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Accession #MU2020/5
TopicIndiana Organizations, Lilly Foundation Grants: President Helman's Years,
KeywordsAffirmative Action, H.B.C.C., Athletic Conference, Multicultural,
TitleIndiana Organizations and Lilly Foundation Materials
LocationIS, Unit #10, in Box Identified as MU2020/5
CitationIndiana Organizations and Lilly Foundation Materials, MU2020/5, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceCalvin Ulrey Storage
Scope and Content

Box Titled Indiana Organizations – all the titles listedunder the folders INCLUDE but are NOT LIMITED TO the highlighted topics – norare these the most significant topics in the folder.


Folder A - Academy in the Public Service – thefolder includes but is not limited to: President Helman’s correspondence1976-1979 – 1976 Letter to Richard Bittinger, who participated in the 1976Summer Faculty Internship Program.


Folder B - Indiana Committee for the Humanities – thefolder includes but is not limited to: Letter to Helman thanking him for the abilityto meet at the College.


Folder C – Civil Rights Commission, State of Indiana– the folder includes but is not limited to: developing an affirmative actionplan – Statistical outline, “Trend in Full and Part-Time College Enrollment ofNegroes 1964-1965 through1979-1979 – Colleges in Indiana, Attendance by EthnicGroups 1978 – “Study of the Negro in Indiana Colleges and Universities1967-1968 School Year.”


Folder D – Criminal Justice Planning Agency the folder includes but is not limited to:Correspondence,including that with Robert Mock, Coordinator, Interns-In-Probation, ManchesterCollege – Community Corrections Workshops – “Summer Interns-In-ProbationEffectiveness Evaluation,” by William Young, Research Assistant (1975) – Budgetfor the Howard County  / ManchesterCollege Summer 1974 Criminal Justice Exposure Program – Minutes for theInterns-In-Correction Committee – Carolyn Caldwell secretary  - Work/Study Release Program for prisoninmates –persons on payroll during the summers of 1972 and 1973 CriminalJustice Exposure Project, funded by the Indiana Criminal Justice PlanningAgency – agreement for the Criminal Justice Exposure Project with Howard County/ Manchester College, June 1, 1974 - May 31, 1975 – invitation to LEEPConference, 1972 – 1974 report on the Criminal Justice Exposure Project carriedout at Manchester College during the summer of 1974, a letter by Helman.


Folder E – Indiana Organizations, Department of PublicInstruction – Annual Reports – 15 November 1960 – 30 January 1970.


Folder F – Indiana Organizations, Freedom of ChoiceGrants – the possibility for each eligible person to receive a grant up tothe $600 cap which is provided for in the legislation – the folder includes butis not limited to: correspondence between President Helman and members of theState of Indiana House of Representatives – financial aid to students.


Folder G – Indiana Organizations – Indiana Council ofStudent Volunteers – the folder includes but is not limited to: CommitmentForm For Membership in I.C.S.V. – Manchester College accepts membership in theIndiana Council of Student Volunteers, signed by Robert Mock, Minister toStudents, and by Peter Michael, Student Representative to Council, 30 September1970.

Folder H - Indiana Organizations, IndianaCollege Health Association – the folder includes but is not limited to: EvaluativeCriteria for Health Education in Colleges and Universities – materialsregarding the annual meeting of the Indiana College Health Association.

Folder H - Indiana Organizations – Veterans Affairs– the folder includes but is not limited to: policy on Standards of Progressfor Veterans.


Folder I – Indiana Organizations, Indianapolis Centerfor Advanced Research – Organization designed to provide researchfacilities for graduate students, post-doctoral guidance, and researchopportunities for outstanding scientists and engineers in the greaterIndianapolis area – the folder includes but is not limited to: correspondencefrom Helman to Dean Howard Book, Science faculty – materials from theIndianapolis Center for Advanced Research.


Folder J – Indiana Organizations, H.B.C.C. 1979-1980through 1980-1981 – the folder includes but is not limited to: athleticalliance between 9 schools; Anderson College, Bluffton College, DefianceCollege, Earlham College, Findlay College, Hanover College, Manchester College,Taylor University, Wilmington College - Constitution of the Hoosier-BuckeyeCollegiate Conference – athletic budgets – reports - correspondence.


Folder K – Indiana Organizations, Hoosier=BuckeyeCollegiate Conference 1977-1978 – the folder includes but is not limitedto: budgets, reports, correspondence – discussion about financial aid


Folder K1 – Indiana Organizations, Hoosier-BuckeyeCollegiate Conference 1976-1977 – the folder includes but is not limitedto: reports and correspondence.


Folder K2 – Hoosier Buckeye Collegiate Conference1973-1974 through 1974-1975 – the folder includes but is not limited to:Minutes of Meeting of Presidents of Hoosier-Buckeye College Conference (April1975) – financial aid to athletes – Manchester’s 1974-1975 Athletic’s Budget bySport – number of seasonal football games –Hoosier-Buckeye CollegiateConference Minutes – financial aid reports from the nine member institutions.


