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Accession #MU2013/157
TitlePhotographs of the Manchester University Experience
LocationLarge Box labeled MU2013/157, IS, Unit #7, bottom shelf
CitationPhotographs of the Manchester University Experience, MU2013/157, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceCollection of the Archives
Scope and Content

MU2013/157 Photographs – collection of the Archives


Folder #1

·         The Banquet Hall decorated by the Freshman Class – 1922 - (note: this structure MIGHT have been the first gymnasium – but more research is needed).

·         Group of females (college students) eating in a dining room (circa the 1950’s?). Two copies.

·         Buffet on a decorated table – paper streamers – undetermined location (Perhaps the Home Economics department? - circa the early 1960’s?).

·         Women who appear to be touring what might be the Home Economics department? – circa the 1950’s?

·         Women appearing to be touring what might be the Home Economics department? – circa the 1950’s?

·         Three photographs of an 11:04 A.M.  reception with coffee, tea, and cake – circa the 1960’s?

·         Event held in the dining area (probably the basement of Oakwood Hall) – circa the 1950’s?

·         What appears to be a workshop in the basement of a building – older adults – circa the 1950’s?

·         President Helman at the podium with another gentleman (note the curtains and how they match another picture in Folder #1).  Helman came to Manchester College in 1956. The curtains match another picture dated 3 October 1963.

·         President Helman in two copies of a photo taken in what is probably the student Union.  The oak leaf on the speaker’s suit-coat might indicate an alumni event.  One picture is dated 10 June 1967.

·         Two other events – (meals) – held in the dining area in the basement of Oakwood Hall – circa the 1950’s?

·         Students? at function dated 3 October 1963.

·         Punch and cookie reception with students – dated 9 September 1963 and two pictures dated 10 May 1965. The professor on viewer’s right of the 1963 image is probably that of Max Allen (art).

·         Two copies a student event held in a lower level room.

·         Lions Club event – circa the 1950’s?

·         ? – NOTE: Sometimes the curtains match from one photo to another and other times the curtains change – are curtains being replaced or are events held in different rooms?

·         Undated punch bowl reception with students – circa the 1950’s or early 1960’s?



Folder #2 – Convocation with dignitaries – alumni – members of the Board of Trustees – special speaker ? – circa the 1950’s?


Folder #3

·         Movie with meal in the basement of Oakwood Hall? – circa the 1960’s?

·         Event dated 28 September 1966.

·         Punch and cookies – probably in Home Economics area – circa the 1950’s?

·         Function dated 11 November 1961 (do more research, could this be Dad’s Day?).

·         Student in workshop? Dated1977-1978.

·         Outdoor event with chairs set up amidst the oaks. Student or alumni event? (circa the early 1950’s?).

·         Pictures of workshops, classes, and gatherings from various years.  Some might be alumni or Church of the Brethren related. One is dated 11 November 1961. One has identifications of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Michael and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beery.

·         A large photograph is identified as Elkhart Fellowship Supper, May 26 (no year).

·         Picture of individuals on a stage with the backdrop, “Empowered By Hope.” Peace? Religious Life?  The photo is dated May 1988.

·         Picture of women with nametags in a classroom – probably a workshop.


Folder #4 – Group of photographs dated 22 September 1966, probably taken in student Union. Perhaps this is an alumni or Board of Trustees event.


Folder #5 – Photograph of a man dated 5 May 1967. Special speaker?


Folder #6 –Three pictures taken by a professional photography studio that documents an event.  Men and women sit at long tables in a large room.  Their places are marked by large cards with town and name.  In one picture individuals are viewing a bulletin-board-like spread containing information.  Perhaps this is a fundraising campaign? (circa the late 1950’s?).


Folder #7 – Children of Alumni?

·         One cute picture of a child, Anita Rose Griggs at 18 ½ months taken November 1953.  A note on the back of the picture is “Alum No” – so maybe this is a picture of the child of an alum?

·         Three photographs of a baby, Larry Gene Brown, one at 6 months and the other at 7 ½ months (July 1945).  Another picture is taken on Mother’s Day, May 1945 with Leicester, Larry Gene and Jean Brown. Jean Stouffer Brown graduated from MC in 1937.  Leicester Brown graduated in 1936. Red envelope  indicates this might have come with a donation – in memory of Mike?


