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Accession #MU2015/33 Church Relations
TopicChurch Relations: Manchester College
TitleRelationships Between Manchester College and the Church of the Brethren Community
SizeNine Boxes
LocationIS, Unit #10
CitationRelationships Between Manchester College and the Church of the Brethren Community, MU2015/33 Church Relations, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessPARTIALLY CONFIDENTIAL - PARTIALLY RESTRICTED - Researchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceMaterials obtained from filing cabinets in the basement of the Administration Building formerly belonging to the Church Relations Office as part of the Office of Advancement
Scope and Content

 MU2015/33 – Box #1 – Advancement – ChurchRelations

Materialsobtained from filing cabinets in the basement of the Administration Building.


Section One - Illinois-WisconsinDistrict of the Church of the Brethren


  • Correspondencefrom the Director of Church Relations at Manchester College to Ken Holderread,Illinois/Wisconsin District Executive and to other officials fromIllinois/Wisconsin.

  • WisconsinDistrict record of giving to Manchester College.

  • Recordand reports of giving to Manchester College by Church of the Brethrencongregations within the Illinois-Wisconsin district.

  • Year-To-DateChurch Report 31 December 1984 showing individual Church of the Brethrencongregations and their giving to Manchester College, the combined totalequaling $15,973.48.

  • PresidentParker Marden makes arrangements to meet with Church of the Brethren DistrictExecutives.

  • Correspondenceregarding the Manchester Congregational Outreach venture.

  • Descriptionof area ministries.

  • Copyof article, “Manchester College A Christian Setting.”

  • Photographof Ken Holderread and biographical sketch.

    Note:  Carl Cawood, Director of Church Relations atManchester College retired from his position before the 1998-1999 academicschool year.

    BrianYoder, Director of Church Relations, concluded his term of service by thesummer of 1999.


    Folder#2 – District Trustee Correspondence – December 1991 through  November 1996:

  • BentleyPeters, Manchester College new trustee selected from the Illinois/WisconsinDistrict, November 1996, replaces Douglas Firebaugh.

  • DouglasFirebaugh, Manchester College trustee selected from the Illinois/WisconsinDistrict, served  at least from December1991 through 1995-1996.

  • ManchesterCollege reports and correspondence presented to the Trustee, including, but notlimited to:

    • Nine Months’ Church Gift Report of theIllinois/Wisconsin District 1993.


      Folder#3 – Outreach Advocates:

      1993correspondence from Carl Cawood to Illinois/Wisconsin congregational “outreachadvocates” for Manchester College.


      Folders#4a – 4vv - Congregational folders of the Illinois/Wisconsin District organizedby name, including correspondence and yearly giving reports.  

      Note:Circa 1994-1995, congregational gifts to the College helped  to underwrite Regional Youth Conferencecosts, helped to fund “Training in Ministry,” “Ministry Training Institute andAcademy for Church Leaders,” assisted nine students from Illinois/WisconsinDistrict during the 1994-1995 academic year, helped to fund the “BrethrenVolunteer Service Scholarship,” the “Church Matching Scholarship,” and the“Church of the Brethren Scholarship,” aided in purchasing worship materials forPetersime Chapel, and helped to support the work of the Campus Ministry Board.


  • Folders#4a – 4vv Congregational files for the District of Illinois and Wisconsin: Allison Prairie, Astoria, Batavia, Boulder Hill, Canton, Cerro Gordo,Champaign, Cherry Grove, Chicago Filipino, Chicago First, Chicago Douglas Park,Christ, Decatur, Dixon, Oak Grove, Oakley Brick, Panther Creek, Peoria, Polo,Rice Lake (Wisconsin), Rockford First, Romine, Springfield, Stanley(Wisconsin), Virden, Walnut Grove, West Branch, Woodland, Yellow Creek, YorkCenter, Naperville, Elgin Highland Avenue, Evanston Reba Place, Franklin Grove,Freeport, Girard, Hurricane Creek, Iglesia Evangelica La Nueva Jerusalem,Kaskaskia, LaMotte Prairie, Lanark, La Place Church of the Brethren, Lena,Liberty, Maple Grove (Wisconsin), Martin Creek, Milledgeville, Mount Morris.



    Section Two - Michigan District of theChurch of the Brethren


    Folder#5 – Correspondence(1981 – 1999) between Manchester College Director of Church Relations and theMichigan District Executive(s) with records of giving (1964 – 1983 and beyond).


    Folder#6 – Correspondencebetween Manchester College and the Michigan District Trustee. Included aredistrict gift reports spanning eight years, from 1987-1988 through 1994-1995,and Michigan gift reports by congregation.


    Folder #7 – Carl Cawood’s correspondence withpastors in the Michigan District, and to Outreach Advocates (1993-1995).


    Folders#8a – 8w – Congregationalfolders of the Michigan District organized by name, including correspondence , andyearly giving reports.

  • Florence,Battle Creek, Beaverton, Crystal, Detroit First, Detroit Trinity, [anotherTrinity congregation in Michigan?] Frayton Plains, Flint, Hope, KalamazooSkyridge, Lakeview, Lansing, Marilla, Midland, Muskegon, New Haven, Onekama,Shalom Community (Ann Arbor), Shepherd, Sugar Ridge, Sunfield, Woodland,Zion(Michigan).


    Section Three – Northern IndianaDistrict of the Church of the Brethren


    Folder#9 – Correspondencebetween the Manchester College Director of Church Relations and the DistrictExecutive of the Northern Indiana District (1989 – 2002), includingcongregational records of giving, statistics, and a handout titled, “A BrethrenMission in the 90s” describing how congregational donations to the College areutilized. 



    “In1993, Church of the brethren congregations made gifts of $181,616 to ManchesterCollege.”  “In 1993, 44 congregations ofNorth Indiana District made gifts of $56,086 to Manchester College.”


    WendiHutchinson was serving Manchester College as Director of Church Relations inFebruary of 2002 – although more research is needed to determine when herposition began.


    Folder#10 – Correspondencebetween the Manchester College Director of Church Relations and the Trusteefrom the Northern Indiana District, including congregational giving reports.


    Folder #11– 1993-1995 letters to pastors and congregational outreach advocates from CarlCawood.


    Folders#12a-12ww  - Folders kept by the Manchester CollegeDirector of Church Relations related to congregations of the Northern Indiana Districtorganized by church’s name and including correspondence (1980’s into the1990’s), bulletins for worship services, personal notes, MC responses toquestions on matters such as “human sexuality,” statistics, and reports ofcongregational giving (1960’s forward).

  • Ft.Wayne Agape, Baugo, Bethany, Bethel, Blissville, Blue River, Bremen, CampCreek, Cedar Creek, Cedar Lake, Columbia City, Communion Fellowship, ElkhartCity (Creekside Church of the Brethren), We Care Fellowship, Elkhart Valley, EnglishPrairie, Ft. Wayne Beacon Heights, Goshen City, LaPorte, Ft. WayneLincolnshire, Little Pine, Maple Grove, Michigan City, Middlebury, Mt. Pleasant,Nappanee, New Paris, New Salem, North Liberty, North Webster, North Winona, Osceola,Pine Creek, Pleasant Chapel, Pleasant Valley, Plymouth, Rock Run, South BendCity, South Bend Crest Manor, South Bend Prince of Peace, Syracuse, TurkeyCreek, Union, Union Center, Wakarusa, Walnut, Wawaka, West Goshen, YellowCreek.



    MU2015/33 – Box #2 – Advancement –Church Relations

    Materialsobtained from filing cabinets in the basement of the Administration Building.


    Section Four – South Central IndianaDistrict of the Church of the Brethren


    Folder#13 - Correspondencebetween the Manchester College Director of Church Relations and the SouthCentral Indiana District Executive.


    Folder#14 - Correspondencebetween the Manchester College Director of Church Relations and the Trusteefrom the South Central Indiana District, including congregational givingreports.


    Folder#15 -Correspondencebetween Manchester College Director of Church Relations, pastors, andcongregational outreach advocates in the South Central Indiana District.


    Folder#16 - “A BrethrenMission in the ‘90’s.”

    Packetincluding, “Guide to Mission ‘90s Process,” “General Board Ministries Report,”“Bethany Seminary Ministries Report,” “District Ministries Report,” “Other AreaMinistries Reports” {such as Camp, College, Timbercrest, etc.}, “Sample SelfAllocation Report Form.”


    Folder#17 – CongregationalOutreach 1999 – South Central Indiana District as of 3 March 1999 listingpledges made by 31 out of 53 congregations.


    Folders#18a-18ddd - Folders keptby the Manchester College Director of Church Relations related to congregationsof the South Central Indiana District organized by church’s name and includingcorrespondence, bulletins for worship services, personal notes, MC responses toquestions on matters such as “human sexuality,” statistics, and reports ofcongregational giving. (1960’s forward).

  • Akron,Anderson, Andrews, Antioch, Arcadia, Bachelor Run, Beech Grove, Bethel Center,Buck Creek, Buffalo, Burnettsville, Eel River, Flora, Four Mile, Guernsey,Hickory Grove, Huntington, Indianapolis Christ Our Shepherd, IndianapolisNorthview, Kokomo, Lafayette, Liberty Mills, Living Faith, Locust Grove,Logansport, Loon Creek, Lower Deer Creek, Manchester, Marion, Markle, Mexico,Monticello Pike Creek, Muncie, Nettle Creek, New Hope, Peru, Pipe Creek,Pittsburg, Pleasant Dale, Pleasant View, Portland, Pyrmont, Richmond, Roann,Rossville, Salamonie, South Whitley, Spring Creek, Sugar Creek, Union Grove,Uppe r Fall Creek, Wabash, West Eel River, West Manchester, White branch,Windfall.


    Section Five – Northern Ohio Districtof the Church of the Brethren


    Folder#19 - Correspondencebetween the Manchester College Director of Church Relations, Wendi Hutchinson,and the Northern Ohio District Executive (John Ballinger), including record ofcongregational gifts received from 1 January 1998 through 31 December1998,  and July 2001 through May 2003.


    Folder#20 - Correspondencebetween the Manchester College Director of Church Relations and the Trusteefrom the Northern Ohio District (1992 -1996), including congregational givingreports.


    Folder#21 -Correspondencebetween Manchester College Director of Church Relations, pastors, andcongregational outreach advocates in the Northern Ohio District.


    Folder#22 – Packet titled,“1994 Outreach Rallies North Ohio District.” Packet includes dates of rallies and notes about Manchester College.Also included is a message given by Elizabeth Keller on Sunday, 11 June 1995


    Packettitled, “Lick Creek, 1994 Self-Allocation Materials” related to 1993 DistrictOutreach Rallies in Northern Ohio. Handwritten notes about Manchester College,probably presented by Director of Church Relations (or representative) circa 26August 1993.  Some highlights include:

  • BrethrenColleges Abroad is 30 years old.

  • Morethan 3,400 students from 125 colleges and universities in U.S.

  • HelmanHall is ready to receive students and is completely disabled accessible andfully air conditioned for 129 students.

    Typedstatement about Manchester College written May 1994 by Interim President, EdButterbaugh, requesting contributions to the Annual Fund.


    Folder#23-23eee - Folders keptby the Manchester College Director of Church Relations related to congregationsof the Northern Ohio District organized by church’s name and includingcorrespondence, bulletins for worship services, personal notes, MC responses toquestions on matters such as “human sexuality,” statistics, and reports ofcongregational giving. (1960’s forward).

  • Adrian(Michigan). Akron Eastwood, Akron First, Akron Springfield, Alliance, AshlandCity, Ashland Dickey, Baltic, Bethel, Black River, Bristolville, Canton First,Center, Chippewa, Cleveland Brookpark, County Line, Danville North Bend,Defiance, Deshler, Dupont, Eagle Creek, East Chippewa, East Nimishillen, Eden,Fairview, Freeburg, Fostoria, Hartville, Kent, Lake Breeze, Lakewood, LickCreek, Lima, Maple Grove, Mansfield, Marion, Medina Church of the Brethren,Mohican, Mount Pleasant, New Philadelphia, Oak Grove, Owl Creek, Painesville,Paradise, Pleasant View, Poplar Ridge, Reading, Richland, Ross, Silver Creek,Sugar Creek East, Sugar Creek West, Swan Creek, Toledo Heatherdowns, Trinity,Woodworth, Wooster, Zion Hill.




