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Accession #MU2018/55 Box 1
TopicDeeter, Al: Personal Collection,
TitleAllen Deeter's Personal Collection
Size3 Large Boxes, One framed diploma, 1 box slide/negatives
LocationIS, Unit #8, east wall, and is identified as MU2018/55 Box 1, Deeter. Box of slides/negatives remains in archives work area.
CitationAllen Deeter's Personal Collection, MU2018/55 Box 1, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessMuch material is CONFIDENTIAL - Researchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceKaty Bray Brown
Scope and Content

Box #1

B1 F1 - Deeter Ministerial Status and Selective Service Items: Social Security Card, correspondence with Selective Service Board, draft data, letter of support from Paul Robinson, president of Bethany Biblical Seminary, College Student Certificate, letter of ordination from the Mack memorial Church of the Brethren, 1953 Manchester College Commencement program, Raymond Deeter's Ohio Department of Education Provisional High School Certificate, folder with selective service identifications, 8 September 1977 statement by Allen Deeter, "Here I Stand Theologically."

B1 F2 - Manchester College Undergraduate materials: Grade cards, "A Critical Analysis of the First Chapter of The Man From Nazareth" (student paper, Bible), worship service, Ethel Sloan's academic record at The Ohio State University (circa 1937), Brethren Volunteer Service Enrollment Card (blank), "The Religious Writings of the Middle Ages" written for World Civilization (Professor Neal Merritt), Oak Leaves article 1952 (Who's Who Accepts 12 MC Seniors), 1953 and 1954 Deeter reports on Christian Ethics written for Professor Smucker, April 1968 Manchester Bulletin (Grants support two MC profs in year of non-western studies, Deeter and Waas).

B1 F3a - Bethany -  "Urban and Tillich on Religious Symbolism," for Faith and Reason under Dr. O. C. Weaver, Allen Deeter, 22 July 1955.

B1-F3b - Bethany - "Psychotherapy and a Christian View of Man," Al Deeter, Basic Doctrines.

B!-F3c - Bethany - "Russian Christianity Exam," Al Deeter - "College Background of Bethany Students Correlated with Their Theological Tendencies."

B1 F3d - Bethany - Allen Deeter Basic Doctrines Term Paper for the Winter Quarter

B1 F3e - Bethany - "God's Fool: St. Francis of Assisi," by Allen Deeter, Church History II, Dr. Mallott.

B1- F3f - Bethany - Sermon Analyses, "Taking a City," by Douglas Horton, Allen Deeter - "Despised and Rejected by Men, An Expository Sermon based on Isaiah 53:3-6," Allen Deeter for Theory of Preaching, Professor Wayne Crist, 9 November 1955.  - "Theory of Preaching Test," 1955.

B1 - F3g - Bethany or Manchester College - "The Curse of Conformity," Deeter, Speech Composition.

B1 - F4a - Bethany Experiences - Drafts 1 and 2 - written circa 22 April 2003 by Allen Deeter - letter from Donald E. Miller (2003) regarding Allen's "Brethren Life and Thought" article written for an issue celebrating Bethany Theological Seminary's centennial.

B1 F4b - Anabaptist Theology - Given the date of these papers (1955, 1956) and the topics involved, they might have been written during Deeter's time at Bethany Seminary.

B! - F5 - Princeton University Application and Department of Religion materials - standards - student grants and invoices - graduate examinations.- 1963 Commencement ticket.

B1 F6 - Princeton University - "The General Criticisms of Naturalism in Ethical Theory," for the Systematic Ethics Seminar under Dr. R. B. Brandt, by Allen Deeter, 23 October 1956.

