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Full listing > Accession MC2009/71File MC2009/71-V: Various
Accession #MC2009/71File MC2009/71-V: Various
TopicPosters: Events and Scholarship
TitleFlat File Drawer H: Previously Accessioned and Unaccessioned Posters and Articles From Manchester College
LocationFlat File Drawer H
CitationFlat File Drawer H: Previously Accessioned and Unaccessioned Posters and Articles From Manchester College , MC2009/71File MC2009/71-V: Various, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceUnknown, in Archives prior to April 2006.
Scope and Content

File Folder MC2009/71-V: Various, including Admissions Material, Parents' Weekend, Fundraising, Phonathon, Graphics Department

  • MC2009/71-V,a - This object had been given an accession number (MC2003/114 #59) in 2003 but paperwork had not been generated and another object was given this number.  It will now be known at MC2009/71-V,a.  (No year).  "The Piper." by Josephine Preston Peabody, presented by College Woman's Club and Faculty of Manchester College.
  • MC2009/71-V,b - (No year). "Fine Arts Week at Manchester College," featuring Manchester College Concert Band, Peking Acrobats, Manchester College Jazz Ensemble & Entertainers, Alpha Psi Omega One-Act Play Festival, Manchester Symphony Orchestra, Faculty Art Show: Paintings by James R. C. Adams.
  • MC209/71-V,c - 2003 Manchester College Homecoming Poster featuring the Alumni events. Alumni Association.
  • MC2009/71-V,d - (No year).  "Beat the Deadline with a Reporter's Experts List For Quotes On"   eg....Apostles, Dr. Kenneth Brown, Basketball, Coach Roland Fletcher, China, Dr. C. James Bishop, Jazz, Prof. Robert Jones, Quilting, Prof. Steve Batzka, Religion, Rev. Robert Knechel, Xenophobia, Dr. Gary Zimmerman, Yucate Indians, Prof. James Adams, Zaire, Dr. David Waas...(and many more not listed by Archivist).  "The next time you need an expert's opinion on any subject from A to Z, phone the Public Relations Office at manchester College at.......We'll help you met that news deadline or come up with the material you need for that special feature.  Our 97 experts are at you beck and "call."
  • MC2009/71-V,e - 1986.  198501986 Phonathon promotional brochure.
  • MC2009/71-V,f -   (No year).  "Look into Manchester College."  Director of Admissions.
  • MC2009/71-V,g - (No year).  "Education Today For the World Tomorrow." Publicity poster.
  • MC2009/71-V,h - 1981. "Manchester Chautauqua."  "If you are 60 years or older and are interested in exploring ideas and sharing experience with others, Manchester Chautauqua is for you.  We are planning an exciting week of events that will provide fun as well as provocative experiences for all those participating.
  • MC2009/71-V,i - 1986 Phonathon Guidelines poster.
  • MC2009/71-V,j - 1979 "Career Fair."
  • MC2009/71-V,k - 1980, "Second Annual Manchester College Career Fair."
  • MC2009/71-V,L - (No year). "Are You Preparing for a People-Centered Career?" Things, People, Data, Test your skills at Cordier Auditorium."
  • MC2009/71-V-m - (No year). "You are invited to the 1st annual Budget Bazaar." Sponsored by: Student Budget Board.
  • MC2009/71-V,n - (No year). "Student Activities Referendum II Discussion Hour, Vote YES for 15."
  • MC2009/71-V,o - (circa 1980).  "To All Group And Hall Leaders And Fiscal Officers," poster for 1980-1981 Budget review by Student Budget Board, etc. Further information obtained at the Student Budget Board Bazaar March 31.
  • MC2009/71-V,p - (1979) "Student Activities Referendum II, Vote YES for 15," increased activities and increased funding for campus organizations.
  • MC2009/71-V,q - (No year). "Activities Referendum Talk-Back," sponsored by The Student Budget Board.
  • MC2009/71-V,R - (No year).   "RHA Weekend," including pie eating contest, softball, dance, cancer walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon, mop bucket relay, ping pong tourney, tricycle race, square dance, awards presentation, etc.
  • MC2009/71-V.s - 1978, "Student Activities Referendum, Vote YES for: increased activites, coordinator of activities, funding for campus organizations, activities needs assessment.
  • MC2009/71-V,t - 1983, "Juniors Come to College For a Day," from the Office of Admissions.
  • MC2009/71-V,ta - 1981, "Junior Visitation Day," from the Office of Admissions.
  • MC2009/71-V,tb - (No year), "Juniors in High School, Your Invitation to Manchester College, April 28," from the Office of Admissions.
  • MC2009/71-V,u - 1982, "January 1982 International  Business Trip to Bangladesh with stopover in London and the Middle East 2 1/2 weeks, talk to Mohammed A. Haque, Dept. of Econ. & Bus.
  • Mc2009/71-V,v - 1981, "Manchester College Gymathon, Sponsored by the Student Body, We're Walking for the Health of It."
  • MC2009/71-V,w - 1982, "Wabash County College Fair," at the Manchester College Cordier Auditorium.
  • MC2009/71-V,x - (No year), Scholarships in Business Administration at Manchester College, from Director of Financial Aid.
  • MC2009/71-V,y - 1979, "Can YOU Make it in the Corporate Structure?"  Speaker, Dr. Sharon Crain, Manager, Community Affairs, International Harvester and author of "Taking Stock: A Woman's Guide To Corporate Success."
  • MC2009/71-V,z - 1981, "Manchester College Department of English, The Language and Literature of Ireland, January Term, 1981," Prof. Rowan Daggett, Ph.D.
  • MC2009/71-V,a1 - (No year), "Super Friends Weekend," Open Union, Superman the Movie, Class of 1980 Reunion, Chapel Fellowship, Square Dance, Friendship Workshop and Much More.
  • MC2009/71-V,b1 - (No year), "Parent's Weekend, the Main Event."
  • MC2009/71-V,b2 - 1980, "Parent's Weekend Concert."
  • MC2009/71-V,b3 - 1979, "Parent's Weekend Concert."
  • MC2009/71-V,c1 - (No year), "Rec Room Regulations."
  • MC2009/71-V,d1 - (No year), " Master of Arts Degree, Manchester College, A Program Designed for the Teacher Who....."
  • MC2009/71-V,e1 - (No year), "Manchester College Fine Arts, Art, Music, Speech & Drama."
  • MC2009/71-V, f1 - 1979, "Explore the Areas of Music, Art and Drama, Fine Arts Workshop, Manchester College."
  • MC2009/71 -V,g1 - (No year),"Scholarships at Manchester College in Business Administration, Available to Students From Communities of 25,000 or Less, for More Information Write to Brembeck Scholarships, Director of Financial Aid, Manchester College."
  • MC2009/71-V,h1 - (No year), "Kley Scholarship," The Carl H. and Olive Green Kley Memorial Scholarship for Darke County High School Graduates who attend Manchester College.
  • MC2009/71-V,i1 - (No year), "Manchester College Scholarships, Freshman Scholarship for Academic Excellence, Presidential Scholarships, Manchester Honor Scholarships."
  • MC2009/71-V,j1a,b:  Two copies of a promotional poster, "Manchester College, A College of the Church of the Brethren," ... "Sustaining and Challenging Students on Their Faith Journeys." (no date).
Date of AccessionUnknown
Bio History Note

