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Accession #MU2017/31
TopicRupel, Esther: Manchester College and Church of the Brethren Collection,
TitleThe Esther Rupel Manchester College and Church of the Brethren Collection
LocationIS, Memory Shelves, by accession number when possible
CitationThe Esther Rupel Manchester College and Church of the Brethren Collection, MU2017/31, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceEsther Rupel
Scope and Content

Esther Rupel's collection of photographs, publications, books, newspaper articles, personal notes, and one CD, pertaining to Manchester College and the Church of the Brethren.

Folder #1. "Manchester College, 90th Anniversary Church/College Consultation," 8 October 1979: Opening Convocation Address, President Helman, that includes a history of Manchester College (Howe and the Young brothers, and the early financial arrangements with the town - Worship Service with Meditation by Dr. Jerry Tucker, Associate Professor of Political Science - Excerpt from Address by President Helman at the Faculty Workship, "The Church-Related College: Mission and Missioners" - Publication, "Manchester College, A Place for You" - Church/College consultation schedulpersonal notes by Esther Rupel on talk by Dr. Keller ("Consider the People"), Don Durnbaugh (Education), Panel ("Examining the Mission"), Dr. Cuninggim ("Religious Committed and Intellectually Sound").

Folder #2. Manchester College publications - "Manchester College celebrates EXCELLENCE, respects COMMUNITY, honors COMMITMENT, models SERVICE, values GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE, understands SUCCESS," "Manchester College, Simple measures" - poster, "Manchester College, A College of the Church of the Brethren" - "Manchester College Application for Admission" - newspaper clipping, "Indiana College Costs" from the 1982-1983 National College Directory - brochure, "Manchester College service, commitment, excellence, community, global perspective, success featuring Amadea Tette (1979), Jane Henney (1969), Dan West (1917), Jose Luis Cardenas (1989), Eugene Roop (1964), Gene Likens (1957), Cathy Metzger (1978), Jeff Keaffaber (1985), David Haist (1973), Leon Jett (1981), Loa Traxler (1985), Marcia Sowles (1972), Robert Parker (1957), Ningkun Wu (1948), Paul Flory (1931), Robert Johansen (1962), Roy Plunkett (1932), Melanie May (1976), Stan Hooley (1980), Welcome Weaver (1937) - brochure "Manchester College, A Community of Learners" - pamphlet "Manchester College" - pamphlet "I believe in Manchester College" featuring Deborah Smith (1978) - pamphlet "I believe in Manchester College" featuring Robert Knechel, Campus Pastor - brochure "A Profile of Manchester College" - pamphlet "Education for Service" - pamphlet "I Believe in Manchester College" featuring Dr. Jo Ann Martin, Professor of English - pamphlet "I Believe in Manchester College" featuring Professor William Eberly - pamphlet "Manchester College Social Work" - booklet - "Manchester College, a touchstone for a better world" (Ejenobo Oke, now an art professor at MU, is a student featured in one of the pictures in the page, "How to live more deeply")

Folder #3. "The Great Conversation," by President A. Blair Helman, from Manchester College Bulletin (undated, and pages missing).

Folder #4.  Manchester College and her relationship with the Church of the Brethren - brochure, "Manchester College is a Faith Community" - brochure, "The Mission of Manchester College" - brochure, "Brethren Students Speak Out About"...Chris Colburn, Allen Weldy, Dorothy Ritchey, Eileen Herr, Julie Hunn - brochure, "Manchester College students in Ministry" - article in "The Brethren Leader," "An experienced Brethren college professor writes about Brethren students: attitudes toward religion," by Robert McFadden - article, "Kenosis and the church-related college" - article, "Religion and the College student" interview including Robert McFadden - "Gospel Messenger" article by Rufus King, "The Sixties and Our Colleges" - article in "The Brethren Leader" by Elton Trueblood (Earlham College), "Four Marks of a Christian College" with expose' about each COB related college - pamphlet "Manchester College celebrates 90 years of faith, learning - "Manchester College Review and Reflection Paper, 14 March 1995 written by "Communicorp, The Education Group" presenting an overview of what their group discovered at Manchester College.

Folder #5 - "Liberal Education, Prospects for the Next Century," a symposium held at Manchester College 21 October 1994 - program with list of presenters.

Folder #6 - List of current and former trustees - Esther Rupel still serving in this capacity - clipping from publication with picture of Esther Rupel (in scarf). It is possible that the identifications on this photograph are inaccurate - statement on 4 March 1976 "Board of Trustees Names New President" in which Dean of Student at MC, Paul Hoffman, is appointed President of McPherson College - Manchester College emblem to be worn on shirt, cap or lapel in order to symbolize "the strong traditions of Manchester College"

Folder #7 - Manchester College 90th Anniversary Convocation, 8 October 1979 - The 1957 "Aurora" 50th Anniversary Reunion invitation, held during Alumni Days 2007 and addressed to Miss Annabel Rupel - Annabel Rupel's 1941 invitation to attend the Junior-Senior Reception at Manchester College at the Hotel Anthony in Fort Wayne.

