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Accession #BC2014/10a-g
TopicSouth Central District: Collection of Materials
TitleSouth Central District of the Church of the Brethren Materials
LocationVarious locations depending on topic. Location noted with each description
CitationSouth Central District of the Church of the Brethren Materials, BC2014/10a-g, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceThese materials were found in the South Central Indiana District Office of the Church of the Brethren during a facility organization and clean-up by the MU Archivist and members of the COB district Historical Committee.
Scope and Content

Folder BC2010/10a – Notebook

“Funerals at Eel River Church, October 24, 1897 – February 28, 1937,” recorded in a notebook by Mrs. George Tridle (Sarah Ulrey) and transcribed by Keith E. Ross (Keith Ross), Sarah Ulrey’s  grandson.  Mrs. Ulrey has compiled a wealth of information including name, death date and age, along with other pieces of information.

Another section of the notebook contains “Obituaries from North Manchester Area,” collected by Lizzie T. Ross and compiled by Keith E. Ross, January 1981. This is an extensive collection of obituaries and may need digitization so that copies might be made available to the North Manchester Center for History and to the public library.

Location - This notebook will be filed with Eel River Church of the Brethren materials in COB, South-Central District filing cabinet drawers.  Congregations are filed in alphabetical order. A list of names is included in the Biographical/Historical Note section of this accession page.


Folder BC2010/10b – Vision and Ministry for the 1990s, A Guide for Congregational Planning,” Shirlely Heckman, Brethren Press, Elgin, Illinois.  Located in COB General Filing Cabinet in alphabetical order: Congregational Planning.


Folder BC2010/10c – “Addiction, A Well-kept Secret Among the Brethren,” Substance Abuse Task Group, A Program of the Association of Brethren Caregivers. Location - COB General Filing Cabinet in alphabetical order: Addiction.


Folder BC2010/10d – South/Central Indiana District publication, “Memo” – newsletter published the Summer of 2006.  It features the Indiana Historical Bureau presenting a historical marker to the Town of North Manchester. The honor commemorates the social and economic impact of the Brethren’s Annual Meetings in North Manchester in 1878, 1888, and 1900 (see photograph from 1900 meeting from recent donation MU2014/82.   Location - COB General Filing Cabinet in alphabetical order: Annual Meeting.


Folder BC2010/10e – Brethren History with Bill Eberly, is an outline for a series of seven video tapes produced as part of a program for the development of leadership within the Church of the Brethren.  It is part of a training program of the South/Central Indiana District known as the “Academy for Church Leadership.” Location - COB General Filing Cabinet in alphabetical order: Brethren History.


Folder BC2010/10f – Materials related to the “Brethren Church” which is related to, but separate from the “Church of the Brethren.”

“The Opportunity of the Brethren Church in the Modern Religious World,” by Professor Alva J. McClain, Th.M. – “The Moderator’s address at the Forty-second General Conference of the Brethren church convened at Winona Lake, Indiana, August 25 – September 1, 1930.”

“Statement by The District Conference of Brethren Churches of Southern California, approved in regular session July 23, 1938.”

“Open Letters, (1) To Elder Charles A. Bame, Replying To His Moderator’s Address Entitled, The Whole Gospel, Delivered at the Southeastern District Conference of The Brethren Churches on June 7, 1938,” by Elder Louis S. Bauman.

 “Open Letters, (2) To Elder William S. Bell, Author of the Leaflet, Who Are the Disturbers of Peace In the Brethren Church?” by Elder Louis S. Bauman

Location - COB General Filing Cabinet in alphabetical order: Brethren Church.


Folder BC2010/10g – Issue of “Church of the Brethren Central Region Herald,” April 1965, Volume 13, Number 2. Among other topics this publication details, “Recommendation to the Districts of Central Region, Adopted by the Regional Board, 1 March 1965 – Be it hereby resolved by the Central Region Board, Church of the Brethren, Inc., that we recommend to the eight districts of this region, in their respective 965 District Conferences assembled, that they authorize the Board to terminate the Central Region Office and Program on or September 30, 1966.  Along with this recommendation is background material along with history of how the districts of the Central Region operate and were formed.

