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Accession #MC2011/227, Folders 17 - 22
TopicSchutz, J. Raymond,
TitleJ. Raymond Schutz Collection
Size2 Large Boxes and One Large Folder with Photographs
Location(IIS) Large Boxes 202 and 203
CitationJ. Raymond Schutz Collection, MC2011/227, Folders 17 - 22 , Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceNancy McGriff, Granddaughter of J. Raymond Schutz
Scope and Content
Folder #17First Brethren Church and Schutz as a Pastor, Minister and Preacher      
Materials include but are not limited to the following: 
30-Mar-41First Brethren ChurchBulletin 
12-Nov-44First Brethren ChurchBulletin 
2-Jan-44First Brethren ChurchBulletin 
 Additional Bulletins 
LetterHelen ShafferPersonal thank you to Schutz 
LetterD. L. BaumanReport on life in Florida and checks for church. 
LetterFrom Schutz to Bauman 
Church LetterRose Mary HassettMovement of membership to Peru Brethren Church. 
 Apparently this is a new congregation with a new church house. 
1944Schutz to Rose Mary Hassett 
FlyerHoly Week Worship at First Brethren Church of North Manchester 
 Raymond Schutz, Pastor 
 Easter Sunday Evening featuring Rev. Clyde Rothrick, Blind Evangelist 
1934Alexander SharpEstelle Peabody Memorial Home 
 Schutz resignation from the church. 
1935A. L. UlreyThank you for help in the saddest experience of the family's life. 
 Death of Mrs. Ulrey. 
 A. Ulrey, Frederick Ulrey and Verna Margaret Ulrey 
Mrs. Ulrey's Funeral NotesProbably the writing of Schultz as he delivers the funeral speech 
 for Mrs. Ulrey (see thank you letter above). 
Mr. Ulreys Funeral Notescirca 1936Probably the writing of Schultz as he delivers the funeral speech 
J. Wine thinksfor Mr. Ulrey 
Alvin L.  Ulrey, he is the twin"Only eight months ago were were gathered as a community to  
 brother of Calvin our tribute of respect to an unusual character, the wife of our 
More research is needed to confirm departed, whose passing we now mourn with the same 
 measure of feeling and regret. 
 Mr. Ulrey was a banker in North Manchester. 
LetterEthel WarvelThank you for conducting funeral for Jones. 
Apology from SchutzMrs. Brown and Family ?Impossible to be with you for memorial service. 
 "I am sorry that I can not be with the family circle to mingle 
 my tears with yours, for I think you know, that I loved him too." 
1936Who's Who in the Clergy 
1944Request to submit an article in the "Evangelist." 
1944H. M. Oberholtzer letter 
 Report on evangelistic meetings. 
1944Robert - written from Italy[Probably Robert Ohmart (see File Folder #14)] 
 Letter t)o Rev. Schutz and All (probably the church family 
 Questions about Howard Schutz liking the Pacific. 
 Death of Mr. Crowell. 
 Robert attended the Sherwood School of Music in Chicago. 
 Looking forward to receiving letters from choir members. 
1945From Schutz to Robert.[Probably Robert Ohmart (see File Folder #14)] 
 Richard Schutz home from Camp Cook for 10 days. 
 Reference to Mrs. Winebrenner. 
 Reference to Schutz's daughter-in-law, Delta Dean Doran Schutz. 
 Robert might have been a student at Manchester College. 
Invitations to speak at various places - undocumented. 
Correspondence to and from individuals associated with the Church - undocumented. 
The Plain Dealer -Reference of contribution Schutz would make toprinting of  weekly sermon. 
1945Schutz letter to ArdenLetter of support to a boy in the war, probably from  
 Death of Mr. Crowell.Schutz's congregation, the First Brethren Church. 
1945To: John EckPublicity Director for the Brethren Home, New Lebanon, Ohio 
 Schutz wrote a letter for the Benevolence Board. 
 Emphasis was on an old age pension for ministers retiring from  
 active service. 
 Idea of the organization of a Pension Fund. 
 A portion of a manuscript probably written by Schutz which might be the article referred 
 to above.  
1945From Schutz to JuniorLetter of support to a boy probably in the war. 
 Junior might beReference to Richard Schutz being home for 10 days for a visit. 
 Pct. Ernest Penrod (see below)Junior apparently is a member of the First Brethren Church. 
1945Schutz to GeorgeGeorge might be a boy in the service from the Brethren Church. 
1945Schutz to Mr. Alpha O. Grossnickle 
 Thank you for generous White Gift Offering. 
 Many ill individuals in congregation. 
1944Schutz to William Monroe 
1944Schutz to BillServiceman in the Marines and possibly from congregation. 
 Reference to Harold Schutz. 
1944Schutz letter to his son, Harold Schutz, who is in the military. 
 Robert Minear (missing in action and now confirmed dead in Germany) 
 Marvin Mishler, home. 
 Eugene Zeller - memorial service. 
 Mildred Emerick's husband, David Roth, prisoner in Germany. 
 Bringing ice cream to Mr. Penrod from ice cream factory at Elwood. 
 "Notre Dame had the worst licking of their history when the Army beat 
 them 50 to nothing." 
1944From Schutz to Ernest Penrod, Camp Robinson, Arkansas 
 Junior (see letter above)Charlotte read letter to Sunday School Class and Young People's Group. 
1944Schutz to Rev. J. Ray Klingensmith, General Secretary, General Mission Board, Ashland, Ohio. 
  to Klingensmith being back in the states again. 
SermonA sermon probably written by Schutz. 
 "The Meaning of Christmas Gifts." 
