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Accession #MU2014/148
TopicOrpurt, Philip: Biology Department Notebook,
TitleNotebook Reflecting the History of the Biology Department at Manchester University
LocationRare Articles (RA) Shelves, IS, Unit #*
CitationNotebook Reflecting the History of the Biology Department at Manchester University, MU2014/148, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceProfessor Emeritus, Dr. Philip A. Orpurt
Scope and Content

Philip Orpurt – Notebook Reflecting the History of the Biology Department at Manchester University


Invitations and reply cards addressed to Oscar Neher, Manchester College and including Martha Washington 1 cent and 2 cent stamps:  Sixth Conservation District Workshop, 11 April 1953:  for those teaching or interested in Biology and Conservation education.


High School Science Fair judge’s reply card addressed to Philip Orpurt, Manchester College.

Manchester College hosted a Science Fair for High School students in the northern part of Indiana, including South Bend.  Several times, Orpurt was in charge of getting judges for the fair.


“Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow…Manchester College, 1889-1989,” a booklet created at the time of the Manchester College centennial celebration.


Photocopy of page of Manchester College presidents including’ pictures, names and dates.  Note: President Kriebel is missing from this list.

Reprint of William Eberly’s article,  “A. B. Ulrey: Pioneer Biology Teacher at Manchester College 1894-1900.”


Photograph of Dr. Kintner, Professor at Manchester College.


Photograph of O. W. Neher, January 1938.

Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Neher.

Memory card with photograph distributed at the time of Etha Trostle’s  and Oscar Neher’s 50th Wedding Anniversary .


Photograph of Emerson “Doc” Niswander, 1985.

Photograph of Dr. Emerson Niswander, 1984.

Photograph of Dr. Emerson Niswander and Evelyn Niswander (wife), 22 January 2009.

Obituary for Emerson Niswander.

Philip Orpurt’s tribute to Emerson Niswander delivered 27 August 2011.

Bulletin for the worship service celebrating the life and faith of R. Emerson Niswander.


Photograph of Dr. Philip A. Orpurt, 1985.

Photograph of Dr. Orpurt, 1984.

Photograph of Dr. Orpurt and Mary Orpurt (wife), 22 January 2009.


Newspaper article from the “Capital Times,” Madison, Wisconsin.  “Samples of Wisconsin Prairie Soil Tested for Antibiotic Properties,”  an article including an image of research assistant, Philip Orpurt.

Other articles; “At Scientific Meeting, U. W. Antibiotic Studies Revealed; “Dr. Orpurt One Given Grant for Conference.”


Photograph of Dr. William Eberly, 1985.

Photograph of Dr. Eberly, 1984.

Photograph of Dr. William Eberly and Eloise Eberly (wife), 22 January 2009.

Obituary for Dr. William R. Eberly.


Photograph of Dr. David Kreps, 1985.

Photograph of Dr. Kreps, 1984.

Photograph of David Kreps and Sharon Kreps (wife), 22 January 2009.


Photograph of Dr. Albert Williams, 1985.

Photograph of Dr. Williams, 1984.

Photograph of Dr. Albert Williams and Barbara Williams (wife), 22 January 2009.


Photograph of Dr. David J. Hicks, January 2000.

Photograph of Dr. Hicks at desk.

Photograph of Dr. David Hicks and Deborah Hustin (wife), 22 January 2009.


Photograph of Dr. Eberly, Dr. Niswander, and Dr. Orpurt, 22 January 2009.

Photograph of Dr. Niswander, Eberly, Williams, Kreps, Hicks, Orpurt, Sweeten, and Mark Huntington -  Manchester College Biology Professors, retired and active, taken at dinner meeting, 22 January 2009.


Photograph of Dr. Jerry E. Sweeten, 29 September 2004.

Photograph of Dr. Jerry Sweeten at desk.

Photograph of Dr. Jeremy Sweeten and Michelle Sweeten, 22 January 2009.

Picture of Jerry Sweeten standing in river.

Sweeten articles and newspaper clippings.19 November 2009 announcement – “Professor Jerry Sweeten Wins Indiana Professor of the Year.”


Other Professors of Biology:

James M. Freed (Instructor of Biology 1953-1965).

Robert W. Gordon (Instructor of Biology 1962-1964).

Mr. Paul Ray (Instructor of Biology 1970-1973).

