A Social Worker's Story3/6/2000 
589---Celebrating Responsible Philanthropy3/13/2000 
590MCIAGlobal Connection: Many Faces from Different Places3/27/2000 
591Lewis BaldwinA Celebration of the Life of Martin Luther King Jr.4/3/2000 
592Gerhardt & Barbara SurstedtSlava: The Glory of the Art in Tsarist Russia4/10/2000 
593Kathy KellyActivists Across Borders4/17/2000 
594DebateHand Gun Control Debate5/1/2000 
595Honors Program StudentsHonors Convocation5/9/2000 
597Pres. Parker MardenOpening Convocation8/30/2000 
598Charles KernaganLabor Day Issues9/4/2000 
599Joe MartinGive & Grow Rich: Effective Service & Leadership9/11/2000 
600Student SenateCamp Mack Day9/18/2000 
601Randy DormansBrain to Box Office; The making of an Animated Film9/25/2000 
602---Presidential Election Year Politics10/2/2000No Tape
603Rolling FuryWheelchair Basketball10/10/2000No Tape
604Thomas Rain CroweLiving on the Edge: A Poet's Life in America10/16/2000 
605T.O.P. of Valparaiso Univ. The Chartreuse Dress10/30/2000 
606Dr. Ira Kent GroffListen to Love, to Love11/6/2000 
607Jim DanceHunger & homeless Week11/13/2000 
608Hank FinckenFrancisco Pizarro, Spanish Conqueror11/27/2000 
609Ted & Lee ComedyThe Creation Chronicles12/4/2000 
610---The State of the College or Chet does Not Just Happen!2/5/2001 
611Daryl TaylorThe Importance o f Studying African Art Song2/12/2001 
612Captive Heart:  The Story of Frances Slocum2/15/2001No Tape
613Dr. Akosus PerbiUnderstanding the African Woman: A Historical Perspective2/19/2001 
614Dr. TillisAfrican-American Women: Historical Voices of Social Protest c.22/26/2001 
615MC StudentsCelebrating Responsible Philanthropy3/5/2001 
616Prof Ali MirThe New World Order and its Discontents3/12/2001 
617ASister HelenSr. Helen Prejean3/26/2001 
617B---Discussion Day: Capital Punishment3/28/2001 
618Dr. Carolyn Calloway-ThomasMartin Luther King, Jr. & the Beloved Community4/2/2001 
619MC Campus GroupBeing and Effective Ally4/9/2001 
620Ken Medema and the Music of Community, Justice, and Faith4/23/2001 
621---Honors Convocation5/7/2001 
622Dr. Parker MardenOpening Convo-Manchester: A Thinking Person's College9/29/2001 
623MC FactultySongs of Social Protest9/3/2001 
624Frances BokFormer Sudanese Slave 9/10/2001Canceled
625Prof. Jim AdamsScenes of the Past: A Restoration Project9/17/2001 
626Robin GratzWind, Wood, & Metal--Cordier Pip Organ9/24/2001Defective Tape
627Fr. Helen MurrayScience in Everyday Life10/1/2001 
628Ft. Wayne Dance Collective---10/8/2001 
629Wizard of Aids---10/22/2001No Tape
630---Focus on Faith week; Native American Spirituality10/29/2001 
631Ron WeaverPainting People: Humanist/Historical Vantage Point11/5/2001 
632Jennifer HeckOne in Three: The Growing Problem of Child Hunger11/12/2001 
633Dr. Sayyid SyeedUnderstanding Islam11/26/2001 
634Ben GlennChalk Artist12/3/2001 
635Dr. Lee KrahenbuhlOpening Convocation Spring 20022/4/2002 
636Pete Walkey1993 Manchester College Alumnus2/11/2002 
637Sun Zann BoslerTaking Action: A Journey from Anger to Forgiveness2/18/2002 
638President MardenState of the College 20022/25/2002 
639MC StudentsCelebrating Responsible Philanthropy3/4/2002 
640MC AlumniBeing Socially Responsible on the Job/The Graduation Pledge Alliance3/11/2002 
641Richard A. LupoffThe Great American Paperback3/18/2002 
642---In Memory of the Six Million--Yoizkor (Memorial) Prayer4/8/2002 
643Rev. Emanuel CleaverMartin Luther King, Jr.  Convo4/15/2002 
