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Accession #MU2012/117 File Folders #51, #52, #53, #54, #55, #56, #57, #58, #59, #60, #61, #62
TopicScholarships: Names and Location
TitleScholarships and Recipients - Manchester Students in the News
LocationSmall Box 28, IIS, West Wall, File Folders numbered.
CitationScholarships and Recipients - Manchester Students in the News, MU2012/117 File Folders #51, #52, #53, #54, #55, #56, #57, #58, #59, #60, #61, #62, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceCollection of the Archives
Scope and Content

Information about scholarships awarded by Manchester College, memorial scholarships, and scholarships awarded by other organizations.

Rufle Scholarship

(File #51)

A.    Rufle Memorial Scholarship

B.     Established by Anna Rufle in memory of her parents, Ademar and Jane Packer Rufle

C.     Recipients:

a.     Article one: Ruth Greer (June 1969)

                                                              i.      Article also mentions the following

1.     Robert Burcroff: recipient of Miller-Zinsmeister Memorial Scholarship

b.     Article two: Connie Conrad (June 1968)

Scholarship-Student Fellowship Awards Resource Guide

(File #52)

A.    Resource guide for Student Fellowship Awards

B.     1999-2000

String Music Scholarship

(File #53)

A.    Given by North Manchester Civic Symphony Society

B.     Recipients:

a.     Article one: Kathryn Hendershot, Beth Jones, Philip Christman, & Nancy Rowe (July 1981)

C.     Article two is about the availability of the scholarship in 1982 (December 1982)

D.    Article three is the founding of the scholarship (November 1980)

Summer Service Scholarship

(File #54)

A.    About a student who spent the summer at Eel River Church of the Brethren

B.     Church is having carry-in to say farewell

C.     Recipient:

a.     Matt Smucker (August 1989)

D.    Ministry Summer Service?

Tackitt Memorial

(File #55)

A.    Fred L. Tackitt Memorial Scholarship

B.     Given to student majoring in drama

C.     Recipients:

a.     Article one: David Deardorff (June 1967)

                                                              i.      First time for scholarship

b.     Article two: Donna Meek (June 1968)

T. Quentin Evans Scholarship

(File #56)

A.    Given to minority students majoring in sociology or social work

B.     Established following the retirement of Dr. Evans, a professor in sociology at Manchester

C.     Information on how to apply

Tri Kappa

(File #57)

A.    Awarded by Gamma Upsilon Chapter of the Tri Kappa

B.     Non MC Scholarship

C.     Recipient:

a.     Tracee Preston (May 1991)

Truman Scholarship-Runner Up

(File #58)

A.    Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation Award

B.     Article one about Runner Up-Kirk Merritt an MC student, and his paper for the scholarship

a.     July 1984

C.     Article two about Merritt just being the Indiana Alternate for the scholarship

a.     May 1984

D.    Article three about Merritt being the Indiana Alternate for the scholarship

Simon S., Nettie B., Lulu R. Young Memorial Scholarship

(File #59)

A.    Established by Lula Rae Young through her will

B.     Recipient:

a.     Sherry K. Burkholder (1982-1983)

Unspecified Manchester Scholarships

(File #60)

A.    Article one

a.     Recipient: Angela S. Williams

b.     Based on academic record, character & leadership skills

c.      January 1993

B.     Article two

a.     Recipients: Tricia Markley, Jenna Oke, Willie Phillips, Jody Schwandner, & Rebecca Schmidt

b.     June 1995

C.     Article three

a.     Recipients: Erin White, Megan Goshert, Kelli Slack, & Matt Purdy

b.     Writing contest scholarship (Manchester Competition for High School Writers)

c.      July 2000

D.    Article four

a.     Recipients: Carol Lee Carter, Kay Ann Conrad, Jacqueline Sue Johnson, Sharlene Frances Kesler, Marie Snyder, Sharon Kay Walker, Jeannine Kay Swartz, Diana Sue Sponseller, Steve Brent Reents, Kathleen Sara Morphew, C. Mack Whitmore, Cheryl rose Richey, Kirk Hippensteel, Lana Lee Lawver, Cheryl Kay Bandelier, & Jerry G. Shoemaker 

b.     Freshman scholarships

c.      June 1963

E.     Article five

a.     Recipients: Helen Scott and Scott Mitting

b.     Manchester Competition for High School Writers

c.      April 1997

F.     Honors Scholarship

a.     Honors Scholarship

b.     Recipient: Lori Brubaker

c.      March 1988

d.     Moved to File 29

Manchester High School Awards for Manchester College

(File 61)

A.    Half of article cut off

B.     Lori Zimmerman (alumna) received pin for earning all “A’s” in the 3 grading periods

C.     May 1987

Miscellaneous Scholarships

(File #62)