This is a large collection of materials ranging from MC2009/7-A  -  MC2009/71-V,j1a,b.  

These printed and hand-made posters and other memorabilia had accumulated throughout the years in the Manchester College Archives.  Some of the pieces had been encapsulated by a previous Archivist and in 2009 Archivist, Jeanine Wine, trimmed the edges of previous encapsulations to make the objects more manageable to store.  Some of the objects had also been assigned an accession number by a former Archivist but paperwork  had not been created. 

  • Objects that had not been previously accessioned were given the number of MC2009/71-( ),( ). 
  • Other objects were identified by the accession number already assigned by a previous archivist and although these items were included with the MC2009/71 collection, an individual accession page was created for them since an individual accession number had indeed been given.
  • Various File Folders contain pieces of similar content.  These file folders are separated in Drawer H. These files are listed and their contents itemized. 

To make the collection easier to access, the accession number for each grouping will be shown and the scope and content for that segment will be listed, describing that particular grouping.  Eg.  MC2009/71-A: A Cappella Choir  is part of MC2009/71, but MC2009/71-A and its contents will be listed separately.

Archivist Note

Description prepared 24 April 2009 by Jeanine M. Wine and updated 5 May 2009 and 3 June 2009 by Jeanine M. Wine. This record shows only a portion of the entire collection labeled MC2009/71.


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