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Accession #Vice Presideint's Box: #3
TopicVice President: Box 3
TitleMaterials from the Office of the Vice President
SizeOne Box
CitationMaterials from the Office of the Vice President, Vice Presideint's Box: #3, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessPatrially Restricted - Researchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceAdministration Building
Scope and Content

Box #3

“Vice President of the College Files: Campus Planning”

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A. Proposed academic calendars

            -calendar index 1800-2050

            -academic calendars ‘95-‘96, ‘96-‘97, ‘97-‘98, ‘98-‘99, ‘99-‘00, summer session ‘99 (proposed and revised copies of each)

            -sports calendar ‘94-‘99, ‘99-‘00

            -emails about calendar revisions ‘99-‘00; summer school ‘99, camp mack day ‘99; various other calendar related e-mails, memos, and letters Nov. ‘95- Mar. ‘99

            -sports ‘97-‘98

            -calendar letter ‘96

            -article copy concerning college academic calendars

            -totals of school days per academic year from ‘77-‘93

            -National Association of College Stores: List of school openings and other dates for the academic year 1984-1985


B. Legal Affairs

            -1987 response letter from Ice Miller Donadio & Ryan

            -1989 Letter, Salve Regina College, re: Russell Case

            -1988 letter, re: student plagiarism

            -various articles concerning college legal disputes and precedents; ‘81, ‘84, ‘85, ‘86, ‘88

-Legal Issues in Higher Education Workshop notes, in W. Lafayette, ‘84

            -‘85 notes, Dr. Parker Young

            -June ‘78 booklet “Keeping your school or college catalog in compliance with Federal laws and Regulations”

            -‘84 memo re: The law related to use of video tapes and VCR’s on campus

            -various records of suits filed against the college

            -‘80 memo on use of college attorneys

            -legal rights, ‘74

            -legal opinion liabilities, ‘81


C. Volunteer Programs

            -memo of start of Manchester volunteer Program (MPV, ‘89)

