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Full listing > Accession MC2006/13: Schwalm's Confidential Files – Folders 161 - 169
Accession #MC2006/13: Schwalm's Confidential Files – Folders 161 - 169
TopicSchwalm, Vernon: Correspondence Folders 161 - 169,
TitleVernon Schwalm's Correspondence, Folders 161 - 169
LocationLarge Box area 176
CitationVernon Schwalm's Correspondence, Folders 161 - 169, MC2006/13: Schwalm's Confidential Files – Folders 161 - 169 , Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessSome files are CONFIDENTIAL and are marked accordingly - File Number 169 is confidential - Researchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceCollection of the Archives, from the President's Attic, see original accession page from 2006 [MC2006/13]
Scope and Content

File Folder 161 – The time given for this project is running out and the Archivist is forced to group certain types of materials together.  Folder 161 will be more general correspondence between Schwalm and friends and colleagues.  Includes drafts by Schwalm.  Sometimes more than one letter is included. Names will be recorded to facilitate a researcher if doing a search:

Rufus Bucher, Quarryville, PA, 1953.

Mrs. (George) Florence Gessner, 1960.

G. Goodsheller, Marionn Kansas, 1940.

Griffin Henderson, Avondale Baptist Church, 1952.

John Lehman, Lehman, Romine & Guilfoyle, 1966.

Tribute to Rev. Homer Ogle and wife of the Zion Lutheran Church, North Manchester, 1964.

Dr. W. W. Peters, 1965 – sympathy at the passing of Rowena Peters.

Petersime family and a tribute to Bernice Petersime.

Ralph Rarick sent to Darrel Byrket.

Georgia Replogle.

Rev. Herbert Richards, 1955.

Melvin Ritchey, North Liberty Church of the Brethren, 1958.

John Root, 1956.

Harold Row.

Homer Royer, 1955.

Family of Laura Shock, 1969.

Glen Rush, 1958, over loss in the family.

G. Schlichte

Elmer Staats, Comptroller General of the United States, 1966.  Alumnus of McPherson College.

Bob Stauffer

Robert Stauffer

Mrs. Lewis Stark, 1969.

Harry Thomas and Dot Thomas, 1956.

Joel Thompson, 1955.

Paul Thompson, 1955.

William Thompson, 1966.

James Tyler, Sidney Ohio, Church of the Brethren.

Brochure in memory of Nina Metzler Weaver, 1965.

Nolan Walker, The Wood-Crafts Company, Inc., 1959.

John Whitney, The Whitney Hay Foundation, 1956.

Wanda Will.

Harper Will, Lincolnshire Church of the Brethren, 1965.

Dora Wright, circa 1965.

Walter Wright.

Added to end of folder 161 - Henry Long re. M. R. Zigler and death of Amy Zigler, 1965.


File Folder 162 – Time allocated for this project has ended. The Archivist is forced to group certain types of materials together.  Folder 162 will be more general correspondence between Schwalm and friends and colleagues.  Includes drafts by Schwalm.  Sometimes more than one letter is included. Names will be recorded to facilitate a search:

L. C. Angevine - four sentences Dr. Beard stated would summarize lessons of history.

Glen Bowman, 1960.

Roy Boaz.

Bowers, Warren, Indiana, circa 1960.

H. A. Brandt, 1960.

A. J. Brumbaugh – 1962 – regarding death of Kermit Eby.

A. J. Brumbaugh – Schwalm describes the death of Dr. Holl, 1961.

H. Clark Brumbaugh – 1961.

Rev. Richard Burger, 1961.

Norman Burns, 1962 regarding Indiana Technical College’s application, 1962.

John Eichelberger, Business Manager, Bethany Biblical Seminary, 1956.

John Eichelberger, 1956.

Harold Fasnacht, 1948.

A.R. Eikenberry – re. Kermit Eby.

Melvin Laird -Secretary of Defense, Washington, D.C. -1969.

Bob Stauffer and Irene Stauffer  the Stauffer’s correspondence 1970 - Bahia Beach Motel, Florida.

Annie? and Ray correspondence from Sebring, Floria.

St. Petersburg, Florida – Prayer Group – newsletter -  1968.

Lucy Long – Congratulates Schwalm on becoming moderator of Annual Conference.

Lois – from McPherson, Kansas – 1969.

