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Accession #MU2013/122
TopicMuir, Gladdys: The Ken Brown Collection,
TitleMuir, Gladdys - A Collection of Materials
Size16 File Folders
LocationIIS, Large Box 88, Peace Studies
CitationMuir, Gladdys - A Collection of Materials, MU2013/122, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceProfessor Katharine Gray Brown, daughter of Professor Ken Brown
Scope and Content

Professor Ken Brown's collection of Gladdys Muir related materials.

16 File folders. A description of the contents of each folder is found in the Biographical/Historical Note section of this Finding Aid [Accession Page].


See also: Bulletin of the Peace Studies Institute. Vol. 19, nos. 1-2 (1989).

Date of Accession31 October 2013
Bio History Note

Gladdys E. Muir information collected by Ken Brown


Gladdys Muir Folder  1

-          Biographical Booklet (received at funeral home?).

-          Letter from September 20, 1967 to friends of Muir describing the day of her death.

o   From Glenn Crago and Herbert Hogan.

o   Muir died September 11, 1967.

o   Muir was on campus (LaVerne) and fell down some stairs receiving a serious head wound in the process.  She had a two hour operation, but never regained consciousness.

-          Program for the dedication of the Muir Peace Gardens at Manchester College from October 14, 2000.

o   Parker G. Marden was President of Manchester College at the time.


Gladdys Muir Folder 2

-          Letter from October 22, 2003 to Ken Brown from Wilber E. Mullen.

o   Mentions three books-A Confession and What I Believe by Tolstoy, The Meaning of Service by Harry Emerson Fosdick, and Settlement of The Brethren on the Pacific Slope by Muir- to give to the archives. Need to check and see if they are here.

§  These books were given to Mullen by Muir. All three had personal messages by Muir written on the flyleaf.

-          May 1942 Muriel Lester Pamphlet given by Wilbur E. Mullen.

o   Pamphlet in entitled “Let Your Soul Catch Up with Your Body.”

o   Mullen had donated other Lester pamphlets to the Peace Studies department before.

o   Date on pamphlet is May 1942.

-          Handmade Christmas card by Muir.

o   “With best wishes for all the joys of Christmastime.” Gladdys Muir and her mother.

o   Contains the final stanza of Gilbert Chesterton’s poem “The House of Christmas.”


Gladdys Muir Folder 3

-          Church of the Brethren Song book owned by Muir.

-          Book is entitled Alleluia: Church of the Brethren Youth Fellowship.


Gladdys Muir Folder 4

-          Class Syllabus for Muir’s “The Christian Philosophy of Peace” class.

o   Belonged to W.R. (Bob) McFadden.

o   From Winter Term 1950-1951.

-          Thank you card from Bob McFadden to Ken Brown about dedication of the Muir Peace Garden.

o   October 23 2000 was date of dedication of Peace Gardens. It happened at MC’s Homecoming.


Gladdys Muir Folder 5

-          Class note of Daniel L Eiler for Muir’s “Philosophy of Peace Class” in 1948-1949.

o   This is the year that Muir first comes to Manchester to teach.


Gladdys Muir Folder 6: Portrait Information

-          Information regarding the portrait of Muir which hangs in the library next to the Peace Studies Library.

o   Picture of Muir.

§  Photo in envelope. Says that this picture was the most helpful with the portrait.

o   Information about the Artist.

§  Artist was Joyce (Miller) Erickson.

·         Two pamphlets about Erickson and her series “Images of Refugees.”

§  A resume of Joy Erickson

o   Letters between various parties involved in the project.

§  Letters start in 1984 and end in 1985.

§  Portrait was given to MC as a gift from Elizabeth and John Baker.

·         Not sure if Elizabeth and John Baker are alumni of the college. Not finding any evidence of a John C. Baker in the 2000 Alumni Directory. More research is needed.

§  Portrait Contract from March 7 1985.

§  Form letter that Joy Erickson sent out to people who knew Muir to help her [Erikson] understand Muir.

§  Letter on May 7, 1985 lays out the cost of the painting.

§  In the letter dated October 4, 1985 the artist Joy Erickson talks about how the frame cost will put the project over the quote she had given, but she decided to cover this out of her own pocket. o   Note from the Office of the President.

§  Note informing Ken Brown that the check had been sent to Joy Erickson for the painting.

·         Probably the check for the down payment on the painting.

§  The President of Manchester at the time was A. Blair Helman.