644Dr. Debra LynnAutism: Mysteries  & Manifestation4/22/2002 
645Haverhill Street BbeatsThe Haverhill Street Beats4/29/2002No Tape
646---Honors Convocation5/6/2002 
647---MC Baccalaureate & Commencement 20025/19/2002 
648Pres. Parker MardenOpening Convocation9/2/2002 
649MC ProfessorsFaculty in Concert9/9/2002 
650Andy LoomisUnderstanding Ethnic Violence from Within9/16/2002 
651Yoder, Shull, MillerDean's Symposium9/27/2002 
652David RadcliffThe Empire Strikes Out9/30/2002 
653Sandy DolbyFolklore, Popular Culture, & American Worldview10/7/2002 
654---Accreditation: Adding Value to your MC Degree10/21/2002 
655---A Man Called Buddha10/28/2002 
656Rachel Wass SmithPoverty, Privilege, & Change Understanding our Role11/4/2002 
657---Remember WWII Veteran's Day11/11/2002 
658---National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week11/18/2002 
659Dr. Cornel PewewardyPlaying Indian at Half-Time12/2/2002 
660---Unexpected News in Unexpected Places (Advent)12/9/2002 
661Richard Koon, Russell Wagoner, D. LynnWho's Afraid of the Big Bad Opera2/17/2003 
662---Current Issues in Development, or Rather, Current Issues in Underdevelopment2/24/2003 
663Pres. Parker MardenState of the College 20033/10/2003 
664MC StudentsCelebrating Responsible Philanthropy3/10/2003 
665Rev. Roy BourgeoisWarrior Priest: From Servicemen to Activist3/17/2003 
666Rev. Sylvester HunterIn Memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.3/31/2003 
667---Discussion Day3/12/2003No Tape
668---Phoenic Too Frequent4/17/2003No Tape
669Prof. James AdamsArt & Society 4/14/2003 
670Fr. Wayne Women's Bureau'sStudent Rape4/28/2003 
671---The Holocaust: We Must Remember4/28/2003No Tape
672NM Police OfficersOperation Connection5/5/2003 
675A---Honors Convocation5/12/2003 
674Pres. Marden ParkerTerrorists of the Mind9/3/2003 
675---Why does MC Cost So ^%#^$# Much?9/8/2003No Tape
676Frank PaladinoIPFW Educator, Scientist & Researcher9/15/2003 
677Preeti VasudevanEast Indian Dance9/22/2003No Tape
678Zia MianPrinceton University Physicist9/27/2003No Tape
679---Building a Safe Community for All Students10/6/2003 
680Howard, ZinnThe People's History of the US10/8/2003 
681Jim MatthewsBeer, Booze, and Books10/13/2003 
682---A World of Opportunities: Study Abroad MC10/27/2003 
683Wm. SpohnThe Accidental Empire? US Policy in the War on Terrorism11/3/2003 
684David FrantzLiving creatively in a World of Boxes11/10/2003 
685Mary GallagherA Vow From the Trenches: Stories of Homelessness11/17/2003 
686Jim Adams & His Students---11/24/2003 
687Jan West Schrock---12/1/2003 
688---Advent Convocation12/8/2003 
689Pres. Parker MardenState of the College2/9/2004 
690Rev. Fr. Boniface HardinO.S.B. Pres. Of Martin University2/16/2004 
691---A Lynching in the Heartland: Race & Memory in America2/23/2004 
692Scott, Kirby, Pianist/Composer---3/1/2004Canceled
693MC StudentsCelebrating Responsible Philanthropy3/8/2004 
694Sarah WeddingtonLead Attorney in Roe vs. Wade3/15/2004 
695---The Liberation of Iraq: A Soldier's Story3/29/2004 
696Choir of Earlham CollegeThe Music of a Movement5/4/2004 
697---Being Socially Responsible on the Job/The Graduation Pledge Alliance4/17/2004No Tape
698David RadcliffIt's a Small World After All4/19/2004 
699MC Cappella ChoirAmo Cantare (I love to Sing)4/26/2004 
700---Senior 2004: Joys, Challenges, Discoveries, & Gifts Explored while at MC5/3/2004 
701---Honors Convocation5/10/2004 
