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Full listing > Accession MC2006/13: Schwalm's Confidential Files - Folders 21- 44
Accession #MC2006/13: Schwalm's Confidential Files - Folders 21- 44
TopicSchwalm, Vernon: Correspondence Folders 21-44,
TitlePresident Vernon Schwalm's Correspondence, Folders 21-44
LocationLarge Box area 176
CitationPresident Vernon Schwalm's Correspondence, Folders 21-44, MC2006/13: Schwalm's Confidential Files - Folders 21- 44, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessSome files are CONFIDENTIAL and are marked accordingly - Researchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceCollection of the Archives, from the President's Attic, see original accession page from 2006 [MC2006/13]
Scope and Content

The materials in these folders were identified, probably by Schwalm, as "confidential files." They contain personal, College, and Church of the Brethren related correspondence.


MC2006/13: Schwalm’s Confidential Files: 21-44


Folder Number 21:

Faw, Chalmer – Mallott recognition, 1962.

Hoff, Lloyd Moses, MC faculty – short biography by Schwalm.

Hoffman, Paul  - MC Dean of Students – 1969 letter regarding chapel address.

Jehnsen, Ernest – letter of condolence.

Jones, Gerald – 1945 letter in response to a sermon delivered by Schwalm. Social issues are raised.

Lear, J. W. – Church of the Brethren Board of Administration, Southern California and Arizona, 10 December 1957 – former professor at Bethany – talking about retirement and meaningful work.

Leckrone, Elmer – The Council of Boards of the Church of the Brethren of the State District of Michigan -  1948 - regarding high school students interested in Manchester College.

Lloyd and Mabel – personal letter from 27 February 1968.

Matthews, Roy – letter of condolence to Mrs. Matthews.  Was Roy a student or teacher at Manchester College?

Miller, Ed – 1966 – Rental of Schwalm house.

Ohmart, Mary and Grayston Roy – 1955 and 1956 – March of Progress – Grayston Memorial  - List of contributors to the Grayston Roy Ohmart Memorial Gift.


Folder Number 22 - Correspondence:

Peters, Raymond - 1948, 1969, 1970.

Petry, Ray – 1948.

Phillips, George – 1948.

Shechter, David – 1952 – regarding Hamer and Myers publication.

Holloway, Helen Eberly – 1971 – Thanks for stay in Schwalm home, her happy marriage to Rush Holloway, the blessing of having a child and her child’s (Jeanie’s) wonderful family.

Keim, Mrs. Arthur Keim and family – 1971 – condolences at death of Arthur C. Keim.

Keim, Howard – 1959 – Pastor at Church of the Brethren, Peru, Indiana.

Klotz, Lyle – 1953 – Regarding Annual Conference.

Minnick, Elma – 1940.

Strickler, Dale – 1952 – Anticipating work in North Manchester.

Thompson, Paul – 1970 – “Every day I think of you and wish I could carry a portion of your load of suffering..”  and - letter to Mrs. Paul Thompson  upon the death of her husband.

Wagner, Joseph C. – 1944 – Recommendation for replacement of L. D. Ikenberry.

Wieand, John B. – 1944 – from J. H. Mathis, Field Representative.

Whitehead, Galen – 1944 – Unexpected check for preaching – assistance with groceries.

Yoder, W. H. – 1946 – South Waterloo Iowa Church of the Brethren and community.


Folder Number 23 - Correspondence:

Domer, Maxine – 1967 - This letter is signed, “Maxine,” and is probably Maxine Doner, who was assisting Dean Cordier with a financial campaign in New York City. Mention of Andrew Cordier and retirement of Halladay, Reed, Dare and anticipated retirement of Eldon Burke. Another letter signed by Maxine[May 6] with mention of Dean Cordier.  “Columbia University has come to a grinding halt.” She also talks about the death of Dean Garver and about personally being a “McCarthy” fan.  Other correspondence.

Fisher, E. R. – 1942 – Trotwood, Ohio – Church of the Brethren Board of Christian Education.

Flory, Charles David – 1969.

Flory, Raymond L. – 1960 – McPherson College.

Frantz, Dean L. –  Pastor, Mount Morris Church of the Brethren – 1956.

Frantz, Edward – La Verne, California – 1951 and 1953 correspondence.

Frantz, Ira – 1969  - letter of friendship and history.