 This piece was Included in materials in the front of the Dec. 12, 1944 - Evans and Dec. 12, 1944 Barr letters. 
 Sometimes related materials were found in the same stack.  JMWineThis might help in 
 establishing the date. 
1944Schutz letter to EldonMrs. CunninghamLetter informing Eldon that his 
 Kennethfather had died. 
 Schutz letter to EldonHandwritten copy of letter. 
1944OhmartIs this a relation to Robert Ohmart? 
 Mrs. Ohmart is ill. 
1945Fred Badskey dies and Schutz makes an inquiry on behalf of the family regarding life insurance. 
List of assets and expenditures:  This listing was found near the Badskey letter and the Archivist wonders if  
 it is a summary of receipts and other papers from the Badskey safety deposit box? 
1945Schutz letter to Reverend Albert Thomas. 
 Reference to death of Rev. Thomas' daughter and exposition on the 23rd Psalm. 
 Mrs. George Ulrey is critically ill. 
1945Midgeville Brethren ChurchBulletin, 7 January 1945. 
 "Hear Dr. J. Raymond Schutz" 
1944Schutz to Rev. H. M. Oberholtzer 
 "I have had Doctor Yoder with me all week and I have been very busy." 
 "Mr. Hunter Herschel, better known as Bud, who led the singing for you…" 
1944C. C. Ohmart  ? 
 Mrs. Ohmart brought to Howard's home in Auburn. 
 It appears that Howard might be a son because mention is made of the 
 daughter-in-law who is a nurse at the Souder's Hospital. 
1944Pearl Swank 
 Sister Tressie Rager Knox received note and would like to be 
 placed on the church prayer list. 
1944Helen Pike UtterIn going through records found that marriage license is unsigned. 
 Would Schutz be good enough to complete this record and return it? 
 Two beautiful children have been born to this union. 
1943 Certificate No 2189First Brethren Church:This might be church income for 1943. 
1944C. F. YoderPlease tell the people at Dutchtown Sunday, that I hope to visit  
 them too later.  I was their first pastor." 
 Refers to Brother Wolf of North Liberty.  
  "I have read that the governor will likely proclaim Nov. 23 as Thanksgiving altho 
 Nov. 30 is the last day of the month." 
 Describes the illness that requires surgery and a hospital stay. 
1936International Council of Religious Education 
 Laymen's Movement on "Reaching the Unreached." 
Current Information:Developments in the Laymen's Movement for "Reaching the Unreached." 
Exhibit AThe Protestant Laymen's Movement for Character Building 
Exhibit BThe National Protestant Laymen's Commission on Character Building 
 Report of the Committee of the Employed Council Officers' Association on 
 The Protestant Lay Movement to "Reach the Unreached." 
1935DeKalb County's 70th Annual County Convention of Christian Education 
1936Glen Haffner letterThank you letter and search for meaning. 
1932Editorial Offices of The Brethren Publishing Co., in Ashland, Ohio. 
 Letter from Charles Bame seeking to give a revival meeting. 
1936Turner, E. R. letterThe visit of the Schutz's and the Harold's in their home. 
 Thank you letter for the message delivered. 
List: of possible church members who might be on some type of committee…perhaps serving as ushers? 
 The names are mostly names of men.  Maybe they collect the offering as well? 
 The schedule dates are a week apart, like for different Sundays. 
11-MarJohn Almark, Eva Huffman, Arden Metzger, Richard Schutz, Ray Warren, Jr., Cloyd Windmiller, 
18-MarDouglas Baker, Richard Heeter, Marian Mishler, Everett Zellers 
25-MarAlbert Bolinger, Rex O'Hare, Donald Sincroft, Leonard Zimmerman. 
1-AprRosa Briner, Harold Jenkins, Robert Ohmart, Arlo Spangle, Rex Reahard 
 The list continues through June 17. 
1944Mr. C. E. Endicott, The Colonial Hospital, Rochester Minnesot 
 R. H. Miller'sreports the operation was successful. 
 Mrs. Schutz talked with Mrs. Endicott and heard C. E. would 
 need to stay in hospital for about 16 days. 
 Mention of Mr. and Mrs. Harting attending services. 
1944, Letter from R. H. MillerReport on the health of their mutual friend, Carl, who was recovering from surgery. 
 Perhaps this is C. F. Yoder? 
1933Galen CookThanking Mr. and Mrs. Schutz for helpful and comforting service, 
 before and after Dad's death. 
 Requesting Schutz's assistance in finding a boarder to help Galen's mother, the widow, to live on her own.
Young People's Camps   Article by Schutz.       
Folder #18Samuel HarperPeru Production Credit Association - 1945      
Folder #19J. A. Van Osdol"The Birth and Mission of American Democracy."      
 Critique by John George Hartwig      
Foldert #20Inaugural Committee, Washington, D.C.       
 Inauguration of Woodrow Wilson 
 Sheetz was invited to join in the inauguration as part of the College Division of the Inaugural Parade. 
 "You will receive a Commission as Aide, to the Marshal of the Civic Division Col. Robert N. Harper." 
 Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio      
Folder #211939Indiana UniversityIt appears that Schutz had to give up work at Indiana University    
 Extension Division after 13 years of service. This seems to be for 
  health purposes.      
Folder #22International Lyceum Association       
  Through recommendation of Will McEwen and Drew Pearson, Dr. Schutz was nominated to  
  full membership in the International Lyceum Association.Howard Higgins, President    
Date of AccessionUnknown
Bio History Note