Folder L – Indiana Organizations, H.B.C.C. 1978-1979– the folder includes but is not limited to: Budgets, reports, correspondenceof the Hoosier-Buckeye Collegiate Conference.


Folder M – Indiana Organizations, Indiana CollegePersonnel Association – the folder includes but is not limited to:materials for conference held at Manchester College – Constitution, purpose; toprovide for the cooperative association of persons engaged in college studentpersonnel service and its administration, promotion of state conferences todiscuss problems, progress, and possibilities of such service, promotion ofresearch and experimentation with exchange of information.


Folder N - Indiana Organizations, Indiana Conferenceof Higher Education 1973-1974 through 1975-1976 – the folder includes butis not limited to: Policy statement; commitment to a posture of mutuality andinter-dependence of both independent and public institutions of highereducation in Indiana – Comparison of enrollment 1973-1974 of all Indianaschools - correspondence and reports, committee meeting minutes.


Folder O - Indiana Organizations – Commission forHigher Education, State of Indiana 1971-1972 – 1974-1975 – the folderincludes but is not limited to: Copy of speech given by Dr. Richard Gibb (1974)on the role of the Indiana Commission on Higher Education to Graduate Education– Statement of Policy, Planning, and Organization for the Commission for HigherEducation; objective being to coordinate and improve post-high school education– enrollment statistics for Manchester College (in-state and out-of-statestudents) – reports and correspondence.


Folder P – Indiana Organizations – Indiana Colleges –Reports and Correspondence 1966-1967 through November 1975 – the folderincludes but is not limited to: Indiana University Plan for Future MedicalEducation in Indiana (1966) – Summary of Presentation To The Subcommittee toStudy Medical Education, Legislative Advisory Commission of the 94thGeneral Assembly, by The Faculty Committee to Study Future Medical Education inIndiana, 12 April 1966 – University Committee on Historic Preservation (Feb.1970) – Questionnaire submitted by Indiana Central College – reports andcorrespondence.


Folder P1 – Associated Colleges of IndianaCorrespondence 1980 – 1981 – the folder includes but is not limited to:Questionnaire regarding tuition / fees , federal funds, endowments, grants,gifts, all income – list of corporate and business donors – annuity information– Manchester ambassadors for fall campaign (1981) –Indiana Academy ballot list(1981) – Energy Conservation information, including number of square feet usedby Manchester, energy cost per square foot, reduction or increase in cost overprevious years, number of BTU’s; gas, cubic feet – Oil, gallons, grade – Coal,tons, grade – Kilowatt hours – Total Cash Through ACT Office  (1981) – list of 1979-1980 AssociatedColleges of Indiana Contributors -


Folder Q – Indiana Organizations – Indiana Consortiumfor International Programs 1975-1976 – 1976-1977 – the folder includes butis not limited to: Applications for Federal Assistance (David Waas) “Egypt andthe Development of Cultural Insights,” “The African Culture Heritage andAmerican Ethnic Studies Teachers,” “Egypt as a Case Study in North/SouthConfrontation on Perceptions of Four International Issues: Environment, Food,Population, and Woman’s Role in Society” - meeting minutes – correspondence –seminars.


Folder R – Indiana Organizations – Indiana Consortiumfor International Programs 1968-1974 – the folder includes but is notlimited to: Involvement of David Waas within the organization – reports –correspondence – Conference on International Studies Dimensions inUndergraduate Education – revitalizing Manchester’s Humanities Core program –grant possibilities.


Folder S – Indiana Organizations – State ScholarshipCommission 1964-1965 – 1975-1976 – the folder includes but is not limitedto: correspondence – petitions – materials regarding scholarships – WesternUnion Telegram 3 March 1965 from Raymond Butler to President Helman, “STATESCHOLARSHIP BILL PASSED HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES THIS MORNING = BY VOTE OF78-6.”


Folder T – Indiana Organizations – Project Equality –the folder includes but is not limited to: materials explaining ProjectEquality, and ecumenical effort for equal opportunity through affirmativeaction (a program of the Indiana Interreligious Commission on Human Equality) -Correspondence between Kaydo Petry, Church of the Brethren South/CentralDistrict of Indiana and Helman.


Folder U – Indiana Organizations – Indiana StateChamber of Commerce – the folder includes but is not limited to: 1969 TimeObservance in Indiana, relocation of line separating the eastern and centraltime zones in Indiana – correspondence.


Folder V – Indiana Organizations – Higher EducationFacilities Acts of 1963 and 1965, 1971-1972 – the folder includes but isnot limited to: data collection and inventory of the state’s existing highereducation facilities – News Releases, Federal grants available to constructionof academic facilities and purchase of instructional equipment.


Folder V1 - Indiana Organizations – Higher EducationFacilities Acts of 1963 and 1965 – the folder includes but is not limitedto: Total Manchester Campus Space Inventory Report – 1970 Amendment of StatePlan for Title 1, Higher Education Facilities Act of 1964 – 1967 HigherEducation Facilities Planning Study – Higher Education Facilities Act of 1963(amended 1966) – State Plan for the Higher Education Facilities Act of 1963.


