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Accession #MU2019/40
TopicNeher, Oscar,
TitleNeher Mount Morris and Manchester Collection
LocationIIS, Mount Morris Cabinet, by accession number
CitationNeher Mount Morris and Manchester Collection, MU2019/40, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceRobert Neher, son of Professor Neher
Scope and Content

Postcards documenting the campus of Mount Morris College and the event of the Mount Morris College fire in 1912 (1911 forward). Some of the cards have notes written on the verso by Oscar Neher describing the event. One card with a Model "  " vehicle with Mt. Morris College printed on the side. One postcard of the Amphictyou Picnic, 1912. Two postcards from Mt. Morris College and written to addressed to Mrs. David Neher, Petroleum, Indiana, 1910, with some painfully small writing (I will scan and see if I can read anything through Photoshop- YES! I can):Dated 22 January 1911 and written by Oscar Neher. The other is also by Oscar and is dated 18 December 1910 Will place digital files on Archives' network location in Faculty folder with Oscar Neher.  Also searchable by typing accession number in this format MU2019_40.

1919 "M.M.C. Life" (Mount Morris College) yearbook belonging to David Neher.

1920, "Life," (Mount Morris College) yearbook presented to Mr. and Mrs. David Neher from "OW's."

1926 "Life" yearbook (Mount Morris College) with the stamp of Burton E. Forney, La Verne, California

Article from the News-Journal, "M. C. Alumni Honor Prof. Neher," giving a description of the primary events in Neher's life.

Scrapbook pages with picture of Mount Morris College.  Included are images of the dining hall and the statue, "HEBE," Goddess of Youth.

1971 "Examination Book," a humorous "test" including "Funny Bunnies" (answer in two rhyming words), and "Shakespearean Romance" (to be answered with a title of a Shakespearean play.

One Mount Morris College Bulletin, April 1922.

One book inscribed with Neher's name, "Submerged Forests," by C. Reid, 1913.

One book inscribed with Neher's name, "Directions for the Dissection of the Cat," by Robert Payne Bigelow, 1925.

One book, "Mount Morris: Past and Present, an illustrated history of the Township and the Village of Mount Morris, Ogle County, Illinois, in their various stages of development, together with, A Local Biographical Directory," 1900.  This publication had belonged to J. G. Royer, 1901,with Royer's signature. Neher writes the following under Royer's signature, "Gotten from Bro. Royer's library when many of his books were given to students and tear(s) of Mount Morris College," O. W. Neher.

Date of Accession24 May 2019
Bio History Note

Two fires devastated Mount Morris College, one in 1912 and the final fire in 1931

Professor Neher came to Manchester College following the 1932 fire at Mount Morris College.  He was the only Mount Morris professor to do so.

Following his retirement from Manchester, Professor Neher worked in the carpentry shop where he created many of the bookcases that are still used in campus offices in 2019.

J. G. Royer served as President of Mount Morris College from 1884-1903.

Archivist NoteDescription prepared 24 May 2019 by Jeanine Wine.

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