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Accession #MU2015/51
TopicHoward, Oca: MC and Alumni Materials,
TitleCollection of Oca Howard
LocationIS, Shelving uni #8 - Rare Articles Collection - accession number written on Large Box
CitationCollection of Oca Howard, MU2015/51, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceRandy Neuman, Director, United Brethren Historical Center, Huntington University
Scope and Content

Manchester College Memorabilia Belonging to Oca Howard - BA,MC Class of 1932



Spread-eagled woman in pants.

Person holding pumpkins.

See also - School Day Memory Book (below).


Clubs, Groups,Organizations:

Philalethea-Philophronia Spring Banquet menu and program– autographs of Alma Miller, Glenn Ward, Kenneth Flory, Louise Gilbert, JamesBerkebile, Mrs. Lloyd Hoff, Lloyd Hoff, Evelyn Lackey. This appears to have a beautiful Silkscreened? Cover? – unusual – like stained glass.


Hand stenciled and colored invitation to the annualLetha-Phronia Banquet, 12 February 1932.


Program “Wurzel-Flummery” – AND- “The Philos Tied.” Bride– Lethea and Groom-Phronia.


Philomathea Invitation to Colonial Rose Tea- addressed toOca Howard.


Philalethea and Philaphronia Annual Banquet Invitation atOakwood Hall.


Blank Y.W.C.A. Budget cards.


Y.W.C.A. Budget Pledge, signed by Oca Howard.


“A Stitch in Time Saves Nine”- pledge card for Y.W.C.A.-written and signed by Oca Howard.


11 and 12 October 1931- Fall Y Retreat Itinerary.


Manchester College Y.W.C.A. envelope containingInvitation- “Wednesday’s Bunny.”


12 December 1931- Letter addressed to “Miss Little,” andsigned “Oca Howard, Treasurer” – describes Manchester College Y.W.C.A. group’sintentions to send the association the pledge money, but explains their reasonsfor sending very little.


1932- Triangle tag- “The Y’s”- with Oca’s nickname: “Os.”


Manchester College Y.W.C.A. stationary and envelope.




Oca’sManchester College Experience and Graduation:


Manchester College Crest Sticker.


MC Handbooks- contains class schedules- 1930-31, 1931-32.


Small paper leaf- “selected by W.S.C.”


Felt square with an “M” sewn onto it in Manchestercolors.


“B in PJ’s in your Room- Sept 7, 8:30pm”- floor programsign?


Luggage tag- Oca’s sophomore year- places her in Oakwoodhall, and identifies her nickname to be “Os.”


Manchester College pamphlet with Oca’s signature, a bitof writing in French, Howard Winger and Mary Ruth’s names written on it.


Manchester College Planner- Contains handwrittennotes-  “Principles of Teaching”- dated 4March 1935. Class schedule for 1932 and address.  List of Senior Class Dues of ’32- byterm.  Oca was class treasurer.  A reading report that began in September of1933, including a list of books she wanted to read.  “Things to Remember” page that included bookquotes.


My School Day Memory Book

Autographs- Madeline M. Bowser [Freshman], La Von Felgar[Freshman], Fayma Miller [Freshman], Janet Bash, Delight Mack—“Snapshots ofFriends” page containing photographs.

“Holidays”- Senior Ditch Day- 21 April 1932 along withdescription of events from 11:30 AM Day One  through 9:30 PM Chapel  Day Two - [“The Return of the Prodigals after24 hours of Dissipation!”] - sign from elevator [“Elevator 5 Persons Only”] withwritten explanation  on the back of thevenue menu from Bearss’ Café in Peru [“From the self serve Elevator that weplayed with Ditch Day Night”].

List of class officers

Graduation memorabilia - Invitation to Junior-SeniorReception- 1932—List of various gifts and cards received—Graduation dayphotographs and Invitation.   Orange oakleaf cut out of sturdy paper – with “windows” – possibly for creating an orangeglow with candlelight.  Note: - archivisthas seen a movie and pictures of graduating students holding candles “shielded”with various designs of oak leaves – perhaps this was for a senior appreciationceremony? Photograph of Oca with mother.