Location – COB Filing Cabinet in alphabetical order: Central Region.

Date of Accession30 June 2014
Bio History Note

Eel River Church of the Brethren Notebook – funerals and obituaries – sometimes names are typed different ways to facilitate the internet search process:

Most of these burials are in the Ulrich Memorial Cemetery located adjacent to the Eel River Church of the Brethren which is located 2 ½ miles west State of Road #13 on State Road #14 in Jackson Township, Kosciuko County, Indiana.

Funerals -

Estella Neal, Joseph Stunp, Susan Ulrey, Sarah Priser, Joseph’s child (Dorsey Metzger), Della Roy Ulrey, Mrs. Joseph Stunp, Joseph Fruit, Jacob Fruit’s child, Mary Cripe, James Brandenburg, Joseph Metzger, Samuel Metzger’s child, Paul Metzger, Samuel Croup, Mary Ann Miller, Cora Neal, Nick Hay’s child, Paul Leahmar, Alvin Miller, Abraham Montel, Mary Ann Metzger, Sophia Leckron, Samuel Stahl, Hazel Viola Metzger, Magdalina Montel, Metsey Metzger, Lell Armey’s child, Charles Fisher’s child, John Oard, Mary Boyer’s child, Geo Leah Mars’ child, Mary Heeter, Catharine Lechron, Mrs. Peter Miller, Sarah Flora, Sarah Leckron, Rosa Neal, Roy Micheal’s child, Daniel Sinton, Elmer Neal’s child, Faniel Burket’s child, Rosa Adams, Mrs. Isaac Adams, Joseph Ulrey, Luis Army (Lewis Army), Isaac Adams, Stephen Ulrey, Marilla Leckron, Martha Army, Glenn Boyer, Mary Wagner, Enoch Snell, Mary A. Sinton (Mary Sinton), Anna Miller, Betty Ulrey, Catharine Annis, SIm Trump, Oscar Hardman, Dorsy Metzger, John Landis, Samuel Cripe, Susan Roland, Martha Arnold, Lizzie Stahl, Catharine Haines Miller (Cathern Haines Miller, Cathern Miller), Jacob Ulrey, Stephen Fisher, Anna Metzger, Lena Neal (Magdalena Neal), Barbara Buttebaugh (Barbara Metterbaugh?), Willie Fultz, Lucinda Miller, Henry Clymer, Fern Metzger, Brace Wirth (Brace Worth?), William Wertenberger, Giels Miller (Giles Miller), Charley Sinten, Noah Butterbaugh, Sarah Denny, Sarah Jane Camel, Mary Weaver, Catharine Sinton, Wilbur Hay (Willard Hay?), Catharine Hay (Kathryn Hay?), Sarah Ulrey, S. S. Ulrey, Ivan Dilts, Ellen Heeter, George Washington Droud, Elmer Neal, Hannah Ulrey, Ebzie Wilson’s baby, Jasper Juseph Fruit, Sanford Clymer’s baby, Betsy Haines, Lyda wife of Albert Lague (Lyda Lague), Sarah Workman, Sanford Clymer’s child, David Dillman, Lyda Leah, Susan Ulrey, Howard Metzger’s child, Nora Shireman, Emma Baker, Samuel P. Miller, Catherine Swihart, Jacob T. Ulrey (Jacob Ulrey), Monroe Krider, Gabriel Ulrey, Flancie Shireman (Flancie Smith?), George Beigh, Christian Fruit, Charlotte Leckron, Gerald