            -memo of brainstorming about volunteer program


D. Tutoring Programs

            -tutoring hours

            -memo on athletes study sessions, ‘83

            -study skills workshop 1969

            -list of tutors

            -comparison of tutored vs. non-tutored students ‘79

            -tutoring program data ‘80

            -student evaluations of advisors

            -various other tutoring data

            -english class grades


E. Student Records

            -student records policy 1974

            -memo on status of document on rights and freedom of students


F. Student Employment

            -info on specific student employees

            -copy of summer employment contract

            -memo on students employed on breaks ‘83

            -financial aid memo on student employment ‘84


G. Remodeling & Renovation

            -Winger floor plans

            -Oakwood services relocation plans ‘92

            -memo allocating movement of departments to different areas

            -pictures of proposed fountain for the mall from ‘89

            -article on campus aesthetics

            -facility improvement list ‘88

            -plans for satellite dish on communications building ‘88

            -memo on plans for elevator in union ‘85

            -memos on allocations of space for particular classes and groups

            -Goshorn Renovation Project paperwork (computer center), ’84


H. Regional Youth Conference

            -Youth conference budgets

            -letters concerning location and plans for conference


I. National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA)

            -’92-’95 NCAA enrollment and persistence-rate disclosure form

            -reports on number of students participating in the NCAA

            -information designation form ’96-‘97

            -Div III Institutional self study guide

            -copy of article on equity in college sports

            -memo on qualifying for DCAA Div III women’s basketball championship


J. Mission Statements

            -guidelines for a college mission statement, ‘82

            -’82 memo on updating college mission statement


K. Minter (John) Associates

            -rankings and info for Minter Associates on private colleges


L. Manchester College Reconciliation Service

            -statement of purpose


M. Koinonia

            -correspondences concerning Koinonia Prairie

            -article about Koinonia


N. January Terms ’77-‘95

            -’85 letter in support of keeping Jan Term

            -article: Liberal Education; Winter 1981

            -description of Jan Term courses

            -course calendar for Jan Term 1976


O. Intramural Athletics

            -participation overviews, ’92-‘93

            -intramural sports constitution ’88-‘89


P. International Education

            -list of countries Manchester has connections with

            -Manchester international flag display info

            -’93 International Week itinerary

            -’93 International Fair itinerary

            -contacts in planning ’93 International Week

            -info on international students


Q. Indiana’s Collegiate Athletics conference

            -articles on Div III sports

            -constitution of the ICAC

            -bylaws of ICAC

            -letters concerning conference and athletes

            -info on affiliation with NCAA and NAIA


R. Honors Program

            -memos and programs from ’94 and ’95 Honors Convo

            -honors courses offered in ’93-‘94

            -accepted honors students ’93-‘94

            -memos on honors program

            -honors brochures

            -purposed revisions to honors program in ‘91

            -comparison of SAT scores and GPA

            -academic scholarships and honors program scholarships

            -minutes of honors committee meeting Feb. ‘87

            -proposed brochure draft

            -honors diploma requirements


S. Holiday Schedules

            -’93, ’81-’82 through ’88-‘89

            -memos of holidays Nov.-Jan. ’80-’81 and ’81-’82 to administration offices


T. Hiring Procedures

            -Faculty and staff hiring procedures (multiple copies)

            -physical education position opening


U. Faculty Personnel

(summary of U)

            -Faculty lists (some including tenures) of degrees Fall ’67-’78, Fall ’81-’96 (’79 and ’80 missing)

            -List of full and part time faculty Fall ’70, ’73-‘79

            -Faculty telephone directories Fall ’85-’88, brochures ’89, ’90, ’92, ’94-‘96

            -List of faculty mailbox numbers Fall ’67-’70, ’72-’76, ’83-‘89

            -Faculty Info (initials, box #, extensions, & office locations) Fall ’86, ’87, ’91, ’92, ’94, ‘95

            -Faculty committee assignments Fall ’69, ’73, ‘75

            -Faculty additions and removals Fall ’67-‘69

            -Various faculty lists, stats, openings, etc from undated to oldest to newest

-Various faculty memos, letters, and other correspondences between Sept. 20, 1969 and March 16, 1976

*Roto Magazine Ft. Max Allen 1975 was relocated


(full contents list

            -full college faculty fall ’96 and info about each

            -college faculty phone directory ’85-’88, ’94-‘96

            -faculty contact info ’67-’76, ’83-’89, ’91-’93, ’94-‘96

            -full faculty list fall ’71, ’67-‘95

            -‘94-‘95 department chairs

            -’89, ’90, ’92 campus directory booklet with map

            -analysis of ’93 employees

            -personnel info fall ‘93

            -faculty classifications

            -faculty comparison fall ’86 and fall ‘89

            -residential life staff fall ‘88

            -faculty office assignments ’85-‘86

            -new faculty from ’87-‘88

            -undated faculty list

            -descriptions of administrative offices

            -discussion on labeling faculty as “lecturer”

            -copy of 1975 issue of The News Sentinel: Roto Magazine w/Max Allen on cover

            -recommendations of faculty committee assignments’75-‘76

            -memo on review of tenure policy ‘74

            -memo on employment status of Ellen Keim and follow up memo, ‘73

            -leaves of absence list fall ’66 - spring ‘73

            -sabbatical leaves list fall ’67 – spring ‘73

            -memo on employment of Carl King ‘73

            -memo on top age of nay employee ‘72

            -memo on employment of Barbara Blum ‘72

            -cover letter to Donna Rump ‘72

            -memos concerning Time Eslava, Fred Schmidt, & Bob Nelson, ‘72

            -list of criteria for entering faculty info on computer file

            -position description of assistant to dean of students

            -additions to faculty list ’67-‘70

            -list of Union and Oakwood food service employees ‘70

            -memo on employment prospect of Rev. Wayne Lawson ‘70

            -approval of research proposal ‘70

            -job analysis of admissions ‘70

            -correspondence on grant during George Adams leave of absence ‘70

            -initial results of Factors Influencing Faculty Turnover in Selected Private Liberal Arts Colleges, ‘70

            -memo on $2,000 grant from National Science Foundation, ‘69

            -faculty committees ’69-‘70

            -faculty ages as of Sept. 1, 1969

            -employment of Lloyd Erbaugh ‘69

            -faculty removals ’68-‘69

            -faculty turnover sheet ‘69

            -memos about James Bishop moving in 1969

            -memo on employment of John Planer ‘69

-memo on employment of I-@’s while on leave

-memo on leave of Dr. Edward Miller for research during summer

            -’69 schedule for James Lenter

            -possible black professor recruitment applications ‘69

            -memo on opening in music dept. ‘69

            -memo on filling opening in music dept. ‘69

            -letter from immigration and naturalization services re: Muhammad A. Kahn

            -memo on Mr. Eiler accepting college’s offer ‘69

            -faculty salary increase from ’55-‘68

            -memo on interview with Dr. Gordon Harrington ‘69

            -memo on interview with Mr. Eiler

            -memos regarding Muhammad A.Kahn ’68-‘69

            -memo on staffing Religion and Philosophy Dept.