Gladdys Muir Folder 7: Biography Information

-          Letters between Herb Hogan, Ken Brown, and Julie Garber about Muir Biography.

o   Herb Hogan was a professor at the University of La Verne. Ken Brown was a professor at Manchester College. Julie Garber was an editor at Brethren Press.

o   Information on how to cover the cost of printing the book. Was going to be divided between Manchester and La Verne.

-          Class pictures w/ names.

o   Top picture is Muir’s International Relations Class from 1948-1949. Picture on the bottom left is Muir’s Bases of Enduring Peace from 1949. Picture on the bottom right is Muir’s Techniques and Procedures of Peacemaking from 1949.


Gladdys Muir Folder 8: Correspondence 1949-1967

-          These are a series of letters between Gladdys Muir and students of the Peace Studies Program. This collection is written to Dave Eiler (’50) (and later Dave and Ruth).

o   Each letter has a personal note written on them to Dave and later Dave and Ruth.

o   One letter (dated April 16, 1951) is addressed to Dave Eiler from Helen Sheller. This letter was sent out to catch up on what the former students of the Peace Studies program were doing.

-          Written while Muir was at Manchester and later at La Verne.

o   Muir sent out two letters a year. One usually around January 1 and the other sometime in the middle of summer.


Gladdys Muir Folder 9: Correspondence 1956-1967

-          More of Dr. Muir’s Peace Studies Newsletters.

-          This group of letters is addressed to Paula(?). No last name is given.

o   Maybe Paula Adams who in 1994 sent a proposal to name new dorm after Muir. [See Folder 12] More research is needed.


Gladdys Muir Folder 10: Dr. Muir Correspondence Peace Studies Newsletter (undated material or incomplete material, Aug 1950- Aug 1960

-          The first 13 pieces of paper are complete letters that weren’t addressed to a particular student.

-          The rest of the materials are incomplete letters.


Gladdys Muir Folder 11: Dr. Muir Correspondence

-          First bundle is all addressed to Dale, but it has no date.

o   Possibly Dale Barnard (class of ’52) who was Muir’s assistant.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

-          Second bundle is all addressed to Dale, and it has a date.

-          Last letter is addressed to Anna Dunbar.

o   There is an Anna Dunbar listed in the 2000 Alumni Directory, and she graduated in 1917. IF this is the Anna Dunbar that Muir wrote to more research is needed to find out Dunbar’s connection to Muir.


Gladdys Muir Folder 12: Gladdys Muir Information collected by Ken Brown through Secrist Grant

-          Brown’s grant report.

o   Topic: Influence of Gladdys Muir on Manchester College Students of Peace Studies 1948-1964.

o   Written October 4, 1997.

o   Brown accomplished four things through this grant.

§  1. Asked former MC students of Muir’s “what influence they attributed to Gladdys at this reflective point of their lives.”

§  2. Compared Muir’s papers from Manchester and La Verne archives.

§  3. Copied material of the La Verne archives.

·         “The correspondence pertaining to Muir’s employment at Manchester undoubtedly is in the MC presidential papers but are presently unavailable and not archived.”

o   Could these letters be a part of the collection that came over from the President's Attic?

§  4. Brown hosted an insight session at the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference (held in Long Beach that year. His session was on July 2.) over the information gained through the grant.

o   Looked into publishing Muir’s manuscript that she was working on at the time of her death.

-          List of Muir’s students.

o   From 1948-1959.

-          Brown’s inquiry list

o   Second one has list of address and phone numbers.

-          “In Search of Significance”

o   Muir’s address to the ’48 class of La Verne.

§  “Because of the timely thought expressed in the scholarly and unique address of Dr. Gladdys E. Muir, delivered to the graduating class of La Verne College on May 31, 1948, many have requested copies.”

-          Gladdys Esther Muir: Teacher, Mystic, Peacemaker by Herbert W. Hogan.

o   Copy of biography of Muir (was published).

-          Notes by Brown over Muir’s paper.

-          Letters from former students to Brown about Muir.

o   Letters are from Ralph Wagoner(?),  Jack Kline, C. Wayne Zunkel, Donald Durnbaugh, Dale Barnard, Barry Cavaghan, Donald  Flory, Robert McFadden, Graydon Snyder, Carolyn (Zunkel) Parker, Harold Statler, Allen Deeter, 

-          Proposal to name new dorm after Muir.

o   Sent to Edgar Butterbaugh from Paula Adams and James Garber

o   Contains list of signatures that came with the letter all wanting new dorm named after Muir.

§  Note: One signature was Wilbur McFadden for whom the library café is named.

