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Accession #MU2013/139
TopicCable, Miriam Weybright: Collection of Manchester College Materials,
KeywordsAlumnus, Brethren Person,
TitleMiriam Weybright Cable Collection
SizeTwo Large Boxes
LocationIS, Memory Shelves, Unit #8, in relative order of accession number - boxes located on bottom shelves.
CitationMiriam Weybright Cable Collection, MU2013/139, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceEdwin Cable - son, and MC alumnus. Alumni Office.
Scope and Content

Materials donated by Miriam Weybright Cable

Box #1

Cable Folder 1: Manchester College and Alumni Information

-          Program from first and third Organ Dedication Recital at Cordier Auditorium.

o   Program from third dedication holds snapshots of organists: Lillian Miller Long, Dr. Gary Deavel, David Eicher, Dr. Vance Yoder.

-          Letter to ’39 graduating class talking about what members of the class are doing.

-          Reunion material – Including alumni information regarding the class of ’39. Lists of drama and music group participants  Handmade luncheon program with menu for 10 year reunion.  Handmade program for 20th year reunion.

-          Letter from Inez Long entitled “We were young then, we didn’t have the time.”

o   Thanking President Winger, Dean Holl, Rev. Hartsough (pastor of Walnut Street Church), L.W. Shultz, Prof Beauchamp, R.H. Miller, Dr. Andrew Cordier for their influence in her life and how she wished she had told them at the time.

-          50th Class Reunion speech for the Class of 1939.

-          Speech by Fran Thomas (Frances Smith Thomas) for the 55th Class Reunion of the Class of 1939.

-          Manchester College Bulletin from Summer 1937.

-          Alumni Day packet from May 20, 1989.

o   This was the 100th year for Manchester.

-          The Acorn magazine form 1936 and 1937.


Cable Folder 2: Photographs from Miriam Weybright Cable

-          Slides – portraits – of individuals and couples.  Alumni? Members of Miriam’s Class of 1939?

-          Photograph of the 20th Class Reunion [Class of 1939]

-          Children of the Class of 1939 who attended the reunion of 1959.

-          Other reunion photographs including the 1964 Reunion

-          Snapshots from Manchester and Camp Mack. They are pictures of professors, places, friends, and activities in which Miriam participated. Other Class Reunion photographs.

-          Tiny photographs of probably classmates.

-          Picture of the “Office Staff:  Ruth Smith (Registrar’s Office), Helen Lucille Parker (Registrar’s Office), Roberta deJean (Dr. Holl – Mimio [operator of mimeograph machine?]), Miriam Weybright (hidden), Gletha Mae Noffsinger (Registrar’s Office, Irene Wenger  (President Winger’s Office - Miriam’s note: She could type 80 words a minute and converse with visitors!).

-          Photograph of Miriam ringing the chime with MC student (2002-2004).  Miriam writes, Early August 2003.  Miriam Weybright Cable, ’39, assistant ringer 1937-1939 helping ring Manchester College Chime – a thrill to her (Miriam)to be permitted to again ring them.

-          Photograph Album – Glenna Blosser (MC alumna – State Fair Queen). Pictures probably primarily related to Manchester College and friends from MC?  Some are identified and others are not.  Glenna was Miriam’s roommate 1935-1937.

-          Good May Queen photographs (1937 and 1938)and Messiah picture  1937.


Cable Folders 3-5: Music Folders

-          Folder 3 - music books:

o   Indiana Sings

o   Program Choruses, The Green Book

o   Songbook with handmade elements with the feel of a personal song notebook.  In some instances words are written by hand.  “Miriam Weybright – Jr. High Camp” and “Mrs. Wm. H. Cable,” (with address) are written on the cover.

o   “Ave Maria, an interpretation from Walt Disney’s ‘Fantasia’ inspired by the music of Franz Schubert, lyrics by Rachel Field,” Copyright 1940 by Walt Disney Productions. A picture book accompanied by verse.

-          Folder 4 - sheet music, mostly religious in nature.

-          Folder 5 – Miriam was a member of the “Lyric Choir,” a female interdenominational singing group that was organized in October of 1952. The folder contains names, addresses, photographs and other information about the organization:

-          LYRIC CHOIR HISTORY: October 1952 to 5 May 1957, followed by Reunions.

-          Performances and newspaper articles – 1956.

-          Performances and newspaper articles – 1955 1956 – 1957.  It appears the choir ended in 1957.

-          Other choir related? Correspondence  1957 – 1958.

-          1960 letter of thanks for donation from the Lyric Chorus to the Council for Retarded Children of Elkhart County Inc.  It appears as if the donation came from the sale of choir robes.

