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Accession #MC2004/90
TopicAlumni Days and Alumni Reunions: Potographs
KeywordsAlumni Association, Homecoming,
TitleAlumni Photograph Collection
SubtitleAlumni Association Photographs
Size46 photographs
LocationPhotographs Box 1
CitationAlumni Photograph Collection, MC2004/90, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenancePublic Relations Office
Scope and ContentAll photographs are from Homecoming and Alumni Days 1993, 5 x 7", black and white, labeled on the back with names, and taken by Scott McAlpine unless otherwise noted.
1Group of men and women posed in front of union building for alumni reunion photographClass of 1968. 10/9/93.
2Three men and one woman posed in upper union lounge.Luke Hunt '65, Melvin L. Holmes '63, Jana K. Ralston '93, and Daniel Taylor '74.  10/9/93.
3Two women shaking hands.  Candid shot.Lois Berkebile '38 Roop, Pauline Holl '38 Hoover.  5/25/93.
5Three men and two women posed on back balcony of union building.Rolf Theen '59, Karen King '70 Gilliland, Eugene Roop '64, Samuel Gunnerson '64, Sylvia Eidemiller '50 Oswalt. 5/25/93
4Four men posed for photograph.James T. Streator, Roger J. Buzzard, Dwight B. Beery '59, Robert G. Jones.  5/17/93.
6A man and woman walking on campusVirgil St. John '43, Ruth Wilson '46x St. John. 5/25/93
7Two women talking.  Candid shot.Bonnie Dee Freed '60 Merritt, Louise Holl '48 Weldy. 10/9/93.
8Two men and a woman talking.  Candid shot.Willard Fasick '50, Ruth Anna Snider '59 Cook, Lowell Cook '58.  10/9/93.
9Cordier Auditorium with "Welcome Alumni" sign.Homecoming 1993.  10/9/93.
10A man and a woman looking at Manchester sweatshirts.Virginia Klingler, wife of John W. Klingler '43, Tony Flora '86.  10/9/93.
11Man and woman posed outside. Man is holding M Club Coach of the Year plaqueJune Heestand '40 Wolfe, Jim Noffsinger '69 receiving the Claude Wolfe Coach of the Year Award. 10/9/93.
12Group of men and women posed on bleachers.Class of 1978. 10/9/93.  Photographer Shirley Adams.
13Group of men and women posed in front of East Hall.Class of 1988.  10/9/93.
14Group of men and women posed in front of union.Class of 1983  10/9/93.
15Group of men and women posed on bleachers.Class of 1958.  10/9/93. Photographer:  Shirley Adams.
16Group of men and women posed in front of library.Class of 1968.  10/9/93.
17Group of men and women posed inside unidentified building.Class of 1973.   10/9/93.
18Two women and one man talking.  Candid shot.Carol Mahoney '48 Fasick, Jean Backus '48 Hoffman. 10/9/93
19Group of men and women posed on bleachers.Class of 1948.  10/9/93.
20Group of men and women posed in front of union.Class of 1953.  10/9/93.
21Two men standing with golf clubs.Russell Hoover, Karl Shively '78 at Homecoming Golf Outing. 10/9/93
22Man swinging baseball bat inside PERC.Barry Bucher '76 warming up for Spartan v. Alumni game. 10/9/93.
23-24Two men and four women posed in Oaks (Oakwood).Class of 1928 during Alumni Day.  5/25/93. [no names]
25-26Group of men and women posed in front of Administration BuildingClass of 1943 during Alumni Day. 5/25/93. [no names].
27Man and woman shopping in campus store.James Schafer '43, Pauline Schafer. 5/25/93.
28Man and woman seated on couch.Kenneth Lefforge '33 and possibly his wife. 5/25/93.
29Two men talking.  Candid shot.Virgil Gwin '33 and grandson or great-grandson.  5/25/93.
30Woman outside unidentified building.Jean Trumbull '43 Reasoner. 5/25/93.
31Men and women posed on bleachers.  Holding Class of 1933 sign.Unlabeled.
32Men and women posed on bleachers.  Holding Class of 1938 sign.Unlabeled.
33Three women talking outside Tall Oaks [?]. Candid shotRuth Goshorn '43, Jean Trumbull '43 Reasoner, Ruth Wilson '46x St. John. 5/25/93.
34Two women looking at Aurora.  Candid shot.Jayne Bechtold '43 Parmerlee, Martha Sullivan '43 5/25/93.
35Two women posed inside unidentified building.Zelma Groff '43 Weaver, Mildred Dierdorff '43x Heisler. 5/25/93.
36One women and two men seated on bench outside union.Lola Goshert, James Goshert '43, Earl Sharp '43 5/25/93.
37Two men and a woman talking.  Candid shot.Robert Parmalee '41, Hugh McNowen '41, Mildred Shultz '43x McNowen. 5/25/93.
38Three men talking.  Candid shot.John Klingler '43, Virgil St. John '43, Carl Cawood, director of Church Relations. 5/25/93.
39Two women talking.  Candid shot.Jayne Bechtold '43 Parmerlee, Martha Sullivan '43.  5/25/93
40Two men talking inside PERC.Richard Jordan '33, W.B. Brookover '33. 5/25/93.
41Two men and two women seated on bench outside library.Isabel Beery Lynn (Mrs. Ercell Lynn), Eugene Stone '39, Beth Flora '39 Stone, Rolland C. Flory '38. 5/25/93.
42Man and woman seated at table outdoors, among other guests.Bill Williams '36, Dorotha Neher '43 Brandon. 5/25/93.
43Men and women seated at table outdoors.Millie Dierdorff '43x Heisler, Margret henricks '43, Bill Williams '36, Dorotha Neher '43 Brandon, Hannah Lucus '43 Rutenberg, and Dorothy Mohn '43 Sutherland.  5/25/93.
44Two women inside campus store.Dortha Neher '43 Brandon, Eloise Kelly '43. 5/25/93.
45Two women seated on bench outside union.Hannah Lucas '43 Rutenberg, Dorothy Mohn '43 Sutherland. 5/25/93.
46Man and woman.Hannah Lucas '43 Rutenberg, Lee Smith '43 [sic-label says Glea, which is incorrect]. 5/25/93.
Date of AccessionUnknown
Archivist Note

Date of Accessioni: 2002

Description prepared 9 January 2004, updated 11 February 2004 by Sara L. Smith.


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