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Accession #MC2012/36
TopicPhotographs: Media and Public Relations, January 1997 - May 2000 - Part 1,
TitlePhotographs: Media and Public Relations Negative and Photograph Collection
LocationUnit 9, IS
CitationPhotographs: Media and Public Relations Negative and Photograph Collection, MC2012/36, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessBeware of Copyright restrictions - Researchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceRita Schroll, Office of College Advancement
Scope and Content

Photographs, contact sheets and negatives for the purposes of Media and Public Relations. January 1997 through December 1997.

Folder 1

The containment folder was dated November 1996.Male student in Manchester sweatshirt studying in library.

The containment folder was dated January 1997.  Public Relations contact sheet and negatives of the Participation Players theater group 13 January 1997.

Containment folder dated February 1997.  Picture of Manchester College afghan or "throw."  Contact sheets and negatives of events from February 3 and 14, 1997.  One of the events was Manchester Kids. The negatives were identified as "Manchester Kids," taken by Manchester photographer, Mike Schug, ASA Rating 400, on 14 February 1997.

Folder 2:  March - April - including Scott McAlpine images.

March 1997 was the date on the folder.  Some April images are also included. Images and negatives of students with telescope focusing on the night sky from within the observatory. One picture of students loading the back of a car.  Group of negatives dated 27 March and contact sheets.

Negatives from event on 24 April 1997.  Contact sheet for documentation of science experiment, dropping tennis balls from the top of the chime tower.  Photograph of students on top of Administration Building getting ready to drop balls. 24 April 1997.  Contact prints of two students, one in Manchester shirt "Grizzlies."

Negatives and contact sheets for Deb Hammond standing with artwork (hers?). Muralist ? from 27 April 1997 - contact sheet and negatives.

Negatives from April 1997.

Contact sheets, photographs and negatives of an event focusing on the United Nations flag.  24 April 1997.  Included is Phil Rieman, Ken Brown, T. Q. Evans, President Parker Marden.

Folder 3: Event from 19 April 1997.  It appears to be panels of faculty and perhaps others on stage...a type of forum perhaps?

Negatives and contact prints of what appears to be students setting up playgound equipment at a site in North Manchester, perhaps at the old Thomas Marshall School?

Other images of students, faculty and staff.

Folder 4a:

5 May 1997 - Symposium or event with speakers.

Martha and Ed Miller and group, including Loren Finnell, being honored in a group portrait and on stage.

Three female students, one with a flute (musicians?).

21 May - Student portraits and student groups in Warvel Park and Manchester College campus. Campus walkways.

Faculty and staff images including David McFadden.

Folder 4b:

May Day 1997 with bed and trike races, games, rides, and activities.

PERC move-in following construction (circa 1997, 1998?).

Folder 4c:

2 June 1997 - Alumni and classes of 1942, 1952, 1932, 1937.  Images of Phil and Louise Rieman [Louis Baldwin Rieman - contact sheet image #s 7 - 10], Dorotha Winger Fry Mason [contact sheet image #s 14, 15, 16, 17, 18], Ms. Trexler [#19, #20] and others.  Special mug. 

Alumni planting a tree.

25 May 1997 - Graduation - Images of commencement 1997 including Ejenobo Oke, graduating from MC, speaking to the assembly.   President Parker Marden conferring doctoral degrees. A rainy day with umbrellas.  Bagpipe player. Student with a place setting adhered to her cap.

Folder #5 - June and July 1997:

Professor Steve Naragon and one of his children on a slide.

Manchester College license plate.

Melissa Bennett photograph.

17 June 1997 "Ambassadors." Wilson and Mary Lutz [#24], Doc and Evelyn Niswander [#17 and 18, Evelyn in stripes], Jeanette Lehman (Mrs. Robin Lehman) [#17. 18. 19, 20, 21].

Mr. Wayne Ross [white shirt #OA].

Folder #5b: 4 September 1997: PERC Ground Breaking.