    MU2015/33 – Box #3 – Advancement –Church Relations

    Materialsobtained from filing cabinets in the basement of the Administration Building.


    Section Six – Southern Ohio Districtof the Church of the Brethren


    Folder#24a - Correspondencebetween the Manchester College Director of Church Relations, and the SouthernOhio District Office. Topics include; Manchester College’s Estate PlanningSeminar, January 2004 Southern Ohio District “Memo” with note from PresidentParker Marden and response by Steve Mason and Mark Flory Stuery, 2002 SelfAllocations-Anticipated Giving to Manchester College from congregations in theSouthern Ohio District, April 1999 Self-Allocation Giving Report,  February 1999 Self-Allocation Giving Report.


    Folder#24b - Correspondencebetween the Manchester College Director of Church Relations, and the SouthernOhio District Executive(s) (1984 – 1998), including record of congregationalgifts to Manchester College (1960’s forward).


    Folder#24c - Correspondencebetween the Manchester College Director of Church Relations, and the SouthernOhio District Executive(s) (1981 – 1998), including record of congregationalgifts to Manchester College (1960’s forward). Other topics include the SummerService Scholarship student program, and the School of Christian Living.


    Folder#25 - Correspondencebetween the Manchester College Director of Church Relations and the Trusteefrom the Southern Ohio District, including congregational giving reports (1991– 2003). Topics include “Christian College Day.”


    Folders#26a-26ddd - Folders keptby the Manchester College Director of Church Relations related to congregationsof the Southern Ohio District organized by church’s name and includingcorrespondence, bulletins for worship services, personal notes, responses toquestions on matters such as “human sexuality,” statistics, and reports ofcongregational giving.


  • BearCreek, Beavercreek, Beech Grove, Bellefontaine, Bethany, Bradford, Brookville,Castine, Cedar Grove, Charleston, Cincinnati Fellowship, Circleville,Constance, Covington, Dayton East, Dayton Emmanuel, Donnels Creek, Eaton,Eversole, Flat Creek, Gratis, Greenville, Happy Corner, Harris Creek, LowerMiami, Mack Memorial, Marble Furnace, Middle District, Stony Creek, StraitCreek, Middletown, New Covenant, New Carlisle, Oakland, Olivet, Stonelick,White Cottage, Painter Creek, Piqua, Pitsburg, Pleasant Hill, Pleasant Valley,Poplar Grove, Potsdam, Prices Creek, Prince of Peace, Rock House, Salem, SidneyTrinity, Springfield, Troy, Trotwood, Union City, West Alexandria, WestCharleston, West Milton.


    Folder#27 –Notes kept bythe Manchester College Director of Church Relations regarding DistrictExecutive Meetings:

    “Quiz”about Manchester College including Fellowship Groups, Chapel, the CampusMinistry Board, Religious Life Committee, and Miscellaneous.

    Church ofthe Brethren Recruiting – Working Document.

    Visit ofthe District Executives of the Church of the Brethren, April 1997 with list ofnames and Church of the Brethren districts.

    Handwrittennotes taken or information delivered at the District Executive session.

    1999materials regarding the visit of District Executives to campus – the sevendistrict executive ministers from the six districts of the Church of theBrethren that are related directly with Manchester College.


    Folder#28 – The originalfolder was titled “Annual Conference Script.”

    AnnualConference handouts [brochures advertising the COB educational institutions].

    Copies ofpresentations on Church of the Brethren institutions of higher learning that mighthave been used at Annual Conference events, including one clearly marked asbeing utilized at Annual Conference 1982. Script for Brethren Colleges Video.


    Folder#29 – Church MatchingScholarship

    Correspondence,copies of checks, address lists – all involving the Church MatchingScholarship.

    One set ofthree pages titled, “Church Matching Scholarship Program” describing theprogram and including a form of agreement. A “post-it” note attached indicates that the packet was sent to churcheson a list provided annually by the financial aid office.


    Two packetsof materials contained in Manchester College folders.

    1992 –Brochures, Reports and Chapter Meeting Attendance Report – including:

  • Boardof Trustees Spring Meeting 10 April 1992 Development Subcommittee Minutes

  • ManchesterCollege Report to the Subcommittee on Development, 16 October 1992.

  • DevelopmentCommittee Meeting 16 October 1992.


  • ManchesterCollege Board of Trustees Spring Meeting, 23 April 1993, DevelopmentSubcommittee Agenda

    • “Manchester College Presents theGibraltar Real Gifts Program – A Program to Meet Your Real Estate Needs.”

    • Brochures about Manchester College andbrochures about estate planning.


      Folder#30 – Church of theBrethren Colleges – including but not limited to:

      NewsRelease and photocopy – “The Brethren and Education,” by Dr. William Eberly,published in the “Report of the Proceedings of the Brethren World Assembly.”

      Correspondenceregarding institutional affiliation with the denomination.

      “TheProgress of Education in the Church of the Brethren” – reprint.

      “AStatement of The Church and Its College,” Adopted by the Church of the BrethrenAnnual Conference, Champaign, Illinois, June 1960.

      “TheColleges and the Church of the Brethren.”

      “APresident Looks at His College” – Mark Ebersole, President of ElizabethtownCollege.


      Folder#31 – Correspondencewith Manchester College Representatives and Outreach Advocates (1993 – 1995).


      Folder#32 – Office ofInstitutional Advancement Staff Meeting Minutes 3 May 1999 and 17 May 1999.


      Folder#33 – ChristianCollege Day 1996 – letters, forms, memos, etc. Items and materials used in the 1996 Christian College Day packet forspeakers in congregations.  Itinerariesfor 1996 Christian College Day.  Speakerevaluations.


      Folder#34 – 1983 -Church-College Relations Council – proposal – rationale – purpose –  membership and design.


      Folder#35 – Church Camps –Church Matching Scholarship Program (CMS).




      TwoPackets of materials contained in specially printed folders:

  • “WhatShall I Do?” 1993 Southern Ohio District of the Church of the Brethreninterpretation meetings.

  • “Mission‘90s” 1992 Southern Ohio District of the Church of the Brethren interpretationmeetings – with Southern Ohio District 1991 Gift Summary. “Manchester College,A Church of the Brethren Mission 90s Outreach Ministry (presentation).”


    Folder#36 – AnnualConference Display – including 1986 Annual Conference Notes – 1985 BrethrenCollege Representatives Minutes from Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona –1983 and 1984 Manchester College Annual Conference Luncheon Programs – BrethrenColleges script for the Study Action Conference and Annual Conference videotape presentations.

    Note:  1984 – John R. Lahman was serving as theDirector of Church Relations at Manchester College – June 1983 Minutes of theAnnual Conference Meeting of Brethren Colleges Representatives.


    Folder#37a – September 1998letter announcing Carl Cawood’s retirement from the Church Relations positionand the hiring of Brian Yoder.  BrianYoder’s correspondence with pastors and congregations. Announcement of the MCO,the Manchester Congregational Outreach program (1999).  Invitation to participate in “ManchesterCollege Work Day.”

    Folder#37b – 1999 Work Day materials, including project descriptions and printedinvitations.


    Folder#38 – Discussionabout a self-contained, one-hour Sunday School type of lesson plan to be sentto churches.


    Folder#39 – 1998 - TRIMprogram. The relationship between the Southern Ohio School of ChristianMinistry, The TRIM program (Training in Ministry), and Manchester College. 


    Folder#40 – Bulletininserts circa 1998 and 1999.


    Folder#41 – Sampleresponses related to the Manchester Congregational Outreach program – samplesof topics Manchester College representatives/professors were willing to speakabout if sent to congregations (circa 1998?–undated).


    Folder#42 – ManchesterCongregational Outreach – Correspondence and samples of topics ManchesterCollege representatives/professors were willing to speak about if sent tocongregations (archivist kept samples of these forms – some forms discarded).Idea of “Youth to Youth,” sending a team of two trained youth to local Churchof the Brethren Youth Fellowships to interpret national and district youthprograms and to give ideas for strengthening local youth ministry.  Possible speakers and themes for theManchester Congregational Outreach program. “Manchester College OutreachParticipants.” “Models for Manchester Congregational Outreach Visits inCongregations.” Honorarium check correspondence.  Issues of Manchester College “Eccho, ContinuingConversation between Church and College,” Fall 1995 and 1996 and othermaterials related to “Eccho.” 1998 Manchester Congregational Outreachschedules. 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994,1995 Manchester College Christian College Day schedules. Information aboutvarious Church of the Brethren congregations. “Conversations in IllinoisRelating to Pastor’s Retreats and Pastoral Support Groups.”


    Folder#43 – ManchesterCongregational Outreach (MCO) Visit Requests. Student rosters per district(1998-1999).


    Folder#44 – DistrictExecutive meeting correspondence – “Proposed Work for Church Relations thatCame from District Executive’s Meetings.” Related materials.

    Folder#45 – PriorityChurches – listing of districts, churches, and congregational giving (Septemberand October 1998).


    Folder#46 – Pastoralchanges as of 1 January 1998 and November/December church updates1998-1999.  Manchester Collegebrochure/booklet. Listing of pastors in the South/Central Indiana District.


    Folder#47 – “ManchesterCollege Outreach from Admissions, Church Relations and Regional YouthConference Offices,” – projected report stating “youth involvement,” “leadresponsibility,” “time line, and “description of involvement.”


    Folder#48a – “BrethrenBusiness Network, An Association of Brethren Business and Professional Persons”– and – materials related to the “Institute for Global Ethics.”

    Brochuretitled “The Brethren and the Work Ethic,” by Donald E. Miller.

    “TheCritical Role of Leadership in Conveying Organizational Values,” by Dr. Earl H.Hess, Chairman Emeritus, Lancaster Laboratories.

    Note:  Earl Hess – businessman and entrepreneur fromConestoga Church of the Brethren, Pennsylvania. Donald Miller – Served as professor at Bethany Theological Seminary andas General Secretary of the Church of the Brethren. He resigned 31 December1996.  Correspondence related toManchester College’s participation in the Brethren Business Network program.


    Folder#48b – BrethrenBusiness Network – historical background, membership list (1999), ManchesterCollege’s involvement, “From the General Secretary, A Brethren BusinessNetwork,” by Donald E. Miller, and many other pieces of information.


    Folder#49 – Folderoriginally titled, “BBN/Earl Hess Weekend, October 15-18” containing articlesby Earl Hess, “Character in the Marketplace,” “The Lancaster Laboratories Story1961-1991,” “What is Business For?”


    Folder#50 – ManchesterCollege’s involvement with staffing Brethren Business Network booth at AnnualConference.


    Folder#51 – MennoniteEconomic Development Associates and copies of “The Marketplace.“ Materialsrelated to “Assets – A Microenterprise Venture Harrisonburg and RockinghamCounty.”


    Folder#52 – Carrl Cawoodand Brian Yoder correspondence with congregational representatives, outreachadvocates and lay counselors – lists of individuals. Description of theresponsibilities assumed by the “Manchester College Representative in the LocalChurch.”


    Folder#53 – 16 December1998 memo announcing that the Church of the brethren General Board andManchester College entered into a partnership to merge their summer ministryprograms, Ministry Summer Service (MSS) and Manchester’s Summer ServiceScholarship (SSS). Pamphlet, “What is Ministry Summer Service?”


    Box 3 –Final Folder – “Dancing at the Table, Re-Imagining the Church,” Supportive CongregationsNetwork International Gathering 28 – 30 June 1996 at Mancheser College, Co-sponsoredby the Church of the Brethren Womaen’s Caucus.


    MU2015/33 – Box #4a – Advancement –Church Relations


    Folder#54 – Church givingreports by calendar year.[1988 through 1994].


    Folder#55 – Church givinginformation [1993-1994 through 1998-1999], including date of last gift.