Leroy Metzger, Marion Lesster Isenberger, Roy Michel’s baby, Mary wife of Henry Clymer (Mary Clymer), Mary Ann Sinton, Elizabeth Metzger, Fanny Fruit (Francis Fruit or Frances Fruit?), Mary West, Howard Forest Michels, Howard Forest Nichels?, John R. Fisher (John Fisher), Solomon Leckron, Samuel Haines, Anna Montel, W. F. Neal, Jacob Fruit, Infant son Walter and Mary Metzger (Walter Metzger), John W. Ulrey (John Ulrey), Evertt Max Ross, Hannah Droud, Sarah wife Jacob Brendenburg (Jacob Brandenburg?) (Sarah Brendenburg)(Sara Brandenburg?), Infant daughter Milton and Lizzie Carlen, Sarah Fisher, Henry Colpetzher, Edward James Beigh, Carles Neal, Elva Grahan, Groves Huffman’s child, Jacob Brendenburg (Jacob Brandenburg?), Alvin Denny, Gladys Irine Brandenburg, Elmer Clyde Pyle, Infant daughter of Deffenbaugh, Jacob W. Heeter (Jacob Heeter), Elzie Ann Neal Wilson, George Isenberger, Mary Ellen Miller, Mary Ann Ulrey, Sallie Cripe (Salome Cripe?), Cora Finton, Frank Denny, Mary Elta wife of Peter Leckrone (Mary Elta Leckrone), Ira Beigh, Richard A. Nicholas (Richard Nicholas), infant child of George Lamers, Hugh Neer, Child of Percy Pigeon, Mary Snell Bessie Sausaman (Bessie Saucerman?), George Hardman, William Vance, Liz Krider (Mary E. Kreiter, Mary Kreiter?), Lib Huffman, Lizzie Perry, Lester Merl Shull, Raymon Metzger, Lydia Brandburg (Lydia Brandenburg?), David Miller, John Sinton, Harvy Brandenburg, Lib Miller, Sylva Brooks, William Ennis, Mary Matson, Randel Defenbaugh, Paul Montel, Cora Miller, William Isenberger, Mag Paulus, Joe Blucher, Peggy Colpetzger (Margaret Colpetzger?), Lizzie Ulrey, Martha Ross, Sarah A. Pflerderer (Sarah Pflerderer), Lizzie Iseberger, Anna Gage Fruit, Infant child of Arlie Tully, Samuel Metzger, Susan Priser, Sue Metzger, Eve Elnora Auginbaugh (Eve Auginbaugh), Rayman Leiter, Daniel Burket, Nicolas Hay, A. A> Ulrey, Polly Isenberger, Wilbur Ulrey, Samuel Leckron, Dain Unay, Winburn Caron’s Twin boys, William L. Miller (William Miller), Clara Miller, Hershel Brenderburg (Hershel Brandenburg?), Barbara Ulrey, Isadora Pottenger, Mrs. James Fisher, Peter Leckron, Abraham Metzger, Jacob N. Miller (Jacob Miller), Emanujel Leckron, Robert Brandenburg, Ion Roudabush, Phebe E. Ulrey (Phebe Ulrey), Ernest Sauserman, Levi Fruit, Ina Fruit, Randel Crill, Eli Ulrey, Cassie wife of Calvin Perry (Cassie Perry), Mary Ulrey, Rachel Miller, Louis Metzger, Charles Montel, Jacob Boyer, Kenneth Lee Miller, Joseph Ulrey, S. J. Fisher, Barbara Ulrey, Sarah Jane Ulrey, John Montel, Issac Ulrey, Mary Jane Ulrey, Hennita Neer, Roby.