Heckman, Paul H. – Funeral – 7 April 1937 – by Schwalm – excerpt:–…We are confronted again today with one of life’s most baffling perplexities.  Here is a young man, -- and only son of a widowed mother, having scarcely yet fully reached the threshold of life’s activity, still in preparation for the work of the Gospel ministry, suddenly stricken and after a brief period of suffering, called to his eternal home.  The question that forms itself unbidden on every lip, is “Why did this happen?”  “Why must this be?”…

Kettering, Charles – 4 April 1956.

Helman, Cora Wise – Schwalm’s introduction to Cora’s book on Brother Ulrey and the Church at Onekama. Description of the death of Brother Ulrey. Correspondence surrounding the book.

Hogan, Herbert – 1956 – historian.

Keeney, Esther Shively – Teacher at Manchester College and friend to the Schwalms. Correspondence. Death announcement [1971].  “Shively” book – (copy in the Archives genealogical section). Letter to Benjamin Keeney with memories of Esther upon the death of his mother.

Shively, T. A. – is this letter addressed to Tom and Esther Shively?  Is Tom the husband of Ester Shively?

Shively, A. W. – Dean of Mt. Morris College – 1947 letter of recommendation written by O. W. Neher to Schwalm.

Kintner  Family - Historical pieces of information – Correspondence between Schwalm and the Kintner family regarding Professor Edward Kintner.

Moyne, Landis – Executive Secretary of the Southern Ohio Church of the Brethren.  Personal and professional  correspondence.

Leaman, Bertha [MC Alumna] – Indiana State College, Indiana Pennsylvania  - 1963 – personal letter with mention of Ralph Cordier [MC Alumnus].

Long, Inez – Mrs. Inez Long - Lancaster Pennsylvania – Church of the Brethren author and friend of the Schwalm’s.

Long, Newton – Best wishes on the Schwalm’s wedding anniversary with news of newton’s family. Other correspondence with mention of the work of the General Brotherhood Board of the Church of the Brethren (1957).

McFadden Family Correspondence – Wilbur McFadden (including birth of Timothy Charles McFadden, 1962) - Bob McFadden, including letter from the Brethren Service House in Kassel Germany, 1953 - Glenn McFadden. Very family oriented, church oriented letters filled with ideas and news.

Morse, Kenneth – Editor, “The Messenger,” Church of the Brethren – correspondence.

Morris, Charles S. – 1941 – regarding Religious Emphasis Week at Manchester College.

Mow – Anna Mow and Baxter Mow –letter from Jobie Riley, President of the Bethany Biblical Seminary Student Council regarding the retirement of Anna Mow and a collection of letters to be presented to Mrs. Mow [1958]. Letter by Baxter and Anna Mow – “A Brief Account of Our 50th Anniversary.”

Norris, Forbes – Forbes Norris and Veda Norris – personal letters regarding Alumni gathering at Manchester College.  1967 letter with family information and reflection about college days  “…Well, Prof., (I still feel I have to call you Prof.) I remember quite vividly those days in your Hist. classes at M. C.  They will always be Mt. tops in my life.  I hope that a few of the students I have tried to teach have the same kind of thoughts and inspirations that you gave me…”


Folder Number 24 – Correspondence:

Richards, H. F. – Rev. H. F. Richards – Many letters between Church of the Brethren minister, Herb  Richards and Vernon Schwalm from 1941 through 1971 (approximately).


Folder Number 25 – Correspondence:

Rowe, Harold – Washington, D. C. -  Letter of support to Harold Rowe from Schwalm - during Rowe’s illness.  1971 letter from Leona Row and family at the time of Harold’s death.  Howard Royer letter to Schwalm  in response to Schwalm’s enthusiastic response to Harold Row article in the “Messenger.”

Taft – Eleanor and Charles Taft – article about  the death of Mary White.  Article about the death of Rosalyn Taft, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Taft.  Wedding invitation for Eleanor Kellogg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Taft to Donald Thornton Hall, 1941.

Shamberger, Chauncey – Correspondence from 1930 through 1969.

Smith, Lloyd and Joanna - Letter – 1968 – Manchester Church of the Brethren.

Stoner Family, Ladoga, Indiana, upon the death of Mrs. Samuel Stoner - 1948.  Mention of R. H. Miller as member of this family. 

Sargent, Galen – 1967.

Sellen, Matha Jane.

Sites, David – 1967.

Stouffer, Robert – Regarding the direction of Church of the Brethren affiliated institutions/colleges.

Bob “S” – North Manchester Foundry stationery – 1970.