Folder #8  -

Negative of Gary Hart.

Negatives of gymnasium – men and women on floor – student at the fireside (in dorm?) – student reading the Oak Leaves in dorm room (circa the 1940’s – 1050’s?)..



Folder #9 – Intercollegiate Ministries – ICM – [groups/organizations]

Probably Stan and Sandy Ide -  ICM -  1990-1991? – also in group picture.

Aurora 1992? picture of Inter-Collegiate Ministries picturing:

Sandy Ide, Alan Pefley, Chad Kingley, Traci Rininger, Attigre Rahman, Stan Ide, Amy Bolton, Barbi Hyre, Joi Stegall, Laura Bartley, Marcie Moller, Jennifer Allison, Jennifer Terry, Cheryl Pearson, Jennifer Wade, Tanya Moore, Valerie Van Voorhis, Angie Ruby, Jeffrey Si zemore, Kim Miller, Tami Bradborn, Matt Gustafson, Kraig Thompson, Nick Nordmann, Chad Sommers, Doug Shimer, Fay Earl, Jeremy Rodman, Jim Story.


Folder #10 – January trip 1981 – 1982.


Folder #11 – John Johnson – candidate for Governor, with Chad Secrist and H. Dean Evans – Aurora 1992.


Folder #12 - Possibly Jim Leachman?


Folder #13 – Administration

A picture that includes President Schwalm, Garver (as Dean), R. H. Miller, Hoff, and Holl.

A picture of what might be the Board of Trustees (circa the 1950’s?) [small]

A group of men sitting around a table in a well appointed office.  Included is President Helman , Church of the Brethren leader, (Paul?) Robinson (President of Bethany Theological Seminary in Chicago?).  On the verso the image is labeled , Campaign-  1960. Perhaps these men were the leaders of the fundraising drive?

Picture of Paul Robinson at a reception.


Folder #14 – Mabel Hoff.


Folder #15 – Train and railroad stop in North Manchester.  Circa the 1920’s?


Folder #16 – Unidentified female employees  spanning decades ( 1920’s – 1960’s?)– some might have been student workers?


Folder #17 – Plan of Campus Development – 1965.


Folder #18 unidentified pictures of students circa - the 1970’s – 1980’s? – and perhaps the 1990’s.


Folder #19

Phi Kappa Ma Banquet, 19 March 1938, Manchester College.


Folder #20 – 1975 President’s Reception – which under the leadership of Patricia Helman – was a comedic musical extravaganza that included faculty and staff. Included in photos is Pat Helman, Scott Strode and Paul Keller, Joyce Leckrone and June Enoch.


Folder #21 –  Science Related Pictures

Strange Bedfellows – Science Symposium circa 1936. Fred Hoover, Robert McCune, Clarence Neher, Zara Welch, Don Pletcher, Robert Hoover, Welcome Weaver, and  Hoy McIntire. Eight MC science majors attended a science symposium in Indianapolis (circa 1936).  Two from this group registered at the hotel and were followed by a slow infiltration of the other six into one room with two beds, a cost-saving technique.  McIntire, the Aurora photographer, used an Aurora timer, set the camera, jumped into bed, and was photographed with fellow students.


Bill Eberly, September 1958 –  Professor Eberly and Genetics class visiting Dr. J. J. Muller at I. U. Bloomington, Indiana.

Physiology lab in Hol- Kintner Hall of Science.

Hanging Rock near Lagro, Indiana.

A wolf visits the Conservation Class S100 in the Holl-Kintner Hall of Science.


Folder #22 – Photo taken by Kraig Scattarella.  Picture is labeled, “Engedaw Seraw, the uncle of Mulugeta Seraw, is guarded by the Portland SWAT team during Metzgers’ trial.  Cneter attorneys got similar protection from possible skinhead attacks.


Folder #23

Cover photo to Spectrum, Aurora 1992.


Folder #24a– Students

Students moving into or out of the dorm – circa the 1950’s.