B1 F7 - Folder titled, "Deeter Princeton Papers" - "Conscience in the Old Testament, Deeter (1954) - "Kant and Pietism," Deeter (1956) - "The Business of Theology," Deeter (1957 prepared for the Calvin and Aquinas Seminar under Professor Albert Outler - "The Left Wing of the Reformation on Christology," Deeter - "Luther and Secularism, A Paper of the History Seminar, Renaissance and Reformation 513, with Professor Harbison, Allen Deeter (January 1958) - "Kierkegaard's Understanidng of Sexuality and Marriage as seen primarily from his 'The Concept of Dread and The Works of Love,'" Deeter (1956) - "A Christology for the Corrupted, A Paper Relevant to the Concerns of Those Theologically Uniniatiated by One Who is Himself on Their Level," Deeter (7 February 1957) - "Report of Reading for the Term: Evaluation and Concerns, Deeter, for Contemporary American Theology - "A place of the Sermon on the Mount in Christian Faith and life," Deeter for Christian Ethics - "Critique of the Concept of the Fall of Christianity," Deeter, for Christian Ethics - "The Role of Conscience in the Christian Life," Deeter for Christian Ethics - "Should the Christian Distort the Truth in Order to Love His Neighbor?" Deeter for Christian Ethics - "Christ and Culture: The Relation Between the Christian, His Church and the Wider Society," Deeter for Christian Ethics.

B1 F8 - Graduate applications.

B1 F9 - Deeter Dissertation Notes -

B1 - F10a - 1960-1962, Dissertation Correspondence with Princeton and Schedule - Correspondence with President Helman at Manchester College - Professional correspondence (eg. Dale Brown at Bethany Biblical Seminary) - Correspondence with Professor Horton Davies, Princeton University - Princeton University Department of Religion, Guidelines for Graduate Students.

B1 F10b - Princeton and University of Wisconsin Correspondence regarding thesis.

BF F11 - Contract with Manchester College.

B1 F12 - Sermon Notes - many handwritten.

B1 F13a(1) - Correspondence related to Allen Deeter as Director of Peace Studies at Manchester College -  Miscellaneous Presentations - 22 September 1966, Deeter Convocation, "Education as Compromise" - 1964 Annual Conference Bible Hour by Deeter, "Communion in the Demonic (on De-demonizing the Demonic I Corinthians 10:14-22)" - "What's New in Faith and Morals," Deeter (July 2002), for the Questers Class, July,  - Deeter (1977), "A Christian Response to Hunger" - Deeter (1978), "Total Life Stewardship" - Deeter (1975), "On Living Simply" - Deeter (1974), "Gifts of the Spirit" - Deeter (1975), "On Refusing to Acknowledge Evidences of God's Work" - "Standing in the Way of World Understanding" - Deeter (1998), "Role of Religion in the Asian Work Ethic" - Deeter (1972) "China, India and Change: Their Social-Political Revolutions Today" - "Citizen Kane - 1941 - Orson Welles at 24" - "Millhouse," 1971 - "The Candidate," 1972 - "Education as an Instrument for Creating World peace," by Deeter, Brethren Colleges Abroad - Memo to Brown reflecting upon Gladdys Muir's "The Place of the brethren Colelges in Preparing Men and Women for peace Leadership" - Deeter (1999), "Keys to the Future" - "The First Casualty of War is Truth" - "The First Victim of Fear" - "From the Revolutionary War to a Revolutionary Way" - "The Peace movement Past and Present" - "Theology and the Arms Race" - "Worship and Its meaning" - "The Christian peace Imperative" - HPC Task Force on "Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts.

B1 F13a(2) - "Education as Compromise."

B1 F13b - Receipts from The Piqua Granite and Marble Company, Piqua, Ohio (1953) regarding a memorial for Flora Petry Deeter 1897-1952 and Raymond C. Deeter 1898-19_ _located at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Pleasant Hill, Ohio.

B1 F13c - Brethren Colleges Abroad (BCA) newsletters with news of the Deeter family.

B1 F14 - Joan (pronounced Jo Anne)  Deeter Papers - "Pacifism and Conscientious Objection," Joan Deeter - Essay, "Far East Today," Joan Deeter.

B1 F15 - Christian College Day Collection, a plethora of sermons and talks including but not limited to: 10 March 1968 Christian College Day, Mt. Morris Church of the Brethren and Manchester 19 May 1968, "The Christian College as a Frontier Institution." 

B1 F16 - Biographical Information - Bill Herod - Community Development Team in Central Viet-Nam.