    Folder#56 – Self Allocationpieces.  Article on “ManchesterCongregational Outreach.” Feature on Melissa Bennett, MC Class of 1997.  Black and white photograph included infolder.


    Folder#57a – ManchesterCouncil of Churches.  A note on the fileindicated that it met at 7:00 P.M. every third Tuesday of the month.  “Reach” Committee Report to the Fellowship 18May 1999 that includes contributions and individuals or families givenassistance.  Minutes of the ManchesterFellowship of Churches 18 May 1999, 20 April 1999.  “Reach” Committee Report to the Fellowship 20April 1999. Fellowship of Churches 20 April 1999 Nurture Committee Report. 18August 1998 Bylaws of the Manchester Fellowship of Churches, Inc.


    Folder#57b  – 2001-2006 Manchester Fellowship of ChurchesMinutes and Agenda.


    Folder#58 – 1999 bulletininsert focusing on Jim Chinworth.  A noteon the file folder titles this as” ’99 Sp. Bulletin Insert.”  Also given is a list of congregations withaverage attendance figures.


    Folder#59 – “Church of theBrethren Handbook on Church Unity.”


    Folder#60 – Robert Byerly –Certificate recognizing Byerly’s work on behalf of the Ministry TrainingInstitute,1998-1998.  Note:  The MTI (Ministry Training Institute) “was acooperative arrangement between the district and the College to provide collegeclasses to pastors at Nappanee.”


    Folder#61 – The folder wastitled, “Church Leadership Workshop ‘99/’00 [1999-2000].  Brian Yoder poses the possibility ofreinstitution such a workshop.


    Folder#62 – Scholarshippossibilities and student activity groups:

    List ofscholarships offered at Manchester College printed on 26 October 1998.

    List ofStudent activities offered at Manchester College printed on 16 October 1998.


    Folder#63 – List of ACappella Choir Tour sites1981 through 1998. Possible list of joint congregational sponsorship between the A CappellaChoir and Concert Band.  1999 A CappellaChoir tour schedule.  Choir and Band tourdiscussion and schedules 1997 - 2000.


    Folder#64 – Round Robin–  Letter with free admission coupons totheatrical or musical presentation, Public Program Series event, or athleticevent compliments of the Church Relations Office.  List of congregations with attendance?Statistics.


    Folder#65 – Amending thejob description for the Director of Church Relations.


    Folder#66 – Duties of theDirector of Church Relations at Manchester College:

    Structuralchart for the Office of Institutional Advancement.

    List ofresponsibilities assumed by the Director of Church Relations (27 July 1998).

    Descriptionof Manchester College.

    1999-2000schedule of visit dates.

    Statementon Manchester’s commitments to diversity.

    Statementon “Manchester College Church Relations,” by Brian Yoder.

    Church ofthe Brethren Church Relations Contact list.

    ManchesterCollege list of faculty by division and department [Fall 1998].

    “SpartanCue,” Handbook for 1998-1999.

    ChurchRelations suggestions from District Executives.

    Resume ofPresident Parker Marden.


    “The NextStep, A Campaign to Strengthen Manchester College.”


    Folder#67 – Correspondencewith Bethany Theological Seminary. 1992-1993 college alumni giving.


    Folder#68 – [1999]  - Issues related to the Church of theBrethren District Representatives to the Manchester College Board of Trustees.How to better interpret and promote the mission of Manchester College within thesix districts of the Church of the Brethren?


    Folder#69 – [1998] - Lettersof appeal for financial support.  List ofcongregations.


    Folder#70 – [2000] – Letterof thanks to the Church of the Brethren General Board for a check in support ofa Nigerian (EYN) student.


    Folder#71 – Folder titled,“The Case for Independent Colleges.”  Thefolder contains articles, booklets, and handwritten notes.


    Folder#72 – Correspondencewith other Church of the Brethren Colleges regarding church relations.


    Folder#73 – 1994 ChurchLeader’s Conference Survey.


    Folder#74 – Solicitingquestions and techniques and helpful statistics.


    Folder#75 – CASE – Councilfor Advancement and Support of Education. Article, “Private Colleges: Reelingbut Resilient,” CASE Currents, September 1976. Notes from 1982 and 1983 dealing with topics such as legislation,computer hardware and software, how to take photographs for use in publication,basics of graphic design.


    Folder#76 – NationalCongress on Church-Related Colleges and Universities.  Job description for the Manchester CollegeDirector of Church Relations and Assistant Director of Development.


    Folder#77 – Questionsregarding church relations, including:

    A reporttitled, “Indiana Church-Related College Consultation,” sponsored by the IndianaOffice of Campus Ministry, November 30/December 1, 1978.

    Publication,“Manchester College and the Church of the Brethren: A Conversation,” 1995.

    Report toEmeriti Faculty Luncheon 1 November 1995.


    Folder#78 – CongregationalScholarship Plans, eg. Middlebury Church of the Brethren Congregational AidPlan.


    Folder#79 – Church of theBrethren students, including those on the Dean’s List and those name to Who’sWho Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. CONFIDENTIAL. Some lettersand placement materials [CONFIDENTIAL].


    Folder#80 – Writtenmaterial and snapshots to assist with the idea of placing a plaque on campus inhonor of Manchester’s Brethren founders and affiliation with the Church of theBrethren.



    Folder#81A – 9 November1999  - New Pastor’s Retreat. WendiHutchinson is Director of Church Relations at Manchester College.


    Folder#81B – 9 November1999 - Midwest District Executive Meeting.


    Folder#81Ca 2000 - (CoBCoA) – Wendi Hutchinson’s report onthe Church of the Brethren Collaboration on Admissions meeting in Washington,D.C., along with “Committee on Higher Education Lilly Grant Objectives.”


    Folder#81Cb – 2005 - (CoBCoA)– Church of the Brethren Collaboration on Admissions meeting at ElizabethtownCollege – with notes, budget, thoughts about name change, report on recruitingefforts (2002), and additional material.


    See folder#115 for 2006 COBCOA meeting agenda.


    Folder#81D – 8 April 2000 -South Central Indiana District Spring Workshops.


    Folder#82 – 2000 - CampManagers’ visit to Manchester College.


    Folder#83 – April 2001 -District Executives’ Dinner. Postcard announcing the Brethren Colleges website-  WWW.COBCOA.ORG.  Theological Explorations of Vocation grant update.


    Folder#84 – June 2001 - DavidMcFadden’s MCO (Manchester College Congregational Outreach Team) visit to EastChippewa Church of the Brethren.


    Folder#85 – 2001-2002 SWAP– Students With A Passion – sharing worship services with congregations.


    Folder#86 – 2002-2003 SWAP– Message by Jerry Pokorney (4 May 2003).


    Folder#87 – 2003-2004 SWAP.


    Folder#88 – 1999-2000 - ManchesterCongregational Outreach Team (MCO).


    Folder#89 – 2000 CoHE?Meeting at Manchester College – Meeting of Church of the Brethren CollegesPresidents, Campus Pastors, and Academic Affairs, Student Affairs andAdmissions Officers – Meetings of the leadership of the Church of the Brethrencolleges and universities, the Brethren Colleges Abroad, and BethanyTheological Seminary – Church of the Brethren Colleges Meeting – Schedules,notes, lists of attendees, writings.


    Note: SelfAllocation - Folder #131 in Box 4b contains self-allocation inserts from 1981through1998. See also Folder #141 and #142.


    Folder#90 – 2000 SelfAllocation Piece with spotlight on Josh Brockway (photograph included).


    Folder#91 – 2001 SelfAllocation Piece with spotlight on Regional Youth Conference.


    Folder#92 – 2002Self-Allocation Piece with spotlight on SWAP: Students With A Passion.


    Folder#93 – 2003Self-Allocation Piece with spotlight on Manchester College – Reach.-


    Folder#94a – 2004Self-Allocation Piece with spotlight on U.S. Professor of the Year, James R.C.Adams.


    Folder#94b – 2005Self-Allocation Piece with spotlight on Manchester College – Spiritual Life.


    Folder#94c – ChristianCollege Day bulletin inserts featuring David McFadden’s article on “BrethrenAffiliation (1996),” Zenebe Abebe on “Minority Affairs (1992),” Roger Nehring(Campus Pastor, 1991), President Robinson on “Our Mission is Worthy (1990),”Allen Deeter (BCA, 1989), Amy Shellabarger (BCA), David Schultz and KimberlyParker on “Beyond Classroom Walls (1987),” “Campus Ministry (1986, Tim McElwee,Mona Jean Harley, Alan Tripp),” and inserts extending back to at least 1979.


    Folder#94d – Insert –Quarterly Church News – In August of 1992 it was announced that a quarterlynews statement was to be sent to representatives within selected local churcheswithin the region of the college.  Foldercontains some statements and correspondence.


    Note: SeeFolders #40, #120, #121 and Box 4b. Folder #131 for additional bulletininserts. Folder #131 in Box 4b contains self-allocation inserts from1981 through1998. See also Folder #141 and  Folder #142.


    Folder#95 – 2002 DistrictExecutive Meeting.


    Folder#96 – 2003 Dinnerwith Church of the Brethren District Executives.


    Folder#97 – 1998 and 2002Church of the Brethren solicitation letter.


    Folder#98 - 27 September2004 – Convocation focusing on the Church of the Brethren – including “Who isthe Church of the Brethren?” – Ted Studebaker – Yvonne Dilling – Dan West-  “Kernals About the COB: ManchesterCollege and the Church of the Brethren”  - Powerpoint presentation and film. Digitalmedia copied to Archives’ W network location and can be located in folder titled [Church of the Brethren and MU Relations] and by accession number [MU2015_33_Folder_98]. Includes background notes from Professor KenRogers.


    Folder#99 – 2004-2005Church of the Brethren recruiting projects.


    Folder#100 – 2006 Board ofTrustees Meeting including holiday card from “Tall Oaks,” “Church of theBrethren Connections Quiz,” and “Manchester College Church Relations Answers toSome Frequently Asked Questions.”


    Folder#101 – ManchesterCollege Strategic Plan.


    Folder#102 – “HighlandAvenue Church of the Brethren Celebration of Brethren Colleges Coffee HouseDiscussion Starters” used for visit with Highland Avenue congregation.


    Folder#103 –“Church-College Conversation” materials including “Exploration of Vocation: ABrethren Perspective,” by Donald Durnbaugh, “Brethren Callings and Colleges,”by William Abshire, “Statement of Purpose Defining the Church-CollegeRelationship,” “Central Biblical Texts for Brethren,” list of participants,program from 1995 gathering “Manchester College and the Church of the Brethren:A Conversation,” and other items.


    Folder#104 – “ManchesterCollege Responses to Big Questions” including faith, Christianity, diversity,choosing trustees, connection with the Brethren.


    Folder#105 – “Manchester asa Christian College.”


    Folder#106a – Brethren lettersneeding a response. David McFadden’s, Vice president of Enrollment andPlanning, informational letter to congregations – draft.


    Folder#106b – Recruitingwithin the Church of the Brethren featuring student, Ben Martin, andannouncement of Church of the Brethren scholarship tripled to $3,000, and ideasfor home church visits.


    Folder#107 – AdvocateProgram and list of individuals.


    Folder#108 – Feeder SchoolProjects – school names and addresses.


    Folder#109 – 2005 – Churchrelations conversation including report on “Composition of Enrollment.”


    Folder#110 – Churchrelations budget (undated).


    Folder#111 – Congregationalgiving – addresses and amounts (2005).  


    Folder#112 – Church of theBrethren General Board Meeting on Manchester College campus – ideas.


    Folder#113 – Churchrelations projects, corresopndence, articles, and reports, including but notlimited to: 

    “Workingout the Relationship: The Move Toward a Church-College Aliiance,” by ClaytonPheasant.

    “ManchesterCollege Outreach from Admissions, Church Relations and Regional YouthConference Offices.”

    “Ways ThatChurch Funds Benefit Students.”

    “Outreachfrom Admissions to COB Inquiries and Applicants.”