Women in what is probably Oakwood Hall – circa the 1950’s? In one picture the girls are eating treats.


Jean Rhoads 1965, in Food Service.

Picture of Dan Huffman.

Portrait of Scherri Good.

Unidentified female swimmer.

Brian Hole (MC Class of 1986) instructing a young swimmer in the pool.

Pat Proctor, Peggy Gilbert , and Colleen Brennan, Aurora 1992.

Psychology instructor and student, circa 1968-1969?

Travis Kuhn.

Torin Eikenberry in Strasbourg.

Two unidentified photographs of female students.


Students in student organization office?

Group of students circa late 1940’s – 1950’s (saddle shoes and bobby socks).

Five students, very professional looking – perhaps the debate team?  Picture taken by the news bureau at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana.

Three men, perhaps students and faculty at what has been identified as “Camp Mack.” Individuals are holding notebooks.  Seminar?

Two students working at a chalkboard (circa 1980’s?).

One student assisting in a registration process (circa the 1970’s?)


Folder #24b – Unidentified student head shots.


Folder #25 – Nicaragua – Jan Term

These three pictures might have been from a January term trip to Nicaragua led by Professor Ken Brown (circa 1989-1990-1991?). One appears to be a Sandinista inspired sculpture.  In another picture, John Keller is identified.


Folder #26 – Barbeque

Two pictures of meat on the grill.  One includes students, a child, and perhaps a professor.   Another, larger image, includes children and young adults and perhaps a hungry Bill Eberly (biting into sandwich).


Folder #26 – Park scene with older automobiles (circa 1950’s) and people eating in pavilion– perhaps this is Warvel Park in the Town of North Manchester?  In one picture children are playing on a merry-go-round. 


Folder #27 –  Two photographs – Probably at time of graduation.  

One picture is dated 30 May 1955 and has the following written on verso.  “Two large vases just at the edge of the curtains.  Two mikes and podium and table.  The stage was a trifle larger than necessary for the orchestra to the south and A Cappella to the north. Upstairs (home) runner over the cords for walking.  The one center blue strip should have been over to the side – too dark.  Peonies were main flowers – with beauty bresh.  Ma--- had charge.  Mrs. Conkling helped.  Dr. Orpurt helped on Baccalaureate.  Flowers were beautiful.


The second picture is dated, “Stage 1956” and is described  - “Long table, lecturn, two mikes, 14 chairs, band and choir. Flowers – glads and spirea – one center, at edge of curtains (tall) one each corner.”


Folder #28 – Dispensary  - circa the 1950’s?


Folder #29 – United Nations Plaza, E. 44th and 1st Ave., New York City.


Folder #30 – Reunions

Family reunion or alumni reunion taken on 9 May 1965 by Lloyd Hoff, Hoff Photo Lab.

The oak leaves as nametags would indicate that this is an alumni reunion.  The photograph is dated 20 October 1962.  In the picture is President Emeritus Vernon Schwalm [viewer’s far left standing in front of door]and Andrew Cordier [if Vernon Schwalm was man #1 then Cordier would be Man #5 – near the center].


Folder #31 – Driver’s education vehicle at Manchester College, circa the 1950’s.


Folder #32 – Photographs of Calvin Ulrey – trustee (1931-1943?)and MC benefactor.

An older picture, of a much younger man, previously accessioned as MC2004/569 #2, might also be that of Calvin Ulrey.  It will now be kept with MU2013/157 in Folder #32 until further identification can be made. Note also: Folder #32 is too wide to fit normally into the box.  Look on the box’s interior side.


Folder #33 – Ditch Day and Pranks – circa the 1920’s and then circa 1950-1951 and 1981-1982.

Furniture piled high on campus lawn for “Ditch Day.”

1928 picture of open fire hydrants.  If memory serves, sometimes, during Freshmen initiation and/or Ditch Day, the water to these hydrants would be turned on and student battles would take place.  More information is needed in order to validate this story. In one photograph, it looks like the men at the hydrant have similar hats or helmits? Maybe this was actually a legitimate exercise by the fire department?

Probably a picture of students crossing the Kenapocomo (Eel River).