702A---Baccalaureate 20045/23/2004 
702B---Commencement 20045/23/2004 
703Pres. Parker MardenRight Here! Right Now! An Agenda for Optimism in 2004-059/1/2004No Tape
704Muhanned Abu SamraAn Israeli Jew & a Palestinian on Martyrdom9/6/2004 
705Brett EastburnMotivational Speaker9/13/2004No Tape
706Dr. Leonard WilliamsCampaign 2004: The Ads, The Internet & the Issues9/20/2004 
707---Kernels about the COB: MC & the Church of the Brethren9/27/2004 
708Leslie AlfordCreate your Own Job, Be Your Own Boss … Not10/4/2004 
709Ron YoungA Peace Plan for the Palestinians & Israelis10/11/2004 
710DeWitt, Mason, LynnA Keyboard Extravaganza10/25/2004 
711---God and Gender: Language Really Does Matter11/1/2004 
712Jeff KeplarIssues of Hunger & Homelessness11/8/2004 
713Scott AinslieBlue Grass Singer/Guitarist11/15/2004 
714Dr. Linda FoxArtwork of Social Protest in Chile11/22/2004 
715---Creation Chronicles Mennonite comedians Ted & Lee11/29/2004No Tape
716Fort Wayne Ballet---12/6/2004No Tape
717Jo SwitzerBeware of All Enterprise that Require New Clothes2/7/2004 
718Nancy NallNever Pick a Fight with Anyone who Buys by the Barrel2/14/2004 
719---Union Baptist church Choir2/21/2004 
720---From Godzilla to Hello Kitty: Japanese Pop. Culture at the Millennium2/28/2004 
721---The Role of  the US in the International Scene3/7/2005 
722Yamuna SangarasivamVisiting Prof. of Sociology3/14/2005 
723Scott Kirby, Pianist3/21/2005No Tape
724---An Olive on the Seder Plate4/4/2005No Tape
725Mitch HarmanHuman Aging: Biology & Medicine4/11/2005 
726---Celebrating Responsible Philanthropy4/18/2005 
727---The Real CSI: Using Science to Catch a Serial Killer in New Orleans4/25/2005 
728---Growing up Next Door to Wally & Beaver Cleaver5/2/2005 
729---Honors Convocation5/9/2005 
732Pres. SwitzerTogether Again8/31/2005 
733---Labor Day: Celebrating Labor History Through Song9/5/2005 
734------9/12/2005No Tape
735Dr. James StreatorA Dream Realized9/15/2005 
736---Maximizing Brain Potential9/26/2005 
737Jorge Bulo ExcobarFull-Bright Scholar10/3/2005 
738Elliot E. SlotnickAppellate Judicial Selection During the Bush Administration10/10/2005 
789Mark SullivanComposing Music on the Computer10/17/2005 
740Charles A. Shepard IIIFor Wayne Museum of Art10/25/2005 
741A---Gentrification: Winner & Losers in the New Urban Renaissance10/31/2005 
741B---Free Alcohol…Is anything ever really free?11/3/2005 
742Granny D---11/7/2005 
743MC StudentsHunger & homeless Week11/14/2005 
744Musician from MC StaffThey Aren't OLDIES to Us11/21/2005 
745Glenish RedmondPerforming Artist, Author, Poet11/28/2005 
746Chamber SingersWhy an Evergreen Tree? Why a Start or an Angel on Top?12/5/2005 
747The Millenial GenerationIs This Really who you are?2/6/2006 
748Mark StahlNew Orleans Today2/13/2006 
749Pres. SwitzerState of the College2/20/2006 
750Liz, Zora, Clementine, FannieMusical Trio: Ain't I a Woman2/27/2006 
751Sudabeh ShojaHow Blessed we are3/6/2006 
752Dinesh D'SouzaInvestor's Business Daily3/13/2006 
753---PEACE HOUSE3/27/2006No Tape
754---Celebrating the life & work of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. 4/3/2006 
755---Social Responsibility on the Job and the Graduation Pledge4/10/2006 
756National PlayersScenes from "Taming of the Shrew4/17/2006 
757Glenn SharfmanWhy Ordinary People Acted Extraordinarily during the Holocaust4/24/2006 
758Fort Wayne Ballet---5/1/2006No Tape
759---Honors Convocation5/8/2006 
760---Commencement5/21/2006No Tape