    Folder#114 – ChurchRelations Plan for 2006 with list of “collaborating congregations.”


    Folder#115 – BrethrenColleges Group – Reports:

    “BrethrenColleges Recruiting/Church Relations Collaboration Budget Report (2006).”

    “Changesin Church Relations at Manchester College (2006)” – restructuring ofresponsibilities.

    2006dropping of the COBCOA name.

    COBCOAMeeting Agenda 2006.

    BrethrenColleges Collaboration – Report on 2005-2006 and Budget Requests for 2006-2007.


    Folder#116 – 2007 ACappella Choir tour congregational visits.


    Folder#117 – 300 Years ofthe Church of the Brethren – how to celebrate on campus?


    Folder#118 – ParentsNetwork/Parents Association – Handbooks for various years.

    2000 –Parents and Family Weekend schedule of events and application.

    2002 –Parents and Family Weekend schedule of events.

    Note –1999 – Bill Rhudy is Vice President of Student Development.

    ParentsAssociation Newsletter – various issues.

    ParentsNetwork Survey.


    Folder#119 – Responses todisagreements, misunderstandings, inquiries, and questions, eg. nude artwork oncampus.




    Folder#120 – Churchbulletin inserts featuring an article by Jim Garber, student Melissa Bennett,the launching of the Manchester Congregational Outreach program (MCO), and otherrelated material. See also Folder #121 for feature written by David McFadden on“Brethren Affiliation.”


    Folder#121a – Bulletininsert by David McFadden, “Manchester College, Brethren Affiliation.” “Reportto the Subcommittee on Development,” 21 April 1995 along with statistics,reports on planned giving, Christian College Day, “Giving Report Summary,” “1995-1996Need-Based Aid Point Distribution,” and other information.


    Folder#121b – ChristianCollege Day – faculty and staff itineraries1988 through 1995


    Folder#122 – “Ecometrics,Prospect Information Management Model (PIMM) and “Manchester CollegeDevelopment Committee Agenda, 1995.”


    Folder#123 – DevelopmentCommittee Materials – Board of Trustees, including statists and reports,including but not limited to “Admissions Data and Goals by Year, 1986-87 to1996-97,” “Sources of Total Gifts Comparison Between 1993/94 and 1994/95,”Agenda of the Development Committee with monthly Advancement planning schedule,“Report to the Subcommitte e on Development (1994),” report on the “CentennialCampaign (1992) (1989),” agenda for meetings of the Development Subcommitee(1992) (1989) (1988) (1981) (and other years), projected facilities needs, “Policyfor Naming Facilities (1988),” and much more.


    Folder#124 – Correspondenceand articles related to the policies established by the Church of the Brethrenand to the operation of the Church of the Brethren General Board in Elgin,Illinois.  Topics include but are notlimited to Israeli/Palestinian peace talks (1996), Donald Miller to resign asGeneral Secretary (1996), Habitat for Humanity, how Bethany Seminary approachesthe Bible (is it seen as the infallible word of God?), “A Statement of theChurch of the Brethren on War,” “Biblical Basis of a Peace Witness,” “Obedienceto God and Civil Disobedience,” selective service, and staff changes.


    Folder#125 – Fund Raising –articles and statistics dealing with fundraising, including but not limited to:“Women as Donors: Women as Philanthropists (1994),” “Avoiding Potholes inSoliciting and Accepting Real Estate Gifts,” “Understanding Major Donors,” “Howto Help Trustees Overcome their Fear of Fund Raising (1993),” report ofManchester College Alumni Giving 1984-1985.


    Folder#126 – PresidentHelman – Memos and correspondence generated by President Helman 1964 through1984, including a speech, “College Goals and Personal Opportunities.”


    Folder#129 – Gender/SexualityIssues – Discussion within the Church of the Brethren and with ManchesterCollege.  Article by Deanna Brown,“Through Walls of Silence to Affirmation.”


    Folder#130 – Evaluation ofHomecoming 1985.





    MU2015/33 – Box #4b – Advancement –Church Relations - BOX#4b INCLUDES VARIOUS TOPICS FROM VARIOUS YEARS


     Folder #131 – Self Allocation –bulletin inserts and correspondence 1981 through 1998.  Topics include but are not limited to:  Map of campus (1981) with photograph ofPresident Helman on verso, listing goals, facilities, financial stability,academic program, etc.  “Many Members inOne Body, Partners in Mission.” “Education for Service.”  Correspondence (1982) answering the question,“What does Manchester mean to me?” with responses by several including MariannePittman, Dick Ward, Randy Yoder. Self-Allocation statements signed by representative Trustees from eachsupporting district.  1986 arrival ofPresident Robinson.  Bookmarks andinserts showing each district’s congregational giving over periods of years.Other informational pieces extending through 1998.


    Folder#132 – Folder titled,“Interpretation – Let’s Get Acquainted with MC.” It appears as if teams orindividuals went to various congregations to conduct insight sessions about theCollege and to listen to members’ concerns. Handwritten notes and articles areincluded, such as “Beyond Anything Foreseen, A Study of the History of HigherEducation in the Church of the Brethren,” James Lehman (1976)  “Church Related Higher Education,” Robert RueParsonage, E.D.  “Manchester College1983-1984 – Statement of Purpose” – “Statement of Mission.”  “Congregational Student Aid Meeting” atMiddlebury Church of the Brethren (1988). Notes from session held at MiddleburyChurch of the Brethren (1983) and at Elkhart City COB (1983).  It appears that five pastors and their congregationswere asked to participate in at least one meeting during discussions at ElkhartCity.


    Folder#133 – LayCounselors.  Self-allocation pieces fordistribution in congregations. The lay counselor was to a congregation’sofficial representative to Manchester College:

  1. Toserve as the representative of MC to the local church;

  2. Tocommunicate local church concerns to MC;

  3. Tocommunicate the purposes, plans and programs of MC to the local church.

  4. Toattend meetings for the purpose of interpretation and communication.

  5. Tokeep the opportunities of education at MC before the churches’ young people andtheir parents;

  6. Tostrengthen the church-College relationship and encourage adequate financialsupport by the congregation and individuals.

    Materialsin the folder include description of Lay Counselor duties, schedule for LayCounselor’s Day, as well as correspondence, ideas, and suggestions from and tolay counselors (1970’s through – early 1990’s).

    Materialsrelated to Lay Counselor conferences held throughout the years containingschedules, notes, information, counselor lists, forms, and other pieces ofinformation.


    Folder#134 – Articles andnotes regarding Liberal Arts, including but not limited to:

  1.  “Science—Slave, Master, or Helper of Man?”(speech delivered by Dr. Leroy Augenstein, Chairman, Biophysics Department,Michigan State University at Midwest Regional Meeting, College EntranceExamination Board, Michigan State University, February 25-27,1963.

  2. “LiberalLearing for a New Decade,” by Lloyd Averill, Eckard College.

  3. “TheLiberal College in an Era of Universal Education,” presented by RichardPearson, President, College Entrance Examination Board, to the AnnualMidwestern Regional Meeting of the Board, Chicago, Illinois, February 14, 1966.

  4. “TheIdea of the Christian College,” by Dr. Hubert Noble – delivered to theManchester College Convocation audience 14 October 1960.

  5. “Messagefor Christian College Day – 20 April 1980, East Chippewa Church of theBrethren, Orrville, Ohio,” by Professor John Planer.

  6. “NinetiethAnniversary Opening Convocation Address,” 1979, by President Helman.

  7. “TheChurch-Related College: Mission and Missioners,” excerpt from address byPresident Helman at Faculty Workshop 30 August 1979.

  8. “ChristianCollege Day Orientation, April 12, 1979,” comments by President Helman.


    Folder #135 – “Manchester CollegePhilosophy.”  Materials include but arenot limited to:

  1. “TheChurch’s Mission in Higher Education,” by President Helman, 1966.

  2. “AStatement on Manchester College Philosophy,” by James Garber (1978) – includingdiversity in belief – tolerance of ideas – response to questions on alcohol useand violation of college policy.

  3. Preventingstudents from violating college policy on conduct.

  4. Variousquotations from educators, articles, speeches.

  5. Brochure– “I Believe in Manchester College,” by Professor Bill Eberly.

  6. Booklet– “College Day in the Church, Suggestions to Pastors of The Church of theBrethren,” compiled by Field Department of Manchester College containing“Church and College,” by President Schwalm.

  7. ManchesterCollege Faculty Worship Service – 30 August 1979 – with meditations by DorothyKeller, Jerry Tucker, Allen Deeter,

  8. “TheMission of Manchester College.”

  9. “Churchand College Working Together.”


    Folder#136 – Carl CawoodCorrespondence – original copies. Letters to pastors, representatives, andcongregations regarding topics such as, the church matching scholarshipprogram, MC Concert Band events, Christian College Day, 1992 church givingreports by district, the ministry of Deanna Brown, sexuality, diversity, andother issues. Article, “Manchester College Makes a Difference (1994).” “Newsand World Report Names Manchester College A Best Value (1994).”


    Folder#137 – Otho WingerSociety.

    1992, 1993and 1995 invitations.

    1992 and1993 attendee list.

    1992 and1993 Dinner programs.

    Brochureand 1992 mailing regarding certificate of membership in The Otho WingerSociety.


    Folder#138 – Carl Cawood’s[Manchester College Director of Church Relations] - letters to pastors 1992 –1998.


    Folder#139 – Issues andconcerns – the importance of Christian College Sunday (1982), statisticsregarding alcohol use by parents of students, discussion regarding residencehall life.


    Folder#140 – Regional YouthConference – evaluations and correspondence. 1980 RYC retreat.


    Folder#141 – This folderwas titled “Samples.”  It contains whatappear to be self-allocation and promotional pieces, many of which were sent tocongregations or could be used as bulletin inserts.  Because the folder is marked “samples” doesit mean that this material was actually used or was it a preliminary format ofsomething else?  With more research, identicalcopies can probably be found in other folders. Some promotionals containarticles by Robert Knechel and Donald Durnbaugh.


    Folder#142 – SelfAllocation materials including statistics on congregational giving (1973 -1980) and correspondence to 1995.


    Folder#143 – Correspondencewith Dana Snider and the Middlebury Church of the Brethren, Indiana.


    Folder#144 – Staff –including but not limited to:

    1981-1982– Anticipated and Implemented Activities of the Director of Church Relations.

    1981-1982- Plan for public relations.

    1981-1982– Proposed Programs of the Director of Development – Church Relations.

    1981-1982- Radio/Television/Newspaper Liaison Press Visits.

    1981-1982- Planned Activities – Director of Alumni Affairs.

    1981-1982– Proposed Program of the Director of Development.

    1980-1981– Church Relations – implementation of planned activities.

    5 March1981 memo from James Garber to President Helman regarding Giving Clubs.

    10 March1981 - Fourth Draft – Policy Statement of “The Manchester College Bulletin.”

    1980 –Lilly Endowment Board’s response to announcement by the Indiana State StudentAssistance Commission that Indiana Educational Grant Awards would be reduced in1980-1981.

    Jobdescription for the Secretary to the Director of Church Relations and to theAssistant Director of Development (1977).

    Alumniservice award winners since conception [1971 – 1980].

    1979-1980Church Relations Update.

    Proposalfor establishing The President’s Club [17 June 1980].

    1980-1981Planned Activities – A Look in Detail.

    1980-1981– Public Relations Staff General Activities.

    Spring1980 – Readership Survey, “The Bulletin.”

    Instructionsfor Annual Fund Phonathon Spring 1981.

    1980Discussion - Parents Organization (PO) – Major Gifts Screening (MGS) – BusinessAdvisory Group (BAG) – Manchester College/Community Dialog (MCC) – DeferredGiving Program, Direct Mail Activity (D. G.)

    2 May 1980– Agenda for Total Staff Meeting.

    ClassDescriptions – Summer Seminar (possibly circa 1980?) – located with some 1980materials.

    1980discussion on CASE resolution.

    28 March1980 Agenda for Staff Meeting – Public Relations Department.

    1980“Bulletin” meeting.