Folder V2 – Northern Indiana Regional Science Fair– the folder includes but is not limited to: Correspondence and invitations tohost fair at Manchester 1962 – 1971 when Manchester was unable to host sciencefair in 1972 due to the death of Dr. Wiemer and key science faculty being onleave) – Program for Science Fair April 1964


Folder W – Indiana Organizations – Miscellaneous1957-1958 through 1979-1980 – some, not all, of the organizations include:Indiana Conference of the American Association of University Professors – IndianaCommission for Postsecondary Proprietary Education, Veterans’ Education Unit(1979) – The Indiana Committee for the Humanities (newsletters  including but not li mited to 1973, 1976 and1977) - Pentera Group, Inc. Seminar on Investment Opportunities in PlannedGiving – Office of the Governor, Public Service Fellowship Program – HouseMajority Intern Program (Indiana House of Representatives) – “The IndianaForum” (1970) – State Policy Commission on Post High School Education,Questionnaire on Admissions to Manchester College (1968) – Indiana State Boardof Health “Water Plan Inventory of Water Supply and Use” (1968) [small green note]– The State Technical Services Act of 1965 (1968) – Committee onInter-Institutional Development – State Scholarship Commission, approval toreceive Commission scholars for the 1966-1967 academic year – State of IndianaCivil Rights Commission, statistical study and questionnaire regarding thestatus of Negro students in Indiana’s colleges and universities (1965) [AfricanAmerican], Students in Higher Education in Indiana by Race, Manchester’sresults along with all private colleges and universities – Report of Post-HighSchool Education Study Commission – People-to-People Conference (1962), concernthat many foreign [international] students attend institutions of higherlearning in the United States and that they often take home a bad impression oftheir experience – Dr. T. Q. Evans representing Manchester College on theEducational Advisory Committee of the Indiana Civil Rights Commission (1962) –membership dues, Indiana Institutional Teacher Placement Association (1962) –State of Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Division, Department of PublicInstruction (1962) – Manchester College’s participation in the Ground BreakingProgram for the Salamonie Dam and Reservoir Project, Wabash (1961) – 1961 listof faculty willing and able to serve as consultants to industry in our area inthe areas of Biological Science [Niswander, Orpurt, Eberly], Chemistry [Weimer,Holl, Miller], Economics, Businenss, Accounting, Business Correspondence[Garver, Gilbert, Harshbarger, Johnson, Sanger], Physics [Farringer], Psychologyand Testing [Bollinger, Book, Colburn, Ashley] – Indiana Council on Religion inHigher Education – History of Manchester College by Vernon Schwalm.


Folder W1 – ADMINISTRATIVE FINANCE – Dues –Institutional Memberships to Indiana Organizations, National OrganizationsAmerican Organizations


Folder X – Lilly Endowment, Inc., Faculty Conferences1974-1975 through 1977-1978


Folder Y – Lilly Endowment, Inc., Challenge Grant forEndowment 1973-74 through 1975-1976 -

Correspondence reporting money raised for the endowmentand thank you letters to Lilly for matching these funds.


Folder Z – Lilly Endowment, Inc., Planning Grant1073-1974 through 1977-1978


Folder Z1 – Lilly Endowment, Inc., GeneralCorrespondence 1964 through 1980-1981

Folder Z2 – Lilly Endowment, Inc., Unrestricted Grantsfor Current Operations 1954-1955 through 1975-1976

Date of Accession03 August 2020
Archivist Note

Note: Due to mandated “stay at home” orders during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, I, Jeanine Wine, the archivist, am processing these materials while at home. I am running out of archival file folders, and am doubling or tripling up on the contents of Folder H.

The University had to respond to the virus by sending students home and refunding money previously deposited for room and board.Faculty and staff were told that the financial impact of the virus on MU might be close to $2,000,000 and that all departmental spending would come to a stop.It is unclear if I will be able to order any more archival supplies before the fiscal year comes to a close at the end of June.

The boxes that I am processing in my home over this interim of social distancing were delivered to the archives last year from where they had been in storage in Calvin Ulrey….and I have had no time to get to them….nor, when I am able to return to the archives, do I see that I will be able to look backwards and spend time cleaning-up the paper files.  This, these days at home, is my moment of opportunity to describe contents and to do what I can.

Therefore, after giving it some thought, I will process the remainder of this box by using the pre-existing file folders. I will rewrite the names of the folders in archival ink on the folders themselves, in case the glued-on paper labels eventually fall off. I am also almost out of plastic clips, so I will be leaving the metal paper clips in place. These metal paper clips have been with these files since the 1960’s and 1970’s, and I suppose it will do little damage for them to remain with these pages for another 50 years….if anybody is alive to read them.     Jeanine Wine 31 March 2020

Accession record finally prepared 3 August 202 by Jeanine Wine (still alive, and wearing a mask at work in the archives)


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