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Accession #MU2013/152, 1-34 - Formerly ROOctober2012/31
TopicAdvancement: VHS Tape and Other Assortment
KeywordsAlumni, Inauguration, Convocation,
TitleAdvancement: VHS Tape and Materials
LocationIS, Unit #9, In Box Labeled with Accession Number. 1 MP4 file of Heifer Project Luncheon located on Archives' Network [W:] in file identified as [MU2013_73 through MU2013_200]. The locations of other MP4 digital files are found in Scope and Content notes following their description.
CitationAdvancement: VHS Tape and Materials, MU2013/152, 1-34 - Formerly ROOctober2012/31, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceAdvancement - Rita Schroll
Scope and Content

VHS tapes and cassette tapes including but not limited to:

#1a, b - Manchester College Centennial - 1889 - 1989. - See the Biographical/Historical Note. MP4 digital file located on Archives Network [W:] in folder titled [Anniversaries]. Video by Professor James R. C. Adams.

#1c, d - Manchester College Centennial – 1899 – 1989 – (shorter version)

MC Centennial Celebration - A production narrated by Professor James R. C. Adams documenting the Manchester College Centennial Celebration.  Included are President Robinson, President Emeritus A. Blair Helman, and opening speaker, William Sloan Coffin with the message, “Faith for Our Future.  Among featured events are:

The (Jack) John Baldwin 1989 art retrospective exhibit [artist of Winged Scroll located in Funderburg Library].

Presidential Ball.

Production of “Fiddler on the Roof.”

March 12 – Return of the May Queens and Maids of Honor.

Martha Miller was behind a fashion show featuring styles on campus throughout the years.

International Fashon Show.

Theater production about Thomas Marshall, with David Grandstaff as Thomas Marshall. David Rogers was also featured.

Kite and kiting skills of Doug Blackwell.

Graduation day 21 May 1989 – Baccalaureate and Commencement services.

Address delivered by Dr. John F. Young, Associate Superintenent of Fort Wayne Schools, and father of future president, Jo Young Switzer.

See more in the Biographical/Historical Note.

MP4 digital file located on Archives Network [W:] in folder titled [Anniversaries].

#2 - Convocation #440B - Inauguration ceremonies of President Parker Marden, 22 October 1994, featuring international students in costume carrying international flags.  Ed Butterbaugh and A. Blair Helman. MP4 digital file located on Archives Network [W:] in folder titled [Inaugurations and Tributes]


#3 - Seminar on world hunger in Cordier lobby [2:00 P.M.] presented by Professor (Bill) William Eberly in association with focus on Heifer Project International.  Bill Eberly, 30 May 1995. Digital copy created Oct. 2017 and placed on Archives' Network [:X].


#4 - Heifer Project International luncheon, 20 May 1995.

Jo Young Switzer reflects on growing up with Heifer Project, raising cattle to be sent overseas, and the personalities of Dan and Lucy West and their children (noted is Jan, daughter - in attendance at the luncheon). Individuals make presentations:

  • a. Thurl Metzger - MC alumnus.
  • b. Benton Rhoades - MC alumnus.
  • c. Bob Zeigler - MC alumnus.
  • d. Claire Stein - MC alumnus.

Seagoing cowboys are also at the function.

 - See the Biographical/Historical Note.

Note: This VHS tape was digitized and the resulting MP4 file is located on Archives Network [W:] in folder identified as

[MU2013_73 through MU2013_200].

#5 - Baccalaureate and Commencement, 1995. Parker Marden is president and Deanna Brown is campus pastor.


#6 - Bob Kerry , former soldier, senator and presidential contender, is interviewed by Tom Anderson in, Memory of a Massacre (1969) Kerry recounts a tragic civilian attack.  Two others - another soldier in Kerry's team, and a one Vietnames survivor - share their memories. This was a television broadcast and is intended for educational purposes only - not for reproduction.


#7 - A tape in rather bad playing condition with a variety of clippings, including Ken Brown in his office - a bird with a nest in a hanging planter. Ferne Baldwin. Cat. Students.


#8 - Peter Coomis, CSO, student studying, Career Services. - not of high enough visual or informational quality to keep within collection - withdrawn by J. Wine October 2017.


#9 - 30 second TV spots advertising Manchester College, " Brilliant, Not Stuffy" and " It All Adds Up." Some individuals seen are Jill Lichtsinn (library), Leonard Williams (professor), Tim McElwee. MP4 digital copy located on Archives Network [X:] in folder titled [Advancement_Marketing].


