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Accession #MC2012/7
TopicManchester College: History, the Helman Collection,
KeywordsBumgerdner Hall, Demonstration,
TitleThe Helman Collection: Articles of Historical Interest to Manchester College and to the Town of North Manchester
Size17 File Folders and One Program
LocationMC General File: Manchester College History, and other locations noted following description.
CitationThe Helman Collection: Articles of Historical Interest to Manchester College and to the Town of North Manchester, MC2012/7, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceKatie Hill, granddaughter of President Helman, delivered materials to President Jo Young Switzer. The collection was originally assembled by Katie's mother and aunt, the two daughters of President A. Blair and Patricia Helman.
Scope and Content

File Folder #1:

"First Campus Building "Cut" and Moved," by Dr. Ferne Baldwin, MC Class of 1958.

A history of Manchester College presidents and their residences, that appears to be written by A. Blair Helman, President Emeritus.

File Folder #2:

Plans for a German Baptist Brethren college in Nappanee, Indiana, 1895.

File Folder #3a:

Articles of Agreement for a Merger of Mount Morris College with Manchester College with a post-it note that says "Extra copy for me, no need to put in college files."

File Folder #3b:

Newspaper articles about Civil Rights activist, James Farmer.

File Folder #4:

Invitation for faculty and staff Christmas dinner from the Helmans, 1971.

File Folder #5:

Comparative Consolidated Balance Sheet, July 31, 1955 and 1954.

File Folder #6:

Manchester College's Report to the Districts of the Church of the Brethren, 1956-1957.

March of Progress - completion of first phase.

Manchester College's Report to the Districts of the Church of the Brethren, June 1960.

March of Progress - start of second phase, 1960.

Letter about the March of Progress.

Salary schedules for various colleges (undated).

File Folder #7:

Centennial Campaign - feasibility study and pre-campaign material.

File Folder #8:

CONDIFENTIAL: solicitation of evaluation information of a faculty member through students.

File Folder #9:

Early letter from students about the state of affairs at the school - this was during a time of anxiety about the leadership and credentials of the institution.

File Folder #10:

Profiles of distinguished alumni of various institutions, a statistical analysis, 1970.

File Folder #11:

Handwritten notes, presumably by A. Blair Helman, about events events in 1942 as well as about the history of the College.

File Folder #12:

Handwritten note to Helman from President Parker Marden about the transcription of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. address.

Copy of the "Faculty Mother's Goose."

"Where From Here?" booklet by Schwalm at the College's 50 year anniversary.

Tribute to the Manchester College Faculty of 1936 by Howard Winger, A. B. 1936.

File Folder #13:

Rohrer, Perry - a tribute with stories about his life.

File Folder #14:

Copies of MC Bulletin's with interesting events

Dr. Durnbaugh Honored, 29 Sept. 1980.

Recognition to Howard and Myra Brembeck.

Groundbreaking for the PERC.

Jack Meek Joins Manchester Faculty.

Manchester Bulletin

Dr. A. Blair Helman 1956 - Silver Anniversary (1980-1981 academic year).

Folder #15:

Photocopy from an article from The News Journal, 1926.  $16,000 Raised for New College Gymnasium.  Architect, the renowned Weatherhogg, of Fort Wayne.

Folder #16:

Private dining room in the Union, sent by the Treasurer, 1965.

Folder #17:

Manchester College Basketball records, including Basketball coaching records 1914 - 1989. Folder #17 is located in Small Box 76.

Folder #18:

Articles telling the history of Manchester College and the history of the Town of North Manchester. 

Article from "The Washington Post" about North Manchester, D. A. Strauss, Thomas Marshall, and the town's economic condition, by Wilbur Dunbar, 1967.

Roanoke Classical Seminary - Historical Society Focuses on First President .

75th Anniversary of Oak Leaves reprints articles from the past.

President Winger Resigns.   Manchester Prepares for Inaugurations: Helman Becomes Ninth President (includes brief history). Forum tro Concentrate on Blacks, Spring Term 1969.

The News Journal 1989 spotlights Manchester College at 100 Years and each issue puts in an interesting story from the College' past.  Topics include:

1894 Kriebel incident.

Due to the Kriebel scheme three other Indiana colleges were born.

Stories of the spirited President Otho Winger.

The first intercollegiate football game, 18 October 1924.