The scope of these materials was so broad that an Excel program was used to describe them.  The information was too vast to be accepted by the accession page so the description of this collection was divided between several pages designated as MC2011/227[ plusFolder Numbers].  Professor J. Raymond Schutz was a man of many capabilities.  He was a professor at Manchester College for almost 20 years, a husband, father and farmer, a highly sought after public speaker, pastor and minister of the First Brethren Church in North Manchester, Indiana, candidate for Congress in 1932 (Indiana) and a contendor in the 1936 race for Governor. Schutz was also an outstanding official in the local, state and International Kiwanis Club and became President, and then Chairman, of the Standard Life Insurance Company of Indiana, leading the company to highly acclaimed economic success. All of this was accomplished before J. R. reached 55 years of age, dying unexpectedly at home [age 54] on 29 March 1945.  Included are items from Mrs. Schutz as well.  Folder #85 helps set the scene for Schutz's speeches and political ventures and combined with other materials, the researcher can get a feel for Pre WWII Indiana and Indiana involved in war.  Letters to soldiers are included as well as the names of young men from North Manchester who were killed in the war. Prohibition, economic recovery from the Great Depression, and the impact of Hitler 's Germany on Europe, were some of the major issues of the day.  Schutz was a contemporary with Andrew Cordier who participated in some of Schutz's political involvements.

Archivist Note

The materials were delivered to Funderburg Library 16 November 2011 by Randy McGriff, husband of Nancy McGriff.  A description was prepared during the remainder of November and the first two weeks of December by Jeanine M. Wine.

Description prepared 14 December 2011 by Jeanine M. Wine.


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