-          1961- 1962 Season Program Planning Suggestions for Service Clubs, Literary Clubs, Church Groups, Etc.

-          October 1961 letter of thanks to the Lyric Choir from the Council for Retarded Children of Elkhart County, Inc.

-          Photo postcard (1961) from the Clines. Man and woman on tandem bike.

-          1964 newspaper article from The News, Goshen, Indiana, “Annual Dinner of Former Lyric Choir Members.”

Cable Folder 6: Miscellaneous

-          Manchester College Commencement Invitation in original envelopes: Miriam Weybright to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weybright, Syracuse, IN, May 1939.

-          Letter from William H. Cable, Miriam Weybright Cable’s husband: August 1964 – seed corn promotional.

-          Papers written by Miriam circa 1935-1936.  These papers were graded and critiqued and were probably written when Miriam was a Freshman at Manchester College.


Scrapbook – Orange Cover:  My Scrapbook September 1938 to September, 1939 – Private, Miriam Weybright.

-          Pictures, mementos, and letters from friends.  Some of special interest:

o   Handmade intricately cut program for Student Volunteers Banquet, 6 November 1938 – Dan West, Toastmaster.  This appears to be a conference attended by students from the Church of the Brethren colleges and seminary; LaVerne, Juniata, Bridgewater, Elizabethtown, Manchester, McPherson, Bethany. Presentations were made by a prominent group of speakers – leaders and missionaries in the denomination.

o   Napkin from Louise Cordier’s birthday party (daughter of Andrew Cordier), Nov. 16? (date is unclear)

o   Manchester College Handbooks.

o   Phi Sigma Alpha Constitution and Bylaws.

o   Graduation cards!

o   Program of graduation exercises with list of graduation gifts received.

o   Letters.

-          Letters of application, 1939 – presenting short educational ventures and activities.

-          Teacher’s Contract with the School City of South Bend, Indiana,signed 26 June 1939.

-          22 June 1938 letter from Altonetta describing summer job.

-          22 September 1938 letter from Altonetta at Miller Hall, La Verne, California.  She is rooming with Edythe. Both are Manchester alumni


Spiral Scrapbook –

Pictures, mementos, program, bulletins, fancy hand-decorated seasonal napkins, and letters regarding 4-H, Manchester College, and Camp Mack. Items include but are not limited to:

-          Photograph titled “Intermediate Girls Leaders” dated 1937.

-          4-H awards.

-          Newspaper announcement 28 June 1937 – “Fifth Set of Twins At Hospital in 10 Weeks” – Mr. and Mrs. George Weybright of Syracuse are the parents of other twins born at the local hospital since April.

-          4 September 1937 Faculty Reception to Freshmen – get to know you booklet.

-          Newspaper article (1937) announcing engagement of Ruth Wieand, daughter of Dr. A. C. Wieand, to James Roop.

-          Menu for a day in January

o   Breakfast

§  Toast – Strawberry jam - Omelet – milk – applesauce - oatmeal (with cream).

o   Lunch

§  Fried chicken – noodles – creamed beans – bread – honey – butter – carrot salad – cherries.

o   Supper

§  Mushroomed potatoes – creamed peas – milk – pickled beets – bread – plum jelly – butter – raspberry shortcake.

-          Exam for Foods labs, Fall Term, 1937 – Waffles. Celery soup made with a white sauce. Pie crust for filled pie.

-          Bulletins from the Church of the Brethren, North Manchester, Indiana, H. L. Hartsaugh --- Minister. 7 November 1937.  Andrew Cordier is a participant in a panel discussion in the adult forum.

-          “A. Coed’s Diary, by The Paris, Marion, Indiana.”

-          Program for Senior Class Play of 1938, a religious comedy, “The Devil Passes,” by Benn Levy.

-          Silk-screened? Program for “As the Earth Turns,” 1938 Y Banquets, Manchester College – Father and Daughter banquet.

-          Certificate from Alice Doner, Dean of Women, MC, 27 May 1937 – certifying that Miriam complete a 2 hour course in Camp Counselor’s Training at Manchester College.

-          Information regarding Intermediate Girls’ Camp – Summer 1938 – at Camp Mack. Gletha Mae Noffsinger is Dean of the Intermediate Girls’ Camp. – Schedule fo Intermediate Girls’ Camp.

-          Newsletter for camp experience and names and addresses of campers.

-          Newsletter “Wawbee Waves” 29 July 1938, Vol. X. No. VIII.

-          Western Union Mother’s Day Greeting.  Telegram of appreciation from Miriam to her mother.