Obituary for Ivan Klinger Dilts, son of Charles and Martha Dilts.

Mrs. William Bussard who appears to be Ruth Layton Bussard (Ruth Bussard) married to William Grover Bussard.

Note: George Tridle (1854-1934) was the sexton of this church for over thirty years.


Obituaries from North Manchester Area, Collected by Lizzie T. Ross (Lizzie Ross) – sometimes names are typed different ways to facilitate the internet search process:


Gracy M. Armey (Grace Armey), Lawrence Auker, Etherl Mae Baker (Ethel Baker), Jacob Emery Baker (Jacob Emery), Roy Bayman, Catherine Beigh Metzger (Catherine Metzger), Hilda Beigh Hardman (Hilda Hardman), Maude Beigh, Lera Bentz, Susis Elizabeth Bingaman Shively (Susie Shively), Kittie Brallier, Harry Brand, Donna Brandenburg Jenkins (Donna Jenkins), Klara Anna Breitkopf, Bertha Brubaker Eikenberry (Bertha Eikenberry), Elizabeth Buckingham Wolfe (Elizabeth Wolfe), Cora C. Burkett Colpetzer (Cora Colpetzer), Elizabeth T. Burkhart, Ollie Burkhart, Walter H. Bussard (Walter Bussard), Gorman Butterbaugh, Roy Butterbaugh, Elsie M. Carey (Elsie Carey), Elizabeth Carlin, Effie M. Carns Norris (Effie Norris), Artie Carr, Lucy D. Carr Vrooman (Lucy Vrooman), Georgia Cline, Cora Colpetzer, Clara Cory, Pearl Craig, Dennis Cripe, Emma V. Cripe (Emma Cripe), Freeman Cripe, Nora A. Cripe (Nora Crips), Marybelle Crist Merkle (Marybelle Merkle), Axie E. Cross Landis (Axie Landis), Clara A. Culler Hartsough (Clara Hartsough), Mildred Custer Metzger (Mildred Metzger), Kittie Danner Brallier (Kittie Brallier), Jeanettie Darkwood Krauter (Jeanettie Krauter), Drva K. Deaton (Erva Deaton), Elizabeth Drudge, Fred Ebbinghous, Levi Eberly, Mary E. Eberly (Mary Eberly), Bertha J. Eikenberry (Bertha Eikenberry), Elizabeth R. Eikenberry (Elizabeth Eikenberry), Stuart Emmons, Elmer Fisher, Lydia Fisher Stevens (Lydia Stevens), Grace Dox, Ezra Frantz, Emma Freed, Virgil Freed, Klara Anna Friedrick Breitkopf (Klara Breitkopf), Frank Fruit, Herman Fultz, Gertrude Garner Rupley (Gertrude Rupley), Ina A. Gilbert (Ina Gilbert), Erma Goehler, Lillian Grisson, Alma Hanawalt, Ford Hardman, Hilda Hardman, Clara Hartsough, Erenest R. Hartsough (Ernest Hartsough), Harvey Hartsough, Harold Heald, Clara Heckman, Eva M. Heckman (Eva Heckman), Merl Heckman, Viola Heeter, Clarence Helvery, Georgia E. Hinkle Cline (Georgia Cline), Elaine A. Hoffman (Elaine Hoffman), Audra Hoover Shanahan (Audra Shanahan), Bessie May Hoppus Ulrey (Bessis Ulrey), Eva M. Hunter Heckman (Eva Heckman), Elmedia Idle, Donna Belle Jenkins, Benjamin Jontz, Etherl M. Juday (Ethel Juday), Lera Judy Bentz (Lera Bentz), Cora Mae Karn Skiles (Cora Skiles), Nellie Kester, Mary Kindley Meadows (Mary Meadows), Jeanettie Krauter, Erva Kreiter Deaton (Erva Deaton), Burrel O. Kyler (Burrel Kyler), Axie Landis, Kate Landis, Paul Landis, Henry Larrew, Lester Lehman, Bessie Linn Newly (Bessie Newly), Ernest Lowe, Jerry Maloy, Kate Marin Landis (Kate Landis), Nellie Mathews, Ina A. McFarland Gilbert (Ina Gilbert), Nancy Linnie McGregor, Mary K. Meadows (Mary Meadows), Maybelle Merkle, Almedia Metzger Idle (Almedia Idle), Anne Metzger, Catherine Metzger, Ella Metzger, James Metzger, Kenneth Metzger, Marie Metzger Smith (Marie Smith), Mildred Metzger, Walter C. Metzger (Walter Metzger), Nina Metzler Weaver (Nina Weaver), Chester Miller, Edith Alice Miller, Elizabeth Miller Carlin (Elizabeth