#10a,b  - "Beckner Tapes" - reflecting alumni events and experiences for the class of 1941. This might have been a 50 year class reunion.  - See the Biographical/Historical Note.

#10a - Members of the class give brief reports about their careers. MP4 digital file located on Archives Network [W:] in folder identified as [Alumni Events].

#10b - Memories of student days at Manchester College - See the Biographical/Historical Note. MP4 digital file located on Archives Network [X:] in folder identified as [Alumni Events].


#11 - The Next Step - A guide that will take us on a journey towared the next century - kickoff - David Heist, MC Class of 1973 and Chair of the Board of Trustees. - See the Biographical/Historical Note. MP4 located on Archives Network [X:] in folder titled {Advancement].


#12a,b,c - Step Up To The Future. #12a - original.  #12b,c - copies. See biographical/historical note for individuals and topics. Produced by David Sollenberger (MC 1975) for the Manchester College Centennial Campaign, and dated 1987.  Digital MP4 file located on Archives Network [X:] in folder titled [Advancement].  Some individuals filmed are: Professor Ed Miller (chemistry), A Cappella Choir, Petersime Chapel, Brenda Mack, Jose Cruz Madrigal, Kathy Kruetzman, Professor Ken Brown, alumni class of 1937, Welcome Weaver, Blaine Mikesell, Professor Jim Streator (Chemistry table), Rosalie McBride, Pre-Med program, Andrea Weed, Accounting program with Art Gilbert, Tom Hartman, Sheila Auld, Dan Daggett, WBKE Radio Station, President William Robinson, Faith, Learning, and Service (Mission Statement), Church of the Brethren ties, multicultural students, international students, BCA (Brethren Colleges Abroad), Allen Deeter, Jing Wei-Hua (student from China), Ikenberry Hall, Kris Stoneburner, Jenny Williams, May Day festivities, King and Queen, tricyle races, bike race, theater, Dr. Patricia Cahalan, volleyball, football, Robert Cornell (Football Coach), baseball, David Good (Soccer Coach), track and field, pole vaulting, PERC, Greg Miller (staff/financial aid), Matt Blank, endowment fund, Gary Zimmerman (Psychology/striped shirt on grass/outside class), Brad Williams, graduation in the PERC. 


#13 - Spring One-Acts, 16 March 1997 presenting:

The Daughters of Edward D. Boit.

The Swimmer


Improv - Controlled Catastrophe

Note - some brief sound problems not related to VHS tape.

MP4 digital file located on Archives Network [X:] in folder titled [Theater].


#14 - Brethren Colleges - Educating for Service - See the Biographical/Historical Note. MP4 digital copy located on Archives Network [X:] in folder titled [Church of the Brethren and MU Relations].


#15 - David Grandstaff, trustee, hosts an Accounting Seminar with Larry Ladd – Mike and Sandy Jarvis - Link – Ken Metzger – dealing with capitalism, accountants, financial planners, etc. Digitized 2017 by MU Dpt. of Instructional Technologies.


#16 – Auburn Golf Outing Video in honor of Tillson and Dortha King [Till and Dortha] who ran and provided organization for the golf tournament for many years.  The King Club was established in 1997 in honor of Till and Dortha, with eligible members contributing a minimum of $3,500.00.  Also seen is Ken Metzger, Committee Chairman and Tom Jarman, Athletic Department. - See the Biographical/Historical Note. MP4 digital file is located on Archives Network [W:] in folder titled [Advancement].


#17 - Slides - 18 April 1998 Campaign kick-off. Graphics and words for slide presentation.


#18a.  Austina Reed, student, served as Master of Ceremonies at this 18 April 1998 event in which ,,, We are to embark on an ambitious journey...  Cassette tapes including "The Next Step!" 18 April 1998.

#18b is a copy of 18a. Cassette tapes #18a,b discarded following digitization Nov. 2017. Digitized copy now located on archives network [W:] in folder titled "Advancement."

#18c - Austina Reed presents herself as a second generation student at Manchester College.  Austina's father attended before her.  David Haist is presented as the President of the Board of Trustees. Highlighted are programs for students operated by students.  Such student  endeavors are; Student Leadership, the Newspaper, WBKE Radio Station, Student Senate, Resident Hall Association, Science Students (with Science as a verb), the Improv Team, Acting Out that connects with students about important issues.  Cassette tape discarded following digitization Nov. 2017. Digitized copy now located on archives network [W:] in folder titled "Advancement".