Other items of interest.


Handwritten letter – Titled “Unkind friend,”—signedAlma—reverse side gives clue that it was Alma L. Miller.   (Alma and Alta Miller appear to have beentwin sisters on the MC campus).



1931 Commencement Week Program. With list of graduates.


Invitation for the annual Junior-Senior Reception.

Announcement and Oca Howard’s card – CommencementExercise as Manchester College, 27 May 1932.


photographs- “Holidays”- Senior Ditch Day- 21 April 1932-contained schedule and a menu from dinner venue—list of classofficers—Invitation to Junior-Senior Reception- 1932—List of various gifts andcards received—Graduation day photographs and Invitation.




16 November 1929 Football Schedule – Manchester vs.Indiana Central.


1931-1932 Manchester College Basket Ball Schedule(schedule sponsored by the YMCA and YWCA).


1931 Football Schedule at Manchester College.


1941-1942- Manchester College Basketball Schedule.




26 October 1929- Homecoming pamphlet- Manchester beatsEarlham.


18 October 1930- Homecoming pamphlet- Manchester againstValparaiso.


15 October 1932- Homecoming pamphlet with dried leaf-Manchester against Danville.


14 October 1939- Homecoming pamphlet- Manchester againstHanover.




Musical Events,Plays, Productions – (not all Manchester College related):

26 February 1932 Orchestra Concert program featuring theManchester College Orchestra, Rex Arlington, Conductor.


4 May 1928 program for Senior Class play, “Lightnin,” byWinchell Smith and Frank Bacon, coached by Professor Sadie Wampler.


29 May 1929 – Manchester College Drama Class present “Heand She.”


18 March 1932 program, “Pillars of Happiness,” ASymbolical Drama-Pageant, written by Ruth Ross for Pageantry Class.


Program from the Kimball Building, Chicago, “The WorldRenowned Welsh Imperial Singers” (Britain’s greatest male ensemble).


31 January 1930 program for the Mantell-Hamper Company’sproduction of Shakespearean works.


Announcement - 13 March 1931 Shakespearean performance inthe Manchester College Auditorium by Sir Philip Ben Greet, Eminent EnglishActor and Producer, along with the Ben Greet Players.


Program for multiple productions of plays by Shakespeare.


Program – “Kryl and his Band,” Bohumir Kryl, Conductor.


24 November 1930 Shakespeare’s King John Stage Directions


Other programs.




Song of prayer and tribute to Manchester College from theClass of 1932 - sung to the tune, “There’s A Long, Long Trail A Winding.”


Words to the song, “My Country Is the World,” sung to thetune of “America.”




Notecards on the topic of Mental Health /Mental Hygiene.


13 September 1926 forward - Notebook filled withhandwritten notes on the topic of “Public Speaking.”

Notebook with handwritten notes on the topic of“Philosophy.”  According to class schedule this course was taken with President Winger 1931 and 1932. Loose paper handwritten notes “Mental Hygiene.”


Bibliography cards- handwritten on the subject of mental health.


Collegiate Loose Leaf Notebook- cover  - perhaps from High School? Handwritten excerpt on front cover. Verso labeled “Latin II, Sept. 1925”- no other pages remaining. Inserted interior pages dealing with reference books on biblical history and the study of the New Testament (MC class related?).


September 1925 - “The Thrift Composition Book”–Booknotes.



AlumniAssociation and Alumni Events:

“Proposed Amendments to Constitution and By-Laws”probably of the Alumni Association.


Appeal for $100,000 for student housing – the MCDormitory Fund – proposal to build what will later be called Calvin Ulrey.


Announcement of 10 Year Reunion of the Class of 1932.


29 February 1940 postcard to Alumni for the annualHuntington chapter of MC alumni to meet. Signed Bruce Gelder.


20 February Manchester College Night, “Suggestions toChapter Presidents.”


11 November 1942 letter to alumni from W. Earl Breon,Director of Public Relations asking for gifts in

support of an Alumni student Loan Fund.