761---Baccalaureate5/21/2006No Tape
762Pres. Jo SwitzerOn the Brink of a Good Year8/30/2006 
763Laird EdmanUnlearning the Cultures Revolutionary Thinking9/4/2006 
764John Deal The Economic of Prescription Drugs9/11/2006 
765Christopher RitoIn Search of New Medicines9/18/2006 
766Ralph NaderAmerica's Toughest Customer9/25/2006 
767Frank SesnoThe Balancing Act10/2/2006No Tape
768Leonard Williams9-11 Panel10/9/2006No Tape
769James S. GillmoreAmerica's Challenge: Security & Freedom10/16/2006 
770Debra LynnMusical Manipulation10/23/2006 
771David RadcliffNothing Else Matters10/30/2006 
772Jeff OsborneMC Biodiesel: From Fat to Fuel11/6/2006 
773Jeff KueterClimate Science & Politics: Making the Connection11/13/2006 
774Prof. David AdamsThreats to expression Keeping the Voice of American11/20/2006 
775Mark RyanFCC: Decency in the Media11/27/2006 
776Nadine StrossenDefending the "F" Word: Freedom12/4/2006 
777Catharine LeeWhy did I like that Film2/5/2007 
778Pres. Jo SwitzerWhat we Found at MC2/12/2007 
779Prof. James AdamsThe Science Center Triptych2/19/2007 
780Reed GratzThe Reed Gratz Bank--Blues, Jazz, Samba & Funk2/26/2007 
781---Discussion day: Civil Discourse3/5/2007 
782Linda BuskirkKnock-Knock. Who's There? Life's Recurring Riddle3/12/2007 
783Dr. Eric MeslinBioethics in Research & Health Policy3/26/2007 
784Dr. Jim FalkinerWhy you Should Learn about Entrepreneurship4/2/2007 
785Shanna CrossleyWMBA Star Shanna Cossley4/9/2007 
786Rod CrossmanThe Miracle of Awe & Wonder4/16/2007 
787Matt GuynnOn Earth Peace4/23/2007 
788Michelle PaytonMusic that Moves your Mind4/30/2007 
789---Honors Convocation5/7/2007 
792Pres. Jo SwitzerDon't Pick No Cotton: Invest in Yourself8/29/2007 
793---Constitution Day9/17/2007 
794Jerri L. MeadImmigration, Attorney Jerri L. Mead9/24/2007 
795---Renewable Energy10/22/2007 
796Mary MeehanParallels Between Abortion & the Death Penalty10/29/2007 
797Carol J. AdamsThe Sexual Politics of Meat11/12/2007 
798---Student Debate: 18-21?12/3/2007 
799---Martin Luther King, Jr. MLK 40th Anniversary2/1/2008 
800Lenny Kravitz & Fela KutiSoulfe'ge2/4/2008No Tape
801John PredergastGenocide & Mass Atrocities2/18/2008No Tape
802David CooperMountaintop Removal Coal Mining in Appalachia2/25/2008No Tape
803---2nd Amendment Debate3/3/2008No Tape
804Kevin PowellFreedom, Democracy, Justice & Race3/10/2008No Tape
805Dinesh D'Souza---3/24/2008No Tape
806MC Faculty, Staff & StudentThe Band4/21/2008No Tape
Date of AccessionUnknown
Bio History Note

A listing of Convoation tapes.  Some of these recordings have been digitized but this list does not reflect this information .  A search will have to be done for each individual recording to see if the presentation is available on CD or DVD or if a digital Wave Sound file has been created on Archives' Network [W:].


Archivist Note

A listing of Convoation tapes.  Some of these recordings have been digitized but this list does not reflect this information .  A search will have to be done for each individual recording to see if the presentation is available on CD or if a digital Wave Sound file exists on Archives' Network [W:].  Digital copies were made of all cassette tapes.  When this was accomplished, the cassette tapes were discarded because the best digital copy had been made and the tape was only in a state of deterioration. Jeanine Wine, 31 December 2016.


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