#19 - Honors Convocation, 11 May 1998. Probably President Marden begins the convocation.  97 students participated in honors programs. Digitized Nov 2017 and located on Archives Digital Network [X:].


#20 - Cassette tape - Manchester College - Challenges in Medicine, Healthcare from a Physicians Point of View - 18 April 1997. See also video of this event MC2013/152 #28. MP4 digital file located on Archives Network [X:] in folder titled [Alumni]. Cassette tape digitized 2017 and digital copy with MP4 file. Cassette tape discarded.


#21 - Gene Likens interview 16 May 2002 in which he explains the discovery of acid rain and his scientific goals.Digitized Oct. 2017 and digital copy on Archives' Network X in folder titled [Alumni].


#22 - Dean Johnson, Class of 1996, and a founder of the United Sexualities group on campus, introduces Dr. White.  White proclaims, "I am gay, I am proud, and God loves me." Dr. Mel White, "Author - Stranger at the Gate." Digitized copy on Archives Network  X [Audio _Convocation] folder.


#23- Entrepenuerial Symposium - with Wendy Gratz Borman and Mark McCullum? - connecting entrepeneurial MC alumni. Digital copy created Oct. 2017 and placed on Archives' Network [:X].


#24 - Manchester College Home-Town Tour, 2000. - See the Biographical/Historical Note. MP4 digital copy located on Archives Network [W:] in folder titled [Advancement].


#25 - VHS - Sara Engerman - 1997 Miss American Pageant - MC sophomore. For educational purposes only.


#26 - Dr. Oscar Arias - Celebrating 50 Years of Peace Studies, 2 October 1998. President Parker Marden introduces the primary speaker,  Dr. Oscar Arias, former president of Costa Rica and Nobel Laureate, who works to effect peace in Central America.  Arias is able to come to MC through the Sam and Marla Ropchan Endowment. MP4 file located on Archives Network [W:] in folder identified as [Audio and Video Recordings Special Speakers and Interviews].


#27 - Convocation #551 - 50th Anniversay of Peace Studies Weekend, 5 October 1998 - Introduced by President Dr. Parker Marden. Over the weekend the college had celebrated the 50th anniversary of it's Peace Studies Program (founded in 1948 and the first of its kind). Dr. Arias, former president of Costa Rica and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize - had spoken on campus (see MU2013/152 #26). Dustin Brown gives a presentation on Andrew Cordier, and Heidi Beck speaks on Gladdys Muir. Bob Johanson, Class of 1962 also gives a talk. The portrait of Andrew Cordier by Noel Knight (artist), and sponsored by the Byer Fund, is unveiled.  MP4 file located on Archives Network [W:] in folder identified as [Convocation Video].

#28 – Healthcare from a Physician’s Point of View – panel from Presidents’ Circle, 18 April 1997.   Manchester College Presidents, 18 April 1997. Manchester alumni are Jeannine Petrey, MD(MC Class of 1975), Dan Shull, Physician (MC Class of 1971), Harriet Hamer,Physician (Class of 1980), Phil Wright, Physician (MC Class of 1978),  Jane Haney (Class of 1969) and Wilbur McFadden, Physician (Class of 1953). MP4 file located on Archives Network [W:] in file titled Alumni].


#29a - Cassette tape - 1982, 1983, 1984 Annual Conference/National Youth Conference presentation on "Brethren Colleges."

#29b - Cassette tape - Annual Conference display, 1984.

Digitized November 2017 and digital file placed on Archives network [X:]


#30 - Pamphlets and Brochures

Pamphlets related to the Church of the Brethren written by MC facult, alumni, and others:

  • Annointing for Healing, Warren D. Bowman.
  • The Meaning of Baptism, William M. Beahm (alumnus, MC Class of 1920).
  • The Brethren Love Feast, William Beahm (alumnus, MC Class of 1920).
  • Simple Living: A New Necessity, T Wayne Rieman (MC Professor).
  • Reaching Toward the Promise, Warren F. Groff.
  • You've Got A Lot To Give, Robert Neff, 1979 honorary degree recipient.