-          Cartoon “Me learning to skate.” (rollerskate)

-          YWCA material. YWCA…in a circle of fellowship.  “The Y.W.C.A.Summer Conference, College Camp, Wisconsin.”

-          Materials from YWCA camp.


Plaid Cover Scrapbook – labeled with a sticky note from Miriam – 1936-1937 College

Pictures, mementos, and letters about Miriam’s church, 4-H, camp, and Manchester College.  Items include but are not limited to:

-          RH – Room Improvement Club, 1st Year - Miriam’s Note: This is 2nd Scrap-book Miriam made for 1936 project.  The first one was ready for the ( ) when our house burned Monday night August 10, 1936.

-          Photograph of Christine Logan – close friend.

-          Description of First Year 4-H Room Improvement Project (For Girls 15 to 21 Years of Age).

-          Blue Ribbon – First Premium Elkhart County Fair, Goshen Indiana, 1936.

-          4-H diary of the development of Miriam’s project and her experience in 4-H.  This includes the burning of her family’s home and the rebuilding process. Included is “A Country Girl’s Creed.”

-          New Paris Class of 1935 Commencement booklet.

-          Fall Term Enrollment Procedure for Manchester College on page with college songs.

-          Halloween napkin, card and decoration.

-          Menu and program for All-School Banquet, 30 October 1936.

-          Mother and Daughter’s Banquet 24 March 1939 program and menu.

-          Landon/Knox button.  I Want Roosevelt Again button.

-          Armistice Day Program, 1936.

-          Christmas memorabilia.

-          Pink favor from Doris Child’s birthday in January. 

-          An article, “One Happy Home,” by Mrs. A. C. Wieand, describing the Charles and Nettie Weybright family, Miriam and George’s parents.

-          Program, The Senior Class presents He and She ,a domestic drama in three acts, by Rachel Crothers, 1937. Note in program – He and She represents the drama of married life dealing with the general question of woman’s rights and responsibilities.

-          Program – The Passion of Our Lord According to Saint Mark, given by The Madrigal Club of Manchester College.

-          Program – Mrs. Wampler present The Play Production Class in “The Devil Passes,” 1937.

-          Other programs, musical in nature.

-          Letters, newspaper articles, and cards.  Train ticket on the Big Four Route.

-          4-H Club Leadership or Achievement Report, 1936.

-          Articles on the State Fair Queen, Glenna Blosser (MC alumna).

-          Miriam’s certificate of promotion to High School.

Materials donated by Miriam Weybright Cable

Box Number 2

Pins-  Buttons - Badges

Church of the Brethren Related – Auxiliary of Bethany Hospital Honorary Member – Miriam Cable - 6-18-83 badge.

Manchester College pins – “M” with a swirl – Manchester DAD College.

Rotary International

-          Rotary? – Thank-you Volunteers – You Make The Difference – button.

-          Rotary? - YOU Make a Difference – button.

-          Rotary International – Past District Governor – ribbon.

-          Metal pin – Rotary related?

-          Two enameled pins, probably Rotary related?


Cable Folder 7:

Certificate of membership -  the Alumni Association of Manchester College.

Miriam Rebecca Weybright (Cable) Manchester College diploma – Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education – 1939.


Cable Folder  8:

Photograph and identification card for 1936 May Day in College Woods: English theme –

·         Ruth Hoover, Queen

·         Jean Stouffer, Helen Gray, Ferne Sollenberger, Doris Davis, Helen Lacky, Bettie Kinsley, Beth Flora.


Cable Folder 9 and 10:

Snapshots of 8 November 1986 Manchester College Presidential Inaugural Procession.  Trustee, William Cable is coming closer! ….. Beside him is Robert Beery, Chairman Emeritus.  Dick Bigler, Goshen, in front of W. H. Cable.

11 October 1986 Manchester College President’s Inauguration Processional: William Cable, Vance Yoder, Warren Groff.

Photograph of Miriam Cable and William Cable (Trustee).


Folder 11:

Certificates of Appreciation to William Cable –

·         5 years of service to MC Board of Trustees, 1990.

·         2 years of service to MC Board of Trustees, 1993.


Aurora yearbooks - 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939 with autographs and Miriam’s descriptions of people.



“That They Might Have Life – A History of the Brethren Health and Welfare Association,” by Rosenberger, with notes by Miriam Cable, who remembers the long hours of work and many trips and financial contributions made by William Cable.  Miriam’s sense of humor and seriousness can be found on the title page.

 “The Story of Camp Mack,” by L. W. Shultz with hand-written commentary by Miriam.  Postcard of Skookum-Killikum and Wabee-Ta-Quee  ( L. W. Shultz and his wife) at Camp Mack.