Stinebaugh, W. C. – 1946 and 1947 correspondence.

Syler, Clay – 1968 and 1970 – reflections on stories and memories of the past.

Syler, Ivan – 1948 – response to request for funds for the Winger Memorial Building.


Folder Number 26 – Correspondence:

Ulrey, Calvin – Letter to Schwalm regarding the Carl Mote letter, 1941.

Ulrey, Mrs. Calvin – 1949 thank-you letter for great generosity.

Ulery, J. E. – J. Edson Ulery – regarding Mida Ulrey’s letter of February 1943. Following Calvin’s death, Calvin’s wife, Mida, offers her personal opinion regarding the man that the Board of Trustees voted to be Calvin’s successor.   Was Mida a nickname – because her real name was Miriam? See letter of 19 October 1943 written by Mrs. Ulrey referring to “Aunt Mida’s room.” It appears as if there was a room to be dedicated to the Ulrey’s – YES! - Mention is made in other letters as well. Letter of 5 November 1943 mentions Max Allen  creating a sketch of the room. 24 July 1944 – “Historical and Seminar Room” with a plaque “This room was furnished in loving memory of Calvin Ulrey by his wife, Miriam G. Ulrey. – or – “This room was furnished by Miriam G. Ulrey in loving memory of her husband, Calvin Ulrey.”  It appears (15 June 1944 letter) it was to be in the library. Telegram from Brumbaughs at Miriam’s death refer to her as “Aunt Mida.”

Other letters include but are not limited to –

·         Ulrey, Mrs. Calvin – regarding the architect for the proposed Arts Building – 1940.

·         $3,000 for school bus – 1947.

·         1947 – Rug for President’s office.

·         1942 – Note from Calvin Ulrey.

·         Death of sister in Sherrick family.

·         1946 letter of monetary gifts made by Mrs. Calvin Ulrey.

·         1946 letter of thanks for “Boys’ Dormatory Fund.”

·         Purchase of the “Ediphone” – 1953.

·         Mrs. Ulrey’s thank-you letter to Schwalm for his assistance.

·         Many letters of financial and personal topics.

The letter of 3 April 1945 states that Mrs. Ulrey’s sister was Mrs. S. S. Young – the Business Manager who helped his brother, E. S. Young – take over the college for the Brethren.  Mrs. Nettie Hughes was the wife of S. S. Young.

“Recounting Mrs. Ulrey’s Gifts,” probably by Vernon Schwalm.

“Will and Wishes of Miriam G. Ulrey.” This includes the Buck Genealogy book, the Buck of Beck genealogy, and the Cox genealogy.  The Family Bible is to be placed in the “Seminar Room” at Manchester College, etc.

Tribute to Mrs.  Miriam Ulrey, Mrs. Calvin Ulrey, 19 August 1959, by Vernon Schwalm.

Ivan Syler – letter from Vernon Schwalm – regarding Mrs. Ulrey and the Mexico, Indiana Home.

Unrest at the Mexico, Indiana Home – letter of 1952 to Rev. H. F. Richards. – from Ivan Syler.

Letter from Ivan Syler to Vernon Schwalm – 1949 – finances.

Debt retirement plan.

Notes on the family of origin of Miriam Buck Ulrey.  Her parents,  Henry and Eliza Buck – were also the parents of Mrs. S. S. Young.  Miriam was the fourth of a family of 7 children and the last surviving child.  When Miriam died she had four nieces and two nephews that survived her. Poem, “The Guardian of the Gate,” by Mrs. Ulrey, written shortly after Calvin’s death.


Folder Number 27 – Correspondence:

Waas, David – correspondence 1955 and 1959.

Wampler, Sadie Stutsman – A tribute to Sadie Stutsman Wampler by Vernon Schwalm.

1928 letter from Sadie Stutsman to Florence Schwalm (Mrs. Vernon Schwalm) telling all the news from North Manchester.

Weaver, E. Paul – 1966 letter regarding Zalma’s open-heart surgery.

Werking - Oscar Werking and Josie Werking – 1946 and 1947 correspondence.

Wilkinson, Virgil –re:  Candidates for president and Dean of La Verne College – 1947. Schwalm gives a concise vignette of each.

Wright, Charles – 1947.

Wilson, Leland – 1971 –La Verne, California – Reference to sermon regarding La Verne College and the Church of the Brethren.

Whiting, M., Liberty Mills, Indiana, 1947 – Advance tuition payment and refund.