Folder #34 –  Social Conscience and Peace Related

Student with Strasbourg t-shirt shitting in front of pages and listing various topics for discussion that include: Discussion Day, Counseling, Speakers, Movies, Oak Leaves, joint ventures with other groups – and speakers - William Coffin, Peg Frantz, Yvonne Dilling, etc. This appears to be a planning session.  The fireplace she sits on might be at Camp Mack.  Perhaps this was a planning retreat?


Probably a picture of the Peace Studies office with peace and love banners and a student lying on sofa.  Peace sign. Circa the 1970’s.

Aurora picture circa 1991 – a dorm room being painted - peace and love signs – and the word “Ike.”

Peace Studies contact sheets circa 1976-1977, Yvonne Dilling appears to be in the checkered shirt and bandanna. Yvonne was an MC alumna and activist in Nicaragua, etc.


What are probably student volunteers repairing a home (perhaps following tornado?) – circa the 1970’s?


What appears to be an important female speaker in a small group setting and also photographed during an interview with channel 15.


On-stage photograph of students and leader.


Folder #35 – PERC addition event with Parker Marden. – Snapshot.


Folder #36 – These pictures were in envelope marked “coach.” They are snapshots capturing bowling, sailboats and water, hot air balloons, students on a retreat/trip?, interior of a home with woman and cat, the toilet-papering of a yard, a bride and friends, squirrel and other cats -  and were taken circa 1977, 1984 and 1989.


Folder #37 – Identified and unidentified students from various years– with some faculty/staff. Dates in list are taken from back of photograph and should be checked before publishing.  Sometimes these dates have been found to be wrong.

Cynthia Kunzman, Aurora 1989.

Deb Plunkett Lahman.

Johnny Piper – MC Football 1929-1932.

Pat King.

Roger Murphy, Chad Berry, Tim Maddix, Brad Knoy, Jeff Gorrell, Bennett Summersett, Drexel Houston, Colin Hindman, Adam Smith, Dustin Winkles, Chase Anderson, Chanse Young, Antone Allen, Courtney Harris, Lyle Aulwurm, Eric Wickersham, Ryan Gingerich, Heminger.

Faculty-Staff – Basketball, 1981-1982 – coach?

Peg Lahman.

Woman standing in front of the Union.

Betty Clark – coach.

Basketball negatives.

Women’s baseball.

Women’s basketball.

Track and field pictures.

“Powder Puff” football game – Homecoming Week.

Another football picture including women and men.

“Powder-Puff” football game 0 October 1989.

Batman – women in batman shirts holding tennis rackets.

Men’s basketball

Men in weight room.

Track – with coaches John Schultz, Lana Groombridge and Mark Niswonger – see 1985 Aurora, p. 61 for identifications.

Professor Jo Ann DuPont (Business), Business Education Secretaries Organization (BESO) - see 1985 Aurora, p. 83 for identifications.

Melissa Miller [ 1986-1987] career scoring record for women’s basketball.

Penny Rosdill – track picture.

Assistant football coaches – Niswonger (at chalk board), Max Bollinger (w/hat) – mid 1980’s.

Professor Stan Beery, upon move from Holl-Kintner to the new science center.

Large photograph of 4 students? Circa the 1960’s.  One female student is Janet Allen, daughter of Professor Max Allen and Sallie Allen. Janet Allen was a member of MC Class of 1964.

Snapshot of Loreen Sroufe? Snapshot of Gerry Longenecker.  Faculty/Staff persons.


Folder #38 –Faculty, Staff and Students from various years. Dates in list are taken from back of photograph and should be checked before publishing.  Sometimes these dates have been found to be wrong.

Man in office with typewriter.

Two women – Faculty/Staff 1979-1980 and 1982-1983.

Man – circa the 1950’s.

Faculty/Staffs in Petersime lounge 1972-1973.

Students in Petersime lounge.

Man in office labeled as “Faculty” 1980-1981.

Portraits of unidentified faculty/staff from various years.

Small dorm and possibly library and other picture.

Pictures from Europe including an older woman making lace (postcard).

Happy couple on sofa.

Woman with children identified as Faculty/Staff 1982-1983.