“Bethany Theological Seminary, A Centennial History,” by William Kostlevy, autographed by Kostlevy with reference to William Cable on pgs. 165, 166.


Books Located in the Brethren People File Under Subject’s Name:

“Splendor in the Dust,” by Lois Shull – Church of the Brethren Person.  Autographed by Lois Shull.

“My Own Sugar Loaf,” autobiography by John C. Eller – Church of the Brethren Person. Autographed by John Eller.

“Carved on the Wind, Selected Poems,” by Elizabeth Miler Lane, 2003.  Alumna of MC Class of 1935.  Church of the Brethren Person.


Alumni Materials with extensive notes, dates of death, pieces of information. Some family lineages of families who have sent multiple members to Manchester College.


Cassette Tapes:

Frances Smith Thomas memorial service with Coretta Scott King – now located with other copies in the media cabinet, IIS.

Manchester Symphony Orchestra – Centennial Celebration.

Manchester College – Opening Convocation 1986.

6 February 1982 Organ Recital – Dr. Gary Deavel  - Dedication of Cordier Auditorium Organ,  Manchester Symphony Orchestra and Deavel.

6 February 1982 dedication of the MC organ by Dr. Gary Deavel.

21 May 2000 Dr. Andrew Young’s Commencement Address.

12 November 1996 John Wagoner – Repeat of devotional given at MC – Class of 1939 – 55 year class reunion.

14 April 1985 – Floyd Slotterback, Conductor of the A Cappella Choir in a concert at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, Ft. Wayne, IN and accompanying program page.


Segment 3 - added to Box #2 on 21 October 2014 by Jeanine M. Wine:

- Philalethea (academic society) pin from 1939.

- Class of 1939 graduation photograph on steps of the Administration Building.

- Photograph of Camp Mack intermediate girls leaders of 1937.

- Manchester College transcript.

- Teaching licenses, receipts and affidavits including "Common Schools of the State of Washington - War Emergency Certificate," entitling Cable to teach Nursery School in the Tacoma schools of the State of Washington, 1 July1943 to 30 June 1944.


Added 23 December 2016 by Jeanine Wine: Miriam Cable's reflections on Bill's life and memorial service program that came to the archives by way of the Alumni Office.  The following description these materials was added 23 February 2018 by Jeanine Wine:

Program for the "Memorial Worship and Celebration for William H. Cable: A Life of Christian Service." (Bill Cable, William Cable).

William Cable's "Volunteer Experiences" shared with the Regional Rotary Foundation seminary, 6 October 1994.

Newsletter, "William and Miriam Cable Planning to Return to India, 3rd Trip 9 Jan - 28 March 1995.

Family Newsletter, 12 June 1995 written by Bill and Miriam Cable describing their involvements and Bill's fight with cancer.

"Miriam's Tribute In Appreciation Of William Howard Cable,  Husband - Father."

"Story of William and Miriam Cable's 50th Wedding Anniversary, June 21, 1992, at Wedding Site, Camp Alexander Mack, Milford, IN."

Family newsletter of Bill and Miriam Cable celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary 21 June 1992.

30 September 1995 Cable newsletter - report of Bill's health status.

18 October 1995 newsletter from Miriam Cable announcing, "The Final Message!!" - the death of Bill Cable.




Date of Accession14 November 2013
Bio History Note

Miriam's husband, William H. Cable, served on the Manchester College Board of Trustees.  Miriam Weybright Cable is an alumna of Manchester College, Class of 1939.

From "The First Cordier Auditorium Organ Dedication Recital," 6 February 1982 program booklet: The Austin ORgan Company was commissioned in 1981 to build the Cordier organ following a succesful fund drive among Manchester Alumni and firends.  Impetus for the financial campaign came from a very generous dollar-for-dollar challenge grant from William and Miriam Cable of Syracuse, Indiana.  Major contributions to the matching fund were made by Richard and Marjorie Bigler, of Goshen, indiana; Emmert and Jane Studebaker, of Tipp City, Ohio; and an anonymous donor. - Great appreciation is expressed for the scores of donors who helped meet the Cable challenge."

Archivist Note

This collection came to the Archives in groups.   Two boxes were assigned a Receipt of Objects number by Jeanine Wine in September of 2012; ROSeptember2012/16 and ROSeptember2012/27. Another box was received by Jeanine Wine on 29 September 2013.  The third segment was delivered to Funderburg Library by Edwin Cable in October 2014. 

Materials on Bill Cable were located by Jeanine Wine with items from a box from Alumni Relations.

Description prepared by Student Archivist, Kelley Brenneman, and Archivist, Jeanine Wine.


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