            -memos on employment of Thomas Pryor

            -letters concerning Leon D. Neher’s return to the US after an injury in Nigeria ‘69

            -memo on Prof. Berry’s doctorate ‘68

            -memo on employment of Karl Regenbogen‘68

            -memo on leave of absence of George Adams ‘68

            -request for faculty directory; Dunhill Business Research Library ‘68

            -memo of employment of Roger Buzzard ‘68

            -blank cooperative college registry vacancy form


V. Facilities on Campus

            -practices for naming campus facilities

            -memos on reservations in academic building ‘88

            -memos on faculty lounge in Oakwood ’86-‘87

            -memo on chairs in computer center ‘86

            -memo on naming computer center ‘86

            -minutes from faculty/staff lounge committee ‘86

            -more memos about lounge ‘86

            -letter concerning use of Cordier ‘85

            -letter concerning use of campus facilities for sesquicentennial ‘85

            -portrait placement memo about Holl and Kintner ‘84

            -memo on proper use of facilities by outside groups ‘84

            -memo on use of old gym and auditorium ‘84

            -memos on room assignments in winger for Aurora use ‘84

            -memo on basement of communications building ’84

            -memo on request to relocate WBKE ‘84

            -memos on Cordier and Koinonia reservations ’83-‘91


W. Discussion Day

            -memo planning ’93 Discussion Day

            -program from ’88 D-day

            -program and planning for ’86 D-day


X. Conferences and Camps

            -finalized ’95 summer conference schedule

            -conference brochure

            -memo on scheduling for ’95-’96 and booklet of policies and guidelines

            -’89 basketball camp proposal

            -’90 conference finances

            -list of campus facilities and prices ‘84

            -memo and list of campus building usage ’82-‘84


Y. Curriculum

            -’95 list of available associates, bachelors, and masters degrees

            -memo about curriculum guidelines ‘88

            -memo about revision of Gen Ed’s ‘84

            -paper about General Studies courses

            -curriculum revisions between ’61-’62, ’69-’70, ’77-‘78

            -article on Integrity in the College Curriculum ‘85

            -letter describing new engineering science major ‘82

            -list of college majors

            -instructional discipline taxonomy

            -non-western list ‘84

            -memo and attachments about annual conference

            -curriculum review and faculty actions ‘77

            -“The Manchester Plan: An academic program for the 70’s” start of 4-1-4 schedule

            -course and curriculum changes ‘75

            -dropped and added courses ’73-‘74

            -questionnaire on curriculum goals ‘74

            -memo on added and dropped courses

            -report on time shortened degrees ‘71

            -training for gerontology


Z. Community Affairs

            -a letter to President Helman from Max Kester


a. Calvin Ulrey Hall

            -’93 cost for remodel of hall

            -list of buildings that are moving because Oakwood remodeling ‘92

            -floor plans for C. U.

            -memo on uses of C. U.

            -possible plans

            -memo on items inside C. U.

            -bill from construction on C. U. ‘86

            -blueprints of C. U.


b. Buildings

            -history of buildings on campus for presentation ‘95

            -list of major campus buildings ’94, ‘95

            -development of Manchester Campus

            -end of article “The Decaying American Campus” ‘89

            -memo on space reserved for Peace Studies 50th anniversary ‘94

            -cost of Calvin Ulrey remodel

            -copy of proposed campus plan ‘90

            -program of dedication of Helman Hall ‘93

            -memo on movement of concourse level ‘90

            -floor plans for Calvin Ulrey

            -programs for dedication of PERC


c. Bretheren Colleges Abroad (BCA)

            -emails about finances for BCA

            -memos about costs for BCA

            -list of participating students ’93-‘94

            -memos on BCA office space

            -’89 memo on NAFSA conference

            -’90 memo on authorization of computer purchase

            -’90-’91 program costs

            -’90-’91 schedule of payments

            -BCA booklet

            -’89-’90 fact sheet on BCA

            -memos on student payroll

            -memo on visiting professors ‘89

            -memo on BCA students ‘89

            -article about adding Japan to BCA schools ‘88

            -BCA memo on bonding ‘88

            -memo on housing Chinese students ‘88

            -list and information for Chinese BCA students

            -fees for ’87-’88 BCA program

            -’86-’87 schedule of payments

            -letters concerning BCA program

            -list of BCA participants


Date of AccessionUnknown
Archivist Note

List composed by student worker Ayana Brown under the supervision of Jeanine M. Wine.


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