    1980 Memoregarding Admissions Brochures.

    1977article by James Garber – “Manchester College is a “Cool” Community –reflecting on the record low winter temperatures, fuel shortages, and risingfuel costs. Contributions were being accepted to help with expenses.

    1975 –Manchester College “Advocates.”


    Folder#145 – Statements onChurch Related Colleges – articles and publications on church related andChurch of the Brethren Colleges, including “A Statement on The Church and ItsColleges,” adopted by the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference, Champaign,Illinois, June 1960.  “Freedom andAdjustment; The Educational Dilemma [Mack Memorial, 12 February 1967].

    Note: DeanFrantz was Director of Church Relations at Manchester College in 1965.


    Folder#146 – CONFIDENTIAL –1977 – 1984 - Summer Service Scholarship Program Student Evaluations.


    Folder#147 – Memorandum andmaterials related to the Meeting of the Board of Trustees 1986 through 1996.


    Folder#148 – Training inMinistry [TRIM] materials.   MTI booklet– Ministry Training Institute, A Cooperative Training Program of ManchesterCollege, Bethany Theological Seminary – Academy, Northern Indiana District andSouth/Central Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren. Also – Ministry TrainingInstitute booklet describing a two-year associate’s degree offered with anemphasis in one of the following: Youth Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, ChristinaEducation Ministry, Church Administration/Program Coordination.


    Folder#149 – Very ImportantPastor Days – [V.I.P. Days] – The MC Office of Church Relations develops aprogram for regional pastors. Background and invitation lists.


    Folder#150 – Schedules andmaterials relating to Illinois/Wisconsin district conference (informationrelated to 1994,1995,1996,1997). “Certificate of the Illinois and Wisconsin District of the Church of theBrethren,” certifying that attached to this certificate “is a full, true andcorrect copy of the a resolution of the district delegates of said districtduly adopted at the annual meeting of the district delegates of said districtheld on the 4th day of October 1997, which resolution approves andagrees to the Articles of Acceptance and Restatement of Manchester College asproposed by the Board of Trustees of said College.


    Folder#151 – NorthernIndiana District Conference material (related to 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997).


    Folder#152 – South CentralDistrict Workshops and South Central Indiana District Conference material. (1981[including 1981 Organizational Diagram of Indiana Camp Board ofDirectors],1989,1990,1991, 1992, 1993,1994,1995,1996,1997, and graph of SouthCentral Indiana District Budget and Self-Allocation Giving Comparisonreflecting figures for 1973 through 1988).


    Folder#153 – MichiganDistrict Conference materials (1996, 1997).


    Folder#154 – Northern OhioDistrict Conference materials including “Northern Ohio District Church of theBrethren Twenty-eight Year Report – 1963 to 1991 and Possible Dreams for theFuture.”

    Folder#155 – Southern OhioDistrict Conference materials (scattered 1982 – 1998).


    Folder#156 - June Snell –Camp Emmanuel.


    Folder#157 – “King’s HouseRetreat, Henry, Illinois” – materials related to what appear to be  Illinois/Wisconsin District Pastor/Spouseretreats held in the early 1980’s.


    Folder#158 – South CentralIndiana District Travel – map, congregations, individuals, notes.


    Folder#159 – Michigan DistrictTravel – congregations, individuals, notes.


    Folder#160 – Southern OhioDistrict Travel – congregations, individuals, notes, “1979 Plat Book.”


    Folder#161 – Illinois/WisconsinTravel – church list.


    Folder#162 - South CentralIndiana District  - statistics and givingrecord 1981, 1982, 1983 by congregation and district.


    Folder#163 – Northern OhioDistrict statistics – giving to Manchester College reports 1984 through 1992.


    Folder#164 – Southern OhioDistrict – statistical giving reports 1982 through 1991.


    Folder#165 – Northern OhioTravel – congregations and notes.


    Folder#166 – 2002 – “Churchof the Brethren Council of District Executives, Policies and Procedures forSoliciting Funds in Each District.”


    Folder#167 – 1999 ChurchRelations Handbook – Brian Yoder’s handbook developed to assist the incomingDirector of Church Relations as Brian resigned his post.  The new director was to be Wendi Hutchinson.


    Folder#168 – 2004-2005Student Development Diversity Learning Goal.


    Folder#169 – Contents oftwo notebooks and one folder containing soup-to-nuts plans for the 1999Regional Youth Conference.   Eventevaluations and follow-up materials are included, as well as snapshots.  Plans develop for the 2000 RYC. Subjectsinclude but are not limited to: Song permission forms and check receipts,speaker arrangements, participants lists, facilities arrangements, as well aslogo/t-shirt design.


    Folder#170 – Manchester“Update,” 1986, 1987, 1988 along with Carl Cawood correspondence (1986)


    Folder#171 – Ministerialand Church of the Brethren Executive correspondence written by John Lahman andCarl Cawood. 

    Cawoodcorrespondence 1986, 1985, 1984.

    Lahmancorrespondence 1983-1984.

    1997letter to COB students inviting them to dine with District Executives duringcampus visit.

    1997District Executive campus visit schedule.

    Note:  Carl Cawood appears to have started hisposition as Director of Church Relations dudring the 1984-1985 academicyear.  He followed John Lahman in thisposition.


    Folder#172 – “Miscellaneousmailings” sent during 1998, 1999.


    Folder#173 – (MCO)”Manchester Congregational Outreach” replaces older “Christian CollegeDay.”  1997 correspondence with faculty/staffabout possible presentation themes.


    Folder#174 – Mailings topastors, including topics such as campus work day.


    Folder#175 – (MCO)“Manchester Congregational Outreach” forms and congregational “Representative”correspondence.


    Folder#176 – Stan Noffsingerinterview – (undated, but possibly circa 2005?) Stan Noffsinger is an alumnusof Manchester College and was at that time, or would become, General Secretaryof the Church of the Brethren.


    Folder#177 – “GeneralChurch Relations” and various situations. “To do” lists.


    Folder#178  - “Odds and Ends – Church Relations.”  Two students’ faith journeys are shared(Kline and Eller) and correspondence with students is presented, in particular,one letter from Parker Marden to prospective student.


    Folder#179 – Max and JoyceDouglas Nativity Scenes – Marden letter and preliminary arrangements.



    MU2015/33 – Box #5 – Advancement –Church Relations


    Folder#180 – Petersimeposter – creation, use, and discussion.


    Folder#181 – CONFIDENTIAL -Summer Service and Scholarship Program: Purpose, guidelines and reports, student information andphotographs. 

    1985 –Stickel and Peter.

    1986 –Mack, Hess and Montel.

    1987 –Martin, Kurtz, and Finney.

    1988 –Smith and Van Voorhis (Vanvoorhis).


    Folder#182 – 2000 MinistrySummer Service with 1998 and 1999 correspondence.


    Folder#183 – CONFIDENTIAL -Summer Service Scholarship Program with recipient history [1983 – 1996].  Lists of congregations, nominees, placementsand additional information.


    Folder#184 – Contents of ACappella Choir Tour 1999 notebook.


    Folder#185  - Contents of Concert Band Tour notebook withmaterials circa 1988 through 1998 – with soup-to-nuts notes and correspondence forpreparation: Church lists – bus arrangements, etc.


    Folder#186 – Concert Bandand A Cappella Choir tour preparation and reports (1986 – 1998) – Minutes andnotes of the Band and Choir Tour Committee – Choir Tour (1981-1997) and ConcertBand (1986 – 1997) concert locations by year – discussion about the possibilityof joint sponsorship of concerts. Some programs..


    Folder#187 – Music ToursStudy Committee notes (2003).


    Folder#188 – Band Tours –programs and materials from 2006, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001.


    Folder#189 – Band Tours –programs and materials from 1993, 1994, 1995, part of 1996), 1997, 1998, 1999,2000.


    Folder#190 – Informationfrom Carl Cawood, including a report recording A Cappella Choir appearances byChurch of the Brethren districts (1981 – 1998). 1998 report reporting “Activity/Work in Church Relations,” a type of jobdescription.


    Folder#191 – A CappellaChoir tour materials (2003, 2002, 2001 [“Carnegie or Bust!”], 2000) includingguidelines for hosts, schedules, arrangements, thank-you letters, someprograms.




    Folder#192 – A CappellaChoir [and the Entertainers] tour materials (1998, 1997, 1996) including giftreports, schedules, some programs, arrangements, requests for MC information, contactreports, correspondence.


    Folder#193 – The A CappellaChoir [and the Entertainers] tour materials (1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994)including programs, itineraries, arrangements and additional correspondence.


    Folder#194 -  “Resources on Caring for the Poor…in ourmidst,” a congregational resource of the Church of the Brethren General Board.


    Folder#195 – TEV Notebook –“Program for the Theological Exploration of Vocation Summer Service List,”(2001 BVS (Brethren Volunteer Service) Project Book.


    Folder#196 – CONFIDENTIAL –TEV Notebook –2003 Summer Service List and student evaluations.  The Program for the Theological Explorationof Vocation is defined as “a program through the Church of the Brethren relatedcolleges in cooperation with Brethren Volunteer Service, Church of the BrethrenGeneral Board, and funded by the Lilly Endowment.




    Box 5 –File Folder #194 – February2001 – The Fund for Theological Education, Inc. – handouts from plenarysessions where “college and university representatives discuss the perils andpossibilities of designing and implementing programs for the theologicalexploration of vocation.”


    Box 5 –File Folder #195 –September 2001 – information pertaining to the first plenary conference of the universitiesand colleges participating in the TEV program.


    Box 5 –File Folder #196 –Proposal to the Lilly Endowment – “A Collaborative Program for Vocation.”


    Box 5 -File Folder #197 –BCA – Brethren Colleges Abroad – packet of information and materials related totravel and adapting to intercultural travel.


    Box 5 –File Folder #198 – TEVbrochure – list of 2001 TEV Summer Service Students and their institutions. 2001participant contact information. Theological ETU Proposal Outline. 2001 TEV Summer Service placementguidelines – BVS projects hosting a summer volunteer – TEV orientation schedule– Ministry Summer Service Schedule – Misconduct Guidelines – letter to BVSProject Directors.


    Box 5 –File Folder #199a –Mentoring Workshop June 2001.


    Box 5 –File Folder #199b –TEV Dave Jensen Correspondence.  LillyVocation Summer Awards.


    Box 5 –File Folder #200 –TEV “Evidence” - TEV Summer Field Placements - MC student activity Summer 2001– students write and reflect about their experiences. Copy of the “Seminarian,”Fall/Winter 2001 with related articles.


    Box 5 –File Folder #201a –CONFIDENTIAL – 2001 Debriefing and Evaluations.


    Box 5 –File Folder #201b –TEVSummer Service Debrief Retreat 19-21 Otcober 2001.


    Box 5 –File Folder #202 –2002 TEV correspondence, presentation to faculty luncheon (October 2002), listof students and amount of check.


    Box 5 –File Folder #203 –CONFIDENTIAL - EYC – Exploring Your Call – participating student, pastor, andcongregation list.  Exploring Your Callpublicity brochure and article.  JeffBach (instructor), “Report of Teaching for Exploring Your Call.” Educationalmaterials. EYC evaluation forms and reflections. Note: EYC was a ten day eventheld 13 July to 22 July and was made possible by grants from the LillyFoundation and the Barnabas and Alina Foundations.  It was developed to encourage your people toconsider the ministry as a possible career. Related articles describing the event from various publications.Checklist for Lilly Report.


    Box 5 –File Folder #204 –“The Creative Church Leader Program” and “Workshop on Creative ChurchLeadership” 2001.


    Box 5 –File Folder #205 –Lilly Grant – Washington, D.C. Meeting (2000) – Correspondence regarding ameeting in D.C. called to formulate objectives and plans to fulfill them, withthe goal of developing a proposal to be submitted to the Lilly Endowment’s programfor the Theological Exploration of Vocation. Personal notes, probably by Wendi Hutchinson.