Associate of Arts Degree in Church Ministry, Ministry Training Institute [mti] - A Cooperative Training Program of Manchester College, Bethany Theological Seminary-Academy, Northern Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren, and South/Central Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren.

Training in Ministry, A Venture in Ministry Education - sponsored by The Church of the Brethren with the cooperation of Manchester College.


#31 - Laminated poster - "Little Known OCA Facts." [Little Known Office of College Advancement Facts] - undated  - with information such as:

  • $1,822,000 is the Manchester Fund goal for 2003-04.
  • 1996 "The Next Step" was announced.
  • $11,164,273 received from The Lilly Endowment prior to the challenges.
  • 4,806 donor last fiscal year.
  • 6 people in our office have the middle initial "L."
  • 2 bat sightings each year in the basement.
  • The vending machines average 7 visits per hour.

#32a,b,c - Alumni Video 1997 -  Manchester College - Deep traditions and fresh changes - produced Spring 1997 and featuring either in word or in picture: The A Cappella Choir, The Entertainers, Habitat for Humanity, the PERC, Helman Hall and Oakwood Hall,  Jenna Oke (graduate), Deanna Brown (campus pastor), professor Benson Onyeji, and many more. MP4 digital file located on Archives Network [W:] in folder titled [Alumni}.

#33 - Tim Ogden hosts 2 October 1998 Intellectual Capital Seminar - the power of an organization to generate more income based on new ideas. The name of the primary speaker is unclear. Digital copy created October 2017. Copy located on Archives' Network [:X].

Date of Accession18 December 2013
Bio History Note

Inauguration of Parker Marden includes international students in costume, flags and Ed Butterbaugh.  Also, A. Blair Helman.

#1 - More information - According to the Manchester College Centennial video the first Maypole Dance at Manchester College occurred in 1920.  The figurehead of May Queen was eventually eliminated but was revived in 1987 with the addition of a May King. The oldest May Queen attending the March 12th event, Return of the May Queens, was the 1922 Queen, Blanche Driver Chambers. Also included in the video is Lillian Miller Long (Class of 1976) delivering an organ recital in Cordier Auditorium.  The movie states that Freshman initiations was abolished in 1939 and was replaced by Camp Mack Day.  The movie shows games at Camp Mack.  Also it features the return of alumnni to campus during Homecoming of 1989 and individuals such as Bud Tully and Dwight Beery are photographed.  Steve Batzka presents a faculty art show.  Terrell Bell was given an honorary degree from President Robinson (Bell was the former Secretary of Education during the Reagan Administration who concentrated on excellence in education).  The musical performance of "Green Morning" composed by Professor Gary Deavel was presented, the libretto part sung by Deavel's daughter, Christine. April 20 featured a day long science symposium with the scientific alumni: Plunkett, Oxender, Roger Dilling, David Miller, Ringheisen? (Ringegisen?), Gene Likens.  Koinonia was dedicated by Bill Eberly and President Robinson.  Recognition was given to Barb Earhart. 

It was reported that each division held a symposium over the year.  Professors and alumni included are; Steve Naragon, Paul Keller, John Whistler, Sandra Dolby Stahl?, Catherine Metzger (alumna and paintings conservator), Steven Harrah.  Footage from the Centennial Auction showed interested individuals, faculty and staff, and the purchase of a quilt by President Robinson.

#4 -  Speakers:

Thurl Metzger - MC Class of 1938 and recipient of Honorary Doctorate - D.Hum., 1972.

Benton Rhoades - MC Class of 1942 and recipient of Honorary Doctorate - D.D., 1985.

Robert Zigler, MC Class of 1942, and reciptient of Honorary Doctorate - LL.D., 1959. (sometimes spelled Ziegler)

Claire Stein - MC Class of 1952 - "Spent barnyard time with Faith the Cow." Faith was the first cow raised for Heifer Project.

#10a - Brief synapsis of careers - In the tape, Vernon Stinebaugh says that he graduated from Manchester College in 1939 and then studied violin in Chicago as a recipient of a scholarship.  He came back to MC to teach and hold a part-time pastoral position at the Wouth Whitley Church of the Brethren.  However, the alumni directory lists him with the class of 1941, and indeed, he does speak to this class gathering. Other speakers include but are definitely not limited to - Bob Gingrich and Bob Hollar.

#10b - Memories of student days at Manchester College.

One speaker tells of his milk routes that could conflict with 7:30 A.M. class - or - could get him out of a boring chapel service. Also, how Dr. Holl's decision to recommend him to medical school changed his life.