B1 F17 - Manchester College Faculty Information Sheets - Allen Deeter - David Eiler - James Hollis - Ken Brown - John Planer - James R. C. Adama (James Ronald Creighton Adams) - Robert Dell - Charles Klingler - Robert Johansen - Henry Glade - Robert Dell - Richard Harshbarger - David Waas - Gary Zimmerman (probably, but needs confirmation)- Jack Jarrett (article).

B1 F18 - "The Problems and Problems of peace Studies in the University," by Allen Deeter, 31 May 1972 (probably delivered at McGill University).

B1 F19 - Correspondence - including but not limited to Brethren Colleges Abroad and toe the Program in Conservation, Environmental Studies and Ecology (1970).

B1 F20 - Manchester College Purpose and Climate: Ken Brown (1970) "...I walk to school in the morning and know that we are dying and that our meaning is in the now..." - Thoughts on Student/Faculty Rapport (Dec 1969) - Goals or Objectives for and Effective Curriculum (October 1993) - "---religion as a required element for every student in any pattern of general education..." - requirements for the selection of a campus pastor (1983) - participation in FOR (Fellowship For Reconciliation?) - General Proposal for a community-house living situation (27 April 1979?) - "Keys to the Future," Allen Deeter (1999) - "On Nursing the Kittens and Starving the Cat," by Allen Deeter, 28 October 1983 - "Meditation" by Allen Deeter delivered at the Manchester College Faculty Worship Service, 30 August 1979 - "The Call to Mission," Meditation by Mrs. Dorothy Keller, Instructor of Sociology and Social Work, delivered at the Manchester College Faculty Worship Service, 30 August 1979 - "Meditation" by Jerry Tucker, Associate Professor of Political Science, presented at the Manchester College Faculty Worship Service, 30 August 1979.

B! F21 - Comprehensive Examination, Religion and Philosophy (14 February 1966) - Proposal for a New Course to be Presented to Academic Policies Committee ("Religions of India") - 14 November 1978 Memo: Proposed Curriculum Revisions for the 1979-1980 Catalog - 1976 Memo concerning the role of religion and philosophy in the general education pattern of requirements - "On Nursing the Kittens and Starving the Cat," Deeter 1983 - 1984 Memo: Church of the Brethren Leadership Development Program - 1984 letter critiquing Manchester students' experience during a visit at Bethany Seminary - Minutes of the Humanities Division meeting 4 December 1986 - 1984 letter from David Eiler supporting the study of  "Environmental Philosophy." - Outline, "Christian Approaches to War --- Pre-Constantine with O.T. and Classical Greek Background to Modern - Draft, "Role of Religion in the Asian Work Ethic," (1998) - 1978 Commencement Invocation prayer - 1961 Danforth Associate Personal Statement (draft) - biographical sketch of Paul Kinsel - 1979 letter to "Sogourners" in support of Dale Brown's book, "Understanding Pietism" - "Qualifications for Receiving and Alumni Award" (1977) - Statement written for Donald Durnbaugh upon receipt of an honorary degree from Manchester College - "Retirement Testimonial for Our Beloved T. Wayne Rieman" (1978) - 1978, I am a Catholic Christian....and Christian of the free church or believer's church tradition - Biographical sketch written for Herbert Ingraham (Bert Ingraham) - 1931 reflections on India and list of Deeter publications - Catalog Description for Religion (draft) - "T. Wayne Rieman: Gift and Giver," by Allen Deeter - Statement Nominating E. Boulding for Honorary Degree - 1876 "Turning Points."

B1 F22 - "Atheism and Ffirmation: Christians in Cultural Crisis," Deeter (1968).

B1 F23 - "Pietism, Moralism and Social Concern," by Allen Deeter, delivered at the American Academy of Religion, 25 October 1974 - "Trilogue - Introductory Comments" (1964), "Pietism, Our Heritage and Today's Brethren."

