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Accession #MC2001/3 Box 3
TopicPlunkett, Roy: Collection 1988-1994 and Biographical Material,
TitleRoy Plunkett Collection
LocationIS, Shelving Unit #8
CitationRoy Plunkett Collection, MC2001/3 Box 3, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessMany photographs have copyright restrictions. Researchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceProbably from Mrs. Lois Plunkett and Roy Plunkett's sister. MAterials from Box 187 are from the ALumni Box, collection of the Archives
Scope and Content

A detailed description of the Roy Plunkett collection - Box #3: 1988-1994 - including biographical material, Manchester College and Ohio State relationships, and personal associations. "Polymers and People," by Eric Elliott, and "Polymer Pioneers," by Peter Morris, publications of the Center for History of Chemistry.

Folder #68a - Final Report December 1988, "Polymers and People," (NSF) National Science Foundation along with publications for The Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center for History of Chemistry, "Polymers and People," and "Polymer Pioneers." Report of the oral history project at the Center for History of Chemistry under the direction of James Bohning and Jeffrey Sturchio. The Plunkett oral interview describes the events around the discovery of Teflon (1938) and Plunkett's long association with Paul Flory, beginning with student days at Manchester College (pg. 52).

Folder #68b - Correspondence regarding the Beckman Center for the History of Chemistry. Transcripts of Interviews conducted by James Bohning in New York City and Philadelphia on 14 April and 27 May 1986. Transcript catalogued and moved to the MC Collection (Archives' Sanctum).

Folder #69a - 1989 - Personal notes and correspondence regarding travel schedule and visit to Garlock of Palmyra, New York. Plunkett and Lois Plunkett were guests at the U.S. Open golf championship.

Folder #69b - Snapshots of Garlock visit (New York? or perhaps Texas?).

Folder #70 - 1989 - Visit to Houston Marine and Petroleum Mfg., Inc. (division of Garlock?) - correspondence and travel plans.

Folder #71 - Snapshots circa 1989?

Folder #72 - 1989 itinerary for trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil and Florida 4-13 October. Remarks made by Plunkett at the dedication of boot at Estacao Ciencia 11 October 1989. Spiral bound booklet about Du Pont's work and employees in Brazil, including the Plunkett's South American itinerary.

Folder #73 - National Inventors Hall of Fame correspondence 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994  regarding induction ceremonies and building project. Materials related to Inventure Place - Home of the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Folder #74 - 1990 November - Plunkett as Holley Medal recipient at the Honors Assembly of The American Society of Chemical Engineers.  Materials include employment log, publications, news Releases, citations, photographs, script for a slide presentation, and award photographs with identifications.

Folder #75 - 1990 - Participation in the Manchester College Centennial Science Symposium.  Interview with Ferne Baldwin.  What impact did the Church of the Brethren have on Plunkett's life perspective? Travel arrangements.

Folder #76 - Plunkett's induction into The Ohio Science and Technology Hall of Fame.

Folder #77 - Plaque - Ohio Science and Technology Hall of Fame - COSI, Ohio's Center of Science and Industry.

Folder #78 - 1991 March 7 - 11 - 1991 Plunkett Awards and materials for the meeting of the Society of Plastics Industry. Obituary for R. C. McHarness, one of Plunkett's early team on Teflon.

Folder #79 - 1991 - Invitations to attend various functions.

Folder #80 - 1992 - Correspondence - Donald Roberts, Director of Eastern Trails Museum.

Folder #81 - 1993 - 55 years of Teflon.  Plunkett's principles applied to career and other activities:

1. I would accept any assignments that my superiors asked me to undertake.

2. I gave every assignment my full attention.

3. I was never willing to accept and be satisfied with second rate performance.

1993 Du Pont Award Winners List.  Announcement, "Du Pont Sponsors Plunkett Student Awards." Materials related to the Plastics Hall of Fame (The Plastics Academy, Inc.). Article on Plunkett from "The Advisor," a newsletter for Fields, Nemec and Company. Additional varied correspondence.

Folder #82 - 1993 - Correspondence regarding book involving the National Inventor's Hall of Fame.

Folder #83 - 1993 - Correspondence regarding The Engineering and Science Hall of Fame. Thank you letter for coming to Dayton and participating in  the Enshrinement of the Engineering and Science Hall of Fame and also the High School and Teacher Seminars. Programs and travel arrangements. Associated memorabilia. 1993 December article - "Padre Islander Inducted Into Engineering and Science Hall of Fame." This article also lists many of this honors and awards.