White, C. Vin, Dean of The Theological Seminary, University of Dubuque, Iowa – 1946 – request for information about pre-theological students enrolled at Manchester.

Wenger, S. B. – 1947 – apologies for missing talk.  Speech overridden by the possibility of having an Institute of International Relations at Manchester during the summer of 1948.


Folder Number 28 – Correspondence Regarding the book on A. C. Wieand, by Schwalm:

Family materials and letters from various institutions, family members, editors, and readers.

Letter from A. C. Wieand regarding the Annual Conference Program Committee, 1928.


Folder Number 29 – J. J. Yoder Correspondence – 1943 through at least 1955:

1949 regarding death of F. A. Vaniman.

Clarence Miller – 1944 - death of a son in Italy.

1943 news about President Emeritus Winger.

23 June 1945 – Schwalm’s membership on the General Mission Board with mention of Rufus Bowman going off this Board.  Current news of the General Education Board

1955 – Schwalm states his decision to retire.

Much material from the 1940’s.


Folder Number 30 – Correspondence Y – Z:

Young, J. Emmert (MC alumnus) – recommendation from Dean Holl – 1947.

Young, Francis – 1946 – looking for music leader for series of meetings.

Young, Lester – rug for President’s office in time for commencement – 1947. Several letters.

Young, Robert – 1947 – Who’s Who and The Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad’s  Pay-As-you-Go-Plan.

Young, Wilbur – 1946 – Space in the Educational Building at the Indiana State Fair Grounds.

Zerfoss, K. P. – Regarding  athletic personnel for the 1947-1948 school year.

Ziegler, Jesse – 1947 – letters regarding  (1.) V. Royer (2.) Ziegler speaking at Chapel Assembly.

Zannure, Zeniuer? – Henry and David - addresses in South Bend.

Zook, Ray – Flora, Indiana speaking engagement, 1946.

Zinn, Max – New Carlisle, Ohio – 1947.

Zook, Carl – 1947 – A. R. Eikenberry speaking engagement in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Zook, George – 1948 – Brotherhood Week – 22-29 February 1948 – Message from The National Conference of Christians and Jews, Inc.

Zuck, Nevin H. – Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania – 1947 – travel plans by rail.

Zumbrun,Levi -  Brookville, Ohio – 1947 – cost to furnish room in new building – approximately $300.00.

Zeller, Harry – Harry K. Zeller, Jr. - Correspondence from the 1940’s into the 1960’s. One file remains CONFIDENTIAL.

Zuck, Nevin – 1964 decision not to consider the opportunity in North Manchester.


Folder Number 31– Correspondence with M. R. Zigler

Many topics are covered in the letters between Schwalm and Zigler.  Andrew Cordier and L. W. Shultz are occasionally mentioned.  Some material should probably be considered CONFIDENTIAL – However, the archivist does not have sufficient time to cull through these papers. The Archivist and Researcher must use caution when opening this file. Only some of the correspondence is referred to below:

M. R. Zigler – Director of the Brethren Service Commission, European Program.

1942 letter – Securing a minister to visit Brethren men in military camps – Brother H. L. Hartsough is chosen, Manchester Church of the Brethren.

2 June 1944 – Food transfers to Colleges – Scholarships and the education of the Civilian Public Service men.

27 June 1944 – Response to Schwalm’s question to Zigler, “What are the marks of a pacifist college?”

10 July 1944 – The Educational Board could pioneer and back up one institution that would dare to experiment in the field of nonviolence and to create a fellowship in creative living – reconciliation.

1945 – Brethren Service Committee letter regarding (1.) An alternative service for women if necessary (2.) year of volunteer service plan in a needy field (3.) giving of help in the field of churchmanship as might be added in connection with national headquarters.

1945 – Developing a course for training in social service – prepare men and women in relief work.

1956 - Letter regarding Schwalm’s trip to Nigeria.

“Program of Religious Education in Brethren Colleges,” by M. R. Zigler.


Folder Number 32 – Correspondence To and From Well-Known Political, Religious and Social Leaders – Drafts by Schwalm – Signatures on Letters Have Not Been Verified For Authenticity or Originality:

Peale, Norman Vincent – 1949 – Probably signed by Peale following visit to campus.  Peale references Kermit Eby’s article, “Grandfather Schwalm Had a Red Beard.”  Schwalm had given Peale this article to read.

Graham, Billy – Appeal, October 1966.