B1 F24 - 1971 book review, "Hochmann von Hochenau," by Heinz Renkewitz - "The Anti-Cultic Tradition in Israel and the New Testament," Deeter - "Education as Compromise," Deeter in the Manchester College Bulletin - "Religious Concerns and the middle East Conflict," Deeter, 1989 - "The Paradoxical necessity of Realism and Idealism," Deeter, 1998 - Handwritten notes on Fletcher's "Situtaiton Ethics" - USA Today's National News Network Poverty Graphs - Handwritten notes upon the Koran and Muslim religion - Other handwritten notes - BCA Convocation, 9 November 1992, 30 years of BCA, including touching stories and the history of BCA beginning with Brethren Service in Europe after World War II - "The Poor: Cursed or Blessed?" - "Religious Concerns and the Middle East Conflict," Deeter, 1989 - "Christian Churches and the Middle East Conflict," Deeter 1986 - Letter to Ed Ziegler, Editor of Brethren life and Thought," 1975 - "Allen C. Deeter's BL&T Response to Warren F. Groff's, Brethren Identity and the Unity of the Church - "Brethren Identity and the Unity of the Church," by Warren Groff.

B! F25 - "When There is No King in the Land," Baccalaureate Address presented by Allen Deeter at Bridgewater College, May,1993.

B1 F26 - "Human Justice: Foundation for Peace," Allen Deeter, Marion College Seminary, 11 December 1971.

B1 F27 - "Peace Studies Symposium Presentation," Allen Deeter, 3 October 1998.

B1 F28 - "Christian Attitudes and the Conflicts of Faiths: Traditional Religions and Political Ideologies," Allen Deeter, 11 April 1972 - "Rethinking Christian Faith in the Light of World Religions, Deeter, 1972 - Draft, "Christian Attitudes and the Conflicts of Faiths: Traditional Religions and Political Ideologies, 11 April 1972 - 1972 letter to professor Paul Frelick - Letter from Marston Speight, North Africa, 1972.

B1 F29 - "Recent Developments Within the Church of the Brethren: Their Influence on the Future," Deeter - "Leadership: Today's Dilemma for Brethren," Allen Deeter, 1996 - Critique of  Allen's paper about the Church of the Brethren from Gene in Quito, Ecuador (1991) - Bob McFadden's comments (1991) on "Recent Developments Within the Church of the Brethren: Their Influence on the Future."

B1 F30 - "Leadership: Today's Dilemma for Brethren," Allen Deeter.

B1 F31 - "Terror and the Teacher," Christian College Day, 1986, by Allen Deeter.

B1 F32 - "China, India and Change: Their Social-Political Revolutions Today," Allen Deeter, 25 October 1972 - "China and the Social Revolution" - "Social Revolution in Indo-China."

B1 F33 - Peace Studies Historical Writings - "Pioneering in Peace Education in the Church College," Allen Deeter, 1974 - "A Pioneering Effort at Peace Eduation in the Church College, 1948-1974," by Allen Deeter - "Gladdys Muir in North Manchester, Deeter 1991 - "Postmodernism and the Continuing Relevance of Peace Studies," Allen Deeter, 28 March 2002 - Universidad Veracruzana, Dr. Allen Deeter - Professor visitante, Manchester College, "Religions, Civilizations and the Future" - "Standing in the Way of World Understanding" - "The Paradoxical Necessity of Realism and Idealism," Allen Deeter, Article for Peace Studies Bulletin, 30 April 1998.

B1 F34 - Manchester College Freshman Orientation, 8 September 1969, "On Recognizing our Opportunities."

B1 F35 - "Taoism and Confucianism as Alternative Social Models" a chapter Allen wrote for a book that was never published.

B1 F36 - "Minutes of the Committee on Interchurch Relations," September 1996, New Windsor, Maryland and accompanying handwritten invocation and written Oral Report to Annual Conference 1999.

B1 F37 - "Brethren Peace Fellowship," 1972 Newsletters.

B1 F38 - Brethren Peacemaking Project, Conference on Peace Research in History, and Rufus Bowman's, "The Church of the Brethren and War."

B1 F39 - Brethre - Friends - Mennonites Conferences 1954, 1956 - "Present Trends and Activities Among Brethren in Their Approach to the State," prepared for the Bluffton Conference of Brethren Friends and Mennonites, 15-18 July 1954 - "A Message to Our Home Churches" - "Minutes, Program Committee for July 1956 B-F-M Conference," Manchester College, North Manchester, Indiana, 11 May 1956 along with additional materials - "Present Trends and Activities Among Brethren in Their Approach to the State," prepared for the 1954 Bluffton Conference - 1980 Memo to the College Communities of Earlham, Goshen, and Manchester asking for each college to call together representatives to draft a statement in response to President Carter's call for the reinstatement of registration for the draft - 1980 Letter from Peace and Conflict Studies, Earlham College, regarding ways of supporting the New Call to Peacemaking.