Folder #84 - 1994 correspondence regarding International Symposium..."Fluorine in Medicine in the 21st Century."

Folder #85 - 1994 Plunkett Student Awards for Innovation with Teflon - Plunkett agrees to participate on 22 April in Wilmington, Delaware.

Folder #86 -1994 -  Information regarding "April in Akron and Induction of 1994 Inductee Registration - Weekend events.  If is not known if the Plunketts attended this event or not?  The application form does not appear to have been filled in. This was close to the time of Roy's death

Folder #87 - Letter dated 2 July 1994 from Russ Savillex to Lois Plunkett with accompanying catalogue.  Roy had died and Russ was sending condolences. 21 July 1994 letter of condolence to Lois upon the death of Roy from Philippe Febre, Tefal Company of France.

Folder #88 - History fair assistance Roy Plunkett gave to students, including correspondence and snapshot (B. Stern). Interview with K. Birkemeier.

Folder #89 -  Correspondence from higher level students who obtained assistance from Plunkett on projects.

Folder #90 - Materials related to friends and colleagues including but not limited to: R. C. McHarness (member of the early Plunkett team), C. Oldach, G. Johnson, T. Teague, Paul Flory (obituary and article from "People" 1985), letter to Emily Flory and memorial service announcement card, Chic Waring, M. Harada, Prof. Ishikawa, "Ray." Remarks made in honor of Charles Waring by W. F. Winton at the dedication of the Charles Waring Chemistry Building at the University of Connecticut, 5 October 1984.

Folder #91 - "Fan Mail."

Folder # 92 - Articles, booklet, and correspondence related to Teflon and health concerns.

Folder #93 - Materials related to the contributions that Teflon to the medical world.

Folder #94 - Cartoon clippings illustrating Ronald Reagan as the "Teflon President."

Folder #95 - "The History of Polytetrafluoroethylene, Some Reflections," by Roy Plunkett.

Folder #96 - "The Mechanism of Carbohydrate Oxidation. XXIV.  The Action of aldehyde-d-Glucose and of aldehyde-d-Galactose in Alkaline Solution," by Roy Plunkett and William Evans.

Folder #97 - 1953 -Plunkett's Newton High School Commencement Address -  - "Challenging Problems Ahead in the Chemical Industry."

Folder #98 - 1972, 16 February - "The Development of the Fluorocarbon Chemical Industry," by Roy Plunkett, Freon Products Division Organic Chemicals Department E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company, to be presented at the Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society.

Folder #99 - 1975, 24 October - "Polytetrafluoroethylene - the Anatomy of its Discovery and Development," by Roy Plunkett.

Folder #100 - Articles by Roy Plunkett translated and printed into an Asian language (Japanese or Chinese?).

Folder #101 - "Outline of Talk on The Discovery and Development of 'Teflon' Polytetrafluoroethylene Resin," by Roy Plunkett to be presented at The Ohio State University, 13 October 1961.

"Outline of Talk on the Discovery and Development of 'Teflon' Polytetrafluoroethylene Resin," by Plunkett, to be presented before The Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc., Fluorocarbons Division, 10 October 1963.

"Polytetrafluoroethylene, The Anatomy of the Discovery and Development," by Roy Plunkett, a talk to be given at the 46th annual meeting of the American Institute of Chemists, 16 May 1969.

Folder #102 - "Polymerization of Fluorinated Ethylenes," by Roy Plunkett, published December, 1953, in "Engineering Experiment Station News," pgs. 5-9.

Folder #103 - "Polytetrafluoroethylene," by Roy Plunkett. A first-hand account of the discovery.

Folder Packet #104 - A plethora of articles, speeches, and interviews by Roy Plunkett, some with accompanying correspondence. Titles include but are not limited to:

Folder #105a - Roy Plunkett biographical material and obituary - stories and memories - contributions to society - correspondence. See also folder 68b - Beckman Center for the History of Chemistry - the Transcripts of Interviews conducted by James Bohning 1986.

Folder #105b - Plunkett interviews and transcripts for various types of productions.

Folder #106 - Death of "Dottie" mentioned within letter.

Folders #107a,b - Magazines and magazine articles, copies of newspaper clippings,  and a wealth of materials collected about Plunkett (probably by Ferne Baldwin and MC alumni) through the years.

Folder #108 - 1997 article about the last time Paul Flory and Roy Plunkett met together.  The author, Phillip Wingate, relates a prank Paul and Roy shared while roommates at Manchester College. This article has been reprinted in Bill Eberly's book, "The Story of the Natural Sciences at Manchester College."