    Box 5 –File Folder #206 –“Lilly Endowment Planning Grant, ‘Theological Exploration of Vocation.’” –Following receipt of $2 million grant from the Lilly Endowment, an announcementwas made in “The Journal Gazette,” newspaper in Ft. Wayne, Indiana (copy ofarticle included).  The folder alsocontains other announcements (some by President Parker Marden), description ofthe grant, meeting notes, personal notes (probably by Wendi Hutchinson),  copy of the proposal for a planning grant toLilly Endowment, statement created April 2000 by R. Yoder (“TheologicalExplorations of Vocation”) for inclusion in the grant process, othergrant-related background materials.


    Box 5 –File Folder #207 –April 2005 TEV “Messenger” article by Jill Kiline that includes studentexperiences while working through TEV.


    Box 5 –File Folder #208 –“2004-2005 TEV Newsletter Material” including Imagination Grant Reflectionswritten by students from various Church of the Brethren institutions.  “Theological Explorations of Vocation”newletters, Winter 2003/2004 and Winter 2004/2005.


    Box 5 –File Folder #209 – COBCampus Pastors Meeting, 1-3 May 2005 – materials and Manchester College brochures,including a brochures on the Manchester College Labyrinth and “Spiritual Life”at MC.  Paper titled, “Questions toponder as you experience the labyrinth.”


    Box 5 –Evidence - Personalscrapbooks, notebooks, digital images, of Manchester College students andstudents from other COB institutions who participated in the TEV, ImaginationGrant, and Providing the Path programs:

    K. Frick –Providing the Path – Ireland – Summer 2003.

    K. Koch –Imagination Grant – New Zealand – Summer 2003.

    E.Percinsky – TEV Summer of Service report.

    A. Kuzar –letter to Wendi describing Habitat for Humanity experience and report…see  evidence materials in Box 6.

    Guatemala,Xela to Santa Maria Tzeja, Imagination Grant, January 2 – 30 – undated andunsigned scrapbook.  All students might notbe from Manchester College – more information is needed:

    R.Walensky, Juniata College, TEV illustrated journal.

    TheFollowing Digital Files were copied to the Archives’ W network location and arelocated in the MU2015_33 file folder:

  • IrelandStudent Photos.

  • M.Powers – TEV PowerPoint Presentation – Summer 2003 – Denton Bible Church – JV.

  • J.Hostetler – Summer 2003 Imagination Grant Evidence.

  • Y.Bing – Summer 2003 – Brethren Volunteer Service.


    Box 6 –TEV Materials – Note– receipts for this grant were taken to Michael Leckrone and in the ManchesterUniversity Business Office for storage.


    D. Hart -Ireland/Northern Ireland.

    K. LeFever– TEV Summer 2003 – photo album – San Antonio Catholic Worker House.

    L. Hines –TEV – Gould Farm, Monterey, MA – illustrated journal and scrapbook.

    A. Kuzar –Habitat for Humanity notebook and snapshots…see also Box 5 – last section –“evidence.”

    E. Wilson– “Cead Mile Failte (One Hundred Thousand Welcomes) Providing the Path –Ireland/Northern Ireland, June 10-22, 2003,” evidence essay.

    N. Yapple– “TEV Evidence Essay,” summer 2003.

    A. Camp,“TEV Summer of Service 2003, at Educational Concern for Hunger Organization(ECHO), N. Fort Myers, FL.”

    L. Sardone– “Florida: More Than Just the Sunshine State.”

    J. VanDeman – “Imagination Experience in South Africa 2002, Phase II of the TheologicalExploration of Vocation.”

    E. Salas –“Thank God for Transition” – Sunday, 7 September 2003 – La Verne Church of theBrethren.

    L.Yingling – Casa Juan Diego, Houston, Texas.

    C. King –September 2003 – “Beyond Malibu,”

    R.Richards, Juniata College, August 2003 – “Evidence for Providing the Path:France/Switzerland Trip.”

    E. Baney,Juniata College – “The DC Experience: My Summer Participating in theTheological Exploration of Vocation Program.”

    C.Longenecker – Nongkhai, Thailand: June-August 2003.

    E. Sellers– Summer 2003 Bangkok, Thailand.

    E. Sellers– Summer 2003 – copy of article from Bridgewater College campus newspaper.

    A. Moore –“Searching for God’s Calling.”

    E.Gundersen – “How Ireland Reforcused My Life.”

    “ManchesterMagazine,” Summer 2002 – feature – “Imagine the Possibilities – Three MCstudents [B. Bohnstedt, H. Ditmars, L. Gorrell] used their imaginations todevelop unique summer learning  experiences.”  An article about Kemper Fellowships sponsoredby the James S. Kemper Foundation and the “imagination” experience.


    Box 6 –File Folder # 210 -McPherson Regional Youth Conference 2002 Report – including RYC/TEV.


    Box 6 –File Folder #211 –“ERYC 2002 ‘Evidence’” – Eastern Regional Youth Conference fulfills therequirements for “Theological Explanation of Vocation” guidelines for the LillyGrant – description.


    Box 6 –File Folder #212 –“ERYC at Elizabethtown, March 8-10, 2002.”


    Box 6 –File Folder #213 –“TEV – CCL June 2002” – Creative Church Leader Program  held at Manchester College – list ofparticipants – schedule – description.


    Box 6 -File Folder #214 –“2002 TEV Orientation Evaluations” – some evaluation forms saved as examples ofcomments received.  Paper by WendiHutchinson, “Reflections on the 2002 TEV Summer Orientation.”


    Box 6 –File Folder #215 –“2002 TEV – Inward Bound Evidence” – Response by Manchester student, J.Pokorney, 30 October 2002 and evaluation of the conference by Jim Chinworth.


    Box 6 –File Folder #216 –CONFIDENTIAL -  “2002 TEV Summer ServiceEvaluations” – students from COB institutions evaluate their own TEVexperiences.


    Box 6 –File Folder #217  CONFIDENTIAL - “2002 TEV ProjectEvaluations” – evaluations of students from “employers” at project sites.


    Box 6 –File Folder #218-  “2002 TEV Summer Travel and DebriefingTravel Information” - student participant names and addresses and travelarrangements.


    Seriesof folders –CONFIDENTIAL – with student applications and project preference forms: K.Anderson, J. Antonik, S. Bishop, E. Butler, C. Collins, L. Davidson, M. Fitze,J. Harper, D. Hart, J. Holtan, J. Hostetler, K. Koch, B. Krug, W. Matheny, J.Norviel, J. Pokorney, L. Pace, M. Rhoades, B. Reiter, E. Sellers, C. Sheller,C. Waggy, J. Weber.


    Box 6 –File Folder #219a,b,c– CONFIDENTIAL - “2002 TEV Summer Service Evidence” – Student evaluations oftheir 2002 summer experience with TEV – essays – snapshots – digital images andfiles have been copied to network location drive W, folder MU2015_33.

    Box 6 –File Folder #220 –Several evaluations retained by archivist reflecting the 2002 TEV DebriefingRetreat.


    Box 6 –File Folder #221  CONFIDENTIAL - “TEV – SSI May 2002”-  TEV Student Profiles 2002 – mentoringcorrespondence from W. Hutchinson to mentors along with materials inpreparation for TEV orientation.


    Series offolders – CONFIDENTIAL – containing student application forms, personalstatements, letters of reference, and other correspondence:  J. Wieseke, E. Sellers, S. Durnford, R.Lichty, C. Karn, N. Stern, J. Van Deman.


    Box 6 –File Folder #222 –2002 Exploring Your Call Evidence (EYC).


    Box 6 –File Folder #223 –2002 MEDA Convention – (Mennonite Economic Development Associates).  Materials for “Business as a Calling2002.”  Materials and participant liss.


    Box 6 –File Folder #224 –2002 TEV – MEDA Conference Evidence including, “Report on MEDA Convention,November 2002” and reflection papers.


    Box 6 –File Folder #225 –TEV Recruiting Trip – Fall 2002.


    Box 6 –File Folder #226-  Wendi Hutchinson’s presentation atMcPherson College, December 2002.


    Box 6 –File Folder #227 –Materials related to the 2002 TEV Debriefing Retreat – with lists of 2002interns including their, home, college and placement site.


    Box 6 –File Folder #228 –NYC (National Youth Conference) 2002 Report – “Denominational Conferences.”


    Box 6 –File Folder #229 –Taize Trip – 13-24 March 2002.


    Box 6 –File Folder #230 –CONFIDENTIAL - F. Etsler and P. Mazzei applications.


    Box 6 –File Folder #231 –2003 TEV Denominational Conferences. Note- business related receipts andinvoices have been taken to the Manchester University Business Office forstorage.


    Box 6 –File Folder #232 –2003 TEV – NASPA Conference – Spirituality and higher education conference –Sonia Smith.


    Box 6 –File Folder #233 –TEV Temporary position descriptions – support for Lilly Theological Explorationof Vocations Grant.


    Box 6 –File Folder #234  2003 “Providing the Path” applications– TEV program.


    Box 6 –File Folder #235 –CONFIDENTIAL - 2003 “Providing the Path” program materials and participantapplications.


    Box 6 –File Folder #236 –CONFIDENTIAL – 2003 “Providing the Path” applications and mentor information.


    Box 6 –File Folder #237 –CONFIDENTIAL – “Providing the Path” – 2003 Ireland trip – materials and evaluations.


    Box 6 –File Folder #238 –CONFIDENTIAL – “Providing the Path” – 2003 France excursion – applications.


    Box 6 –File Folder #239 –CONFIDENTIAL – “Providing the Path” – France and Switzerland – Taize pilgrimage– materials and evaluations.


    Box 6 –File Folder #240 –2003 EYC Evidence – “Exploring Your Call.”


    Box 6 –File Folder #241 –2003 RYC Evidence – McPherson College


    Box 6 –File Folder #242 –2003 Bridgewater Roundtable Evidence.


    Box 6 –File Folder #243 –2003 ERYC Evidence – Eastern Regional Youth Conference.


    Box 6 –File Folder #244 –2003 Manchester RYC – Regional Youth Conference – message by Rachel Gross andother presentations included.


    Box 6 –File Folder #245 –CONFIDENTIAL –  Imagination Grant (IG) – applications,program materials, and correspondence - Megan Fitze with “Oak Leaves” article(November 2003) – J. Hostetler – K. Koch with “Oak Leaves” article (February2004 – J. Moriarity – J. Norviel 0 B. Krug – C. Longenecker – J. Holtan .


    Box 6 –File Folder #246 –2003 Orientation Schedule.


    Box 6 –File Folder #247 –Brethren Higher Education Association Meeting, November 2004 with BHEA studentprofiles – Imagination Grant – Brethren Colleges Abroad (BCA) – Summer Service– Providing the Path.


    Box 6 –File Folder #248 –2003 Summer Service -  Packet to Students– Summer Service Orientation – placements.


    Box 6 –File Folder #249 –2003 TEV Orientation and correspondence with Project Directors – TEV project description– “Reflections on the 2002 TEV Summer Orientation,” by Wendi Hutchinson –placements.


    Box 6 –File Folder #250 –2003 Flight itineraries – Summer Service Orientation


    Box 6 –CONFIDENTIAL - Seriesof file folders containing student applications, correspondence, summer updates:E. Baney, A. Camp, R. Frank, J. Hamlyn, L. Hine, C. King, J. Kline, A. Kuzar,K. Leese, K. Lefever, B. Leiter, J. McAvoy, E. McCourt, R. McFadden, E.Percinsky, M. Powers, E. Salas, L. Sardone, J. Stauffer, Y. Tan, K. Taylor, R.Wolensky, N. Yaple, L. Yingling,


    Box 6 –File Folder #251 –2003 Creative Church Leader Program – materials and participant list.


    Box 6 –File Folder #252 –2003 TEV Mentor Workshop.


    Box 6 –File Folder #253 –2003 TEV Debriefing Retreat – evaluations – lists of Summer Service studentsand their placements – notes – correspondence.


    Box 6 –File Folder #254 –CONFIDENTIAL - Theological Exploration of Vocation Summer Service ProgramStudent Volunteer Evaluations, August 2003.