Mary Wigent Nauman – thank you for March of progress check – 1956.

Ralph White, 1963.

Mrs. Russell Weller regarding the passing of Brother Weller.

Materials related to the Mr. and Mrs. Charles Phelps Taft family, and the marriage of daughter, Eleanor Kellogg Taft Hall, and death of daughter, Rosalyn, who died at Narragansett Pier. A Google search indicates that Rosalyn was a granddaughter of US President William H. Taft and that she died of polio at age 11. Her mother established a charitable trust for polio victims, the Rosalyn Taft Gift. That would make Charles Taft, a son of President William H. Taft.


File Folder 163 – Time allocated for this project has ended. The Archivist is forced to group certain types of materials together.  Folder 163 will be more general correspondence between Schwalm and friends, colleagues, and possible family members.  Sometimes more than one letter is included. Names will be recorded to facilitate a search:

Love, Clara and Herb, from North Manchester, Indiana, 1968.

Dale Brown, McPherson College, 1960 and Bethany Theological Seminary, 1970.

Jane Sillen, Seller?, Iowa, 1971.

Nancy Stoner.

Mrs. Lewis Stark, Goshen, Indiana, 1969.

Mary Prather, McPherson, Kansas, 1929.

John Root, Rossville, Indiana, 1950.

Celesta Wine, Rock Hill, South Carolina – second page.

Celesta (Wine?) – looks like same handwriting – written to Mrs. Schwalm, 1941.

Martha Parker and Daryl Parker, 1967.

Ira Landis, 1968, from The Lancaster Mennonite Conference historical Society, 1968 regarding Schwalm’s books on consignment – Provident Bookstore. Circular for the Provident Bookstore Auction, 1967.

Gletha Mae Noffsinger, 1941. A. R. Noffsinger and Gletha Mae Noffsinger.

Miscellaneous letters from unknown individuals.


File Folder 164 – Correspondence:

James Edgett, President, North American Van Lines, 1964.

Ray Petersime, The Petersime Incubator Company, 1944.

Jim Burger, New Paris Creamery Company, 1945.

Fred Priser, Goshen Sash and Door Company – 1955 and 1956 – and later.

David Rea, Rea Magnet Wire Company, 1956.

The Ford Meter Box Company, Inc., 1969, signed by Holton, Wilbur and John.

1955 correspondence with Holton, and Wilbur Ford.


File Folder 165  An “S” File - Time allocated for this project has ended. The Archivist is forced to group certain types of materials together.  Folder 165 contains correspondence with persons having names ending with “S.”   Schwalm had kept this file of S’s himself, yet the archivist removed some items if they could be better accessed by locating them with a certain subject or individual.  However, this file is not exclusive, and letters to and from these people – or other letters related to a certain topic - might appear at other places within the collection [MC2006/13].  Names will be recorded to facilitate a search – and more than one letter might be included per individual.

George Sampson, 1945, Swan Creek Church, North West Ohio.

J. William Sayres, 1947, School of Business and Economics, Bloomington, Indiana.

Schaar and Company, 1947, regarding incorrect addressing of letter.

Harold Schellenger, 1947, American College Public Relations Association.

Roland Schmedel, 1947, regarding Brembeck as Schwalm’s office assistant.

Victor Schuler, 1947.

Arthur Schulert, 1947.

Clarence Schust – note to call.

Ira Scott, 1947, State Department of Social Welfare, Topeka, Kansas.

Mark Shellhaas, Trotwood, Ohio, Southern Ohio district meeting resolution, 1947.

Owen Sherer and Joe Merback , 1946 - request for paper pennants.

Esther Sherfy, 1947.

Everett Shober, Kalamazoo College, Michigan.

C. D. Shockley, 1947 - Personnel Consultant, Chicago, Illinois.

Ida Shockley, 1947, Dean of Students, Bridgewater College.

Mrs. C. Shoner, 1946, Fort Wayne, Indiana, regarding Brumbaugh.

Benjamin Silver, 1947, School Advisory and Instruction Bureau, New York.

Clarence Sink, 1947.

Barnard Smith, 1947, National Federation of American Shipping, Inc.

Don Elton Smith,1946, Brethren Service Committee.

Mrs. Florence Smith, Subscription Secretary, “The Personalist,” 1947.