Keller, Helen – Appeal for the American Foundation for the Blind, September 1957.

Nixon, Richard – Envelope with short letter written and signed? By Richard Nixon dated 14 January 1969.   Draft of letter written 19 May 1969 by Schwalm to Nixon regarding peace.

Elton Trueblood, Chief of Religious Information, United States Information Avency, Washington, 1955.


Folder Number 33 – Correspondence with Government Officials:

Truman, Harry S. – Copy of letter written by Schwalm 27 October 1945 to President Truman in opposition to Truman’s speech on universal military training.

Halleck, Charles – 4 and 6 March 1968 – Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. -  copy of letter from Schwalm and Halleck’s response with signature.  Schwalm urges U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam. He points to U.S. neglect of the great social reform movements for the benefit of underprivileged peoples, a neglect that could spawn race riots and the destruction of U.S. cities.

Rousch, Edward  -  Summer and Fall 1964 - Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. – Correspondence between Roush and Schwalm.  Schwalm, a registered Republican for all his life, states that he will not support the Republican party in the upcoming election and that he will back the Democratic party.  Roush wants to use Schwalm’s reflections to support the campaign and Schwalm gives limited permission for use – not wanting to use his position as a Minister in the Church of the Brethren to offend Brethren who take different political views.

Fall of 1965 – Handwritten note on draft: This letter was written before recent riots and marches.  I hope a better way can be found! Within the letter Schwalm speaks about the negative impacts of the Viet Nam war throughout the world and about the many laws of a domestic nature that were passed under president Johnson, including the Civil Rights Acts and the Educational Bills.

4 March 1968 – Schwalm writes Rousch a letter similar to the Halleck letter above. Schwalm urges U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam. He points to U.S. neglect of the great social reform movements for the benefit of underprivileged peoples, a neglect that could spawn race riots and the destruction of U.S. cities.

Draft of letter to Rousch providing a history of their relationship, how they met, and how well Rousch has served Kansas as a U.S. Senator. Schwalm writes about his deep concerns over issues affecting and involving the United States.

Copy of partial letter – “…frankly I cringe…”

Landon, Alf M. -  Governor of Kansas

January 1935 invocation given by Schwalm at Landon’s inauguration.

10 February 1935 – The archivist believes Schwalm is suggesting that Landon might be chosen as the Republican candidate for U.S. President. Schwalm gives the names of Andrew Cordier and Professor J. R. Schutz, who might be able to help Landon achieve much support in Indiana.

31 August 1936 – Schwalm’s letter of support and interest in Landon’s campaign, along with other letters from 1936 with reference to Andrew Cordier and his assistance to the governor.

Other pieces of correspondence related to politics and also to affairs of McPherson College with various dates.  Perhaps a final letter from Schwalm summarizing their relationship, beginning with, “Dear Friend of Yesteryear.”

Copies of letters [1950]to Senator William Jenner, Vice President of the United States – Albin Barkley, Senator Robert Taft.




Folder Number 34 – Institutions and Individuals in Positions of Higher Education:

·         Anderson College, - 1948 letter from Russell Olt, Dean – thanks for assistance in getting back into the Hoosier College Conference.  John Morrison, President – 1956 – letters written at time of Schwalm’s retirement.


·         State of Kansas Department of Education, Miss Louie Lesslie, Secretary – 3 November 1941.


·         Bethany Bible School and Theological Seminary - Ernestine Hoff Emrick – Writes about E. B.  Hoff – Ernestine’s father, Ernest G. Hoff, had written a book, “E. B. Hoff, Bible Teacher,” about her grandfather, who founded the institution along with Wieand.  Ernestine asks Schwalm questions about Schwalm’s book on A. C. Wieand.


·         Wieand’s article about how he met his wife, “A Chapel Announcement Party.”

·         Eva Bowman writes a delightful article about Mrs. A. C. Wieand.

·         Typed article about “Katherine Grace Broadwater Wieand,” including a tour in the Holy Lands where the Wieand’s were capture by hostile Bedouins.

·         Anna Mow writes of Mrs. A. C. Wieand.

·         Correspondence from “The Brethren Press” about Schwalm’s Wieand book. Letters of Appreciation for Wieand book.


·         Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kansas – 1941 – Ernest Pihlblad, President – Congenial correspondence  regarding Schwalms leaving Kansas, the Teacher Education Conference and membership on the State Board of Education.  Schwalm’s resignation from the state (Kansas) Board of Education.