Folder #109 - The archivist believes Plunkett has written an outline of a presentation or of his career (but Plunkett's handwriting writing cannot be verified to date). The stationery is by Du Pont and has Plunkett's image on the top and the information, "Luzern, May 2-5, 1991 on the bottom. Two copies of a biography titled, "Roy Joseph Plunkett." [Roy Plunkett].

Folder #110 - Church of the Brethren background. Manchester College Application for Admission. Report of the work done by Plunkett to Manchester College - a detailed statement of Plunkett's work. Report cards from Manchester College.

Folder #111 - Dr. Holl's influence on Plunkett's life and career. Materials related to alumni of the MC Class of 1932. Correspondence and snapshots. 1982 reunion photograph (photocopy of 50 year reunion photograph).

Folder #112 - Correspondence dealing with gifts to Manchester College - including a copies of notebook pages. MC fundraising materials.

Folder #113 contains MC2004/389 - Roy Plunkett bequest for science equipment (formerly in Small Box 47).

Folder #114 - Informal snapshot of a young woman. (note for the future: the archivist thought that this might be Dr. Jane Henney, but it is definitely not Dr. Henney).

Folder #115 - Plunkett's certificate from Manchester College Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA).

Folder #116 - Reproductions of drawings, correspondence, and contributions to Ohio State University. Clipping, "Teflon discoverer honored with degree" (from Ohio State University).

Folder #117 - Ohio State University materials, including "History of the Department of Chemistry," by Earle Caley, correspondence, visits, and fundraising information.

Folder #118 - Thank you letter to Plunkett for participating in the Evans Laboratory Dedication (October 1961), and accompanying program. Booklet, "The Ohio State University, an investment in human resources...1960-1961," in commemoration of the Land-Grant Centennial 1862-1962.

Folder #119 - 1970 Centennial Achievement Award - 1970 program, correspondence, clippings, photograph, and congratulatory letter from Du Pont's "Freon" Division, for Plunkett's receipt of Ohio State's Centennial Achievement Award.

Folder #120 - 1977 March - Ohio State University honorary Doctor of Science degree to Plunkett - commencement booklet and program.

Folder #121 - Correspondence from The Ohio State University, including letter (1992) from The College of Mathematical and Physical Sciences and the Department of Chemistry, presenting Plunkett with a certificate recognizing his induction into the Ohio Science and Technology Hall of Fame.

Folder #122 - 2004 invitation to the dedication of the Roy Plunkett Bicentennial Marker (8 November 2004) at Ohio State University.

Folder #123 - Plunkett titled the folder containing these materials "Sense and Nonsense."  The folder includes - clippings from 1952 "Dr. Plunkett Call Du Pont's Citizen of Community" - several skits - and other nonsense filled with innuendo. Photograph of Plunkett and companion at "The Beautiful Moorish Room," Wilmington Delaware (first wife?).

Folder #124 - Plunkett photograph portrait 8" x 10."

Folder #125 - Correspondence and memorabilia from Oakes - Beitman Museum, Ohio.

Folder #126 - Company's membership with the Association of the United States Army.

Folder Packet #127 - Materials related to Plunkett's interest I the Boy Scouts of America - photograph of the cornerstone laying of the W. M. Shobe memorial Aquatic's Building (circa 1960?) - clippings, "Dr. Roy Plunkett Installed Scout Council President" - photographs of Plunkett's receipt of the Silver Beaver Award - 1960 Boy Scouts of American Jamboree scarf.

Folder #128 - Correspondence with the Republican National COmmittee - unable to serve as volunteer (1993) due to eye problems (macular degeneration left eye and cataract and lens problems).

Folder #129 - Plunkett as supporter  of the Texas Navy.

Folder #130 - Involvement with the United Fund - photographs.

Date of AccessionUnknown
Bio History Note

For Plunkett, Roy see also MC2010/7 Folder #27.

The Paul Flory Archives as part of the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center for the History of Chemistry is described on page s 34-38 of the "Final Report, Polymers and People," Folder #68.

Roy J. Plunkett stands for Roy Joseph Plunkett.

Folders #107a,b  These folders contain magazines and magazine articles, copies of newspaper clippings,  and a wealth of materials collected about Plunkett (probably by Ferne Baldwin and MC alumni) through the years.

Archivist Note

Folders #107a,b  are actually from the Archives' alumni collection [Large Box 187] and from the General File/Small Boxes  [part of MU2001/3] - which were moved to be contained in the Large Boxes of the Plunkett Collection [MU2001/3] for consistency.

Description prepared 11, 12, 13, 14 December 2015 by Jeanine M. Wine.


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