-          Peace Studies Newsletter.

o   August 20, 1961- copy of newsletter sent to David Waas.

-          Peace Studies Major Information

o   Class syllabus.

o   Spring Quarter Classes.

-          Education for Peace on the College Level by Muir.

o   Includes a section on the Manchester Program.

-          Notes by Brown


Gladdys Muir Folder 13: Gladdys Muir Unpublished Manuscript

-          Muir’s unpublished Manuscript On Thinking About War and Peace.

-          Copied by Ken Brown in June 1997 as part of his Secrist Grant.

-          Manuscript at University of La Verne.


Gladdys Muir Folder 14: History of the Peace Studies Program

***Collected as part of Ken Brown’s Secrist Grant.

-          History of the Peace Studies.

o   Discusses the proposal for the creation of the Peace Studies Major.

o   Mentions Oakleave articles about the creation of the program.

o   Program started in 1948 when Muir arrived at Manchester.

o   Class layout for a person taking the major from Freshmen to Senior year.

o   The first two majors were Robert McFadden and Richard Miller.

-          Report of the Peace Studies Committee.

-          Notes about Schwalm/Muir letters.

o   See Muir’s archive file for her responses to these letter.

§  Can be found in Large Box 89 in folder entitled “Gladdys Muir Correspondence: Establishment of the Peace Studies Program.”

o   Handful of copied letters sent from Schwalm to Muir about coming to Manchester. They start in July of 1947 and end in January of 1949.

-          History of the program written for Manchester Bulletin by Brown.

-          Major Area in Peace Studies at Manchester College, 1951.

o   Write up of the program.


Gladdys Muir Folder 15: Miscellaneous

***Collected as part of Ken Brown’s Secrist Grant.

-          A Survey of the Activities of MC’s Peace Studies Students by Helen Sheller.

o   Written in the spring of 1951.

o   Update on what the 136 students who are a part of the “MC peace family” are doing.

o   Says at top that this a condensed version.

-          Peace Studies Newsletter from July 6, 1951.

-          Faculty Research Colloquium.

o   From December 11, 1997.

o   Probably from when Brown presented his findings from the Secrist Grant.

-          Impressions of Gladdys Muir as a Teacher by David L. Eiler.

o   Given on December 11, 1997 in conjunction with Brown’s report.

o   Outline of speech?

-          Manchester archives on Gladdys Muir’s influence on students.

o   Opinions of former students about Muir.

-          Aurora Yearbook pages from 1936 to 1939.

o   All have to do with Frances Smith author of “By the Kenapocomoco.”

o   More research is needed to find out what her connection with Muir was.

-          Letters from Brown to Hogan about newsletter.

-          Incomplete letter from Muir.

o   About employment at Manchester.

-          Yearbook photos from 1951.

o   Picture page of first two graduates of the Peace Studies Program.

-          Picture of Muir.

-          Four letters about Brown’s Insight Session at Conference.

-          Articles about Muir.

o   Forward from Seventy-five Year of Service: A History of La Verne College.

o   Meets Gladdys Muir: Portrait of a Beloved Teacher by Harry A Brandt.

o   Gladdys Muir: Vanguard of Peace Education by Karla Boyers.

o   The Place of the Brethren Colleges in Preparing Men and Women for Peace Leadership by Gladdys E. Muir.

-          “Peace Studies at Age 40.”

o   By Dr. Ken Brown.


-          Fact sheet of Muir.

-          Draft of Brown’s article for the MC Bulletin.


Gladdys Muir Folder 16

-          Two papers by Ernest Lefever sent to Muir by Ralph E. Smeltzer.

o   “Ethical Characteristics of the Church-Sect Motif—Using the Church of the Brethren as an Example.”

o   “A Report on the Administration of Social Action, Social Service, and Social Education in American Protestantism with some Recommendations for the Church of the Brethren.”

-          Ralph E. Smeltzer was employed at General Brotherhood Board. He wrote a letter to Muir on July 9, 1954 to send her the two papers. Muir was apparently doing something for the Bluffton Conference and Smeltzer and Don Smucker (Professor of Christian Social Ethics at Bethany Seminary) thought Muir would find the papers useful.




Archivist NoteThe description of the contents of the file folders was prepared by student assistant Kelley Brenneman in October 2013 and was edited by Jeanine M. Wine 31 October 2013. Kelley's original document can be requested from Archive Network Y - [Archives] -[ Faculty and Staff Folders and Photograph]s - [Faculty Muir Gladdys].

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