Jason Smith, Chester Township high School, 1946, 1947 – use of College gym and other letters of different subjects.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Smith, 1947, sympathy in the loss of son, Julius.

T. V. Smith, 1947, University of California.

Wilbur Smith, 1947, Telephone Office, North Manchester.

Percy Snell, 1947, regarding search for football coach.

R. C. Sollenberger, Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association, 1946 – endowment note.

MR. and Mrs. Floyd Sonafrank, 1947 – regarding gift of flowers for the opening day of school.

Carl Soule, Commission on World Peace, 1947.

Muriel Springer, 1947, as a possible student.

Ray Springer, 1947.

P. G. Stahly, Stahly Inc., Stahly Live-Blade Razor, 1946 and 1947.

M. E. Stapley, 1947, Bureau of Teacher Recommendations.

Thomas Starr, Goshen High School, 1947 – pennants of leading colleges on walls.

David Stern , 1946 -request for paper pennants.

President George Stoddard, University of Illinois, 1947.

H. M. Stoeppelwerth, H. M. Stoeppelwoerth Productions, Public Information Films, 1947.

Eugene Stone, North Manchester Public Schools, 1947.

Paul Stoner, 1946, Ladoga Church of the Brethren preaching engagement and High School Baccalaureate.

Philip Stout, 1947, Nettle Creek Church of the Brethren and Brother O. D. Werking.

G. S. Strausbaugh, 1946.

Dale Stucky, First National Bank Building, 1946 – Thank you correspondence –  thanks to your efforts in establishing my “good moral character” and to the efforts of some of the other of my friends, I was admitted to the bar examination and subsequently to the bar of the Supreme Court of the Sovereign State of Kansas last month.  Thank you for your help… More news of other students from Schwalm’s McPherson past: Franklin Hiebert, Elma Minnick and Franklin Minnick, Paul DDannelley, Winton Sherfer, Ernest Peterson and Raymond Meyer.

David Studebaker, 1947.

M. E. Studebaker, 1946.

Virginia Rose flora, Student Christian Union, Manchetser College, 1947.

Hilda Benson, Student Volunteer Movement, 1947.

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Stump, Oklahoma, 1947.

H. Stutsman, 1947, correspondence with former Manchester College trustee regarding topics related to the College and to the Church of the Brethren.

J. Carter Swaim, Western Theological Seminary, 1947.

Eunice Swank, Church of the Brethren General Brotherhood Board, 1947.

Goldie Swartz, alumna, 1947, New York, New York.

Ben Swihart, 1947.

Stanley Shenk, Eastern Mennonite School, Harrisonburg, Virginia, 1947 – regarding motto.



File Folder 166 – “Prominent Educators With Whom I Was Associated – Schwalm had created a file with this title.  The Archivist sorted through this correspondence and made separate folders for various individuals and institutions.  Some remnants remain, however, and are included in Folder 166.  This does not mean that additional correspondence with these individuals and institutions does not exist within MC2006/13 –a “search” will be helpful in producing letters not within this file.

Dr. William Brazelton, institute of Technology, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, 1963.

Carl Byerly, Detroit Public Schools, 1964.

W. Earl Breon, Director of Public Relations, Bridgewater College, 1948 and personal letter, 1964.

Robert Byrnes, International Affairs Center, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, 1965.

Albert Palmer, The Chicago Theological Seminary, 1941.

John Seaton, President, Albion College, Albion, Michigan, 1941.

Esther and Rolland, Tufts College School of Religion, Massachusetts, 1941.

H. F. Richards, Pastor, Manchester Church of the Brethren, 1954.

North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, 1961, regarding printed matter.

Carl Pierson, regarding withdrawal of application for accreditation at Pierson’s institution.

President Herman Wells, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, 1955.

Kansas State Department of Public Instruction, 1968.

Howard Lowry, The College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio, 1955.

Dr. Wayne Miller, 1971 – congratulations on election as Vice-President of Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania.

Harvey Brumbaugh, Director of Summer Session, Juniata College, 1937.

C. R. K. of Manchester College- Office of the President to President Schwalm - …your presentation this morning was superb.  I am with you at least 110%! I feel that the preponderant student reaction was very good.  Several said they were thrilled by it.

President Emeritus, Indiana Institute of Technology, 1967 regarding the release of R. and J. William being made Vice President and Dean.


