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Accession #MC2012/80a-bb
TopicIndependent Study Papers: Religion
TitleIndependent Study Papers: Religion
LocationArchives' Sanctum Unit #4
CitationIndependent Study Papers: Religion, MC2012/80a-bb, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
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ProvenanceFunderburg Library
Scope and Content

Independent Study Papers: Religion

MC2012/80a Anglin, Leo Jr.  Machester College, A Philosophical Unit? 2-May-69
MC2012/80b Berkey, Randy Jean-Paul Sartre: A Man Creating Man
MC2012/80c Boysan, Aysin Nietzsche's Ethics
MC2012/80d Boysan, Aysin Utopias
MC2012/80e Bunch, John F. Ministry of the Church 3-Jun-68
MC2012/80f Bunch, John F. The Mission of the Church 11-Dec-67
MC2012/80g Butler, Lin From Absurdity to Solidarity Dec-66
MC2012/80h Cain, Norman R. A Comparitive Study of the Pauline Doctrine of Man  1966
and Stoicism in the Second Century A.D.
MC2012/80i Carroll, Edward The Godhead of Plotinus and its Influence on Augustine 18-Mar-68
MC2012/80j Clark, Holly An Examination of Holy Communion in Western Christianity 1967
MC2012/80k Causer, Brooks B. Some Criticisms of O. Hobart Mowrer's Integrity Therapy 1966
MC2012/80l Dines, Jerome A. Motifs in Old Testament Thought 22-Nov-61
MC2012/80m Eddingfield, Anita The Theological Implications of the Psychoanylst's  3-Mar-61
Approach to Man and his Problems
MC2012/80n Hoover, Paul the Sophoclean Vision: A Thematic Study of Sophoclean Tragedy 1968
MC2012/80o Johnson, Audna M. Life of Jesus
MC2012/80p Kauffman, S. Bruce Back to Plato: An Analysis of John Dewey's  1967
Call for Reconstruction of Philosophy
MC2012/80q Keim, Curits A. Whiteheadean metaphysics: A Sketch and Comments 1966
MC2012/80r Knobloch, R. Stephen A Survey of Peace Views in Six Major Religions 1966
MC2012/80s Laprad, Paul A. Is Nonviolece Relevent in Current Conflicts? 1961
MC2012/80t Risden, John R. An Overview of the Theology of Paul Tillich 19-Mar-70
MC2012/80u Rohrbacher, David A reaction to Strangeness Now
MC2012/80v Shaffer, Lee A Partial Anatomy of the Dark Specter: A Study in Kierkegaard's 6/16/1966
Dread of the good and "dread of the Evil" as They relate to s
selected Works of English Literature. 
MC2012/80w Shaw, Jane-Ann Some Conceptions of the Deity as Seen in 
Chosen Works by Three Contemporary Authors
MC2012/80x Snavely, Leonard A Study of the Maccabean Period of Jewish History Nov-61
MC2012/80y Trueblood, Robert D. Nels F.S. Ferre's Interpretation of Classical Christian Understanding of God and
its Defense from the Standpoint of the Radical Theologies
MC2012/80z Ulrich, Larry K. How God Speaks to Man: The Doctrine of Revelation According to 
Karl Barth, Emil Brunner, and Rudolf Bultmann
MC2012/80aa Westwood, James the Significance of a Religious-Philosophical- Psychological Frame of Mind
MC2012/80bb Witkovsky, Lowell The Resurrection of the Body: A Study into the Biblical-Christian View of Death 1967

Date of Accession16 May 2012
Archivist NoteDescription prepared 16 May 2012 by Jeanine M. Wine.

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