B1 F40 - Second Theological Conference, 1964 - Letter from Donald Miller, Bethany Biblical Seminary, inviting Allen to prepare a study document under the Reformation area with the suggested title, "Membership I the Body of Christ as Interpreted by Pietism"  - additional Theological Study Conference materials - "Membership in the Body of Christ as Interpreted by Classical Pietism," a Study paper for the Second Theological Conference, 1964.

B1 F41 - "Christian Concerns in a Changing World," 1968 - "Christianity for a new Era" - "Christian Fairh and Mainland China" - "An Evaluation of Economic Systems by Christian Ethical Standards," Fundamentals of Economics, Allen Deeter - "Christian Freedom vs. Pagan Freedom," Allen Deeter, 3 August 1973 - "What Kind of Pacifist Are You?" BVS Training Unit, 1973 - "Christian Churches and the middle East Conflict, Allen Deeter, 1986 - and additional materials.

B1 F42 - Toyohiko Kagawa of Japan: Mystic and Social Actionist.

B1 F43 - "Religion as a Social and Political Force in America," delivered by Allen Deeter at The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Calcutta, 1969 - "Religion in American, Allen Deeter, 1989.

B1 F44 - "Rethinking Christian Faith in the Light of World Religions," Deeter, 1972 - "Christian Attitudes and the Conflicts of Faiths: Traditional Religions and Political Ideologies," Deeter, 1972 - additional notes and materials.

B1 F45 - Speeches and Presentations, including but not limited to: "Go Into the World," Roanoke EUB, February 1968 - "The Resurrection and You," 1968 - "Christian Faith and World Understanding," Peru Church of the Brethren, 1969 - "Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophesy" - "What's New in Faith and Morals," 2002 - "Christian Concerns in a Changing World " - and additional materials.

B1 F46 - Brethren Attitudes Toward Higher Education, contribution to "Church of the Brethren: Yesterday and Today," edited by Donald Durnbaugh.

B1 F47 Church of the Brethren Peace Witness writings, including but not limited to: "The First Victim of Fear, 1975 - "19th Century Brethren as  Frontier Fellowship," 1977 - "To What End, Our Brethren Beginnings," 1977 - and additional materials.

B1 F48 - Brethren Encyclopedia articles.

B1 F44 - "Bilingual Education and Human Rights, The U.S. Situation in Regard to Minority Languages and Cultures," Allen Deeter.

B1 F45 - "Standing in the Way of World Understanding" - Allen Deeter.

Date of AccessionUnknown
Bio History Note

1953 ordained to the full ministry in the Church of the Brethren (B1 F1).

Allen Deeter graduated from Manchester College in 1953.  He also received a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Bethany Biblical Seminary May 1956. In March and April of 1956 Deeter was receiving correspondence addressed to 3435 West Van Buren in Chicago, IL regarding graduate work. The location of Van Buren would have been close to Bethany Seminary. Deeter did receive a M.A. degree from Princeton (1958) and concluded a doctoral program at Princeton in 1963. When reviewing papers in folders assigned in Boxes, note that organizer from the MU peace Studies department may not have known about this schedule and might have assigned institution of origin differently . It might be best to note date of paper first and then try to determine which institution Deeter was attending at the time.

Note: Dale Brown served as a professor at Bethany Theological Seminary.

B1 F33 - Notes: The history includes the story of Kassel, Germany, which was bombed  during World War II in a series of air raids meant to demoralize and hasten unconditional surrender.  Between 75,000 and 100,000 people died one night in 1944 because so many incendiary bombs were dropped that all the oxygen in the valley of Kassel was used up in the fire storm and most people died of asphyxiation in air raid shelters that were built into the hillsides.

Archivist NoteReceipt of Object number and description created by Jeanine Wine on 4 June 2018 by Jeanine Wine. Folders were created and organized by a worker in the MU Peace Studies Department and eventually described and edited by Jeanine Wine, June 2018.

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