    Box 6 –File Folder #255 –2003 FTE Conference Information – 2003 Summer Conference on Excellence inMinistry.


    Box 6 –File Folder #256 –2003 – TEV – EYC report and evaluations.


    Box 6 –File Folder #257 -  November 2003 TEV video conference.


    Box 6 –File Folder #258 - Evidence– 2003 – E. Wilson, N. Yaple, A. Camp, L. Sardone, J. Van Deman, E, Salas, C.King, R. Richards, E. Baney, C. Longenecker, E. Sellers, A. Moore, E.Gundersen, “Manchester Magazine,” Summer 2002.


    Box 6 –File Folder #259 –Evidence – A. Kuzar – with snapshots – Habitat for Humanity


    Box 6 –File Folder #260 –Evidence - D. Hart – Ireland.


    Box 6 –File Folder #261 -Evidence. – Casa Juan Diego.


    Box 6–  Evidence - Album – TEV Summer 2003 – snapshots – TEVTraining Retreat – Placement in the San Antonio Catholic Worker House – K.LeFever.


    Box 6 –Evidence - Album – L.Hines – Gould Farm.


    Box 6 – File Folder #262 - CONFIDENTIAL - Trustees’ AcademyMaterials for Fall 2003 (24 October 2003) Theological Exploration of VocationLilly Grant Program Imagination Grant Recipient Summary 2002, 2003, 2004.  Applicant biographies and personalinformation.


    Box 6 –File Folder #263 –Reports from Kauffman / TEV Reciptients – R. Paske, A. Michael, A. Keith(2003-2004 Kauffman).


    Box 6 –File Folder #264 –2003 TEV Summer Project Listing.


    Box 6 –File Folder #265 –TEV/’MISS 13 October 2003 Meeting – “2003 Brethren Student Summer ServiceOrientation Workshop on Vocation for Mentors and Advisors External Evaluation,”by David White, 28 August 2003. Correspondence. “Church of the Brethren – Brethren CollegesConversation: Collaboration on Possible Grant Proposal,” 13 October 2003.  Church of the Brethren – Brethren CollegesConversation: Collaboration on Possible Grant Proposal,” 28 January 2004.Articles including, “Church Leaders Develop Skills to Nurture Calls toMinistry.”  Related materials.


    Box 6 –File Folder #266 –TEV Best Practices Conference materials, 6 November 2003.


    Box 6 –CDs from the back of a drawer identified as TEVF 2003: 1 Ireland, 2 Ireland [Kingston] ,4  August 2003 France, Taize Switzerland[“Wendi’s Pics].


    Box 7 –File Folder #267-  2004 TEV – TEV Summer ServiceParticipants.


    Box 7 –File Folder #268 –Kauffman Award Information – 2002-2003 Kauffman Reports, Lilly Vocations.  2003-2004 Kauffman Awards materials andstudent reports. 


    Box 7 –File Folder #269 –Providing the Path and Imagination Grant TEV program materials.


    Box 7 –File Folder #270 –TEV Publicity including but not limited to: – Wabash County Alumni Dinner(April 2002) – Regional Youth Conference at McPherson, Kansas (2003) – otherYouth Conferences – Roundtable at Bridgewater College (2003) – BethanyTheological Seminary discernment events - various publications [“Theological Exploration of Vocation SummerService Summary, Reflections from 2002”].


    Box 7 –File Folder #271 –“Project Proposal – Spiritual (auto) biography and the practices that sustain(us) them,” Rev. James Chinworth.


    Box 7 –File Folder #272 –TEV information to draw from for writing and speaking.


    Box 7–  Section of File Folders – CONFIDENTIAL - Imagination Grantstudent applications and proposals for 2004. In some cases “Evidence” of the 2004 experience is given as well: B.Leiter, J. Kline, A. Lahman, L. Sardone, K. Blackman, K. Smith, C. Mannion, B.Waxman.


    Box 7 –File Folder #273 –FTE Youth/Seminary Conference – “Pedagogies Toward Public Theology, A CaseStudy of The Youth Theological Initiative Summer Academy,” Dr. Faith KirkhamHawkins, FTE Forum, January 2004.  “CaseStudy from Duke Youth Academy for Christian Formation,” Duke Divinity School,Fred P. Edie, Faculty Director. “Participants from Organizations Related to the Initiative 5 January2004 through 7 January 2004. Correspondence regarding The Fund for Theological Education, Inc., meetingin Indianapolis, January 2004.


    Box 7 –File Folder #274 – TEVMeeting February 2004 – TEV Evaluation and Planning Meeting – Notes and othermaterials.


    Box 7 –File Folder #275 –May 2004 – D. White Visit – TEV.


    Box 7 –File Folder #276 –TEV – ECHOPPE Information and experience.


    Box 7 –File Folder #277 -TEV Newsletter – Winter 2003/2004 – and correspondence.


    Box 7 –File Folder #278 –2004 TEV Application forms.


    Box 7 –File Folder #279 –2003 letter sent to list of peers interested in theological reflection.


    Box 7 –File Folder #280 –Mentor packet mailed in April 2004. List of mentors.


    Box 7 –File Folder #281 –2004 Summer Service Mentors and flight itineraries.


    Box 7 –File Folder #282 –2004 TEV Compiled Mentor and Student Evaluations.


    Box 7 –File Folder #283 –2004 TEV Summer Service Project Listings and Descriptions.


    Box 7 –File Folder #284 –2004 Summer Service Students and Packets – CONFIDENTIAL.

    Box 7 –File Folder #285 –2004 MSS Debriefing – Summer Service – August – along with information aboutthe Imagination Grant.


    Box 7–  Section of Student Folders - CONFIDENTIAL -  Student Summer Service /TEV Application Formsand Project Reports – some with CD’s and photographs: A. Albrecht, M. Albright,B. Allebach, H. Bailey, B. Barbera, S. Besser, T. Blue, C. Boyd, H. Brown, K.Brown, Z. Burton, K. Duhai, M. Gardiner, M. Hagbloom, K. Heverly, A. Hoffman,K. LaBella, M. Larzelere, M. Martin-Adkins, S. Oren, S. Reed, M. Rees, M. Romig,J. Shaw, B. Showalter, N. Simmons, K. Swanson. – Packets of snapshots anddigital images on CDs from various experiences that were found in filingcabinet and placed with student folders by the archivist.  These were identified largely with firstnames – last names – or first and last names. They were also mostly undated.  The researcher should compare names withpictures and projects. I do not know if these students had more than one“experience.”  The archivist placedphotos with names and projects when it seemed apparent – but still – moreconfirmation is probably needed.


    Folderfollowing Student Folders– MC Folks at NYAC 17 June 2004 – two snapshots of group photo.


    Box 7 –File Folder #286 –2004 TEV Orientation – CONFIDENTIAL – some sensitive situations.


    Box 7 –File Folder #287 – 2004 TEV Debriefing– CONFIDENTIAL – personal information - 2004 TEV Debriefing Retreat Evaluation-TEV Summer Orientation 2004 Student Evaluations – Summer Service Students 2004– 2004 TEV Debriefing Retreat Schedule.


    Box 7 –File Folder #288 –2004 P and P [Proving the Path, Providing the Path?] Evidence, includingpublication, “Theological Explorations of Vocation,” Winter 2004/2005.  Paper by E. Percinsky, “Proving the Path –The India Story.”  Paper by K. LeFever,“Swallowed Pride: A Reality of TEV’s Providing the Path in India.”  Bulletin and letter from R. Houff,Bridgewater College, from presentation done at Palmyra Church of the Brethren.Paper by R. Poling, “Anna Margaret Kling Mack.” Paper by A. Messner on the Brethren heritage tour to Europe.  Paper by J. Haldeman on the Brethren heritagetrip to Europe.


    Box 7 –File Folder #289 – Providing the Path – Germany – Itinerary for the Brethren HeritageTour, 7 – 20 July 2004. TEV Group Trip to India – Spiritual Practices 8 – 22July 2004. Correspondence -  List of participants– special reading.


    Box 7 –File Folders #290 through 295 – Imagination Grant Applicants and Recipientsalong with backup material/evidence:– J. Stauffer – TEV Lilly Grant – Imagination Grant to China. InternationalMission on Engineering, L. Stone, W. Matheny, J. Weber, K. Swanson, L. Hine.


    Box 7 –File Folder #291 – 2004 WRYC– Western Regional Youth Conference 2004 – Budget report and overview ofconference – program booklet – information “booklet” 2004 – Planning CommitteeOverview of WRYC 2004 (developing draft as of 3/15/2004).


    Box 7 –File Folder #292 – TEV for Wendi Hutchinson – “Theological Exploration of Vocation: A ‘SOME’r ofReflection,” by S. McFadden.  CD dated10-13 February 2005 – “Church – College Conversation.”  Other papers by E. Bowers, “Living theQuestions,” and “TEV Evidence,” C. Haines 28 September 2005.  Other writing and reflections: S. Reed, J.Conger.  Correspondence to TEVpartners.  Ideas for “Pathways” and TEVGrant, Imagination Grants. Idea for “Meditation Room in the chapel library.“Highlights of PTEV Program Director Survey,” October 2005.  List of TEV Summer Service Participants2005.  “Manchester College ProposalSummery Woksheet,” seeking to “continue the selected Theological Exploration ofVocation (TEV) student-focused programs of Summer Service, Providing the Path(esp. the Brethren Heritage Tour), and Imagination Grants for advanced studentsthrough a ‘Sustaining the Theological Exploration of Vocation’ grant.”  “Pathways Talking Points” [Program for the TheologicalExploration of Vocation].  List ofpotential applicants for ”Pathways.”


    Box 7 –File Folder #293 – TEV To Do – Thelma Rohrer – Materials related to the Brethren Heritage Tour, ideasregarding student summer service programs, project descriptions, statisticsabout 2005 graduating Manchester College seniors and their participation ininternational programs, “The 13 R’s, A Guide for Christians Visiting AnotherCulture,” offered by David Radcliff, Church of the Brethren General Board, 30January 2003 letter from Dan McFadden, Director of Brethren Volunteer Servicerequesting a review of the financial arrangement between TEV and BVS.


    Box 7 –File Folder #294 –“Manchester College Community Relief Trip to New Orleans,” March 2006.


    Box 7 –File Folder #295 –Enhancing the Theological Conversation on Vocation, October 2004, TEV – meetingin Indianapolis.


    Box 7 –File Folder #296 –Materials for “Gracious Justice,” Spring Break Atlanta – March 2004 -  to experience service, reflection, andinteraction with issues of: Homelessness, Refugees, Race Relations.

    FollowingFile Folder #296  is a scrapbook withphotographs and digital files describing the “Gracious Justice” experience –March 2004.


    Box 7 –File Folder #297 –TEV Conference  materials, 11 – 13October 2004.


    Box 7 –File Folder #298 –Newspaper article and reprint from “Lancaster Online,” -  “Age-old Quest:  ‘What do I want my life to say to the world?”by Joan Kern [page C4 “Lancaster New Era, 24 September 2004– Weber, Romig andK. LeFever participating in the Lilly Endowment’s “Theological Exploration ofVocation” summer program. Letter and additional article from J. Gibbel, Lititz,PA.


    Box 7 –File Folder #299 –Theological Exploration of Vocation – Summer Service Program – BrethrenVolunteer Service Project Sites – Summer 2005 – List – CONFIDENTIAL –descriptions and workers’ evaluations. Note:  The Program for theTheological Exploration of Vocation 2005 is a program through the Church of theBrethren related colleges in cooperation with Brethren Volunteer Service,Church of the Brethren General Board, Funded by Lilly Endowment.


    Box 7 –File Folder #300 –Explorations Photographs and digital images. Included are: N. Simmons, Gould Farm, B. Allebach, La Puente Home, M.Albright, Camp Myrtlewood.


    Box 7 –File Folder #301 –2005 TEV Summer Service Orientation materials.


    Box 7 –File Folder #302 –2005 Summer Service Debriefing Retreat materials with list of TEV SummerService participants.


    Box 7 –File Folder #303 –TEV Evaluation – Student Feedback.