Folder #5c: PERC Ground Breaking with Jo Young Switzer, David Friermood (Dave Friermood), Parker Marden., J. P. Freeman, Duard Conrad, Jean Tribolet (Registrar), Mona Bishop (Supervisor Custodial Staff), Gary Montel, Ed Cable, Tim McElwee, Leslie Pettit, Rita Schroll, Wenday Gratz-Borman, Jill Biehl, Dwight Farringer, Esther and Annabel Rupel with Sammy Spartan, Mr. Bowman (standing), Ann Marden.  Snapshots and negatives of PERC groundbreaking.  Rick Esposet.

Folder #6: Color negatives and contact sheets of football. 

24 September, 1997 Camp Mack?  - People in boats, playing croquet and 4-square.

Folder #7: - Slides - 1987-1988 and 1994 -1997. Chuck Savage is probably the photographer for most, if not all, of these slides.  Campus scenes, sunrise, night-tim, Koinonia, Cordier, fountain, singers practicing with piano, frisbee, mailroom, chess, art show, bell in chime tower, stained glass in Petersime, Petersime Chapel, computers, students,  and many more. Inquire with Public Relations about copyright restrictions.  

Folder #8 - September 1997:

4 September 1997 - Freshman (First-Year) Orientation at Warvel Park.  Warvel Park clean-up, washing playground equipment. Fixing up Thomas Marshall home near park??

22 September 1997 - "No Dumping (fish drawing) Drain Site."

29 September 1997 - Camp Mack. Wayne Smith (picture of couple).

Folder #9: - Dr. and Mrs. Niswander.  Portraits of Bob Bowman in Petersime Chapel.

Folder #10: - Gratz Field dedication, Koinonia, and golf tournament including Parker Marden.

Folder #11: Homecoming 1997 Queen Julie Davidson, King and Queen photograph, 1997 Homecoming Parade with the "Tin Man" (later to be a Magazine cover).  Bonfire.  1997 Homecoming Alumni events.  Alumnus dressed up as in the 1960's.  Photograph of the Homecoming game football pennant with Ray Hedstrom and Rufus King (year? and names of subjects ?).

Folder #11b: Alumni event - Class photographs for Classes of 1957, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992.

Folder #12 - October 1977:

M Club 1997 - Steve Neff, Coach of the Year.

Theater, PERC construction, Football and Track.

13 October 1997 - Event (Alumni Award Reception), students on computers, Jim Garber, and others.

27 October 1997 - Habitat for Humanity? Shack-a-Thon 1997?, soccer, and woman walking on the track with a small child.

27 October 1997 - Phone-a-thon? - students on phones - fundraising?

Folder #13 - November 1997:

Possible Chuck Savage slides - not identified as such, but possible.

18 November 1997 - Christmas photographs including David Waas (viewer's left), Dr. Niswander, Paul Keller and Santa Claus.  Bicycles in the snow and a student?

Folder #14 - November 1997:

The Oaks?  PERC construcction.  Football being played in the mud [#36].  

15 November - Football.

24 November - unidentified portraits.

Folder #15 - December 1997:

1 December 1997 - Aurora pictures.

10 December 1997 - PERC construction.

13 December 1997 - Athletic Hall of Fame.

President Emeritus Blair Helman leading a room filled with students and others in a thoughtful session - perhaps reading from the Bible.  Christmas lights wrap around the poles.






Slides for the show, "A Day in the Life of Manchester College, Noon Thursday April 16 to Noon Friday April 17." - Chuck Savage photography.


Date of Accession07 March 2012
Bio History Note

Ejenobo Oke - to become Professor of Art.

Archivist Note

Scott Eberly delivered the negatives to the Archives on request of Rita Schroll, 21 February 2012.

The images arrived with bug remains...perhaps the nooks and crannies of their encasements. They had been stored in a basement closet of the Administration Building.

Note a: Pictures and negatives were mixed up in file folders and the archivist had to do her best to sort and organize.  Before assuming a date, the researcher should verify information elsewhere.

Note b: The dates on the negatives might have been the date materials were submitted by the photographer or received by Public Relations and may not be the date that the picture was actually made.

More photographs exist than those that are described or identified.

Description prepared 7 March 2012 by Jeanine M. Wine.


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