Reference to WWII: - “War-time limitations are realhandicaps to a Christian college. Manchester shall, however, by and with your help, not only weather thepresent gale, but continue to make progress as she goes on serving and toserve.”

Note: Breon came to Manchester from Colorado Woman’sCollege.  Prior to Colorado, he workedalmost five years with President Schwalm at McPherson College.


19 May 1942 correspondence between Miss Olga Bendsen andOca Howard regarding the attendance list for the Class Reunion.


30 October 1943 notes, “Manchester College played onChimes.”


21 May 1977 Ticket to MC Reunion luncheon.


21 May 1977 Alumni Day itinerary.


Letter of Invitation to MC Class of 1932 -  55th Reunion.


9 April 1982 Letter of Invitation to 50 year classReunion with photographs attached.


23 May 1987 pamphlet celebrating the Class of 1932Fifty-fifth Reunion.  Loose leaf pagewith handwritten list of names between cover and first page.


23 May 1987 MC Alumni Day Banquet program.


Undated map of Manchester College campus.


Alumni Directory 1970 - taped in back cover - Obituary ofCora Winger Shultz  (note: Cora was thesister of President Otho Winger and wife of L. W. Shultz) —“Bureau of Prisonsdirector to Speak” at Manchester commencement- 4 June 1968. “Manchester toRaise Student Fees”- 14 October 1974.


Journal entry of Oca’s experience at the 10thReunion on an untyped copy of Henry F. Horsamn’s will.


14 May 1945 Chapel address by President Schwalm, “WhereFrom Here.” Schwalm also summaries the history of the College.


“A Special Convocation” – 11 and 12 March 1955 invitationand schedule.


12 January 1971 letter addressed to Oca Howard and signedMadeline Hiddle.


July 1983 Manchester College Bulletin with doodles.


July 1973 Manchester College Bulletin. Alumni classphotographs on the last page.

23 May 1992 Alumni Day Banquet. Loose leaf paper withnotes of people and years.


19 May 1990 Alumni Day Class of 1930 list with Keith andMargaret Scudder Howard’s names.


Manchester College napkins featuring two differentCollege seals. 


20 May 1937, 23 February 1929 - "Oak Leaves."


February 1943- Manchester College Bulletin- Weddingannouncement, Mabelle Hesser to Wilbur Byerly. Ed Shlect, Howard McIntire, BobHollar, and James Hicks are listed in the “Alumni in Service” column, andunderlined in red pencil.



Oca’s Brother –Keith Howard – MC Alumnus:


1931- Card from Keith [Howard], Oca’s older brother, whograduated from MC in 1930.


1930- “Keith in senior play at ‘MC’”- May Day.


13 May 1930- Commencement invitation of Keith A. Howard.



Other Materials:


2 November 1943- “Official Ballot”- Van Buren, IN- OcaHoward listed as running for Clerk-Treasurer.


10 June 1978- Indianapolis Newspaper- “7,000 Expected atChurch of Brethren Conference.”


1977- Eastbrook High School graduation program- withwritten notes and marks inside.


28 April 1977- Obituary of Isobel M. Kreiger.


“My Scrapbook”- contains Van Buren Basketball teamnewspaper clipping and photo.


Easter Greeting’s Card- from Mary E. D.


1929- “Merry Christmas” gift tag- handwritten “FromKiniks.”


1929- “Joy at Christmas,”gift tag –handwritten “Omena.”


24 May 1931- Handwritten poem- “Sarah Cornelius, HelenCornelius, Esther White, Oca Howard.”


January 1932- Small book of poems, with Oca Howard’s nameand a few poems written with a typewriter?


Untitled handwritten poem.

Invitation to Commencement Exercises of "The Normal Class of Marion College," 1932, in recognition of graduate, Mary Jane Duckwall.

Date of Accession20 July 2015
Archivist Note

Description prepared by student worker in the archives, Haley Steinhilber and edited by Jeanine Wine 20 July 2015.

Note:  Randy Neuman attended an auction in Van Buren, Indiana, where he found the memorabilia of MC alumna, Oca  (probably pronounced Osa) Howard.  He purchased these with the intention of sending them on to Manchester University, which he did during July of 2015.


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