Frances M. Early (Instructor of Biology 1965-1968).

Ms. Janice White (Instructor of Biology 1973-1976).


Photograph of Dr. Mark W. Huntington, 29 September 2004.

Photograph of Dr. Huntington at desk.

Photograph of Dr. Mark Huntington, 22 January 2009.


Photographs of Dr. Alan R. Holyoak, January 2000, close-up and at desk.


Photograph of Barbara J. Ehrhardt, January 2000.


Photographs of Jeffrey T. Watanabe, 2003.


Photographs of Rainn L. Macphail, 26 October 2004.


Photographs of Dr. Rachel Polando, 22 February 2010.


Photographs of Dr. Aron Costello, 22 September 2011.


Photographs of Dr. Kristen Short, 22 September 2011.


Manchester College promotional brochure featuring the Biology Department, biology alumni,  and Dr. Orpurt, Dr. Niswander, Dr. Eberly, Dr. Kreps.


Photograph of Dr. Orpurt at Manchester College Alumni Banquet, 2 June 2005 with Dr. James Downey, Dr. Niswander, and Dr. Eberly.

Photograph of Dr. Orpurt at Manchester College Alumni Days, 2 June 2005, with Norma Hixson Fry (MC Class of 1960), former student and lab assistant, along with Mrs. Mary Orpurt. Norma was a student in Botany and Invertebrate Zoology and served as lab assistant 1957-1958.


“Oak Leaves” article, 17 March 1960, “MC’s Biology and Chemistry Aid Pre-Meds.” “Three Ph.D.’s on Biology Staff.” “140 Medical Doctors Credit Manchester.” “Dr. Kintner Taught ‘All’ Science in 1912.”


“Oak Leaves,” 18 April 1963, “Ill-Fated Biology Building Was Once Campus Gym.”


Program and schedule for the14 November 1980 symposium titled, “Contemporary Problems in Biology,” sponsored by the Manchester College Biology Department.  Participants included, Dr. Gene Likens (MC Class of 1957), Dr. Dale Oxender (MC Class of 1954), Jane Henney, M.D. (MC Class of 1969), Dr. Larry Yoder (MC Class of 1964), Dr. Robert Gorden (MC Class of 1957), Dr. William Eberly (MC Class of 1948).


Reminiscences – a tribute to the Manchester Natural Sciences department by Dr. Philip Orpurt, presented 14 November 1980 at a dinner meeting following the symposium, “Contemporary Problems in Biology.”  Orpurt gives a history of the department from the Fall of 1954 forward, and includes many humorous stories about “Doc” Niswander (Emerson Niswander).


Program for Manchester College Faculty Spring Banquet 16 May 1981, honoring Paul Bowman, Dorothy Johnson and Emerson Niswander (“Doc”).


Dr. Philip Orpurt’s 16 May 1981 tribute to Emerson Niswander presented at “Doc’s” retirement dinner and program.


Ribbons identifying individuals involved in the “Science Fairs” that were sponsored by faculty of the Manchester College Science Division.


Program and conference schedule for a conference titled, “Science and Tomorrow,” that was held in conjunction with the dedication of the Hall of Science, 24-26 March 1960.

Program booklet and invitation for the dedication of the Hall of Science, 26 March 1960.


2004 letter to Orpurt from President Parker Marden announcing the progress of the construction of the new Science Center and thanking the Orpurts for their generosity in helping to make construction possible. 


Invitation and program booklet for the Science Center groundbreaking celebration 14 November 2003. groundbreaking celebration.


Image titled, Three seasoned biologists,” Orpurt, Niswander and Eberly, all wearing hardhats. Images of the Science Center under construction, including an autographed beam supporting a fir tree, a U.S. flag and a Manchester College flag.  Copies of floor plans and architectural design.  Booklet, “Manchester, Where ‘Science’ Is a Verb, Planned Renovation Becomes New Construction.” Campus map.

Date of Accession06 November 2014
Bio History Note

Dr. Emerson R. Niswander taught Biology/Zoology at Manchester College from 1951 - 1981. He died 10 August 2011.

Dr. Philip A. Orpurt taught Biology at Manchester College from 1954 - 1986.

Dr. William R. Eberly taught Biology at Manchester College from 1955 - 1993.  He died 28 July 2011.

Archivist NoteDescription prepared 6 November 2014 by Jeanine M. Wine.

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