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Accession #MU2020/4
TopicAcademic Affairs - Including Athletics: 1983-1995, Helman and Robinson Years,
TitlePresidents' Copies of Academic Affairs and Athletic Conference Materials
Size1 Large Box
LocationIS, Unit #10, in Box Identified as MU2020/4
CitationPresidents' Copies of Academic Affairs and Athletic Conference Materials, MU2020/4, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceCalvin Ulrey Storage
Scope and Content

Academic Administration 1989-1990 – what appears to be President Robinson’s copies of correspondence, reports and memo’s from Dean Arnett, E. Fahs, including but not limited to: Academic Dean’s Report 1989-1990-  March 1990 Report on Academic Program with statistical information from Office of Institutional Research - 1990 Report on Academic Programs – courses needing part-time instructors during springTerm 1990 – standing of unfilled Academic Positions – (January 1990) – policyregarding End-of-Third-Year Evaluation (Nov. 1989) – letter from Robinsoninvolving grammatical construction.


Academic Administration 1988-1989 – President Robinson’scopies of materials from Dean Arnett – including but not limited to: Materialsfrom the Steering Committee of the Alliance for Minority Participation, JimStreator (James Streator) MC member – letter of concern regarding Dr. DavidEiler’s scholarly interpretation of the Bible (1989), a very provocative class– Job Description for Associate Dean – Faculty Summer Study Stipends – INDEX OFFACULTY BUSINESS MEETING ACTIONS August 1968 to January 1989 –End-of-Third-Year- Evaluation (1989) – Individual Year-End Review (1989)/AnnualFaculty Member Report on Professionally Related Activities [A Form] – Dean’sRecommendations for Chair Appointments for 1989-1990 – College credit for HighSchool students – part-time faculty needing contracts for the fall term, 1988 –approval for funding of Dr. Ningkun Wu as a visiting scholar at Manchester –Guidelines for Tenure and Promotion Considerations, Oct. 1988.


Academic Administration 1986 – 1987-1988 – materialsincluding but not limited to: Academic Dean’s Status Report Spring 1988 –Procedures for Filling Faculty Vacancies – Arnett’s Reaction to May 16, 1988,Memo on Academic Assistance Program to help underprepared students – SummerSchool fees – s List of Groombridge as Chair of HPE (1988) – 1987 Dean’s Listof Honor Students – Reaction to “Dean’s Forum on Contemporary Issues” –recommendation of Robert Keller – Faculty Eligible for Promotion and their Qualifications– Job Openings – Proposed Guidelines for Merged Departments of Home Economicsand Education (1987) – student unable to walk stairs – Ron Arnett’s letter,rejoining Manchester community as will be serving as Academic Dean(introductory letter July 1987) – formation of Dean’s Advisory Council –Student Enrollment and Retention Statistics – Robert Keller, who had served asdean for some 9 years, will return to teaching and assist in someadministrative responsibilities, and Ron Arnett will be the Dean of AcademicAffairs, as introduced in Robinson letter to the Academic Deans in IndianaColleges and Universities – why we need courses in Ethics (article) – Concernsregarding non-traditional students – Report of the Dean of Academic Affairs,Academic Year 1986-1987 – internship in the office of the Dean of AcademicAffairs (1987) – Meeting agenda for Department Chairs (1987) – formation ofAudio-Visual Advisory Committee (1986) – Compensation to faculty during thesummer term – Cost/Revenue Relationship of the Home Economics and OfficeAdministration Programs (1987) – faculty contracts – Ken Rogers going onsabbatical – special contract for Pittman – part-time faculty contracts –copies of articles regarding education.


Academic Affairs – Faculty Meetings, SupplementaryMaterials 1974-1975 through Fall 1994


Academic Affairs – Letters to the Faculty – 1983-1984through 1985-1986 – including but not limited to: Appointment of WilliamRobinson (Bill Robinson) as President

(February 1986) – primarily reports to Faculty from theMeeting of the Board of Trustees.


Letters to Faculty and Staff – 1986-1987 through1994-1995 – President Robinson, Ed Butterbaugh,  and President Marden materials – including butfar from limited to: Information from the Board of Trustees – trying to balancea budget – College updates – retirement of Warren Garner (August 1989) tobecome Senior Officer in the Center for Professional Development, IndianaDepartment of Education – President’s Reports to the Trustees – TIAA/CREF –noon hour roundtable to address wide-range of interests and questions held byfaculty – program adjustment developments in Home Economics and OfficeAdministration (1990) – Alumni Honor Award – Faculty / Staff position updates –Committee appointments – 1993 personnel changes, including President Robinson’snew position in Spokane, Washington – dinner invitation to Tall Oaks – 1995announcement that Dick Hunsaker will succeed Stave Alford.


Academic Dean’s Annual Report, 1987-1988 – including butnot limited to: Dean Arnett’s Academic Dean’s Annual Report – program schedulesfor Values Ideas and Arts (Fall 1987 and Spring 1988) and Artist Lecture Series– Faculty Meeting Minutes  (attachments)– Janina Traxler on assignment with BCA in China as a Foreign Expert Teacher atthe Northeast Technical University in Shenyang – Academic Assistance Programfor students with identifiable academic and or skill deficiencies – List ofpurchased Audio Visual (AV) equipment, Department of Speech Communication andDrama.