·         Burns, Norman – Dr. Norman Burns, Secretary of North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, University of Chicago – 1959 - regarding a self-study – the institution subject of the study is unclear.  A reference is made to Dr. Keene. Maybe this refers to one of the institutions Schwalm is helping following retirement? Perhaps the reference is to Indiana Institute of Technology (formerly  Indiana Technical College), where Archie Keene served as president.


·         Elizabethtown College, R. W. Schlosser – 1942 – Handwritten letter discussing attributes of J. Baugher – CONFIDENTIAL.

·         Elizabethtown College – 1960 – Roy McAuley, Dean and soon to be President of Elizabethtown College. 1959 letter of thanks from a McPherson College alumnus.

Perhaps you do not remember me.  Back in 1939 you made it possible for me to enter McPherson College. … … and it suddenly registered on me that had you not been interested in me personally at one time, my whole life’s role would possibly be different.  No doubt countless men and women could say the same thing that I am saying.  … I just want to thank you for what you did for me.  I am certain I forgot to thank you when I was a student.


·         Indiana University, Bloomington – 1946 and 1947 correspondence – Letter to the President, Herman Wells, 1947 – PERSONAL – letter from Schwalm  regarding the private colleges and their visit to the governor.

·         Indiana University, Bloomington - 1947 – Wendell Wright, Dean – Plans for the fall meeting of the Indiana Conference of Higher Education.  Request for Schwalm’s response to materials from the American Council on Education.

·         Indiana Univeresity, Bloomington – 1944 – John E. Stoner, Department of Government – 1944 – regarding Robert Miller.  1926 from John Edgar Stoner, Portland, Indiana - …What a mingled feeling of triumph and responsibility you must have at having been recognized by one of the greatest universities in the country as being an intellectual giant!


·         White, Harland – Harland White, Assistant Registrar, Purdue University – 1947 – and Clarence Dammon, Director of Admissions, Purdue University – Regarding invitations to meetings.

·         Hovde, Frederick– 1961 – greetings and admiration from Frederick Hovde, President of Purdue University. 1961 letter from Schwalm to Hovde.


Folder Number 35 -  Institutions and Individuals in Positions of Higher Education:

·         Indiana Institute of Technology – or formerly – Indiana Technical College – Archie Keene, President.  Personal correspondence from Keene with congratulations on the Schwalms’ 50th wedding anniversary.

·         1 October 1962 letter with concern for the major assignment here as of 1 September 1963.

·         5 December 1958 – memo of appreciation to Schwalm.

·         8 April 1955 – Announcement of open house.

·         Other portions of correspondence.

o   When I made the announcement of accreditation by NCA following Mr. M--- call, a wave of contagious gratitude to God spread over the campus.  I felt selfish in making the announcement.  I wanted you there to make it.  You let us see the light all the way – as the professional director you are.  Thanks a million forever and ever.  Affectionately, Archie.

·         Many other pieces of undocumented correspondence including teaching agreement between Schwalm and ITC following Schwalm’s resignation as President of Manchester College.


·         Indiana Institute of Technology – or formerly – Indiana Technical College - Letters from Ralph W. Young, Dean of the Faculty, typed and signed by Judith Vogel, Secretary.  Effusive correspondence regarding Schwalm’s advice prior to examination – mostly written during the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.  Resignation 1967. 29 September 1970 letter written by Ralph Young to Dr. Schwalm from Tri-State College.  Ralph is excited about his new job. Always, effusive praise of Schwalm. Ralph Young’s resume.


·         DePauw University – Clyde Wildman, President  - 1946 – A friend requests information about Estelle Peabody Memorial Home, North Manchester.

·         DePauw University – Russell Humbert, President – 1955 and 1956 letters of appreciation.

·         Earlham College – Thomas Jones, President and President Emeritus – Years of correspondence between Jones and Schwalm, primarily from the 1950’s. 1964 letter of friendship.  January 1961 references to letter Jones wrote to President Arthur Adams of the American Council on Education. Jones states:

o   …I came away from the American Council Meeting…with a rather deep sense of gloom.  I am afraid that big government and big education have joined together to bring in the garrison state.  Universal military training, federal subsidies to education, control of business and industry are but the preliminary steps for a far-reaching transformation of American life….


·         Note from 1966 from a Tom and Esther Jones – the same Tom Jones?


·         Eastern Mennonite College – 1947 – Manchester and Eastern Mennonite policies regarding the standards of attendance of college students.