Helen Berkey shares the perspective of the two year normal student (teacher education). She tells how President Winger wanted the students to take a train ride to Camp Mack in order for them to have the experience of being on a train.  "Manchester Colleged helped us to face life."

Betty Schindler gave a three minute reflection on life in Oakwood Hall.  "At 10:00 P.M. this place started to jump!"  She talks of Annabel Rupel's "feed" that was held in Annabel's room with cantelope, watermellon, and GIRLS!

Dean (Clearakoff? - Klearkoff?] shares about experiences in "Blokewook" (Ikenberry Hall). He tells about frying chicken in the dorm and card playing, with Dean Holl outside the door. 

There is a story of a "professor in a basket instead of a date." - dropping that professor to the ground.

John Porter tells Professor Dotterer stories, including greasing a pipe with butter - the pipe Dotterer rested his left hand on when writing with his right hand upon the blackboard.


#11 - The Next Step - Strengths and challenges of Manchester College.  The 1996 strategic plan - a roadmap for the future - goals.  Bill Harper, Wendy Gratz Borman, mention of Ed Butterbaugh. MC's mission is grounded in the hurch of the Brethren with Brethren values.


#12 - Step Up to The Future - Fundraising campaign.  President William Robinson speaks on Manchester's unique mission that focues on faith and learning and service. Students faculty/staff are interviewed.  Included are, Al WIlliams (biology), Ed Miller (Chemistry and health care project within the Dominican Republic - January Term), A Cappella Choir, Chapel, Branda Mack, Jose Cruz Madrigal, Kathy Kruetzman, Ken Brown, Welcome Weaver (Class of 1937), Blane Mikesell (Class of 1937), Angie Horn, Beth Montel, Wangdi Sherpa?, Art Gilbert, Brad Williams, davide Good (soccer), Jim Adams (art), Robert Cornell (football), Patricia Calahan (faculty), Jenny Williams, Rosalie McBride, Andrea Weed, Bill Eberly (faculty), Greg Miller, Tom HartmN, Sheila Auld, Dan Daggett, Kris Stoneburner, Al Deeter with Jing Wei Hua (movie states she is the first Chinese student, but the 1st Chinese student was Gwong Moy in 1920 - who was also the first international student).  MC programs featured are Theater, Athletics (internural and intercollegiates), WBKE Radio, Pre-Medicine, Accounting, Brethren Colleges Abroad (BCA), Multicultural, and International. Graduation Scenes.


#14 - Brethren Colleges - Educating for Service  - circa 1992 -  Focus on the six Brethren affiliated schools [Juniata, Elizabethtown, Bridgewater, Manchester, Mcpherson, University of LaVerne] - and interviews with presidents/faculty/staff/alumni/current students, including:

Paul Hoffman {former employee Manchester College and now Presisdent of McPherson], Melanie May (MC grad), BIll Eberly (MC), Shawn Kirchner (MC), Andy Murray (Juniata), Gary ZImmerman (MC), Ken Brown (MC), Ken Rieman (MC), William Robinson (President, MC), Al Deeter with Chinese student (MC), Roy Plunkett -MC alumnus and scientist - discoverer of Teflon.

#16 - The Auburn Golf Outing began in July 1990 intending involvement of alumni from Northeast Indiana.  This organization provided the largest contribution to the College athletic department. 

#24 - Manchester College Home-Town Tour, 2000 - Video of the 76th  presentation of the National Hometown Tour - MC President Parker Marden speaks.  At the completion of the tour, a message will have been presented to 1,400 persons in 21 states and 27,000 miles will have been traveled.  The mission - to talk about MC to as many people as possible and to reposition the college.  A Power Point presentation is given to alumni that shows YOUR college as a very strong academic institution.

Archivist Note

Objects received 29 June 2012.  Intake by Jeanine Wine 3 October 2012.

VHS tape digitized and digital file placed on Archives’ Network [X:] by MU Department of Information Technology Services, January, February and March of 2014.  Description prepared 7 March 2014 by Jeanine M. Wine. 

Digitization November 2017 by Manchester University's Department of Instructional Technologies.  Cassette tapes discarded after digitization. J. Wine 7 November 2017.

Description prepared 18 December 2013 by Jeanine M. Wine and updated 7 March, 12 March and 26 March 2014 by Jeanine M. Wine.


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