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Accession #MU2012/120
TopicPublic Relations: Photographs, Negatives and Visual Media,
TitlePublic Relations Images
LocationLarge Box marked MU2012/118, MU2012/119, MU2012/120, Unit #9, IS
CitationPublic Relations Images, MU2012/120, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenancePublic Relations Storage Area - Basement of Administration Building
Scope and Content

Photographs, negatives and other forms of visual media from Public Relations that came from the Administration Building during the office moves of 2012.

MU2012/120 Folder #1 - 1994 Homecomoing King and Queen, Keith Roberts and Jennifer Barcus.  Janet Rhoades (Class of 1968) Associate Professor of Sociology and Social Work. Edgar Butterbaugh (Class of 1949) Interim President.  Charles Boebel, Professor of English. 1994 gold outing. Student Alumni Service Awards.

MU2012/120 Folder #2 - 1994 - including but not limited to Jacques Calixte during his speech about Haiti. Churck Savage and Scott McAlpine pictures students on campus and in dorms (residence life), National Library Week Read-a-Thon, Heidi Rupley of Akron, Pennsylvania, Cindi Koppen, Andy Eberly, Brooke Stokley, Jo Young Switzer, Andy Ulrich, playing pool, David Hicks, Amy Schmitt, Mike Sabanski, Ryan Cassidy, Rebecca Simmons and Marcis Moller hug, fountain, Mary Lehman with children, Keith Allison, Mark Angelos and Stacey Greenwood, Tina Newcomer, high school campus visit day, admissions tour guides with Stacey Hendricks, Beth Burrell and Stacey Shively, Skip Rusch, Dr. Gary Paseika, Phil Whitmere, Patte Stockberger, Jennifer Barcus (Head Start Program), Renee Barnes and Jim Bishop, Emily Shepherd, Stephanie LaFollette and school child, Scotty Lewis, Gary Zimmerman and psychology class, Leonard Williams and Ryan Christiansen, Jan Rhoaden and Wes Radford, JoAnn Schall and Jacqueline Klein, Kathy Stutzman, Angela Rogers and Steve Naragon, Steve Foster, Penny Kelsey, Dustin Zufall and Tood Miller and Brian Kerbel, Dwight Beery, Ronda Shively and Heather Geiger, Josh Eikenberry, James Adams and eclipse, Jennifer Barcus and Head Start Program, Lani Roberts and student, Heather Geiger, Megan Mattern and eclipse, Rich Waggoner and Scott Price at Accounting Spring Banquet, Michelle Runions, Jennifer Terry and David Kreps, Kajun Reed in art class, David Kreps and Missy Crow, Richard Robinson, Julie Petry and Mary Ann Stefanotos and Molly Gilliland in Helman Hall dorm, Lani Roberts and Diane Kendall, Dr. Alan Holyoak and class out of doors, Emily Shepherd, Elaine Eikenberry and Stephen Batzka, Emily Shephard and Andrew Rich, Cordier sound crew, Jenni Martin and Richard Harshbarger, Gary Zimmerman and Psychology class, Amanda Walters and Richard Robison and Jodi Schwandner, Susan Maki and Brooke Stockley and Heidi Rupley, Sheila MillerJosh Eikenberry, Barb Ehrhard, Ken Smith, Rodney Bluitt and Audrey Todd and Raymond Reeves and WIllie Phillips, 1994 Spring Accounting Banquet with Jim Naus and Art Gilbert, Charles Boebel with honors students, Candace Lautt in language lab, Chrissy Miller, Andy Eberly, Keith Allison, Jo Young Switzer and student, Stacey Shively, Christa Schuneman and fountain, Jenny Double and Rowan Daggett, Lani Roberts and Diane Kendall, Dee Keller and Penny Yoder, Amy Schmidt, Phil Whitmere and Tricia Markley washing car, students at eclipse.

MU2012/120 Folder #3 - Mitch Semans (Class of 1995), 1994 Cordier Auditorium crew.

MU2012/120 Folder #4 - Raymond Reeves (Class of 1995). Photo taken in 1994.

MU2012/120 Folder #5 - Events circa 1994 including Christy Linsley and Reiji Yamanaka and Mitsuhiro Kurano.  Seemi Ghazi, convocation speaker, "love in Islam."

MU2012/120 Folder #6 - Hog Roast Weekend May 1994 as part of May Day festivities and other May Day shots.  KuJuan Reed , Brad Arbuckle and Jason Harlow, Mike Gresham and Keith Anderson (Airband Competition), Marc Calixte, Andy Streit, Kelly Green, Jeremy Rodman, Randy Huss, Scott Privce, Allen Heminger (Mud Volleyball and Mud Golf Ball Hunt), Stephanie Cassel and Churck Murphy, Carrie Schnick in robe with brush and mirror, (Bike Race) Billy Quesenberry, Tonya Moore, Stacey Willbur, Jonna Grable, Nicole Eastridge, Perry Sell, Brad Mick, Peter Loomis and many more photographs and people.

MU2012/120 Folder #7 - May Day - mud events - extra pictures and a couple other events circa mid to late 1990's. Students - clowns with children.

MU2012/120 Folder #8 - Graduation - Baccalaureate 1994.

MU2012/120 Folder #9 - Graduation 1994.

Date of Accession14 December 2012
Archivist Note

The amount of materials received into the Archives from various campus offices during the summer of 2012 was overwhelming. Most images had not been identified - and could not presently be identified - since many employees from the 1990's and early 2000's had previously moved on. Some images had been separated from other images taken at the same time - so companion sets might be located elsewhere in the Archives.

Description prepared 14 December 2012 by Jeanine M. Wine.


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