·         Elizabethtown College – President Morley Mays, 1969 – letter from Schwalm supporting Mays’ article in the “Messenger,” titled, Rebellion in a World of Change.  Mention of Annual Conference and differing views.


·         Huntington College – Elmer Becker, President – Letter of congratulations from Schwalm June 1961 regarding a decision of the North Central Office on behalf of Huntington College.  This was probably in relation to the Examining Team that came to Huntington in May leaving the institution “no wiser” as far as their accreditation was concerned. Other letters concerning the accreditation of Huntington College. 19 September 1956 invitation from Becker asking Schwalm to become the education consultant for Huntington College with the view to their soon application to membership in the North Central Association.  Schwalm’s letter to Professor Muck regarding application? papers.


·         Indiana Central College – I. Lynd Esch, President scheduling Schwalm’s visit to campus. Letter to Esch from Schwalm regarding Esch’s retirement.


Folder Number 36 -  Institutions and Individuals in Positions of Higher Education:

·         Indiana University – Elvis Stahr, President – Statement of resignation 1968.


·         Juniata College - John Stauffer, President – friendly correspondence recalling C. C. and C. N. Ellis and welcoming John into the fellowship of Brethren College presidents.

·         Juniata College – Morley Mays, Dean – 1966 – Correspondence regarding Mays’ election as President of Elizabethtown College. Friendly letter from the President (Morley Mays? 1967) to Schwalm.


·         Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science – F. D. Farrell, President – 1937 and 1942 correspondence.


·         The University of Kansas, E. B. Stouffer, Dean – 1947 & 1968 – [1947] Manchester looks to making application to get on the approved list of colleges of the Association of American Universities and would appreciate a survey or inspection by competent inspectors who could point out spots for improvement.


·         La Verne – Harold Fasnacht – 1968 “…Well, what can a man find to keep himself busy when he has resigned as a college president.  I am certain one can keep busy a while trying to catch up on things he missed while in the presidency.”  ---CONFIDENTIAL---- re. Harry K.  –who appears to be a Church of the Brethren minister.


·         Kurtz, D. W. – Letter from D. W. Kurtz.  Bethany Seminary. Kurtz says of Schwalm – I have been equally edified by your splendid lectures, and shall do all I can to encourage our people to hear your great messages.  You have grown more in ten years than any man in the Brotherhood in every way – your insight into the great, central truth, and also in a very effective way of presenting it.  Keep it up!  [This letter also speaks of the health of P. Heckman – CONFIDENTIAL.]

Note: D. W. Kurtz was president of McPherson July 1924 – 1927.  He was president of Bethany Biblical Seminary for five years [1932-1937].

·         McPherson College – President Jack Melhorn - 1971 – Draft of letter from Schwalm. Schwalm writes: I came to McPherson in 1927 just after the College had been removed from the list of accredited colleges, after which Dr. Kurtz resigned.  The College in their high powered effort to save it had predicted if they were dropped from the N.C.A. many seniors would plan to go elsewhere. Then came some years of the depression of the 30’s.  It was a long, hard and difficult pull to regain membership in 1940.  At times in depression and dust storm days we cut salaries by 45% - all of us…

·         McPherson College – President Jack Melhorn – March 1971 response to Schwalm and June 1971 letter containing progress report.

·         McPherson College – Wayne Geisert, Dean – 1960 – Letter from Geisert to Schwalm in appreciation for visit at building dedication and for address. Other correspondence, including 1958 inside report on the health of Dr. Bittinger, President.


·         Michigan State University – Cole Brombeck – Head of the Dpt.of Teacher Eduation – October 1956 – Newsy personal letter written from Indianapolis where Schwalm is teaching. Evaluations of men who might be appropriate for a position.


·         Salem College – Oliver Ikenberry, Dean – August 1945 – Thanks for a recommendation.  Letter of congratulations to the Salem College anniversary committee on the celebration of the institution’s 75th anniversary [1946].


·         Temple University – Sidney Letter, Executive Assistant to the Director – December 1970 – Thanks for participation in a recent study regarding the important role independent liberal arts colleges play in educating the leadership of the nation.


·         Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana – President Richard Bateman – 1963 – 1964 – Correspondence  regarding self-study –in anticipation of accreditation.


·         Robinson, Paul – Pastor at Hagerstown Church of the Brethren - President of Bethany Biblical Seminary that became Bethany Theological Seminary -  Correspondence from 1953 through 1969.  Letters over matters of the church and of the seminary.