File Folder 167: - Time allocated for this project has ended. The Archivist is forced to group certain types of materials together.  Correspondence from a variety of individuals and organizations listed below:

George Byerly and Eldred Byerly, 1945.

R. J. Gibbs, 1939.

Hilden Gibson, 1940.

Fred Hollingshead, 1968 – draft by Schwalm.

Mrs. Ora Huston, 1967.

Family of I. W. Jackson, 1955 on the death of I. W. with mention of students, Eldon and Helen.

Dale Keever, 1959 (Dave?).

Ida Kingery.

Mrs. Robert Kimmel, 1945.

Edward McDowell, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1948.

Burton Metzler, 1953.

Roy Miller, 19140.

Mrs. George W. Phillips, 1945.

Mrs. O. L. Replogle, 1953.

Vance Sanger, 1939.

Beulah Miller.

William Hutchinson, 1970.

Roses – thanks for – Mrs. Shippey, 1970.

Publisher’s Clearing House subscription, 1969 – donation of subscription to Schwalm.

DeWitt Miller, 1960, regarding DeWitt’s speech at Annual Conference.

Service of marriage – Janine Jordan and Timothy Rust, 1965, Willard Dulabaum, minister.

Homer Ferguson, 1948.

Everett Fisher, 1942, Trotwood, Ohio.

Mrs. Richard Heckman, Alice Jeannette Heckman.

Paul Heckman, Bethany Biblical Seminary, 1936.

Roxy Lefforge, 1955.

Samuel Longenecker, 1955.

Glen Longenecker and Virginia Longenecker.

L. B. Oakes, 1955.

Phoebe Oaks, 1952 – mentioning the stroke suffered by Mrs. Rufus Bowman.

Charles Oberlin, Pastor, Wabash Country Church of the Brethren, 1958.

Beulah Olinger, 1955.

Malon Rinehart

Tom and Mary Lou – 18 September 1964 from Vienne, Republik Osterreich.


Folder Number 168: – CONFIDENTAL – regarding the health of Quinn, 1955, Longcliff Hospital, now known as Logansport State hospital.


Folder Number 169: -  Mr. Max Pinney , Huntington, Indiana, donated a valuable picture of the Roanoke Classical Seminary to Manchester College.  This charcoal drawing is by Mr. Hansacre of Chicago and was drawn from a tin type for Mr. Fred Bippus [the Fred J. Bippus collection].  Also in this folder are drafts of outlines that attempt to organize Vernon F. Schwalm’s confidential correspondence collection.  I am assuming that words in large black writing were written by Schwalm as he struggled with limited eyesight. It appears as if he was working with an assistant as evidenced in a few other notes.

Date of AccessionUnknown
Bio History NoteIncluded in Folder 169 - Drafts of outlines that attempt to organize what Vernon F. Schwalm’s designated as his files of confidential correspondence. I am assuming that words in large black writing were written by Schwalm as he struggled with limited eyesight. It appears as if he was working with an assistant as evidenced in a few other notes.
Archivist Note

It appears as if Schwalm had designated these files as confidential - however, the archivist has removed this classification for most of the folders.  Those that remain CONFIDENTIAL are noted in the description.

Schwalm's folders came to the Archives in 2006 when President Jo Young Switzer was moving into her office and what was to be known as "the President's Attic" was discovered. Multiple boxes of materials came to the Archives from the "attic." 2006 was my first year as Archivist and much needed to be done. Describing the contents of the boxes in detail had to be put on hold until the summer of 2013. As he got older, Schwalm's eyesight deteriorated, until he was practically blind. It is my opinon that he tried to organize these files (large lettered notes) - and that he might have tried to work with an assistant (filing cabinet organizational chart) - but that the job never go done. Kay Batdorf, administrative assistant for President Helman, remembers that they came to Helman's office, and that Helman never let anyone look at them. More work needs to be done in describing this correspondence. There is a wealth of information included here, some not previously seen, including the controversy over the merger of Mount Morris College with Manchester (while Schwalm was President of McPherson), Winger's turbulant last years as President, as well as decades of letters between Schwalm and Cordier that include behind-the-scenes accounts of the United Nations during the Congo uprising and Kennedy's plan to end the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Description prepared 20 September 2013 by Jeanine M. Wine.


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