1895 - Land purchase for Manchester College, a farm of 40 acres, north of 9th between Market and Mill.

1919 - New pencil sharpener adder to library equipment.

1925 - Library moving to Science Building because books were too heavy for the administration building floor.

1911 - Cost of decorading and furnishing dormatory rooms.

Alumni contributions from 1904 and 1905 through 1926.

Recognition of Commercial Department graduates.

Otho Winger's 34th birthday.

1912 announcement of school yearbook.

1950 - Observatory moved to campus.

1950 - Automobile hazards on campus.

1951 - Price of room and board and concert/play tickets.

Folder #19:

An essay of tribute to President Otho Winger by Shirley Wilcox, The Indianapolis Star Magazine, circa 1978 or 1976? An warm article that reflects his dynamic personality.  This folder is found in MC General File: Faculty/Staff: Winger.

Folder #20:

Oak Leaves article report the death of Professor Holl. This folder is found in Faculty/Staff Boxes: Holl.

Folder #21:

Biography of J. Raymond Schutz by W. Brookover.  This folder is located in Faculty/Staff Boxes: Schutz.

Folder #22:

Death of Dorothy Butterbaugh Cordier, obituaries, 1972.  This folder is located in Faculty/Staff Boxes: Cordier, Dorothy.

Folder #23:

Obituary of Robert Stauffer (BP = Brethren Person), Manchester College alumnus, and head basketball coach. This file is located in the Brethren People File: Stauffer.

Folder #24:

Article about Carl Burt being inducted into the Indiana Football Hall of Fame.  Burt was an alumnus of Manchester College (Class of 1925). Burt coached Manchester for 18 seasons and was known as "The Father of Manchester Football." File located in Faculty/Staff Boxes: Burt.

Folder #25:

Helman Remarks for Trustees Banquet: Remarks of Dr. James Bishop at the Board of Trustees Faculty Dinner, April 1986. File located in MC General File: Faculty/Staff: Helman.

Folder #26:

Resolution of the Board of Trustees 1971 on Helman's 15th Anniversary as President of Manchester College.

Action of Board of Trustees commending Helman's and others' leadership for campus unrest during 1969-1970 school year. File located in MC General File: Faculty/Staff: Helman.

Folder #27:

Article from Newsweek Special Issue about Roy Plunkett, MC Alumnus, and the discovery of Teflon and its uses. Folder located in Alumni Box 187.


President William Robinson Inauguration program.  Placed in Robinson file. MC General File: Faculty/Staff, Robinson.












Article from "Newsweek Special Issue" on Teflon that talks about Roy Plunkett and gives some interesting uses for Teflon

President William Robinson Inauguration program.  Placed in Robinson file. MC General File: Faculty/Staff, Robinson.

Date of Accession12 January 2012
Bio History Note

"First Campus Building "Cut" and Moved," by Dr. Ferne Baldwin, MC Class of 1958.

The first building constructed for the College was built in the summer of 1889 under President D. N. Howe.  It is on the southwest corner of Bond and College streets.  The next building, now the east end of the Administration Building, was started the same summer. Later in the school year, College activities were moved into that east structure of the Ad Building and the first building became a dormitory...the "old dorm." 

Student, Lizzie Tridle (MC Class of 1905), lived four years in the old dorm.  In this article, her son, Keith Ross (MC Class of 1934) describes her spartan accommodations, including a woodstove for heating, carrying water from a well, and a toilet outside in a barn.

The article describes the dorm's purchase by L. D. Ikenberry and its remodelling for use as his family's residence.  In remodeling, a large section of the dorm was "cut" off and moved.  The "cut off" setion was restructured and became about half of the residence occoupied by President Otho Winger. The Winger home first became Ida Winger Hall, and then was used as an apartment house, often inhabited by faculty or married students.  It also has been used for the Brethren College Abroad program for the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Dorothy Butterbaugh Cordier was the wife of Andrew Cordier.  She graduated from Manchester College in 1923 and  married Andrew Cordier in 1924.  She served as a professor at Manchester College from 1927 - 1930.  Dorothy was presented with an Outstanding Alumna Award  (1972) by the institution.  She also was the founder of the United Nations Women's Guild.


Archivist NoteDescription prepared 12 January 2012 by Jeanine M. Wine.

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