Carlin), Elizabeth Miller Judy (Elizabeth Judy), Emma Miller Freed (Emma Freed), Emma Miller Teeter (Emma Teeter) Mary Ellen Miller, Mary Alice Montel Pyle (Mary Pyle), Amanda Mowan Snell (Amanda Snell) Della Naber, Erma Naber Goehlor (Erma Goehlor), Clara Neal Cory (Clara Cory), Merl Newby, Jr., Merl Newby, Sr., Mrs. Merl, Sr., Dale Parker, Clara E. Pfleiderer Simmons (Clara Simmons), Herbert L. Priser (Herbert Priser), Guy Purdy, Mary Alice Pyle, Emma Reiff Cripe (Emma Cripe), Harbert H. Richards (Harbert Richards), Glea Richer, Elsie M. Rife Carey (Elsie Carey), Cora May Ross Ulrey (Cora Ulrey), Elmer Ross, Everett Max Ross (Everett Ross), John Alonzo Ross, Lloyd Ross, Nora A. Ross Cripe (Nora Cripe), Vern Ross, Ethel Ruch Spacy (Ethel Spacy), Gertrued Louise Rupley, Julia A. Ruse (Julia Ruse), Clydee E. Rusher (Clyde Rusher), Julia A. Sernock Russ (Julia Russ), Evelyn Sewell, Audra Shanahan, Onie Shenefield Tully (Onie Tully), Alma Shively Hanawalt (Alma Hanawalt), Susie Elizabeth Shively (Susie Shively), Anne Shoemaker Metzger (Anne Metzger), Clara E. Simmons (Clara Simmons), Oscar Sink, Cora Mae Skiles (Cora Skiles), Irene Slater, Warren M. Slater (Warren Slater), Frances J. Smith (Frances Smith), Marie Smith, Amanda Snell, Clara M. Snell Heckman (Clara Heckman), Grace M. Snell Armey (Grace Armey), Ethel R. Spacy (Ethel Spacy), Ralph Spangle, Marshall Mayard Spann (Marshall Spann), Fred G. Sparks (Fred Sparks), John Frank Sparks (John Sparks), O. E. Stafford, Hazel Stafford Wilson (Hazel Wilson), Nellie Stahl Kester (Nellie Kester), Icel Stellar, Will Stellar, Lydia Stevens, Nancy Linie Stiff McGregor (Nancy McGregor), Mary Stogbill Whitehorn (Mary Whitehorn), Jon STucky, Tina Sutton, Walter G. Swartz (Walter Swartz), Emma Teeter, Lauretta Tracy, Ella Tridle, Elvin P. Tridle (Elvin Tridle), George Tridle, Glenn Tridle, Mattie Tridle, Sarah Tridle, Viola Tridle Heeter (Viola Heeter), Maude Tully Beigh (Maude Beigh), Onie Tully, Charles Turner, Alpheus Ulrey, Bessie May Ulrey (Bessie Ulrey), Cora May Ulrey (Cora Ulrey, May Ulrley), Della Ulrey NAber (Della Naber), Ella Ulrey Tridle (Ella Tridle), Elizabeth Ulrey Drudge (Elizabeth Drudge), Evelyn Ulrey Sewell (Evelyn Sewell), Hiriam Ulrey, Olive Ulrey, Pearl M. Ulrey Craig (Pearl Craig), Ssarah Ulrey Tridle (Sarah Tridle), William Visser, Donald Vought, Lucy Vrooman, Elizabeth Wagoner Eikenberry (Elizabeth Eikenberry), Elaine Walgamuth Hoffman (Elaine Hoffman), Ralph Walgamuth, Ella Warner Metzger (Ella Metzger), Walter Warner, Nina Weaver, Paul Wendel, Harry M. Williams (Harry Williams), Hazel Wilson, Ethel Mae Wine Baker (Ethel Baker),  Alma Wise, Mary Whitehorn, Elizabeth Wolfe, Paul Wolfe, Gregory Woods

Archivist Note


These materials were found in the South Central Indiana District Office of the Church of the Brethren during a facility organization and clean-up by the MU Archivist and members of the COB district Historical Committee.  This group was located with items said to have been collected by Bill Eberly, now deceased. Because of the varied scope and content of the objects, they will not be kept together in one box, but will be identified by accession number and stored with like materials.  A note will accompany each file folder with accession number and location.


Description prepared 30 June 2014 by Jeanine M. Wine.


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