    Box 7 –File Folder #304 –2005 Evaluations for TEFV/Brethren Volunteer Service Sites – Summer 2005 –CONFIDENTIAL.


    Sectionof Student Participant Folders– CONFIDENTIAL: S. Bashore, S. Berkey, E. Bowers,  A. Gaylord, C. Haynes, A. Hostetler, A.Leavens, J. McFadden, S. McFadden, P. Sparks, P. Sparks, T. Summy, D.Vorderberg, G. Wetzel, S. Wunderlich, J. Zunkel.


    Box 7 –File Folder #305 –CONFIDENTIAL – A. Albrecht – Imagination Grant.


    Box 7 –File Folder #306 –Student Schedules.


    Box 7 –File Folder #307 –TEV Sustainability Grant materials – including Theological Exploration ofVocation Lilly Grant Program Imagination Grant Recipient Summary 2002 forward.

      of Vocationin Benin, West Africa, titled, “Manchester Embarks on Program Exploring Faith,Vocation.”


    Box 8 –File Folder #308 – February2005 Church-College Conversation materials.


    Box 8 –File Folder #309a –CCC 2005 Information – Church-College Conversation Revised Schedule forFebruary 2005 - MSS and TEV Student Leadership Conference Revised Schedule forFeburary 2004 -  “Ministry Summer Service‘Best Practices…’” – participant list.


    Box 8 –File Folder #309b – Church-College Conversation Revised Schedule February 10-122005 – materials packet contents.


    Box 8 –File Folder #310 -CCC Follow-up/Reflections folder – Church-College Conversation - Church CollegeConversation and Student Leadership Conference Evaluation Responses fromStudents, “others,” and Denominational Leaders -  Listening Session Reports – Report ofChurch/College Conversation February 2005 at Manchester College Executive Summary,D. White, Emory University.  “Faith,Leadership and Call, 12 February 2005, shared by M. Winginton with StudentLeadership Conference.


    Box 8 –File Folder #311 –January 18-19 2005 Church-College Conversation - Meeting in Atlanta – keyresource leaders being Margee Iddings and David White.


    Box 8-  File Folder #312 – Theological Exploration of Vocation- David White’s Manchester College Visit May 2004  - evaluation process and TEV program review.


    Box 8 –File Folder #313 –2005 TEV Chapel (28 September 2005) – program.


    Box 8 –File Folder #314  2005 Lilly Endowment Invitation - toapply for a grant in Lilly Endowment’s new invitational grants program,“Sustaining the Theological Exploration of Vocation.” Invitation extended toschools that received grants in the first (2000) and second (2001) rounds of“Programs for the Theological Exploration of Vocation (PTEV) grants initiative.


    TheologicalVocational Exploration Program - Grant Description – 1 November 1999 – 30September 2000 – Proposal to Enter Into Grant Agreement between Lilly EndowmentInc., and Manchester College.  Objectivesand Outcomes. 


    Box 8 –File Folder #315  - 2005 EYC Report -  “Summer Seminar on Faith and Vocation for HighSchool Youth: ‘Exploring Your Call.’ Narrative Report for 2005,” (submitted on20 January 2006), Bethany Theological Seminary.

    Box 8 –File Folder #316 –Pathways / Jim Faulkiner – fundraising for “TEV/Pathways.”


    Box 8 –File Folder #319 –2006 Pathways Summer Service  - including2006 TEV Debriefing Retreat Schedule – TEV Orientation.


    Box 8 –File Folder #320 –“Pathways, Theological Explorations of Vocation,” Spring 2006 newsletter –“Manchester Embarks on Pathways, a Transformed Program for Exploring Faith andVocation.”


    Box 8 –File Folder #321-“Participation Covenant” for Manchester College’s 2006 Spring Break ServiceTrip to New Orleans.


    Box 8 –File Folder #322 – C.Fry-Miller – Pathways Imagination Grant recipient.


    TwoFile Folders –Student Imagination Grant applications and evidence – CONFIDENTIAL:  S. Reed, S. Besser.


    OneFile Folder - 2005 –Myrna’s MSS Project – CONFIDENTIAL.


    Box 8 –File Folder #323 -Evidence  - K. Tayler, Bridgewater, VAand C. King, Elizabethtown, PA.


    Box 8 –File Folder #324 –TEV “Explore Your Call”  – “Youthlife”article – “Bethany Announce Pair of ‘Exploring Your Call’ Events.” One check on15 January 2002 and another on 5 May 2003. TEV Lilly Grant Summer Seminary Seminar, check to Bethany TheologicalSeminary. Summer Seminary Seminar for High School seniors – to help Brethrenstudents make wise choices regarding vocation – a two-week summer program for30 high school students in each of the next four years, 2002 – 2005.


    Box 8 –File Folder #325 –Folder labeled “Participants.” 

    “Proposalfor the Lily Plowshares Grant, Nicaragua Medical Practicum – January 2006,” C.Haines, 1 October 2005.

    CD –“Finding a New World in India,” by A. Albrecht, 8 June – 13 July 2005.Evidence.

    Snapshots– unidentified – tshits “PALS.”


    Box 8 –File Folder #326 –“Writings by L. Stone, “Composed during my visit to Iona, Scotland and Taize,France, through the Lily Imagination Grant.”


    Box 8 –File Folder #327 –2006 Northern Ohio District Conference materials, including but not limited to:Report on Manchester College presented by Helen Taylor, Manchester CollegeTrustee representing the Northern Ohio District of the COB. Trustee list withterms ending 31 December 2011.


    Box 8 –File Folder #328 –2006 Northern Indiana District Conference materials, including but not limitedto: Trustees with five-year terms that expire 31 December 2011 along with shortbiography.  “Manchester College Report toDistrict Conferences – 2006.”


    Box 8 –File Folder #329 –2006 South Central Indiana District Conference materials, including but notlimited to: “South-Central District Meeting, Report from Manchester College, 15September 2006.” List of trustees with five-year terms that expire 31 December2011.


    Box 8 –File Folder #330 –2006 Southern Ohio District Conference materials, including but not limited to:Manchester College Report and trustee information.


    Box 8 –File Folder #331 –2006 Illinois/Wisconsin District Conference materials, including but notlimited to: Manchester College report, speaker notes, correspondence, trusteeinformation.


    Box 8 –File Folder #332 –2006 Michigan District Conference materials, including but not limited to:Program, correspondence, trustee information, Manchester College report.


    Box 8 –File Folder #333 –2006 September, NOAC (National Older Adult Conference) materials, including butnot limited to: 2006 Church of the Brethren NOAC notes, information regardingthe MC sponsored ice cream social, 27 August 2006 sermon by Kurt Borgmann (whoin 2006 was pastor at the Manchester Church of the Brethren), notes andcorrespondence.


    Box 8 –File Folder #334 –2006 May Choir Tour materials, including: Thank you letters to hosts, programs,introductory notes about Manchester College, tour itinerary, student allergiesand dietary needs, preliminary tour plans and correspondence.


    Box 8 –File Folder #335 –2006 Brethren Colleges at NYC (National Youth Conference) materials, includingbut not limited to: correspondence, hand-out from Brethren Colleges booth (ipodgiveaway), Brethren Colleges Announcements for NYC Daily News, preliminarydiscussion.


    Box 8 –File Folder #336 –2005 District Conference materials, including but not limited to: NorthernIndiana Church of the Brethren District Conference Preview, trustee informationfor Illinois and Wisconsin District, MC Admissions Profile 1992 through Fall2005 (projected), Manchester College Reports May of 2005, bulleting from theSouthern Ohio District Conference 2005, approval of election oftrustees-at-large for five-year terms expiring 31 December 2010, 2005 SouthCentral Indiana District Conference program, correspondence related to MichiganDistrict COB Conference 2005, MC Quiz given by Helen Taylor (Northern OhioDistrict Representative to Manchester College Board of Trustees) featuring MChighlights.


    Box 8 –File Folder #337 –Manchester College Alumni Association Honor Award, Chris Good Douglas, Class of1974, 1 June 2006. Supporting materials.


    Box 8 –File Folder #338 –2004 September NOAC – National Older Adults Conference materials.


    Box 8 –File Folder #339 –2004 District Conference Information including but not limited to: 2004 Reportto District Conference from Manchester College, Query regarding Homosexualityand Lesbianism, Jo Young Switzer selected as next president, conference themeof “Love One Another,”  report of HelenTaylor (Manchester College Trustee) featuring MC highlights, trusteeinformation.


    Box 8 –File Folder #340 –2003 District Conference materials, including but not limited to: Report fromManchester College, Northern Ohio District trustee information, report ofChurch of the Brethren gifts to Manchester College with display ofcongregational names by district [“Total Church of the Brethren contributionsfor 2002-2003 totaled $166,957 and contributions from 24 other congregationsprovided an additional $15,444”], and “Notes to share at District Conferences.”


    Box 8 –File Folder #341 –2002 District Conference materials including but limited to: Speaker notes,“New Business Item #2 – Intra-District Consequences for CongregationsPerforming Same-Sex Covenant Ceremonies,” “Resolution Regarding Restoration ofthe Relationship of the Manchester Church of the Brethren and the South/CentralIndiana District,” President Marden’s respond to criticism about ManchesterCollege’s teachings regarding the Bible and various tenets of Christianity,Glen Whisler (MC Trustee) report to the Northern Ohio District Conferencereporting on MC highlights, trustee information, the effects that the events of11 September 2001 had on Manchester College in 2001 and on the 2001-2002academic year.


    Box 8 –File Folder #342 –2-6 September 2002 – NOAC – National Older Adults Conference materialsincluding but not limited to Manchester College Admission Profile Fall 1992through Fall 2002 (preliminary).


    Box 8 –File Folder #343 –District Conferences materials 2001, including but not limited to: Speakernotes, Manchester College Report featuring MC highlights, Manchester Collegereport with statistics, internationalization review, campus ministry and churchrelations overview, “Query: Licensing/Ordination of Homosexual Persons to theMinistry in the Church of the Brethren,” trustee information.


    Box 8 –File Folder #344 – 6October 2001 Camp Alexander Mack Festival. 19 October 2000 Camp Alexander Mack Festival.


    Box 8 –File Folder #345 –District Conferences materials 2000, including but not limited to follow-upcorrespondence, Regional Youth Conference, MC Concert Band tour, ManchesterCollege report to District Conferences (Summer 2000), trustee biographies.


    Box 8 –File Folder #346 – NationalOlder Adult Conference (NOAC) 2000 materials, including but not limited to icecream social information and notes by Wendi Hutchinson, MC quiz, 2000 NOAC withnotes for 2002.


    Box 8 –File Folder #347 –2005 Regional Youth Conference (RYC) copyrights/permissions, program booklet, andworkshop materials.


    Box 8 –File Folder #348 –2005 Regional Youth Conference Publicity and correspondence.


    Box 8 –File Folder #349 –Regional Youth Conference program booklets 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005.


    Box 8 –File Folder #350 –Various materials from Regional Youth Conference 2005, including but notlimited to: 2005 RYC Evaluations from youth and from advisors, things to dowhile at RYC, advisors list 2005, list of youth participants, income andexpenses, questions for personal reflection, RYC 2005 schedule.


    Box 8 –File Folder #351 –Publicity for RYC 2006, “Come and See,” at Manchester College.  “Come and See” RYC 2006 conference program atMcPherson College.


    Box 8 –File Folder #352 –CDs removed – information printed and placed in folder: David White’s 2/11 CCC(Church-College Conversation) presentation [Faith, Leadership and Call 12February 2005 – TEV related],  David WhitePower Point presentation February 2005 (NSYR) regarding results obtained from theNational Study of Youth and Religion.


    The closingsection of the box deals with copyrights/permissions, publicity, workshops,worship experiences, etc. etc. for Regional Youth Conferences for the years:1999, 2000, 2003, and 2004.2003 Regional Youth Conference at Manchester College images copied to Archives’Network W and placed in folder [Regional Youth Conference].



Date of Accession30 July 2015
Archivist NoteDescription completed 30 July 2015 by Jeanine M. Wine.

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