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Accession #MU2017/95
TopicConvocation and Public Programs: Photographs
TitleConvocation and Public Program Photographs
Size5 file folders and Small Photo Box 49
LocationSanctum - Photo File Folder Filing Cabinet, in order of accession number
CitationConvocation and Public Program Photographs, MU2017/95, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceCollection of the Archives
Scope and Content

Photographs of Convocation and Public Programs sponsored by Manchester College (identified by speaker/performer and/or year):

Folder #1:

Julian Bond with MC students. [scanned 2017 by J. Wine].

Maya Angelou with President Helman, 1981-1982. [scanned 2017 by J. Wine].

Einstein Impersonator, Aurora 1991.

Dave Brubeck, 1985-1986.

John Johnson (candidate for governor), Aurora, 1992.

Comedian Bertice Berry with Junior Vanessa Tuss, by Shea.

Diane Ferlatte, Convocation speaker, 1949 (2 images).

Opening Convocation, August 1988 (3 images).

Spring Term Opening Convocation, February 1989.

Professor James Bishop and Professor Leonard Williams with Marcia Sowles, Convocation speaker, March 1989. [scanned 2017 by J. Wine].

C. James Bishop (Jim Bishop), Convocation, February 11,1990, introducing Phil Pajakowski. [scanned 2017 by J. Wine].

Shane Saylor, Convocation, Aurora 1990.

Al Deeter and T. Wayne Rieman, Convocation, Aurora 1991 (2 images). [scanned 2017 by J. Wine].

Dr. David Waas, Aurora 1991.

Lara Stargardt, Senior Series, Aurora 1991.

Einstein Impersonator, Convocation Speaker, Aurora 1991.

Matthew Doudt, Senior Series, Aurora 1991.

Duane Deardorff, Aurora 1990.

Folder #2:

John Paterson (Langston Hughes Tribute), “Dreamkeeper”Convocation, Aurora 1990.

Kristina Lange, Senior Series, Aurora,1991.

Kathryn Robertson, Convocation, Aurora, 1990.

Kermit Eby Memorial Lecture, Studs Terkel, 1976-1977, at table with Bob Knechel, Paul Keller, Ferne Baldwin, and T. Wayne Rieman. [scanned 2017 by  J. Wine].

Indianapolis Shakespeare Festival, Convocations, Aurora1989.

Duan Deardorff, Aurora 1991.

Michelle Wine and LeAnn Campton, Senior Series, Aurora1992.

Dick Lugar with students, Convocation, 1983-1984.

Kevin Larson and Charles Studebaker, Convocation, Aurora1990.

Doug Bigs, sleeps in Convocation, Aurora 1990.

Leslie Lindeman (Spoke on Peace Walk in Soviet Union),Convocation, Aurora 1990 (2 images).

Dr. Waas, Convocation, Aurora 1990.

Nancy Cripe, Gay and Lesbian Awareness Convocation, Aurora 1992.

Lisa Miller, Convocation, Aurora 1992.

Deanna Brown and (unknown person), Convocation, Aurora1992.

Folder #3: - Unidentified Individuals - most years given. 1984-1985, 1986-1987, 1987-1988, 1984-1985 African Club, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1990. Many are identified as being publisihed in the Aurora or in a Bulletin.  See back of photograph.  More research is needed.

Folder #4:

C. J. Bishop (Jim Bishop) talking on U.S.S.R, Convocation, Aurora 1990.

Convocation Speakers, Kermit Eby .Memorial Lecture StudsTerkel, Convocation, 1976-1977- at table

from viewer’s L to R: Bob Knechel, Paul Keller(Communications), Ferne Baldwin, Studes Terkel, T. Wayne Rieman.

Dr. M. Aslam Khan Naru, Convocation, 1976-1977.

Jeff Jones, Convocation, 1949 (in a package).

Jeff King, Senior Series, 1984-1985.

Alfred Wyatt, Black History Month Convocation, 1983-1984.

Melanie May (speaker at a talk-back session),Convocation, December 1985 Bulletin p. 5 .

Convocation speaker, Black History Month Convocation,1984-1985, May 1985 Bulletin p. 2.

Hail to Thee M.C., Convocation and Special events, TheDo Ron Rons.

IU Hispanic Jazz Band Convocation.

IU Hispanic Jazz Band Convocation, by Kris.

Cherie Brown, Convocation, Aurora 1990.

Dr. Wass and Lily, Convocation, Aurora 1990.

CMB Guest, Convocation, 1987-1988.

Manning Marable, Convocation, 1987-1988.

Susan Grant, Sheila Yoder, Judy Stickel, Senior Series,1986-1987.

Barry Rosen, Convocation, 1986-1987.

Dr. Saul Mendlovitz, Peace Lecture speaker, Fall 1985.

Spring Term Opening Convocation, Cordier Auditorium,February 1989.

Spring Term Opening Convocation, February 1989.

Folder #5:

Paul Loeb, Convocation, November 20, 1989.

Karen Berry ’66 Droudt and Damon Moore, Convocation,November 8, 1989.

Dr. Reed Gratz, Convocation, March 26, 1990 (Reed Gratzis the son of MC Coach Gratz and brother to Robin Gratz).

Dr. Larence Prelli, Convocation, April 30, 1990.

Alvin Herring and Alvin S. Bynum, Convocation, January17, 1990.

Shane Saylor ’90, Senior Series, April 2, 1990.

Cherie Brown, Welcoming Diversity in Relationshipsconvocation, September 19, 1989.

Father Bruce Ritter, Convocation, November 13, 1989.

Senator Mark Hatfield, Gene Snowden, President Helman,Convocation, 1977-1978.

Father Bruce Ritter and Roger Nehring, Convocation, November24, 1989.

Father Bruce Ritter, Focus on Faith Week Convocation,November 24, 1989.

Jim Bishop (James Bishop) and Dean Arnett, Convocation,September 25, 1989.

Alvin Herring and Alvin S. Bynum, Convocation, January15, 1990.

James Bishop, Ralph Ayres, R. Chesterton, and GregEngles, Convocation, October 25, 1990.

Dean Arnett, Convocation, September 25, 1989.

Dawn Hoover ’91, Charles Studebaker ’90, and Kevin Larson’90, Convocation, September 28, 1989.

Alvin Bynum, Martin Luther King Jr. Convocation, January15, 1990.

Alvin S. Bynum. Convocation, January 15, 1990.

Lois Barrett, “Does God Love the Russians?” Convocation,February 26, 1990.

Dr. Robert Neff (Bob Neff)- President of Juniata College,Founders Day Convocation, November 6, 1989.

Faculty Lines up for Opening Convocation, Aurora 1992   - including Rowan Daggett, Gene Fahs, Helman,T. Q. Evans, Al Deeter.

Dorothy Keller, Convocation, Aurora 1991.

Date of Accession12 December 2017
Archivist NoteDescription prepared by student worker in the archives, Zoe Vorndran and edited by Jeanine Wine.

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