·         Wabash College – Frank Sparks – President – 1946 through the early 1950’s – Correspondence  between leaders of two institutions  posing problems, questions, answers and friendship.


·         Wabash College – B. Trippet – President - 1955.


SEE ALSO – Folder 166 for other correspondence with prominent educators.


Folder Number 37 – Mallott, Floyd – Correspondence  and Tribute

Photograph of the Mallott house in New Lebanon, Ohio – Correspondence between “Friend,” “Brother,” and “Revered Teacher.” 1962 Letter in which Mallott thanks Schwalm for his input into Mallott’s retirement celebration at Bethany Seminary. Tribute to Floyd Mallott written by Vernon Schwalm.


Folder Number 38 – Clay Syler – Manchester College Trustee and Friend – Correspondence 1947 – 1953 and 1969. Bob Richards, athlete, spoke at Manchester College in 1953.


Folder Number 39 –Roher, Hibler and Replogle  Correspondence from Fred Replogle, including (retirement?) telegram on Schwalms, “…FIRST DAY OF FREEDOM.”  16 January 1956 - Hope of Lilly support for the Hall of Science. Fred shares publications from his business, interacts with Schwalm and speaks of personal undertakings.  Perry Rohrer (see 8 June 1970). Note from Perry (Gerry?) – undated - with nice note about Fred.   1955 – check for $500 and Schwalm’s appreciative response. Note: Due to time restrictions this file was not sorted through thoroughly and could use more work. J. Wine, 14 August 2013. Letter added 4 September 2013 by J. Wine from who appears to be Fred and Georgia – It appears as if Schwalm had written Fred R. in green at the top of the letter.  It had been sent from Cairo, on 1 September 1965.


Folders Number 40 -  41 – 42 – 43 – 44 - Robert Henry Miller, Jr. and wife,  Maude (Reiff) Miller – Mutual Correspondence with the Schwalms - 1920’s through the 1970’s – Extensive and Interesting Collection:   

Correspondence between R. H. Miller, Maude Miller and Florence and Vernon Schwalm, took place on a frequent basis.  Writings about common interests in religion, the Church of the Brethren, Manchester College, friends and family, offer a rich and intimate account of these lives.  Note: Due to time restrictions these files were not sorted through thoroughly and could use more work.  J. Wine, 14 August 2013.  R. H. Miller taught History, Religion, Bible, and Philosophy at Manchester College and is a published author.

Folder 40 -  Beautiful sentiment written by R. H. Miller about the relationship between himself and Schwalm.

Folder 41 – Correspondence between the R. H. Millers and the Schwalms during the 1920’s.

Folder 42 - Correspondence between the R. H. Millers and the Schwalms during the 1930’s.

15 January 1930 – Shultz has been out of his work here for 3 weeks.  Carl tells me that he does not know when he will be back….

4 March and 28 March 1931 – Trustees at Bethany Seminary search for a president to follow Wieand.  The hope for D. W. Kurtz.

Folder 43 - Correspondence between the R. H. Millers and the Schwalms during the 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, and early 1970’s.

Folder 44 – Robert Miller materials.  Is Robert a son of R. H. Miller, Jr.?  A note by Schwalm on one of the letters would indicate so.


Date of Accession12 September 2013
Archivist Note

Schwalm's folders came to the Archives in 2006 when President Jo Young Switzer was moving into her office and what was to be known as "the President's Attic" was discovered. Multiple boxes of materials came to the Archives from the "attic." 2006 was my first year as Archivist and much needed to be done. Describing the contents of the boxes in detail had to be put on hold until the summer of 2013. As he got older, Schwalm's eyesight deteriorated, until he was practically blind. It is my opinon that he tried to organize these files (large lettered notes) - and that he might have tried to work with an assistant (filing cabinet organizational chart) - but that the job never go done. Kay Batdorf, administrative assistant for President Helman, remembers that they came to Helman's office, and that Helman never let anyone look at them. More work needs to be done in describing this correspondence. There is a wealth of information included here, some not previously seen, including the controversy over the merger of Mount Morris College with Manchester (while Schwalm was President of McPherson), Winger's turbulant last years as President, as well as decades of letters between Schwalm and Cordier that include behind-the-scenes accounts of the United Nations during the Congo uprising and Kennedy's plan to end the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Description prepared 12 Setpember 2013 by Jeanine M. Wine.


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