A.    Note on North Manchester Jaycee Scholarship

a.     Recipient: Christy Stephan

b.     No date

B.     Carl H. & Olive Green Kley Memorial Scholarship

a.     Information on the scholarship

b.     No date

C.     Note on various scholarship

a.     Recipients:

                                                              i.      Shayne Haymond

1.     Dean’s Scholarship

                                                            ii.      Christiana Schmeltz

1.     Presidential Scholarship

2.     Honors Stipend

3.     Accounting Alumin Scholarship

                                                          iii.      Linda Cash

1.     Presidential Scholarship

b.     No date

D.    Note on various scholarship

a.     Recipients:

                                                              i.      Karen Davis

1.     Presidential Leadership Award

                                                            ii.      Clint Beck

1.     Service Scholarship

                                                          iii.      Mark Heiden

1.     Service Scholarship

                                                         iv.      Erin Groombridge

1.     Presidential Scholarship

2.     Accounting Alumni Scholarship

                                                           v.      Katie Lane

1.     Dean’s Scholarship

                                                         vi.      Matthew McNeeley

1.     Dean’s Scholarship

                                                       vii.      Dani Wion

1.     Dean’s Scholarship

b.     No date

E.     Scholarship Awarded by Alpha Beta Chapter

a.     Of Beta Sigma Phi sorority at Warsaw

b.     Non MC scholarship

c.      Recipient: Karen Freed

                                                              i.      June 1961

F.     Scholarship for Graduate Study

a.     Recipients:

                                                              i.      Tatiana Bertulsons

1.     Science Foundation Fellowship

                                                            ii.      Roger Dilling

1.     National Science Foundation Cooperative Fellowship in Physics

                                                          iii.      Nelson Zinsmeister

1.     Graduate Assistantship in Mathematics

b.     May 1961

G.    Robert E. Lee Scholarship

a.     Non MC scholarship

b.     Recipient: Chanse Young

                                                              i.      June 1994

H.    Stefan Kaufmann Memorial Music Scholarship

a.     Recipient: David Deardorff

b.     Article mentions others and scholarships they won

I.       National Scholarship Awards

a.     From National 4-H Congress

b.     Recipient: Mary Joyce Bombich

                                                              i.      December 1964

J.       Fellowship Awards

a.     Recipients: Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Beery

b.     Attend graduate school

c.      October 1966

K.     Foreign Study Scholarship

a.     Scholarship for foreign language teachers

b.     Recipient: Edith Tewich, alumna

                                                              i.      June 1966

L.      Rural Life Scholarship

a.     Given by Mr. & Mrs. Ira E. Weaver

b.     Recipients: Gerald Carpenter, Carl Rowe, Larry Slivers, Carol Skillen, & Joyce Whitacre

                                                              i.      November 1958

M.   Manchester College Scholarships

a.     Recipient: Janet Felix, Lois Kieffaber, Linda Kreider, Mary Sue Helstern, Janet Nye, Lawrence Rupley, & Kathleen Weldy

                                                              i.      May 1951

N.    Academic Excellence Scholarship

a.     Recipients: Brenda Brant, Jon Gochenauer, Patricia Goering, Michael Howard, Melanie May, Lillian Miller, Terri Ann Pellow, Janet Reed, Norman Waggy, Susan Walters, James Eikenberry, Dan Garver, Merry Good, James Hartman, Margaret Kursh, James Miller, Judy Noffsinger, Daniel Spencer, Donna Young, Richard Buck, Gregory Frolke, John Gilmore, Stephen Hollenberg, Martha Shonk, Gary Stauffer, Susan Swanson

                                                              i.      September 1973

b.     Also mentions winners of Simon S., Nettie B. & Lula Rae Young Memorial Scholarship

                                                              i.      Recipients: Richard Bender, Evan Berkey, Virginia Carnahan, Dan Drotar, Dan Follas, Steve George, Connie Hicks, Joy Hofacker, Steve Jennings, Rich Keeney, Mark Lichtenberger, Ed. Minnick, Debbie Plunkett, Dan Shedd, Ann Smith, Dennis Sollenberger, & John Wendel




Date of Accession12 December 2012
Bio History NoteSee posters related to scholarships in MC2009/71File MC2009/71-V: Various.
Archivist NoteFormer archivist, Ferne Baldwin, collected articles about Manchester students receiving various honors. This assortment of clippings was kept in the Archives. During the Fall of 2012 - Kelley Brenneman, student worker in the Archives, organized these clippings and developed lists of scholarships and students. Kelley's lists are organizational tools that document the information saved in Ferne's materials only and do not summarize ALL scholarships given or awards received during Fern's time of collection. Jeanine Wine utilized these lists when arranging the pages of accession 12 December 2012.

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