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Accession #MU2014/51
TopicFootball: 50th Anniversary Celebration
Title50 Years of Football at Manchester College
LocationSlides are located in Large Box (IS, Unit #7) with multiple accession numbers. Slide scans located on Archives Network [W:] in folder titled [Slide Scans].
Citation50 Years of Football at Manchester College, MU2014/51, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceColleciton of the Archives
Scope and Content

Slides offering images for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Manchester College Football, highlighted at Homecoming 12 October 1954. Slides have been scanned and can be found on Archives Network [W:] in folder titled [Slide Scans].

50th Anniversary Celebration of MC Football;Homecoming 10/12/1974

Sheet One

  • img001_Coach Carl Burt 1925-1942.

  • img002_Football game in progress.

  • img003_1924-1929 slides.

  • img004_1924 Football poster.

  • img005_1924 team.

  • img006_1925 team.

  • img007_1926 players Evans, Longecker, and Logan.

  • img008_Snow Evans 1926-28.

  • img009_1927 game.

  • img010_Robert Tully 1927-1930.

  • img011_1928 game.

  • img012_1929 game. Chapman getting ready to pass.

  • img013_Everett Chapman 1929-32.

  • img014_1930-1934 slides.

  • img015_1930 game.

  • img016_1931 team.

  • img017_1932 On the field pictures. Probably an Aurora page.

  • img018_Arther Denlinger 1932.

  • img019_1933 team pictures. Probably an Aurora page.

  • img020_1934 team.


    Sheet Two

  • img021_1943 Henry Watts.

  • img022_Herb Banet 1934-1936.

  • img023_1935-1939 Slides

  • img024_1935 team line up.

  • img025_1936 game.

  • img026_1937 game Probably an Aurora page.

  • img027_1938 football field. Probably an Aurora page.

  • img028_1939 football team pictures. Probably an Aurora page.

  • img029_1939 un-named football player.

  • img030_1940-1944 slides.

  • img031_1941 game.

  • img032_1942 team-names listed below.

  • img033_1943 team.

  • img034_1944 team.

  • img035_1945-1949 slides.

  • img036_1945 game.

  • img037_Coach Phil Kammerer 1945-46.

  • img038_1946 game.

  • img039_1947 game.

  • img040_Harold Swanson 1947-48


    Sheet Three

  • img041_1948 football team pictures. Probably an Aurora page.

  • img042_1949 game.

  • img043_Paul McPherson 1949-50. Three men in thispicture; McPherson is probably the one in the middle.

  • img044_1950-1954 slides.

  • img045_1950 team-names listed below.

  • img046_1951 team-names listed below.

  • img047_Bill Holford 1915-55.

  • img048_1952 game.

  • img049_1953 team pictures. Probably an Aurora page.

  • img050_1955-1959 slides.

  • img051_1954 team-names listed below.

  • img052_1955 team-names listed below.

  • img053_1956 football players and names. Probablyan Aurora page.

  • img054_Burr Weddle 1956-61.

  • img055_1957 players.

  • img056_1958 players. Probably an Aurora page.

  • img057_1959 game. Probably an Aurora page.

  • img058_1960-1964 slides.

  • img059_1960 game.

  • img060_1961 football picture. Probably an Aurora page.


    Sheet Four

  • img061_1962 game.

  • img062_Jack Jarrett 1962-present. Slide was madein 1974 and not sure when he retired from Manchester.

  • img063_1963 team-names listed above.

  • img064_1964 game.

  • img065_1965-1969 slides. At some point someonecolored on half the slide which is why it looks the way it does. It was not ascanner malfunction.

  • img066_1965 game. Probably an Aurora page.

  • img067_1966 game. Probably an Aurora page.

  • img068_1967 team-names listed above.

  • img069_1968 football players sitting on thesidelines.

  • img070_1969 lineup.

  • img071_1969 players running out of locker roomto start game.

  • img072_1970-1974 slides.

  • img073_1970 game.

  • img074_1971 players trying to catch football.

  • img075_1972 player catching football. Probablyan Aurora page.

  • img076_Fred Bullock 1972.

  • img077_1972 team-names listed below.

  • img078_Sam Lower 1973.

  • img079_No date football gear.

  • img080_No date football players.

Date of Accession01 April 2014
Archivist NoteDescription prepared by student assistant, Kelley Brenneman, and edited on 1 April 2014 by Jeanine M. Wine.

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