Two women.

Recognition Dinner 1980-1981.

Instructor sitting on desk – 1976?

Faculty 1983-1984 sitting on the front porch of Oakwood.

Clerical worker (student?) circa the 1950’s with older telephone and Royal typewriter equipment.

Health Services – including nurse and Faculty/Staff.

Male Faculty/Staff or student clerical worker at desk.

Barbara Houser at desk.

Other pictures.


Folder #39 – Head Over Heels – students doing gymnastic stunts. Pictures circa 1986-1988 includes Joe Spencer, Al Tripp, Dan See and Nathan Cook.


Folder #40 – Paul (Dad) Grandstaff and students at his home.  Student in foreground with “Dad” is Steve Hammer – circa 1975-1976. Picture of pond with male and female students close together.


Folder #41 – Speakers and Performers

Musicians playing on stage – saxophone, drums,  electric guitars.

Male actor on stage.  The set is a typewriter, desk, chair – office setting.  Many crumpled pages are strewn on the floor.


Folder #42 – Student s and Activities

·         Student with pie smashed on face.

·         Students playing pinball in Union – circa 1978-1979.

·         “Spartan Cue” circa 1970-1971 – male students running into Eel River {Kenapocomoco].

·         1976 Mock Democratic Convention.

·         Nancy Berner, Toni Short, Jennifer VanderReyden (VonderReyden?).


Folder #43 - Most of these photographs are unidentified and were taken at Rice photography studio in North Manchester, Indiana.  They are probably pictures of Manchester College or Manchester College’s Academy students and were probably taken prior to 1940. One – if the identification of Alice King Ebey is correct, might have been photographed between 1895 and 1900. A few wedding portraits are included.  Picture MC2004/569 of a man in Church of the Brethren garb and beard, is now located with Folder #43.


There is a nice older photograph of 4 men, a female accompanist, and a “clavichord(?)”  Is this a MA male quartet?


A postcard containing the banner, “Ohio,” probably pictures all the students at Manchester from that state.

A group picture dated by hand, 1894, was taken in Angola, Indiana.  Might this be a picture taken of North Manchester College students before the arrival of President E. S. Young?  Angola seems a long way for students to travel – or maybe the photographer traveled here?


Those identified are:


This photograph might be of Alice King Ebey and if so, would have been taken between 1895 and 1900.  Alice King Ebey came to Manchester to assist in teaching with President E. S. Young . Adam was a student of Alice’s in the early years of Manchester College under the presidency of Young.  Adam attended Manchester from 1896-1899.  In 1900 the Ebey’s were married and traveled to India where they served as missionaries for the Church of the Brethren.


Roy Rhoades and Chlora Rhodes (Class of 1917 and Class of 1916 respectively) from the collection of Edith Weybright Huber.


Edith Weybright Huber graduated in the MC Class of 1919.  This picture postcard of a young woman and child in a surrey may or may not be a photograph of Edith.  See also MC2004/239.


Mrs. A. D. Helser (A.D. was a member of the MC Class of 1919). This photograph of Mrs. Helser was taken June 1918 when she was 17 years old. She and A. D. Helser married and served as missionaries in Nigeria, Africa.


Galen Kinzie, Taken July 1929 Roy Bellinger, Ray Lamb, Ruth Bellini? and Eleanor Thompson at Ruth and Rick’s? wedding in 1932. Archivist cannot locate these names in the MC alumni directory. Misspelled?


Folder #44 – Buildings and Classrooms


·         A photograph of an original that shows Manchester College in 1900.  The buildings consisted of the College Chapel, Bumgerdner Hall and Oakwood Hall.


·         A photo of a picture of an original that was taken, circa 1921.  At least 425 people decided that May Day was a good time for a photograph.  The “prop” is the Administration Building, which was then the main classroom building and the hub of campus life.


·         A photograph that has been printed in a publication showing older cards (Model A’s? ot T’s?) parked on an athletic field with a game of baseball?  In the background.


·         Classroom – a photograph of maypole dancers over the chalkboard might help to date this picture.