Folder #8 - "Church of the Brethren General Board Resolution on Iraq," 5 July 2004 - "Manchester Church of the Brethren 'MEMO' for the week of December 10, 2006" - newspaper clipping "Church of the Brethren program on CBS - "Gospel Messenger" article, "Conference Setting Hails Threshold of a New Age" - clipping of Dr. Paul Robinson, President of Bethany Theological Seminary, attending reception at Manchester College - DVD from NOAC Conference 2009 from Lake Junaluska featuring the evening worship service led by Christopher Bowman - "Caring Ministries 2000, Challenges and Opportunities as the Church Cares for a Hurting World in the New Century" held at Manchester College August 1997 - personal notes presumably made by Esther Rupel written on a "One Great Hour of Sharing" envelope where she makes notations about students, relating faith to education, mission and education, diversity, mission, etc. - booklet "Our Ministries Stateside, The Church of the Brethren at Work in the USA" - brochure featuring Church of the Brethren relief work in Spain and China, including David Blickenstaff, Howard Sollenberger, Martha Rupel, Paul Bowman.

Folder #9 - Pictures and images of the following:

Ezra Flory, Homer Rodeheaver, Manchester College Quartet (men's), Paul Rupel and Paul's class in Mechanical Drawing at Manchester College 1921-1922, bi-wing aircraft, Dr. Curtis Bowman, Billy Sunday's party (circa 1913), Rev. Ralph Rarick along with Mrs. Vinna Rarick, and Miss Evelyn Rarick (Traveling Evangelists for the Church of the Brethren), Mr. Chang, scene on Tientsin street (from Uncle Dennis), 1941 "Messiah" photograph at Manchester College, Nora Shively, J. I. Kaylor, Russell Rohrer.

Photograph of Mary, Paul, Martha Rupel(MU grads, but this may be high school) – Martha Rupel in this picturelooks a lot like the photo in the brochure of Martha Rupel working in Spain (1939).

  • Postcard to Edith Rohrer, Plymouth, IN1927 – “Dear Cousin, This is a picture of two M.C. fellows. R. R.” –descriptive note says D. Russell Rohrer and Ray Bodey. (perhaps David Russell Rohrer).

Some images were scanned.  Look up by MU2017_31 (accession number format) on network location.

  • Two rather funny cards in which two men dress upand pose as bride and groom. Notes say “Albert R. SmithFlorenceRohrer’s ‘lover’” – and- Perry Rohrer as the bride (cousin to ) andalso??? (sister of) Edith Rohrer Rupel. Albert Smith writes – “I shouldhave written in answer to your letter before Sunday but I was so buy. My roommateand I developed nine films and printed between 300 and 400 cards.  What doyou think of the bride and groom.  Ii am, Albert R. Smith.” Thecard is not addressed or postmarked.   The second bride and groomcard is not addressed or postmarked.  “Mr. Rohrer is ‘tickled’ nearly todeath about his wedding.” Descriptive note on card  – Perry Rohreris bride.  Manchester BA. 1922 d. 1970.

  • Postcard titled "The Wedding Party" dated Winter 1915 in which women dress up as bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen.


  • Postcard of 2 quite serious “boys” in dorm-room.The card is addressed to Edith Rohrer and starts out “Dear Cousin –“ Itis from D. R. R. – and a descriptive note indicates Harry Rohrer(Class of 1917) and David Russell Rohrer (Class of 1927).

  • Negative of a Domestic Science class (Aurora 1920 p. 60).

  • Thanksgiving supplies - perhaps taken at Bethany Seminary (Chicago) in 1923.

  • Manual Training class and some of the articles/furniture made at MC 1921-1922 (Paul's Class).

  • Picture of a Church of the Brethren Annual meeting at Forest Park (Kansas) 1887 or 1895. Following research the archivist believes this to be 1887.

  • Photograph of the Second South Bend Church of the Brethren.

  • Postcard of the "Dunkard Church" in Germantown, Pennsylvania.

  • Possibly Church of the brethren Annual meeting tents in Illinois.

Also in box - shirt given to members of the Board of Trustees - (Esther never wore hers).  

 Church of the Brethren hymnal, with preface by James Quinter of Covington, Miami CO., Ohio, written 28 March 1867.

Small spiral notebook belonging to Annabel Rupel with handwritten notes on topics such as: Sunday School Lessons, quotations, addresses, the Church of the Brethren and Peace, train schedule.  In addition, Annabel and her sisters sold popcorn to girls in the dorm and kept track of popcorn purchase receipts for February 1939. School and personal expenses for the academic year 1938 - 1939 were kept as well. This records includes everything, from the smallest item to the largest.

Small "Strawberry Notebook" keeping track of the strawberries the Rupel girls sold (1943) to assist with educational expenses.

Date of Accession11 August 2017
Bio History Note

Esther Rupel is a graduate of Manchester College and a member of the Church of the Brethren.  She was a 1975 MC Alumni Honor Award recipient and a member of the MC Board of Trustees, starting her service in that capacity in1986.

Annabel Rupel is Esther Rupel's sister.

Lois Rupel is Ester Rupel's oldest sister.

Note on image's verso regarding mr. Chang - "An up-to-date teacher. Mr. Chang - my language teacher at Peitaiho (?) last summer. A fine young man whose parents and brother were Christians who were killed in 1900." (Byron).

Archivist NoteOne other hymnal and two bibles were given by Esther as well, but their condition was not good and they were sent to the Brethren Heritage Center in Brookville, Ohio. Description prepared 11 August 2017 by Jeanine Wine.

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