Academic Administration, 1990-1991 through 1994-1995 –Presidents’ copies of materials related to the Vice President and Dean of AcademicAffairs – materials including but not limited to: James Pitts, Vice Presidentand Dean of Academic Affairs working with the Human Diversity Committee andHispanos Unidos – Curriculum Task Force – Summary of Faculty Travel toProfessional Meetings – Department Chairs’ Role in Faculty Evaluation – Statusof Non-tenured Faculty – Revised Academic Advising Program – Academic AffairsProfessional Activity 1993-1994 – Manchester College Ranking  (top 100 of nearly 900) – General EducationCurricular Revision – Faculty Workshop – Proposed Faculty Governance Document(1991) – Personnel Issues.


Academic Procession Lists – September 1987 – October1994: eg. Procession – Parker Marden, Eldon Fahs, Jo Young Switzer – PresidentEmeritus Helman – Professors Emeriti – Professors – Associate Professors –Assistant Professors – Administrative and Library Faculty Emeriti –Administrative and Library Faculty – Instructors.  A great place for discovering a listing offaculty!


Academic Affairs – Commencement 1992 – Everythingsurrounding Commencement/Graduation 1992 – including speech read for theHonorary Degree granted to Bwala – travel arrangements - E. Paul Weaver.


Academic Affairs – Commencement 1991 – Everythingsurrounding Commencement / Graduation 1991 – including speech by J. HermanBlake, “Diversitiy and Community” - Commencement list – program – green ribbonand pledge, “I pledge to thoroughly investigate and take into account thesocial and environmental consequences of any job opportunity I consider.”


Commencement 1990 - Honorary Dregree, Wu Ningkun.


Commencement 1989 – Centennial Celebration Day –graduation pledge – commendations from the State of Indiana and from The WhiteHouse (George and Barbara Bush) – Dan Quayle, Vice President –  and other government officials - [ONLYPHOTOCOPIES IN THESE FILES] – John Young’s Commencement Address (John Young isthe father of President Jo Young Switzer), “In Struggle There is Strength.”


Performance Learning System – 1983 -1985 – ProjectT.E.A.C.H. – Consultant is the designer of graduate-level teacher educationtraining programs and owner of certain copyrighted course materials known asProject T.E.A.C.H.,, P.R.I.D.E., and TEACHING through LEARNING CHANNELS –Warren Garner nd Helman correspondence.


Departments and Divisions – Home Economics 1986-1987through 1989-1990 – including but not limited to: June 1992 Robinsoncorrespondence regarding discontinuation of Home Economics program – AmericanHome Economics Association dues (1988) – Career Opportunities for HomeEconomists (1982).


Hoosier Buckeye Conference – Constitution –  1981-1982 Hoosier-Buckeye CollegiateConference, Press Guide, Directory of Schools, Conference History, Statistics(Football, Basketball, Cross Country 1971-1981), 1971-1981 records includingbut not limited to;Basketball Coach of the Year, Basketball All-Time Standings,Basketball Career Coaching Records, Basketball Statistical Leaders.


Athletics – Proposed Athletic Conference 1986 – IndianaAthletic Conference Conversations.

Athletics – Proposed Athletic Conference 1987 – ICAC –the formation of the new Indiana Collegiate Athletic Conference – presidents ofsix private Indiana colleges announce the formation of the ICAC – PresidentRobinson.


Indiana Collegiate Athletic Conference – Departments andDivisions, 1988-1989 through 1991-1992 – materials include but are not limited to:ICAC Minutes – Academic Merit Scholarships – Financial Aid and Recruiting –ICAC Soccer and All-Sports Question – Conference Sports Amendment to includeSoccer : Conference sports shall be, basketball, cross country, football, golf,tennis, and track and field and soccer.


Departments and Divisions - HPER Department –Intercollegiate Sports 1986-1988  through1992– correspondence including but not limited to: Behavior of cheerleaders andfans during Steve Alford games – HCW Hoosier Conference for Women 1987-1988Itemized Income/Expense Report – discussion concerning the HCW merging with theICAC – HCW 1987-1988 Treasurer’s Report for the Academic Year – HCW May SpringConference with the Presidents – Manchester College Athletic Camps –Correspondence to Robinson from Dave Good, Soccer Coach regarding alumnivolunteering as soccer coaches and the possibility of compensation –nominations for awards – HCW Hoosier Conference for Women, Constitution andBylaws, budget and awards, sports guidelines.


Departments and Divisions – Indiana Collegiate AthleticConference, 1992-1993 – including but not limited to: Robinson correspondenceregarding the ICAC Conference – ICAC Constitution and Bylaws – Minutes of theNational Collegiate Athletic Association (January 1993) – Proposed Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws

Date of Accession03 August 2020
Archivist NoteAbout 40 - 50 boxes of materials that had been stored in Calvin Ulrey Hall, were moved to the archives during 2019, when Calvin Ulrey was being renovated for office space.

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