·         Classroom with wooden tables – and a sign on a door “Psychology Laboratory Room 212.” Take note of the book covers and advertisements for electronic equipment on the bulletin board. (circa the 1950’s?).


·         Photograph of Administration  Building at Homecoming 1941? (The 1941 football doesn’t appear to have been sewn in place. Part of words, written in cursive, we hung above.  Some of the words fell down, but here is what can be read, “By thine adversaries, Sons of Valp, [you shalt?} be consumed.”


·         Aunt Ida Hornish in a group picture. On the verso, “This group was whole college group at one time. Manchester College.”  Ina Hornish received a BA from MC in 1921. Della Lehman ( front row 4th person from viewer’s right) is designated as a “Student Teacher” on p. 24 of the 1921 Aurora. Aunt Ida has an x under her first row image.


·         Trees and snow on what MIGHT be the college campus.  Location unknown.


·         Students working on what appear to be sign-boards on the ground outside of a building.


·         Oakwood Hall. 1928.


·         Picture of a building on campus that looks to have been taken from the branches of trees.


Folder #45 – North Ward School - slide of a photograph of the elementary children and staff at North Ward School.



Folder 46 - Individuals working in campus office spaces. Note antiquated office equipment.



Folder #47 – Probably student pictures –unidentified – that span the years.


·         Two women dressed as “Gypsy Gals.”  Found in 1928 Aurora.  R. J. Plunkett was the owner.

·         A staged group of females, most holding flowers.  One appears to be making lace or “tatting.”  She seems to be the main character. There are other handmade feminine crafts.


·         A group of students standing on steps in “April.”


·         Four “flappers” with bobbed hair.


·         A group of women standing outside of a home with one older man an done older woman.


·         Two “flappers” walking on campus.


·         One “flapper” with bobbed hair sanding with her arm around an older woman.


·         Student portraits.


·         Group of students in costumes at an event in the gym.


·         Male and female group standing under basketball hoop in the gym.


Folder #48

Group of older women walking on the sidewalk at Peabody retirement home– 1939.

Grave marker with the name, “Stratton.”

Four older adults standing in front of the TImbercrest retirement center sign.  They are Clara Hartsough, Wilbur Barnhart, Lillian Grisso and Kathryn Garner.

A man and woman (probably husband and wife) standing in front of a house.

One older woman greeting another older woman at a doorway.

An unidentified portrait of a man.

An unidentified picture of a woman sitting at a desk –Hoff Photo Lab,13 November 1962.

An older man holding a bible – picture by Lloyd Hoff, Hof Photo Lab.


Folder #49 – Photographs that have been printed in publications or cards.

One “Seasons Greetings, from our house to your house” card featuring two women sitting with dog in front of a fireplace.

One image of the teachers and children of the “College Training School.”

One interior shot of a woman’s dorm room with guitar, rocking chair, bad post, table, hurricane lamp, lace curtains, and female student in long dress.  One picture of a student group (with faculty member in center?).

One spread from an “Aurora” that shows interesting scenes from campus life as well as President OTho Winger on a fishing trip.


Folder #50 – Other – and guesses.

Group of students and others that might be watching a sports event?  It was taken 24 September 1963 by Hoff Photo Lab. Hoff was a professor on campus who was interested in photography and took many pictures.

Women seated behind a table that has been decorated.

Woman appearing in what might be a fashion show.

Students or alumni sitting in chairs on the grounds in front of the Administration Building.

Photograph of a photograph showing a farm scene.

Picture of a river titled, “Along the Hogback.”

Man and woman standing on stairs.

Group of what might be campers in the country – circa the 1950’s?

Brick building – factory in town of North Manchester? Foundry?

Exterior of home and place of business? With cards.

War memorial? – Perhaps European?

A group of pictures that might have been taken in Germany or Europe following WWII.  A series look like images of what might have been an improvised bomb shelter.  A “Family?” group is dressed in a European manner.

People standing on the outside of a churh.

A woman standing under a type of outside pagoda structure.

Four students? or individuals at a table in front of candelabra and pictures of Jesus Christ.

Date of Accession01 January 2014
Archivist NoteDescription prepared 8 January 2014 by Jeanine M. Wine.

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